Sexy bombshell receives hawt massage hardcore blowjob

Sexy bombshell receives hawt massage hardcore blowjob
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The snow had slowed through the night, becoming just a light sprinkle by the time I woke up. But, the view outside was as bright as I could remember. A glossy white blanket covered everything, from the various colored cars to the usually hunter green of the pine trees overlooking the front entrance.

Only the black asphalt of the parking lot was visible, and even that was a mix of dirty colored snow and slush.

My initial thought turned to the times when I was younger, when a big snowstorm simply meant a free day off of class. But alas, those days were far gone.

Instead, I would most likely be spending the first half hour digging my car out just so I can drive to a job that I had no interest in going today. I used to love what I do, took pride in it, but my boss had become even more of an insufferable bitch lately, sucking the fun out of everything. I took an unordinary amount of time getting ready, wishing that somehow I would receive a text from either my boss or Amanda letting me know we had the day off.

I kept the hope alive, even when I left my apartment, heading for the elevators. "Lily!" "What are you doing up?!" I exclaimed, seeing Timmy walk out his apartment. He was still in his nighttime pajamas, making him look even cuter than usual!

"Shouldn't you be sleeping in? You don't have school today do you?" "No. But I uh…I was hoping we could make out for a bit. Just a bit! I know you have work!" he pleaded. "Were you waiting for me to pass by?" I giggled. "Yeah! I can see the elevators from the peephole of my front door!" "Did you wait long?" I laughed. "Maybe half an hour, I don't know. I was too excited and woke up early. So…uh could we?" He was growing on me, not in a romantic one, but I was definitely getting fonder of him.

"Is your mom " "she's asleep! She has to go in early because of the storm, so she's sleeping in longer!" "Well in that case" Black teen friends watch exxxtra small casting call smiled, walking towards him. I pushed him gently back in his apartment, away from where nosy neighbors could see us. "Did you prepare this chair for me?" I asked, seeing one right behind his door. "No, I wasn't tall enough to see through the peephole.

I had to use a chair" he said, slightly embarrassed. For some reason hearing that turned me on so much. The fact that I had literally jacked off someone who wasn't even tall enough to use the peephole was so hot! Timmy was about to say something else, but I cut him off with a kiss. He was definitely surprised, rocket and sexy massage fuck xxx me enjoy you lengthy time it didn't take long until he responded back.

"Mmm! Is this what you wanted?" "Yeah" he panted, stopping just enough to answer me. He was so excited that his body was pressing into mine, trying to pull my face down to meet his. Seeing his struggle, I decided to take a seat on the chair, letting him sit on my lap. Now at about the same level, Timmy and I were able to make out properly.

He quickly found my tongue, slurping loudly on it as his hand moved from my hair to my shoulder and then close to my tits. But as usual, he was hesitant, scared to overstep his boundaries. So again, I had to move his hand there on his own. But between the big winter jacket and sweater I had on underneath, he could hardly feel a thing. And as we continued to kiss, I could feel his frustration growing, almost pushing my chest to feel something resembling a boob. "Maybe this'll help" I giggled, taking off my jacket.

"I'm afraid the sweater will have to stay on kiddo, I don't have too much time!" I smiled. "That's okay! It's fine! Thank you so much, Lily! You're so awesome!" he exclaimed. He sounded like a kid who had just received a late Christmas gift! I guess in a way, he had. Hearing what I had said, Timmy wasted no time in planting his mouth back on mine as he played with my chest. My pair of tits was definitely the first one he experienced, as his hands were exploring everywhere, from my cleavage, to under my boobs, to even trying to find my nipples.

And the more aggressive his hand was, the more it showed in his kissing as well. He had started drooling like usual, his saliva and mine leaking down my chin. It felt incredible to be doing this so early in the morning! And being a kid, Timmy had little understanding of his surroundings, moaning loudly as we made out.

I wanted to stop him in case his mom woke up, but it sounded so hot that I couldn't. In fact, soon I was adding to the sound, matching his passion. "Did you play with yourself last night?!" I teased. "No, I didn't. It was so hard Lily! I wanted to touch myself so bad after you left!" "Do you think you can last a whole day?

Huh? I won't be back until the evening" I said, rubbing his cock from the outside of his jammies. "Oh god! Uggh!" he panted. I only gave it two squeezes before stopping, knowing he would cum otherwise. Timmy looked at me in despair, almost as if he was about to cry.

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His eyes looked so hurt that I almost wanted to relent and let him cum now, but I didn't. I wanted his next to load be huge. I wanted to see how much cum his young body could produce in one go!

With that being said, I wasn't completely heartless! As a form of compensation, I guided Timmy's hand underneath my sweater, letting him touch my tits and bra.

"So do you think this'll be okay for now?" I asked rhetorically. "Mhm!" he nodded, cupping my right boob. "It's okay! You can go under the bra!" I teased, feeling his fingers creeping down the top of my tits.

"Really?!" "Yeah!" I giggled. "But just for a few minutes okay? I have to leave for work after!" "Okay!" Timmy was so captivated by his new found play toys that he stopped making out with me entirely, focusing all his attention to how they felt.

I was the one who had to re-initiate our make out session, but with little response from him. However, for some reason it felt just as good doing so without him kissing me back. Now, I could slowly enjoy myself, making out with his lips the way I wanted to. "Oww! Careful! Not so hard!" I exclaimed, feeling him pinch my nipple roughly. "Sorry! Sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you!" he stammered. I didn't respond back to him, just kissing his lips lightly again to let him know I forgave him.

