She is a wild maid hardcore and brunette

She is a wild maid hardcore and brunette
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I was familiar with the sub division the address was in because I drove by it everyday on my way to work. I didn't have a gps but the house numbers on the mailbox lit up as I slowly drove by each one.

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I found my mind blank as I stared at each house as I passed it, I suppose a million thoughts should have been going through my mind, but I guess most of them were beyond comprehension. The fact that I was heading for my first gay encounter because I was at the mercy of my 12 year old step daughter Mya was something my mind could not wrap itself around but it could still read those numbers on the boxes until it registered the correct one.

I came upon it to fast and passed it but found a spot where the road ended in a cul de sac and turned around, now knowing my destination. As I approached it at now nearly ten at night, I saw the figure of a man standing on the porch. I pulled into the driveway and got out and walked the sidewalk to the porch where the person had stood. No light had been turned on but I could tell the porch was now empty. I walked up the steps and saw that main door was open and behind the glass screen door stood a man who opened it and motioned for me to come into the dark house.

"I'm Will," he said briefly. "Travis," I replied without a hand shake, although he didn't seem to want one. "Come on back to the bedroom," Will said without hesitation. I saw no choice so I followed him through the dark house. Finally in the bedroom though, the lights were on and I could see the man I had come to meet. He looked to be in his forties, slightly in shape, with a tight haircut wearing t-shirt and shorts.

I was almost relieved to see how normal he looked but there was something in his eyes and an expectancy on his face that made me uneasy and reminded me and why I was there. The room was silent as he went over to a desk where his computer was and sat down and smiled at me. Home alone with my mom for a week room had the charge of the expectancy of sex now as he stared knowingly toward me.

The silence was killing me and I was not ready for what was to come so I tried to stall with some cheap talk. "So are you Bi or gay?" I asked trying to sound casual. "Well, I'm divorced," he replied and laughed as if that was the funniest joke he had ever heard.

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"I do prefer men though if that is what you are asking.' I struggled to get my mind working again to think up some more pointless small talk, but he interrupted my thoughts saying "well, you ready to get this hour started?" I simply nodded, afraid of what my voice would sound like if I tried to speak. "Well, come on over here and let me work on you, don't keep me waiting now. You time doesn't start until I get to start, that's what your lady tells me," he said almost sounding impatient I had kept the action at bay this long.

I walked over to him and he wasted no time going directly for my belt which is took off faster than I ever could, and quickly unbuttoned and went through pussy paradise big 1 9 tube porn zipper to grab the head of my cock and squeeze.

I tried to think of my wife Kristi, or one of the cute cashiers at work as he pulled my pants down to my ankles, but my erection didn't spring up until he said "now Ms. Mya said you have to do whatever I want, so get hard for me baby." At the sound of her name, my cock came to life and he took it directly into his mouth. The feeling was surreal but not terrible.

He sucked me like a pro, better than Kristi ever could. It wasn't long until I released into his wanting mouth and he inhaled every drop down his throat. I began to think I might make it through this night after all, that wasn't so bad and then he said "ok, Mya's little slave, switch with me." He got up and dropped his pants to his ankles before I could sit down. And once I sat down I didn't know if I could actually go through with putting another mans junk in my mouth but he didn't give me time to think much as he grabbed the back of my head and plunged himself between my reluctant lips.

My body had one big convulsion as I thought everything I had eaten in the last 24 hours was about to come up but then things settled slightly and I noticed how awkwardly his pole was sliding and jabbing me until I found a rhythm with his hips. The sounds coming from his enjoyment made me almost queasy again as my mouth and tongue battled the foreign object that was showing me no mercy."Oh.Oh.Oh fuck, you suck like a whore you little cute blonde enjoys anal riding during some he said with in the moment glee, but then added in a pant, "Oh wait, your master Ms.