"Ok time's up! I have to go to work before I'm too late!" I said. "okay" he groaned. "Uhm…Could I…could I play with them again tonight? I'll be gentle! I promise!" His face looked so cute scared like that! "I'll do you one better. If you keep your promise" I teased, palming his hard-on again.

"I'll suck you off again, like last night. Would you like that? Would you like to feel your cock inside my warm, wet, mouth?" I whispered sexily. "Uh-huh! I won't touch myself! No matter what!" he nodded, excitedly. "Good!" I smiled, giving him one last kiss. "See you tonight then" I teased, leaving his apartment. As I pressed the elevator buttons to reach the ground floor, I could see Timmy still watching me, his front door wide open and his hard-on sticking straight out, just staring at me until the elevator door closed shut.

Because of my looks, I had always had an effect on men, but to see how easily I could manipulate boys was definitely something new. Between Timmy and the teenager at the mall yesterday, I was fast becoming addicted to the idea of making out with these soon-to-be men. And if I could take their first kiss, then even better! "Morning Amanda" I greeted, sitting down at my desk.

"Is the witch in yet?" I asked. "Not yet. She sent out an email saying she'll be here right before lunch. And to think I could've had a few more hours of sleep too!" she answered, rolling her eyes in disgust. "Well, I didn't really have a choice.

I better get started on my project" I groaned. "Stay strong!" she said, playfully holding her fist to her chest. "sure will" I laughed. With how busy I was, the morning went by quicker than expected. And with Karen not here to watch over us like a hawk, I was able to chat freely with the techs, making our tedious work so much easier to endure. But when I came back from lunch, I realized that the afternoon would not be quite as enjoyable.

"Are we clear, Amanda?" Karen asked, standing over her shoulder. "Yeah. We're good" she answered coldly. "Ahh! Lily, how's the project coming along?

I take it from the extra flasks in the incubator that you were here over the weekend. Everything running smoothly I presume?" "Yes. It'll be ready by Friday" I answered, knowing she only cared about that.

"Good. I have something else I need your help with" she said, walking back towards our desk area. "With the snowstorm and all, Sean had school off and I didn't want to leave him at home. So he's going to be here for a few hours until we leave in the afternoon.

I'd like you to just get him set up on a computer" she instructed. I looked over at Sean, grinning widely from ear to ear, as if he knew his purpose today was to ruin mine. "Sure" I answered. The only other free computer we had was set up behind me, the last place I wanted him. I had an entire afternoon of work I was not looking forward to, so the last thing I needed was my bitch of boss' son interrupting me. "I'll log you on using my account.

You can work on homework or just surf the internet. Go on Youtube or play some flash games, I don't care.

Just…just don't do anything that you wouldn't be allowed to at school" I said, leaving him to be. For the first half hour, he was quiet, almost making me forget he was there.

But gradually that changed. He began bumping his computer chair into mine, every ten minutes or so, acting as if it was an accident. The first few times were annoying, but as he continued, it became almost unbearable. So when he did it again, causing me to mistype my data, I snapped. "Ok, listen here you little twerp! I'm not your mother and I don't have to put up with your shit! If you do it again, I'm gonna log you off and force you to sit there with nothing to do until your mom comes!" I exclaimed.

Instead of being scared, the spoiled brat was staring at my chest, trying to look down the top of my sweater.

boobs pressed and nipple sucked while sleeping you hear mom and playmates daughter anal officially a fucking family I asked again, tilting his chin up. "Mhm" he nodded his head proudly. I turned around to go back to work, hoping everything would be fine.

But just minutes later, he did it again, this time with the added sound of laughter. "Ok! I warned you!" I exclaimed, getting up. I immediately reached for the mouse, preparing to turn it off as Sean fought me, using his chubby body to push me aside. And in our struggle, the little perv actually stole a kiss, planting his lips on my cheek. I gasped from the contact, shocked that he actually had the balls to do that at his age.

"Mmm! You smell good!" he laughed, happy with himself. "Ok that's it, you're coming with me!" I exclaimed angrily. I was fortunate that everyone else was in the lab area, leaving just the two of us at the office desks. In my fury, I grabbed his wrist and dragged him into the hallway. "Are you going to tell my mom?!

You know, she's just going to take my side!" he said proudly. Only I had no plans of taking him to his mother, where he would be safe. Instead I shoved him into our supply room and locked the door behind it. "What! Are you going-" Before he could finish his sentence, I slapped him across the face. It wasn't full force, but because of my hatred for his mother and now him, it wasn't light either. His entire head swung to the side, and when he came back to look at me, there was a noticeable red palm mark across his cheek.

"You hit me! No one's ever " "I told you I'm not your mother! I DON'T have to be nice to you!" I scolded, pointing my index finger in his face. He stared blankly at me, until suddenly diving forward, taking my finger in his mouth.

"Mmm!" he moaned, sucking on it. He had a smug look on his face, a look that I was determined to wipe away. "Oh you like that, huh?!" I said with a fake smile. "Then please, have some more!" I began pushing my index finger deeper in mouth, forcing him to gag so that his lips opened up.

And once it did, I shoved my middle and ring finger in his mouth as well. Inch by inch I pushed in deeper, reaching his throat, as he struggled against me. I was laughing so loud that it almost scared myself. It was as if I had gone crazy from power. "Yeah! You still like that?!" I cackled, forcing him to choke now. And for whatever reason, my mind flashed back to how my sister had taught me to dominate Chris. Acting quickly, I flicked off my left sneaker, bending my leg back so I could remove my sock.

I was fast, replacing my fingers with the sock-gag before Sean even knew what happened. "Do I still smell good!? Huh! Do I?!" He looked down towards his mouth, realizing what it was and instantly started gagging again. His entire upper body spasmed, trying its hardest to reject my dirty sock. But I held it there firmly, not letting him do so. In response, he began squirming, moving so much that he soon fell to the floor, finally escaping my grasp.

"Ok! Ok! I won't do it again!" he stammered. "Too late!" I answered. "Down!" "What?!" "Down! Get your face down!" I instructed, pushing him forcefully to the ground.

"You thought I smelled good right?! What about my foot?! Does it smell good too!" I said, shoving it towards his nose.

"Sniff it! I want to be able to hear you!" Sean was definitely panicking, his mind just doing whatever I told him. "I can't hear you!" I edged on, squatting down so I could hold his face next to my foot. When he finally did sniff my toes, it was immediately followed by a face of disgust. It seemed he was the complete opposite of Timmy, finding my sweaty toes repulsive.

But for some reason it was just as hot, if not more, seeing his expression! It felt so satisfying seeing him forced to do something he didn't want to. It was my chance to take the frustration on my boss out on her bratty son. "Open your mouth!" "What?!

No! That's disgusting! Please-" "Open!" I commanded, shoving my foot at his mouth. It took a little more pressure, but his lips eventually parted, letting my toes flood in. Unlike with Timmy, I was not gentle. I had no intention of letting him enjoy this. No, this was purely for me! "Start sucking!" He complied, but begrudgingly, his lips hardly moving at all.

sami parkers pussy got stuffed by stepdad and pounded it hardcore I want you to experience how "good" I smell!" With Sean still not cooperating well, I pressed my foot further into his mouth, pushing his head back until it was against the wall.

Now with nowhere to left to go, he was forced to accept it, sucking on my toes with the intensity I wanted. "That's it! Where's your mommy now?!" The sight was turning me on, enough so that I took a seat on a stack of boxes behind me, while my hand had disappeared down the front of my jeans.

It didn't take long before Sean looked up, his eyes opening wide from the sight. "Did I say you could look?!" He eyes quickly averted back down, trying to satisfy me so I wouldn't push him to do more. "Good! Clean between my toes too" I instructed. With my left hand busy rubbing my clit, I pulled out my phone with the right. And in just a few short clicks, I was recording the scene in front of me; Sean down on his knees, forced to suck on a stranger's foot.

"Smile" I said, getting him to look up. His terrified expression made me laugh even more. "I own you now" I said, turning off the recording. "If you say a word to your mother…well I'm sure your classmates would love seeing you like this" I smiled.

Sean might've been as spoiled as can be, but he wasn't stupid. He understood how torturously teasing kids his age could be. "Am I understood?!" I asked, shoving my toes deeper for emphasis. He nodded his head yes, but kept his eyes glued to my left hand.

As much as I didn't want to admit it, having his chubby face looking at me while I masturbated, was actually turning me on. So instead of telling him to look away, I let him. He still couldn't see my pussy, just the rhythmic movement of my hand inside my jeans. "Now the other one" I said, presenting him my right foot, with my shoe still on. He continued to look at me as he removed the sneaker and sock, holding my barefoot victoria valencia rides and fucks two aged cocks his hand with the same disgusted look as earlier.

I could tell it was genuine, that he hated dady phon call mom and son fuck xx it, which of course made it so much hotter for me! "How long…how long do " "When I get bored" I answered. "Make sure to use plenty of tongue, my feet have been sweating all day" I smiled.

He reluctantly put my right foot in his mouth, with a little extra help from me of course. But this time, his task wasn't nearly as bad, as most of his attention remained on my crotch.

My attention never left my pussy, but as everything cooled down, instead of seeing the chubby kid in front of me, I was only getting images of his mother. And as much as I played with my pussy, the mood was completely ruined. "Ok you're done, for now" I said, pulling my foot away from him. I dried both my feet on his shirt and then put my socks and sneakers back on again. "Do you remember what I said?" "Yes miss" he answered, noticeably more obedient now.

I had no idea what came over me next, but for some reason I actually leaned down and grabbed his puffy cheeks, kissing him hard on the lips. It wasn't short either; I took the time to force his mouth open, Frenching his tongue at the same time.

And it was only when I felt him kiss me back that I stopped, pushing him off me before he got any pleasure out of it. "You can go jack off in the bathroom now" I laughed, opening the door and leaving. As I walked back to my desk, my face was burning from what had happened. I couldn't explain why I did it. But just that I wanted to, just wanted to have that feeling of making out with another little boy, even if he was the spawn of Satan herself.

It was almost like I was a junkie, trying to get her next hit, no matter where it came from. I don't know if Sean actually did go jack off, but it was another 10 minutes before I saw him again. And as expected, he was quiet the rest of the afternoon, leaving me alone to finish my work. The only sound I heard out of him was when he said goodbye when his mom came to get him.

It seemed he had gotten away with being a spoiled mama's boy his entire life. And I was the first person to challenge that, reshaping the way he acted towards me. It was a small victory, but a victory nonetheless. No matter what Karen said to me that afternoon, I just smiled at her, knowing her son was my personal bitch now.

I didn't know exactly how I would do it, but I was now determined to turn him against his mom, making her life as difficult as she did mine. "Hey! You want to get drinks tonight?" Amanda asked, getting ready to leave. "Not tonight, how about Friday?" I asked, wanting to get home and fool around with my favored boy toy. "Ok, that sounds great! I'm off now, see you tomorrow!" "Yeah!

Bye!" I waved. I left only about 15 minutes later, once I made up for the time wasted in the afternoon with Sean. Actually, I shouldn't say wasted, as it could prove quite useful to me in the future.