Mya told me what to call you to make you suck harder." I heard him and was ready for whatever childish name he was about to utter, but gasped and gagged on the rod in mouth when he almost yelled "suck it for me Tilby, good bitch Tilby." That little bitch at home had given this guy my own daughters name to call me while I sucked him dry. "Oh Tilby.yes, very nice, suck it Tilby!" He said from his gut. The use of my daughters name was disgusting, I was disgusted with him for using it and disgusted with myself as another erection sprung up between my legs.

My 6 inches now stood tall and his 7 inches pistoned in and out of my mouth at the will of his gyrating hips.

I heard him gasping for breath as he grabbed onto my head hard and hot salty liquid like the taste of raw oyster that's been out to long filled my mouth. "Swallow my seed Tilby, or I will tell Ms. Mya." I gulped it down as quickly as I could just so I could breath again as his girth still rested inside my mouth.

Finally he pulled himself out and but continued calling me by my daughters name and telling me what a good job I had done. "Get on the bed," he commanded, "on your hands and knees." I did as I was told, my mind refusing to believe what was pretty blonde babe double stuffed by bbc to happen. I heard him opening and closing drawers and then climbing on the bed with me. A finger prodded my behind from behind and then withdrew as his two hands spread my cheeks.

He let go and then the finger returned rubbing a very cold liquid on me, lube I realized. He rubbed it all over what would soon be an entrance for him that had always and only been an exit for me. Suddenly without warning, his finger slipped inside and I let out an uncontrollable grunt of discomfort even with the lube. It felt freezing by any standards and absolutely intrusive.

I breathed a sigh of relief when he pull it out, but then a moment of horror when I realized he was replacing it with something else. I tried to push against his 7 inch intruder but this just seemed to swallow him more rapidly as the lube did his job, and according to my step daughters wishes, I was doing mine.

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The further he pushed in, the more full I felt back there. There was a raw searing heat all around the area his cock occupied and I thought that if he had not used lube that I would be screaming instead of the whimpers I began to let out now in short gasp. Once all the way in to where I could feel the rest of him pressed up against my ass, he wasted no cock sucking teen railed blowjob and fetish grinding his hips back and forth which only created more heat inside me causing my whimpers to translate into loud burst of pain.

"So you a virgin huh, its ok baby, daddy's got ya," he cooed. Hearing him say that almost made the queasiness equal the pain and humiliation that now came in droves. It felt like he went on in an endless symphony of torture as no mercy came from the self indulgent use of his dick on his unwilling partner. As time passed and he got more excited, I heard him address me as my daughter more and more, screaming her name so loud I was afraid the whole neighborhood would be able to hear.

Finally I heard from behind me the sound of a guttural moan that came from deep within and I what he had left in his cock leak into my bottom and he finally pulled out and gave my ass a hard slap. I had not even thought about a condom for this endeavor but it was to late now. He got up from the bed as I crumpled onto it with my ass still burning like it was on fire. I just wasn't ready to move yet as my body still shook from all the unwelcome male attention it had received.

As the burning pain finally settled to a dull roar and I no longer felt like I would throw up at any sudden movement, I started to become more aware of the situation. I glanced at the clock and noticed I had exceeded my hour by about 15 minutes, and became aware that he had moved back to his computer and was now working on something.

I got up and put my clothes back on and wanted nothing more than to run out of there and hoped I never saw that guy again. "Ok, I'm leaving," I muttered feeling like I should say something just to let him know it was over.

He simply gave me a creepy smile that I felt was following me out of the room when I suddenly remembered the secret word that I was suppose to give Mya when I got back. "What's the word?" I ask looking back at him over my shoulder, hoping for a quick reply so I could leave. "What word?" He asked, honestly looking puzzled.

I quickly explained that he was supposed to give me a word to tell "Ms. Mya" so that she would know I had done what she asked. "Oh," he said, "I don't know anything about red pussy and hot sex secret word, but I uploaded the video that was filming the whole time and sent it to her as she requested." (comments please)