And also, even if I didn't want to believe it, I did enjoy the experience. Despite the fact we didn't go there, it almost felt like I had hate-fucked him. He both annoyed and detested me, but because of that, it allowed me to dominate him in a way I couldn't with Timmy. I now understood what my sister had meant about feeling so empowered! For some reason as I entered my apartment I almost expected Timmy to already be there, waiting for me like he was in the morning.

But nothing of the sort happened. I ran through excuses I could use to go sunny leone sexy storys leather for him, but came up with no plausible ones.

Ultimately, deciding that he would come look for me when his mom left for work. It was almost 8:30 when there was a knock on my door. By then I had almost forgotten about him, getting caught up in binge watching a TV show. "Hi Lily!" he beamed, giving me a huge hug once I opened the door. "Hello to you too!" I apprentice lesbian teens get their spread twats licked and screwed, pulling his face into my chest.

"Where's your mom?" "Mom just left for the hospital. She normally leaves after I go to sleep, but she went early because of the storm!" he exclaimed. "Is that why you're so excited then?" I asked rhetorically.

"Yeah! She made me do extra reading and stuff during the day. I couldn't even play my games too much! Do you want to play with me now?!" "Sure!" "Awesome! I'll bring it over!" "Wait!" I laughed.

"What about school? Don't you have school tomorrow? We should just " "No school tomorrow! They already announced it! And mom won't be home till mid-day too! So can I bring it over?" "Ok then" I smiled. "Oh!" he interrupted, before he could bolt for his place. "Can…can we make out more too…and do the other stuff?" he asked, more nervously. "What other stuff?" I teased.

"The stuff you talked about this morning" "I don't remember. Can you remind me?" I smiled mischievously. I wanted to hear him say it. I british cfnm masseuse tease and blows cock to hear this innocent little boy ask me to suck him off! "Uhm…uh…you said that if I didn't jerk off today, you would…you would give me another blowjob" he stammered quickly. "Did I?" I paused.

"That does sound familiar. So have you been a good boy? Have you kept up your end of the bargain?" "Yes!" he nodded his head fervently. "It was so hard, but I did!" "I can tell" I giggled, pointing to his crotch. Timmy looked down to see the tent in his pants and instinctively covered it up, his face turning red. Well, for someone that just asked me for a blowjob, he certainly still was shy! I found it adorable!

"When you come back, bring my used panties as well" "Why?" "To wash them silly!" I giggled. "You can pick out a few new ones to take home with you afterwards" "Really?!" "Sure. Now go!" I giggled, pushing him off.

I had been looking forward to spending the rest of the night on the couch watching TV, but now I suspect I'll be looking forward to something completely different! Almost as angela medina gets a dildo and a dick as he left, my phone buzzed.

I walked over to my couch to answer it, seeing the Caller ID as Heather. "Just a head's up: I told Timmy not to bother you today, but I doubt he's going to listen : ) " she texted. I laughed to myself at her text, acknowledging her mother's intuition was spot on. "It's fine. I have no problem entertaining him if he does come over! Hope it's not too busy for you at the hospital" "Thanks! I owe you, again! Another dinner sometime?" "Absolutely!

I feel like I should help next time though!" I texted back. "Sorry! Sorry!" Timmy yelled, catching me off guard. He had a box full of goods with him, some that spilled out as he sprinted into my apartment. "Are you okay?" I chuckled. "Yeah! I'm fine!" he answered excitedly, plopping everything down so he could take off his sneakers. I had almost forgot about the conversation with his mom when my palm vibrated, pulling my attention back to my phone.

Almost immediately, my thoughts turned to what I was about to do with Timmy. And as much as I knew it was wrong, I couldn't help but picture myself making out with Timmy as I texted his mom at the same time!

It felt so hot! "Timmy" I whispered, signaling him over. He walked over slowly, not sure of what I wanted, until I patted the seat next to me. As I made out with him passionately, I kept my phone behind him, continuing to text with Heather.

"What are you doing Lily?" he asked curiously, looking up to see my attention elsewhere. "Just texting with your mom" I smiled naughtily.

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"Don't worry it's not wife orgssm while looking at cam this! Keep doing what you were doing" I smiled. Timmy did as told, not caring either way about what I had said. I guess there was no reason for him to, he had been waiting all day for this! I felt so conflicted making out with him now. My conscience told me not to, but anytime I tried to pull away, Timmy followed my lips.

He was almost rabid with his kissing as no area close to my mouth was safe from his tongue. Soon any guilt I felt was gone, overcome by the warm feeling in between my legs.

Could it still be called wrong if Timmy was enjoying it this much?! "Ok, hope everything runs smoothly Heather!

I gotta go" I texted, ending it so I could focus my attention back on her son. With my mind so scrambled, I hadn't noticed that Timmy's hands were on my chest on his own this time, taking advantage of the thin fabric of my t-shirt to play with my tits.

"Lily, could I…could I see them?" "See what?" I teased. "Your boobs" he said softly. I was ready to oblige immediately when I thought otherwise. Over the weeks, I had been so busy seducing him for my own desires that we had never set any boundaries. And because old woman dalny marga takes young big dick was clear that Timmy was becoming quickly attached to me, I needed to let him know that what we were doing was strictly physical.

I don't know if at his age he understood nothing romantic could happen between us, but I had to try. "Timmy, you really like me don't you?" I asked, in a more serious tone. His face turned red very quickly, followed by a small nod. He looked so cute that I actually felt nervous having this conversation. "Timmy. I like you a lot too, but I don't want to mislead you. So we need to set some ground rules" "Do we have to stop?!" he exclaimed in horror. "I haven't said anything to my mom! I swear!

And I haven't touched myself all day! Look!" He stood up and dropped his pants off in an instant, wanting to prove his trustworthiness. I gasped loudly from the sight. His cock, at least to me, looked more engorged than last night, with pre-cum leaking down the head like a dripping faucet. There was no doubt in my mind that he had kept his word! "Lily?!" he asked, snapping my attention back to his face.

"I didn't mean that sweetheart" I said, in my most calming voice. In an attempt to settle his nerves, I grabbed his hand and sat him down next to me, giving him an ensuring kiss. "I just mean that I'm a lot older than you and I can't be…can't be your girlfriend or anything like that" I said, trying to explain it in a way he could answer.

"I know that" he answered, rather quickly. "You do?" "Yeah. I know I can't be your boyfriend. I'm not that little to not understand" he joked. "You're kind of like a big sister except…except I want to keep making out still" he chuckled. I was ecstatic to see his reaction. So much for being worried about nothing! And a big sister, I loved the idea!

I had always been the younger one with Jen, always been the one told what to do, not the one doing "the telling." Now was my chance to experience the other side! Maybe that's why I felt so attached to this kid; he was like a younger brother, a very younger brother!

"That's awesome! You really feel that way?!" I exclaimed. "Mhm. I don't have brothers or sister, and always wanted one. I know you're too old to " "hey!" I joked, slapping his arm.

"You didn't let me finish!" he shot back. "I know you're too old to be, but you don't look like it!" he said with emphasis. "So you're kind of like the big sister I never had. You play games with me, and cooked for me, and we even have our own secrets from my mom!" he laughed. "And I'm hot right?!" I joked back. "And you're hot! So hot!" he proclaimed loudly, making me laugh. "You could easily be a model!" "You think so?!" I teased, sticking my chest out and posing a little for him.

"Totally!" he said, his rock hard cock still standing straight up. "Well, if you see me as a big sister than I should act like one" I said seductively, creeping my hand towards his cock. "Good big sisters take care of their brothers when they can" I added, wrapping my fingers around the base. "Uugghh!" he moaned. I wanted to start pumping right away, but knew any sudden movements and he would erupt immediately. So I remained patient, stroking his shaft very gently, making sure that his breathing remained stable.

"Did you think about me today?" "Uh-huh" he nodded, trying to not cum. "What did you think about? Tell me slowly" I instructed, stroking his entire length now. "I…I thought about kissing you more" he mumbled. "We've already done that. Tell me what else, tell me about all the dirty things" I whispered in his ears.

To get Timmy to cooperate, I got down on my knees, in front of his daddy skinny fucks random white old ebony milf dukke the philanthropist. I made sure to be careful, keeping all my actions slow so that he wouldn't be caught off guard. With his eyes glued on me, I moved my mouth closer until the tip of my tongue touched his cock, tasting his pre-cum for the first time tonight. "Mmm" I smiled, taking another sensual lick.

"Well? What else did you think about?" "I thought about feeling up your boobs more. They were so soft" he moaned. "We can do that" I smiled, wrapping my lips around the head. For a few seconds, I sucked him lightly; the only sounds being Timmy's frantic breathing and the slurping of my tongue on his cock.

"Go on" I said, pausing right as he was on the edge. "I also wanted to…wanted to suck on them" he said nervously. "Suck on what?" I smiled, picking back up again. "Your tits" I answered him by engulfing his entire cock, swirling my tongue around his shaft.

"Auuugghh!" he moaned, his legs shaking. I had intended to stop, but the feeling was overwhelming. I couldn't pry myself away, just bobbing my head up and down as fast as I could, desperate to taste my reward. I waited for a verbal cue from Timmy, but it never came. Instead, I was met with the sudden presence of two hands on the back of my head, not pushing, but just holding me there. Timmy exploded seconds afterwards, shooting his first load hard on the roof of my mouth.

I was so caught off guard by the intensity that by the time the second load came, I was already gagging. Not wanting to waste anymore, I clamped my lips firmly around his head, pumping his shaft with my hand as he emptied loads three and four, all on my tongue. Timmy looked exhausted afterwards, spent both physically and emotionally. I, on the other hand, stayed on my knees, licking off every drop that had escaped my mouth the first time.

I was absolutely amazed at how much cum he had! And he tasted delicious! I felt like a little schoolgirl, frantically licking off the flavoring of a lollipop.

"Lily, I " I cut him off with my hand, telling him to hold his thought until I was satisfied again. I began lapping off the jizz on his balls before going back to his shaft, taking his semi-hard in mouth again to get any masturbating on cam makes aubrey cum very hard masturbation stiptease cum. But within seconds, I got a very friendly surprise as Timmy's cock came to life again. Without missing a beat, I started sucking again, hard this time.

Thinking I no longer needed to worry about him cumming, I jammed my whole mouth on his cock, getting his head to tickle the opening of my throat. But apparently that sexy slut dillion harper straddles hung masseur too much for Timmy as he came a second time, shooting most of his cum out before I had a chance to taste it.

"Oh God" he moaned. I acted quickly, fast enough to get the last few shots on my tongue. When I looked up at him, his mouth was gaped open, sucking in big breaths of air. "Did you enjoy that?" I teased. "Yes" he answered softly, nodding his head.

When I stood up, I accidentally grazed his cock again with my head, causing his entire body to shudder. It looked like he was extra sensitive now that he had relieved himself twice!

"Would you like more?" I smiled. "I…I can't now. I " "I meant later" I giggled. "You brought over some games right?" "Yeah! Do you want to play?" "Go set it up" I giggled. For the next hour or so, I got another chance to relive my childhood with Timmy. It was incredibly fun, taking me back to the days where I didn't have all the worries that came with adulthood. We played through a variety of games, and while Timmy seemed fine with almost all of the ones he chose, it was the Wii sports game that he had the most affection for.

As the game required both of us to get up and move around physically, it soon became quite obvious why. We took turns playing the various sporting events the game offered, and every time I was up, Timmy sat behind me on the couch, watching every inch of my body as I moved.

I didn't catch on at first, but when he kept passing up his turn for me to go again, I soon realized why. Well if it was my body he wanted to get a better look of, then why not tease him a little with it?! "Ooh, it's getting quite hot" I smiled, fanning myself. It was only half a lie, as the moderate exercising really was causing me to perspire.

"Do you mind if I take off these sweats?" I teased, undressing before he could answer. "Oops! I forgot I didn't have shorts on underneath! You don't alicia is taking it up the ass, do you?!" I said, wriggling my sweats down my ass slowly.

I had on an ordinary pair of panties, so nothing too spectacular. Still, it was more than enough petite arab babe sucks meaty cock and gets tiny pussy violated stripping foreplay get a reaction out of Timmy, freezing his face as he stared at me.

The sweatpants I had on created a sauna like effect on my legs and ass, which added with all the moving around, caused the beads of sweat on my ass to glisten. "Like what you see?" I teased, giving him a playful wink. "Did you want your turn, or are you passing again?" I teased. "You…you can play.

I get to play a lot at home, so I'll just watch" he said quickly, keeping his eyes completely on my legs. "Let me know if I'm doing something wrong then" I smiled, turning my ass back towards him. I decided to humor Timmy, going along with his suggestion as I continued to play the small mini-games, making sure to tease him in the process.

If it was baseball, I made sure to bend my legs and squat deeply, letting him get an eyeful of my ass. When it switched to tennis, I even got him to get up and help. "Is this the right starting position?" "Uh yeah, just a little " "Come show me!" I smiled, waving him over.

Timmy calmly held my wrist and lower back, but still didn't dare touch my ass. "Like this then?" I said, purposefully standing straight up. "No, you need to bend your legs a bit more. Like this" he mimicked on the side. "I'm afraid I don't get it, why don't you help me!" I teased. He reluctantly walked closer to me again, reaching for my back. But this time I grabbed his hand before it could get there, placing it directly on my ass. When I felt him instinctively jerk away, I held it there firmly, smiling at Timmy the entire time.

"So lower?" I asked, squatting down my weight onto his palm. "Mhm" he nodded, staring right at me. But whether he knew it or not, his fingers were starting to curl, feeling my left ass cheek!

"Tell me when I'm low enough" I said, gripping his hand harder on my bottom. "Uhm…maybe…maybe I could check you from the back, make sure it's right?!" he suggested. "That annette schwarz dressed up in a really hot wonderful!" I encouraged. Now with my permission, he got behind me and took a seat on the sofa, giving him the perfect height to plant both his hands on my ass.

As soon as I felt contact, I began wiggling my ass, letting the flesh jiggle in his palm. Timmy responded by squeezing, completely forgetting about why he was there. I turned my head to see all his attention focused in front of him, staring at how my ass cheeks changed shapes under the pressure of his fingers. Gently, I squatted down, little by little, until I pushed his hands aside, sitting fully on his lap.

The first thing I felt was his cock again, poking along my ass-crack and lower back, just inches away from entering me! "I think we're done with games now, don't you?!" I said, bringing his hands to my tits. "Mmm!" Timmy moaned, kissing the back of my neck as he squeezed tightly. Wanting to kiss me, he gently slid me to the side, so that I was sitting next to him.

Timmy, almost immediately, snaked his tongue into my mouth, wrapping it around my own so that he knew where to plant his lips around.

And as he sucked on my tongue, I began tearing off my shirt, throwing it over my head. "Do you like?" "Wow! They look even better than I thought!" "I've been told it's even better without the bra" I joked, untying it. He looked dumbfounded at me, completely speechless as he stared at my melons. When he recovered from the initial shock, his hands immediately landed on my tits. Timmy greedily played with them while his mouth went to my neck, sucking loudly and creating a mess.

The drool began dripping down towards my tits, almost lubing them up for him. His fingers circled and teased playgirl gets licked so well masturbation smalltits nipples, lightly squeezing them as I moaned in pleasure.

"Oh Timmy! Mmm, just like that" I said, cradling his head while he continued to play with my tits. He seemed to remember what I had said in the morning, his hands never getting too rough. No matter how much he explored my tits, he put in the perfect amount of strength, both satisfying and not hurting me at the same time. "They're so soft!" he chuckled. "Yeah? They're even better in your mouth!" I giggled, bringing my left boob up towards him. He accepted it willingly, moaning as he did.

He seemed to be a complete natural with this; his lips softly encompassing the area around my nipples, while his tongue circled it perfectly, sending wave after wave of pleasure towards my pussy. "Oh Yes!" I exclaimed. "Don't forget about my right boob either! It needs attention to!" I could feel the gears switching in my head; going from "big sister" to a nympho that loved being pleasured by little boys.

It was almost terrifying just how controlling my own libido could be. Wanting to get a better angle, I slowly leaned back until I was lying flat on the sofa, with Timmy straddling on top of me. He continued working his mouth, now swapping between both nipples. In addition to sucking, he moved on to flicking his tongue on my nipples, teasing them relentlessly. I looked down to see him lost in lust, eyes closed, as his hands and mouth seemed to work with a mind of their own. "Use a bit of teeth!" I instructed.

"It's okay! Do it! Just not too hard!" I said further, seeing his confused look. Timmy nodded his head and dove back in, doing as I asked.

"Ohh! Yes! Don't stop! It feels so good!" I moaned, holding his head there. "Does it taste good, Timmy?! Tell me how my tits taste!" "They're awesome!" he moaned.

"Thank you so much for letting me play with them. I never " I didn't let Timmy finish his sentence. I didn't care what he had to say, not really, not in that moment. I just pushed his head back into my chest, forcing him to continue. My mind quickly went through all my past sexual experiences. I've had my fair share of kinky sex, most noticeably with my sister and nephew, but this feeling might've been even stronger.

It felt surreal having this soon to be ex-virgin worshipping my tits, the first pair he's ever had to play with since his mother's.

"Timmy get up" I exclaimed.

"Huh?! Why?" "We're moving to my bed! You're going to learn how to eat pussy!" Naughty kitten was taken in anal assylum for painful treatment said, needing to be satisfied. I guided him to my room and quickly took my position on the bed, leaning against the bedframe.

"Turn on the lights, Timmy. I want to make sure you see everything!" I smiled. He nodded his head with a huge smiled, flicked the switch on and quickly joined me on the bed. "Have you ever seen one before? I mean aside from your computer" I teased. "No" he chuckled. "Would you like to see mine?" "Yes!! I've wanted to see yours ever since I met you!" he answered in a moment of truth. "Have you now?!" I teased. "Well lucky you then" I smiled. "Get up close!" When his head was just inches away, I pulled my panties aside, revealing my well shaved pussy.

"Normally girls have some pubic hair above it, but I've shaven mine" I said, look over at him. Timmy did nod his head, but I could tell he didn't register a single word.

He was completely entranced by the sight of his first pussy, rotating his head in both directions to change up his view. "It's so wet!" he mumbled, feeling some of my juices. "Do you like my pussy?!" I asked playfully. He didn't answer, just continuing to look blankly at it. "This right here" I said, pushing my fingers in my pussy "is where your cock is going to go after you eat me out." "And this is my clit, it's my most sensitive spot" I said, circling it with my index finger.

Timmy took advantage of the absence of my fingers and inserted his own index and middle finger inside my pussy. He pushed in very slowly, getting use to the feeling of it all. "Lily, it's so tight!" he exclaimed, feeling my pussy squeeze against his fingers. "That's why it's going to feel so good for the both of us later!" I smiled.

"As for now" I said, removing his hand. "Get to work!" I said, pushing his head down. He dove right in, not asking any questions. And any experience that he lacked was made up by the intensity in which he ate me out.

It was the same way he kissed me, licking and drooling nonstop. His tongue was darting everywhere, trying to experience the taste of every part of my pussy; from my pussy opening, to my clit, to my lips! It having sex while playing story game just what I needed! "Oh yes!!!" I moaned, scratching the back of his head.

When his tongue had thoroughly explored every area it could get to, he went back to inserting his fingers into my pussy. He started out gradually, but quickened his pace once he heard my moans get louder from the penetration of his fingers.

"Just like that! But lick my clit too!" I moaned. "OOoohhh! Yes!! Good boy!" He was very obedient and crafty, learning how to do both at the same time without compromising form. "Don't Stop! Don't stop!! Yeesss!!!" I moaned, climaxing from his touch. My orgasm hit harder than any other time that I could remember. My entire body shook as I involuntarily kicked out my legs, spasming uncontrollably.

My mind went completely blank, just focusing on the sensation pulsing from my pussy. When I came back to earth, I was greeted by a horrified expression on Timmy's face. "Did…did I hurt you! I didn't mean to!" he blurted. "Oh no, sweetheart! I'm fine!" I answered, palming his cheeks. "More than fine, actually! That sometimes happens to a woman when they cum" "Oh, like when I shoot my sperm?" "Yes, sort of. It's just not always that strong" I smiled.

"Speaking of sperm, are you ready?" I asked, noticing the tent in his pants. "You mean we're going to-" "Fuck?!" I answered for him. "Yes. We're going to fuck. Do you want to?

Vuclip sex storys katrena kef

Do you want to fuck your big sister?" I teased, hoping it would get him going. "Mhm" he nodded. "Good! Get that hard cock out!" Timmy looked incredibly scared, probably just as intimidated as he was horny. After all, no matter how much he wanted to, this was still his first time. "Come here" I said calmly. "That's it, just a little bit closer" I smiled.

His cock was lined up right alongside my pussy, ready to enter whenever he thrust forward. But to help make the transition easier for him, I grabbed his cock, giving it a few long and slow pumps. "Does that feel good?" "Mhm" he nodded. "Just relax" I said. "Calm your breathing. Your cocks about to feel amazing!" I smiled. While he kept his face focused on mine, I had slowly scooted down, tugging on his cock until the head entered me.

Timmy moaned instantly, his breathing spiking with it. "Slowly. In and out" I said, taking fetishnetwork jasmine caro fuck machine submissive and humiliated deep breaths for him to copy.

I waited until he was at least breathing rhythmically again, even if it was unbelievably fast. "Whenever you're ready Timmy!" I smiled. "All you have to Oh!" I moaned, feeling him thrust forward. "That's it! Keep going!" I encouraged. His cock was large enough to enjoy the feeling of my pussy squeezing it, without being so thick that penetrating me would be difficult.

He slid in slowly, enjoying the ride along the way. "Auuggh! It feels soooo good!" he smiled, looking at me. "I can't…I can't last long!" he mumbled.

I wanted to respond, but before I could even open my mouth, I felt Timmy's hot cum leaking into my pussy amy brooke and kagney linn karter in nasty lesbian bdsm scene. I was a little disappointed, but quickly remembered his age and just how inexperienced he was. Hell, it was only a few minutes ago that he saw his first real life pussy. "Oh god! I'm s-" "it's okay!" I smiled warmly, not wanting to embarrass him. "It happens to everyone's first time" I giggled.

"Come here and kiss me!" I said, opening my arms for him. I made sure to keep Timmy inside me, knowing that it wouldn't take much to re-stimulate him. And being on birth-control already, there really was no reason for him to pull out. His kissing was expectedly less energetic, recovering from his first time. But as I made sure his attention remained on my lips, it inevitably returned. To help the process, I brought his hand up to my tits, letting him play with it at the same time.

And in less than a minute, I felt his cock harden again, ready for a chance at redemption. "I think you're ready again" I smiled. "Go slow, we have a lot of time" Timmy nodded his head, getting back up. He tried thrusting into me, but with various success, not really finding a good tempo. "Let's try this. Get up" I said, scooting myself to the edge of the bed. I was fortunate the bed support was not too high, allowing for my pussy to be at the perfect height as Timmy's cock when he stood next to the bed.

"Let's try it now!" I smiled, guiding his cock in me. "Oohhh!!" he moaned. "Start moving into me. Just back and forth" I instructed. His pacing was still very poor, speeding up for a few pumps and then slowing down again. And although he never got a good rhythm, I could tell he was enjoying it immensely, as was I. Yes, it was probably the worst fuck I've ever had, but the fact that it was coming from him, was the only thing going through my mind.

I just couldn't get over how young he was! He didn't have any pubic hair, his muscles not even remotely showing yet. And to top it all off, those thick glasses he had on his face made him look even younger. He should be out in the living room, playing his video games, not in here, losing his virginity to someone literally old enough to be his mother! "If you think you're about to cum just slow down" I said, getting him to respond immediately.

"Do you like the way my pussy feels?" I teased. "Yes! It's so tight!" he moaned. "Is it everything you've imagined?" "Better! This…this feels amazing!" he answered. The dirty talk seemed to be doing the trick.

With Timmy no longer consciously focusing on the task, his body was regulating it for him, establishing a pace that he could keep to. He was moving in and out of me, truly fucking me the first time! "Yes, now you got it! I smiled, rocking back against his cock. "Fuck my pussy!" The more he kept it up, the better it was feeling for me too.

"Faster, sweetheart! Fuck me faster!" I moaned. Timmy nodded his head, trying to meet my demands. But he could only speed up for a few seconds, falling back down to a slower pace again. "Sorry! I can't " "Stand back" I instructed, pushing him off me. I quickly got on my feet, lying my stomach on the bed. "Put your cock back in me and just stand there, okay? I'll do the rest!" I smiled. Out of breath, Timmy quickly nodded his head.

As soon as I felt the tip of his cock, I began fucking him, almost knocking him back. "Hold my hips! Just don't lose your balance!" I instructed.

"Tighter!" I yelled, holding his hands there until I felt his grip strengthen. I began pushing my pussy back into him, fucking him in doggy. It started off slow, but I soon picked up pace once I felt he had a good stance. Eventually, I was slamming my entire ass back on him, fucking myself silly on his cock. "Augggh!

Fuck!!!" I moaned, loving the sound it was making. "Oh god! Uugggh!" "Don't cum yet! Ok?!" I asked, not really giving him an option. "Fuck me back! Just grab my hips and start jamming that cock in me!" I yelled, disregarding my language.

It was subtle, but it was still there. Timmy was rocking forward, meeting my pussy each time. And while our rhythm was off in the beginning, it naturally synchronized. This seemed to work better for Timmy, as it was less about speed, and more about power.

The more I screamed, the more I felt him, slowly shedding his innocent boyhood and succumbing to what his cock wanted. "Oh fuck Lily!" he screamed, cussing for the first time. It sounded incredible coming from such an innocent mouth! "Yeah, you like that?! You like feeling that pussy squeeze your cock?!" "Mhm!

I love it!" "What do you love?! Tell me!" "I love feeling my cock in your pussy!" he screamed, thrusting forward. "Then cum in me! I want you to cum in me again!" I yelled, rubbing my clit. Timmy came first, almost as soon as I asked him to before I did myself, just seconds later.

Both of us collapsed on the bed, completely out of energy. Timmy had somehow, came 4 times in less than two hours, while I had two of the strongest orgasms I could remember.

And although he still needed a lot of practice, I was more than okay with how things went on his first day. "How do you feel?" I smiled, looking over at him. "That felt so good. I…I want to feel it again and again." he panted. I giggled from his response, finding his monotone answer hilarious. And for the next few minutes, we both just laid there, too tired to talk. It wasn't until I checked the clock that I realized how much time had passed. Even if Timmy didn't have school tomorrow, I still didn't find it comfortable sending him to sleep too late.

"Timmy, you need to head back to your place" I said. "Timmy?" I looked over to see that he had fallen asleep, exhausted from the nights activity. It was 10:30, plenty of time to wake him up and send him back to his apartment, but why wake him when he was sleeping so peacefully.

Besides, he'd be going back there alone; I should be the good neighbor and take care of him! So instead, I moved him under my covers, letting him sleep in my bed for the first sex xxxx hind school storys in, and hopefully not the last.

Author's Note: I purposefully made Timmy's first time experience, memorable, but nothing too special. I wanted to add a touch of realism to the experience and felt that it would be difficult for him to perform any better or be more vocal than as written.

Of course, that will/is intended to change throughout the series. So for those wanting an intensely hot sex scene(s) between the two, it will come, just not in this chapter.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome!