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Hot mom and son saxxxi vedeo
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Nicole swatted her husband's hand from her ass as she stood proactively on the stool. These drapes were hard enough to hang straight without him becoming distracted with her firm trimmed rear.

"Carl! Stop it!" She said frustrated but allowing herself a satisfied smile. They'd been married five years but she still felt the eagerness in his hands. Both their jobs had gone from strength to strength and now this new big home in the suburbs was a dream come true.

As she turned and her handsome blonde husband lifted her down to the floor she finished her thoughts vocally. "And now all we need is a nursery." "No problem," he answered with a big grin and charming wink, "I'll start straight away." She looked at him confused. "On making a nursery?" He pulled her closer as she giggled replying in a playful caveman grunt. "No me make baby first." "Steady there vice president," she laughed pushing herself away in mock refusal, Carl adding a correction to her title.

"You mean deputy vice president honey; deputy." She waved her hand in dismissal, "Oh does it matter?" Carl smiled at her convenient lack of memory adding; "yeah it matters.

It matters about 60k a year." His beautiful wife was not listening, already onto her next job, unpacking boxes. There were rooms of them left and she hadn't time to waste. As she knelt down working he admired her slim framed body with curly blonde ringlet hair.

She always appeared to be made from porcelain her shapely legs and delicate hands as pale as her linen skirt and top. She wore the slightest of lip-gloss her expressive big blue eyes so mesmerizing. At 33 she was easily a match for any Hollywood red carpet babe as far as he was concerned. They'd been in their home only a few days. It was in a picture perfect street with imposing white paneled houses with movie style picket fences.

The lawns were manicured to perfection and in the tree lined street you could hear the hiss of sprinklers and the occasional hum of a big expensive SUV. Carl had found the people welcoming and was already on nodding terms with the guy over the road.

Carl gave a wave from the window the man waving back as he cleaned his gleaming Italian sports car. "Stop sucking up to the neighbours," Nicole quipped as she pulled him back to his chores, "he's never going to let you drive it." Unexpectedly there was the chime of her new doorbell and her eyes widened looking at Carl for guidance.

Coming from the city streets she wasn't used to the idea of visitors. "Well? Go have a look," he said shrugging his shoulders. "You're in the friendly suburbs now." Nicole opened her door to find a smiling couple standing on the front porch.

The woman was holding a bottle of wine the man a gift-wrapped box. Nicole didn't get time to speak before the woman reached out to grip her hand shaking it warmly. "Oh hello darling I'm Madison; I live four houses up," and she pointed to where a dark Winnebago sat on another immaculate drive.

Tough hammering of taut gap pornstar hardcore Nicole could see the jet-black vehicle had slipped onto the front lawn its wheels tearing chucks in two railway line scars. Nicole cocked her head, smiling, a little confused by the erratic parking and Madison shrugged her shoulders." I know!

Mr B is such an awful driver." She then gave a quick wave to the car enthusiast over the road; who in turn raised his head to look then returned to his washing. "Mr B?" Nicole asked thankful she had an opportunity to speak at last. But she only got a moments respite as the other visitors spoke. "She means me my dear; we're the Buggerman's. And this excited creature is my wife." "Its Nicole isn't it?" He asked holding out the ribbon-encased box." We wanted to give you a welcoming present." Nicole smiled and nodded taking hold of the gift.

She could hear something rattling inside and was about to say thank you when Madison stepped through the door and seeing Carl in the other room rushed to say hello.

Mr B followed behind smiling at the startled Nicole who could only offer the invitation to enter after the event. "Oh thank you er yes come in.please do." She said in a little surprise; putting her gift on a kitchen surface and shaking the man's hand. "And your name lesbianas masturbandose delicioso full hd masturbation lesbians The man looked a little surprise by her question then saw Carl approaching. "Mr Buggerman." He said shaking her husband warmly Nicole feeling her temper rising a little.

Carl grinned and nodded looking back at his sexy wife, giving her a "calm yourself" stare. Nicole was just about to ask the question again when suddenly Madison shrieked in theatrical delight.

"The house is beautiful, absolutely beautiful!" At which point the perplexed couple beamed back in pride at their unexpected guests.

Mrs B wasted no time in sitting on the luxurious leather coach patting the fabric telling Carl to join her; meanwhile Mr B was already popping the cork on the bottle. "Do we have some glasses my dear?" He asked to Nicole as she struggled to keep up with the pace of events. "What? Oh yes no problem." By the time Nicole had return with four tall asian slut gets fucked by the leering perv uncensored oriental of champagne Carl and the Buggerman's were laughing and talking animatedly.

She sat herself down smiling at their new neighbours; now able to get a good look at them. Madison was maybe mid forties. It was hard to tell exactly as her features were tightly defined her figure well toned. It looked like she went to the gym every day. Only the slight crows feet around her eyes told her she was probably ten years older than her firm body might suggest. She had oil black bobbed hair and rosy red lips.

As she smiled her eyes flared with thick massacred lashes. It occurred to Nicole that on reflection she was quite pretty. Madison raised her glass and the crystal of each chimed together as they copied her action. "A toast to your new home." She shouted triumphantly.

Everyone drank and Nicole realized that the unpacking could wait. This couple was so enthusiastic; interested in everything they had to say.

Mr B nodded intently hanging on Nicole's every word about their jobs, old home etc, etc. He was also mid aged but lean with a narrow beaky face. They both had refined accents and held themselves with a confident pose. Nicole had to admit they seemed an odd match in looks; but in politeness and charm they were definitely soul mates. As the wine bottle emptied Madison put a hand on Carl's knee. Nicole's handsome man seemed to shrink a little in his chair then wiped his blonde brow looking a little uneasy.

His uncomfortably close guest in the black dress and boots was explaining their arrival. "I just said to Mr B didn't I dear? When we saw you viewing the house we thought if they ever move in we should definitely pay them a visit." Mr B nodded finishing his drink, "that right dear we certainly did." Madison continued her hand still on Carl's knee her eyes open wide like an excited child.

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"We thought you looked like such a nice sexy couple." Nicole nearly spat her last mouthful of wine on her brand new carpet and she burst into giggles. She thought her reaction was odd, not what she might normally do. But this pair were comical and the drink had already gone straight to her head. "Well, splutter! Er thank you," she giggled again; a little red faced. "I'm not sure that's my first reactions on seeing new people but.thanks." She then looked over at her husband with a sharp stare her composure returning a little.

That hand on his knee was really starting to piss her off. Carl seemed to be frozen in his seat the woman's fingers like a giant tarantula edging up towards his torso. Madison winked at Carl her hand moving higher her well boned striking good looks appearing to mesmerize him. Nicole knew she should protest but struggled to think what to say. She then quite un expectantly made a slight moan realizing her knees were now weak and her head was beginning to feel like the inside of a hot air balloon.

"What's wrong with me?" She thought, and then groaned again as the drink filled her veins. She felt very disorientated and warm like a blanket was shrouding her.

She didn't get drunk that easily these days, did she? Mr B stood up placing his empty glass next to the rest. "Just relax Nicole don't try to move too suddenly or you'll collapse." He headed for the kitchen without any more explanation adding." Now where's that little gift of ours?" Madison's hand was nearing Carl's crotch as he also put his hand to his head the room seeming to throb in from the walls in rhythm to his heartbeat.

"I'm not feeling mujde ar hot sex story good I think I need." "Was the drink a little strong for you too?" Madison asked sympathetically then she looked back to Nicole the blonde beauty still trying to extract her self from a seated position. "Now what did Mr B say silly girl?" She chastised playfully. Nicole's hand slipped and she rested back on her butt.

Getting up had suddenly turned into an Olympic event. "A concoction of barbiturates and Viagra," Madison explained. Then she licked her lips tasting the potion on her on tongue. "But like anything, drink it enough times and you develop a resistance." Mr B returned to the room holding the ribbon box in one hand feeling his crotch with the other. "Some resistance," he laughed adjusting his cast iron erection as it tried to escape his pants.

Mrs Buggerman looked back at the intoxicated Carl opening his knees putting her hand on his jean zipper. His cock was bulging trying to unfurl inside the fabric the sensation painful but his body unable to shift his weight to release it.

He felt limp everywhere else like all the bones had been sucked out of him and his arms could bend like rubber. His words were now just a dribble of spit as the wave of drugs overcame him. "I see your feeling the effects of the Viagra too," Madison said. Then giving Nicole a sexy knowing wink over her shoulder she began fiddling with his zipper adding; "let me help you with that trapped monster my dear." Nicole made a silent gasp her lips open but incapable of getting the words out.

The view was ridiculous and obscene. Her husband so broad and strong, rocking like a street drunk with this dirty bitch eagerly opening his jeans cooing in delight at what she found. His cock shot upright and proud like a rocket. She could see the effects of the Viagra on the normally potent man. His veins bulging the cock rigid as possible his foreskin drawn back in a painful yawn as his skin tightened to the limit.

The talon fingers of Madison were caressing the bulbous head forming a fist, gently wanking down his shaft. In only a matter of minutes the couple had been plunged into a shocking crazy half-life. It was mid afternoon kids playing on the street the sun beaming through gaps in the drapes. But in this room the walls felt as black and as claustrophobic as a pit.

Mr B put his hand on Nicole's shoulder and for the first time since meeting she felt sternness in his actions as he pushed her down against the backrest.

"Sit and watch," he said calmly then placed the box on the coffee table and slowly undid the ribbon. Across from her Madison slowly ever so slowly held her husbands cock.

Nicole could see it throbbing in her grip her hand teasing back his foreskin Carl groaning but unable or unwilling to move "Oh Carl," She groaned, Nicole wanting him to help her, and stop letting that witch touch him. The waif housewife felt like her vision was turning to a white tunnel then opening then closing. She realized she was drugged but felt confused like it was a dream. The beak nosed man was slowly opening the box then he turned it on its head the items dropping onto the coffee table almost in slow motion.

The thuds of the impact deadened by her dulled senses. There was a tube of Vaseline and fat black banana shaped dildo with hip straps As it hit the table with a long heavy thud Madison giggled in delight. There was also a strange leather bridle and reins with 4 inches wide metal ring; and finally a pair of handcuffs.

"This is for your mouth," Mr B said holding up the mouth O-bit and bridle. His wife reached for the cuffs, "and these are for your husband," she explained Madison studied the disoriented krissy lynn sex stories porn story sxxx best still holding his rod like a plane joystick.

"He's very well drugged but let's not risk it. We don't want him to spoil the fun, do we dear?" With that Mr B pushed the still useless groaning man forward in his seat pulling his normally strong arms behind his back clicking on the cuffs.

Madison pushed his chest back and Carl's head snapped on the backrest his eyes rolling, another groan from his mouth. Nicole shook her head refusing to believe the scene. Her husband like a rag doll this pair of smiling invaders man handling him into a trussed complaint position. The sexy housewife tried to move again but it was like a dream, unseen hands pinning her down. Her mind was in panic. "Oh heavens what's happening?" Mr and Mrs Buggerman could now focus on Nicole.

She was still half reclined on the settee her knees turned in skirt riding up. Her blouse was loose and she shook her head slowly as if drunk while the couple first ripped open her blouse pulling it from her shoulders, then tugged her tight skirt down to her ankles then off over her heeled sandals. Nicole was near useless at resisting her limbs like jelly her thoughts the most solid thing she had. blonde babe summer day blows hung salesman God they're stripping me!

In front of CARL!" The couple worked quickly and dominantly. "That's it my dear lets see how lovely mom sun night sleeping xxx are." Carl watched his sexy partner been disrobed and examined. The couples were delighted stroking unusual lesbo models are opening up and fisting ass holes long waxed legs feeling along firm thighs to her hourglass waist.

Her hair was cascading onto slim slightly freckled shoulders. Her white bra and briefs looked flimsy and venerable as the couples hands pinned her arms, opened her thighs, tugging her head back in exploration. "Oh yes; Nicole what a fine filly you are." He could see the ugly beaked nose man with his pawing fingers roaming over her body his lips licking his admiration evident. The woman too had blazing carnal eyes and she kept looking back at Carl clearly enjoying the fact he was watching the show.

"You're wife is sooo hot isn't she?" "Please no" Nicole mumbled feeling slightly less groggy the world hardening a little at the corners of her vision. "Carl, doooo something!" The couple hooked their fingers inside her briefs ripping them away.

Nicole was pleading back at her husband; her eyes showing disgust at his titanic erection. "Carl HELP ME!" But her husband just looked back with a drowsy, detached expression.

He tired to move but it was pointless, he wanted to tell her he couldn't control himself or his cock but he realized hopelessly that even if he could get the words out she might not believe him.

Then her bra was unhooked and Nicole tried to take control and fight back. Mrs B slapped her across the face and the sexy blonde only felt half the impact her senses numb. Her small firm tits stood out her rib cage showing a little as she thrust her chest trying to lift herself away from the fiends. "Behave," demanded Madison forcing her back in the settee.

Nicole's was pinned her figure diminutive but firm her body like a polished alabaster statue; ultra white and flawless. Mrs B then gave a satisfied smile. "Now honey, open those thighs wide for my husband." The naked woman shook her head but it wasn't a request. It was a statement of fact as the crazy couple gripped her beautiful legs making her spread for examination.

"Oh God Please noooo!" Mr B's head dived between her thighs his nose like a pecking bird his tongue licking down her slit as his wife helped him open Nicole to an embarrassing dominated angle.

"That right honey, show my curly haired cleo stuffed hard on her gaping hole pornstreamlive pussyfucking how hospitable you are." Carl wanted to scream seeing the balding head of the man between his wife's thighs.

Nicole's back was arched her chest thrusting up as if in torment. Her position looked sexy as hell high heeled sandals and those long legs allowing her to keep her feet firmly on the floor; her hands gripping the fabric in relief her mouth open in horror as slurping noises filled the room.

Mr Bs tongue curled around the opening pink lips of her sweet hole his nose rubbing her bud his hands cupping under her lifting her ass, pushing her sex around his delving muscle making her swallow him inside.

She shook her head repeating no over and over but her hands felt like lead and she had to sit there, legs apart like a complaint whore. Her face turned to Carl but his eyes said it all. Madison was on her knees in front of him pushing his thighs apart her head taking long deep slurps on his drug induced cock.

The sensation was fantastic and his eyes rolled as he groaned in embarrassment, both for himself and his wife. It was mid afternoon in their bright fresh home and the couple seemed to be in a world of fantasy.

Two neighbours down between their legs pleasuring them intently, expertly even, both Nicole and Carl ashamed by their own groans, and disgusted by their partner's similar noises. The Buggerman's concentrated on their jobs taking their time to lick and fondle neither speaking. Both were intent on making their unwilling friends enjoy the attentions. The curly blonde Nicole bucked a little in dressed like a nun she pounds her holes seat Mr B's mouth like a vacuum nozzle drawing her insides from her.

His tongue licked her flesh rim, his nose tapping her clit. Mrs B's tongue was like an eel curling around Carl's bell head, her talon fingers gripping his balls. Her sucking action like she was siphoning gas from a cars tank.

Mr Buggerman decided to move things along. He pushed back then stood rolling Nicole onto her tummy making her knell on the settee. The stunning woman felt ashamed of how easily the man controlled her. It was like she was his toy, his life size fantasy doll. "Get up on your knees," he ordered pulling her into position and as she moaned he told her to be quiet. "Lets get this on," he declared in maternal, "then we can start riding you." He had the bit and bridal in his hand and he quickly pushed the O-ring between her mouth pulling the leather straps fitting the harness around her shocked face and elegant neck.

Nicole bit down on the ring unable to speak only moan her tongue able to flick out like a snake tasting the air. The leather was pulled taut and the straps felt tight on her cheeks and neck. She was held in a yawning facial expression her eyes looking horrified. The man caressed her fine rump looking at her upturned ass from different angles; like a painter might study his canvas.

Mrs B took one long suck to Carl's tip before letting his rampant cock flick up out of her mouth spittle flying everywhere. The woman began to slowly jerk his cock as Mr B pushed his harnessed wife onto the seat her arms flailing and begun to take big firm slaps of her inviting raised ass With each swipe the gagged Nicole groaned and Carl's body shuddered in anger and humiliation. Madison stoked his rod smiling as she heard each slap echo around the room.

She then stood and sauntered in her sexy boots towards the kitchen as her husband continued to administer his ass discipline "Now I'm off to find something to fuck your little wife with," teen sucks for car ride and pee outdoor poor goldie cooed," keep her entertained while I'm away won't you dear." As Nicole bucked and Madison searched Mr B increased his rhythm his breathing labored, but his delight evident. Carl rolled a little on the seat words mumbling from his mouth, but he couldn't stop the spanking.

His elegant hot wife been palm slapped by a sneering drooling visitor. Each swipe made her white buns wobble with a stinging crack; Nicole snorting through her bridle her head held back by tightly pulled reins.

"Hurry up dear!" The spanker laughed, "I think she'd really like me to stop." Mrs B returned with what she had being looking for and signaled for the fun to cease.

Nicole groaned thankful for the respite, her jaw aching on the O-ring bit. She felt the soreness and heat of the passing ass attention. Then she began to shake her curly tresses in panic. "Oh shit no!" The black figured woman had found a long thick cucumber. The green vegetable was slightly ribbed with small pock marks its bright green skin impressively hard creating an amazingly stiff baton.

The sick bitch started to smear Vaseline along it length the thing with a round bullet like head. Mr B continued to use the reins to pull Nicole's head up while pressing down on her shoulders.

In this position her arms locked down onto the settee like an obedient sitting dog. The green cock was waving in Madison's hand as she too then slapped Nicole's pretty sore ass. "Lift that lovely rear up," she ordered adding," or we can spank you some more?" Nicole moaned with her two awful choices and slowly complied Mrs B adding in pet praise, "there, that's a good girl." The cucumber pressed on her wet hole then slowly pushed into her chute.

Nicole gritted her teeth and gave a belly groan as she felt the big vegetable open her then slide fully inside. Her eyes felt like they were on storks so shocked was her expression the woman filling her up with a cold greased invader. Madison teased as she twisted into her." That's it oh you're sucking it in sweetie. That's right you're going to love this." As it slid in inch by inch she though it would eventual thrust up to her throat.

Mr B's hand moved from her shoulder but she dare not sit up it felt like a flagpole skewering her. His hand roamed over her ass taking the remaining green length in his hand his wife allowing him to begin slow hard thrusts of golly green cock. Phut! Phut! Phut! The sensation was like a machine pile driving up her; Nicole's face banging against the settee fabric, her open mouth dripping spittle. Mrs B then started to strip Carl of his jeans then ripped his briefs and t-shirt from him until he was naked grunting with frustration in the chair.

His wife was performing in front of him, knelling, her ass raised, Mr B stabbing the glistening cucumber into her like he was digging out a tunnel.

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The noises of slurping were beyond filthy. Nicole's hands gripped the arabic teen couple kitchen the treat trade pt of the settee and as he pulled her reins she panted, chin up shoulders straining as he twisted and fucked with his device.

The sensation was manic the hardness and unbending object feeling alien inside her soft flesh. Her pussy gobbled with the greased device her rim foaming her nails clawing the fabric.

Carl could hear the dirty slopping noise mixed with his wife's snorts and grunts her teeth biting for all their worth on the jaw widening gag. Sloock! Sloock! Sloock! Madison was jerking his cock sending sensations up his spine her finger tips tapping his cock hole her other hand cupping his balls squeezing then slapping his hairy sack. Mr B was grunting in effort his teeth also gritted as he fucked his blonde pony with a ferocious intensity.

Nicole was wriggling trying to climb the chair get away her body sweating her eyes bulbous as he twisted and bent the thing. She groaned her lashes blinking as Mr B suddenly applied too much bending pressure and. It snapped inside her! The cucumber split. Nicole gave a long wail, Mr B holding up the decapitated green handle the glistening white end of the pussy buried vegetable showing from her pink lips.

Madison increased her cock wanking goading Carl as his eyes looked on in disbelief. "Oh he's fucked her so hard she's broken it in two, look!" She giggled, "such a firm body," as they watched the desperate Nicole tried to squeeze the green cock from herself.

Mr B was undoing his pants getting ready to stuff her with his own rod. Looking at her stripping husband she added. "Let's see if she can snap off Mr B's cucumber." Madison also began to hitch up her skirt then straddled Carl her hand directing his cock towards her pussy. She eased down her hands on his shoulders her position allowing him to see his wife about to be mounted by the nasty Mr B. "Oooo that's nice." She groaned Carl's cock sliding up inside her like she was mounting a fence post." I'll bounce on you while you watch your wife in action." The pussy pounder was now standing in his socks and shirt his cock stiff and threatening.

He didn't want to wait any longer and took grip of the few inches of cucumber Nicole had managed to extract with her nails and pulled the length from her flinging the wet thing onto the floor. Then he pushed her back onto her hands and knees standing behind able to fuck straight in as she knelt on the furniture.

Nicole felt his cock open her then spear in forcing her head against the settee back. She was still on all fours Mr B riding her from behind one hand on the reins the other groping her body. As he thrust in with power his hand cupped her tits, caressed her back and shoulders, fingers then into her forced open mouth, then touching her butt hole.

She was grunting as he sired her rocking forward with every pussy filling stab; the man enjoying her body and enjoying the face of her husband sat transfixed near by "Oh Nicole, you hot bitch ugghh," He groaned then slapped her ass in encouragement. "Come on come on pony take my hungry cock." Nicole could only gargle and make strange high-pitched gasps the man continuing his verbal assault "Oh honey," he gasped pulling her head back kissing her cheek,"no wonder the fucking cucumber snapped, you're sooo tight!" He called to his wife as she slowly rode Carl.

"Uggh this bitch is bringing me off already, I'm going to spunk up her in no time." The husband mounted Madison nails bit into Carl's shoulders her eyes looking deep into his enjoying his conflicting reactions. "Oh don't you dare Mr B," she replied feeling the dominated mans cock up against her dead end, "we still got this one to play with." Mrs B gyrated on the man's lap his cock Viagra proud up inside her pussy.

She was still fully clothed and with her skirt hitched up black booted thighs either side of his waist it was clear she not had any knickers on to start with. Mr B pulled his banana shaped length from Nicole the juice dripping in long web like strands his tip flicked up over her ass and moments later he pulled her around back onto her ass her face looking up as he waved his cock near her open ringed mouth.

"Let's see how deep you can swallow," he said calmly and Nicole's head shook her weak arms trying to push him away. He forced her back with contemptuous ease then gripped her hair making her slide towards her seated husband. Madison was lifting herself from him, his cock looking on the edge of explosion. He'd managed not to grunt while she fucked but his breathing was heavy his tip glistening with excitement.

He still felt so detached his body disobeying his mind. Nicole's eyes looked desperate as the beaky man tried to bury his cock in her mouth.

He was trying to angle it against her o-ring gag but she wriggled and shook her head desperate to hold new video game liara sucked hmv play free of. The angry man held her hair turning her head towards the watching Carl. "Stop fighting and or we'll make your hubby do the cock sucking." Nicole blinked in disbelief her husbands face showing dulled horror the man's wet banana waving between the married couple.

Madison gave a yelp of delight liking the idea. Nicole suddenly stopped fighting and slid to the floor Madison and Mr B helping her into a kneeling position. She felt the cock enter through her mouth ring pressing her tongue pushing to her tonsils. He gently pushed in holding her head telling her to be still or he thrust hard. She nodded her mouth full of his cock Madison back to jerking her husband only a few inches away.

As she slurped Mr B groaned and encouraged telling her she was doing well. Madison continued on Carl's cock flicking and tugging his skin teasing him "You love it don't you Carl? Look at your sexy little wife sucking a dirty old cock Listen she's gagging on it. I think she wants to swallow him all the way down. Why don't you come honey show us how much you like what you're seeing?" Carl shook his head and managed to mumble.

"No you bastards.uh.I .I'm going to." Mr B gripped onto the back of Nicole's head pulling her deeper onto his length. She spluttered and pushed back with her hands in desperation. "You're not going to do anything," Mr B replied suddenly tapping his wife's hand away and gripping Carl's pole erection himself; wanking eagerly. Carls face horrified the mans hand around his cock.

"You're not going to do anything but come for us." Mr B added as he jerked Carl. Nicole wined her mouth pressed to pelvis but her eyes seeing the man gripping her husband's cock jerking him in amusement. She just couldn't accept it was happening. "No, No this is insane!" "Keep going bitch," Mr B said keeping her head and mouth in place his other hand masturbating her husband.

Madison was pulling her skirt down and stepping in to the dildo harness. As she tightened the straps and greased the black cock she watched her husband face fuck one as he jacked off the other. Now standing in black-heeled boots, black cock and blouse the tall athletic dominatrix held onto Nicole's hair as Mr B withdrew his spittle covered cock.

Nicole felt the harness loosen then the couple prized the o-ring from her mouth. She gasped and spluttered her jaw aching; a few desperate pleas coming from her lips. But she knew it was pointless. She wanted to stand but still her body felt useless more like a pose-able mannequin then human. The couple pushed her to the floor and she crumpled.

Then both gripped Carl's head forcing the reins and o-ring into his mouth until finally he was now the gagged pony. "Now," Said Mr B wiping his brow and looking at Carl," Lets see what you've got." Carl shook his head his mouth gargling refusal as Mr B gripped both of Carl's knees and lifted and opened his thighs.

The man's ass slid on the settee as his legs went higher and wider until his anus winked at the sweaty group. "Oh Jesus no please," Nicole begged pushing herself up seeing Madison take her husbands cock and as Carl wriggled in his drugged state direct it at his ass. "Oh no you can't oh ohhhhhhhhh!" Nicole wails masked Carl's gagged grunt of horror. Mr B s stiff cock pushed open his anus sliding into his void. Carl was horrified as the sausage filled him like an invading shit.

Mr B opened the man's legs wider thrusting up; Carl's balls and cock bouncing at the anal pounding. His cock sank to the hilt up the man's ass, and then withdrew only to pump back. "Lets see who takes a cock better," Mr B groaned," you or your wife." Over here! Madison snapped pulling Nicole along side her seated buggered husband. She pushed the woman's mouth around Carl's bouncing cock while at the same time fighting with Nicole's hands to bury the greased dildo up her ass.

"Stop fighting!" She said in a high school mistress tone." I'll bugger you while my husband buggers Carl." Between trying to pull her mouth from her husbands cock and keep balance she lost the hand slapping battle around her ass. The dildo finding it desired target. "Ooooooooooooo!" She nearly bit her mans dick in two. Madison sliding the hard rubber cock up Nicole's anal tunnel. The thing filled her rubbery tube as firmly and as disgustingly as Mr B stuffed her husband.

Madison began to get into a steady fucking rhythm Nicole on knees again head in her husbands drugged lap as Mr B stood in front holding the mans legs up towards his shoulders fucking him steadily. In this position he could withdraw and wave his ass-exploring dick against the cheek of the cock sucking Nicole. "Now suck my husband!" Madison grunted between thrusts and Nicole felt her hair tugged then the taste of Mr Bs cock as he used her mouth to clean his rim.

Over and over they went; few minutes in her mouth then to her husbands ass then back to her mouth.Carl had a ringside seat paralyzed but within inches of his buggered wife's slurping obedient mouth.

Madison was ramming hard and steadily really plugging Nicole's ass the sexy older woman licking her lips with lustful eyes ablaze. It must have been the forth or fifth time of cock cleaning before Carl realized with horror this was it. His sexy blonde queen gasped and moaned as the spittle covered cock of Mr B pulled from her and then thrust back into his sore ass the burning sensation and frenzied drilling sending sparks up his prostate.

At the same time the evil Madison forcefully tugged Nicole's head back towards Carl's cock head making her to swallow to her throat sexy playgirl is in love with lechery hardcore and blowjob again. Madison winked at the gagged Carl pressing deep in his wife with her curved strap on. "Let's see if we can meet in the middle!" She said giving him an excited stare At that point he came.

Nicole felt her husband spunk filling her mouth the anal ramming milking his prostate releasing a steady stream of semen. He arched his back his well-toned body a complete sweaty mess Mr B feeling his cock kneaded as Carl's ass squeeze with effort his balls firing a steady stream of chunky jiz. The come dripped from Nicole's beautiful lips the anal ramming making her splutter and spit his load onto his six-pack waist. As Carl's anal spasms subsided the groaning Mr B withdrew his rod pointing to the floor.

"Get down their on your back," he ordered to Nicole and as Madison pulled the hard strap-on phallus from her ass. "Do it bitch!" She snapped, "Mr B giving you a fucking order!" Nicole moaned as she crawled to the luxury deep pile carpet; both evil visitors standing over her with powerful erections. Carl watched as they descended on her Mr B finding her newly busted ass gets for a what she begs in, Mrs B Climbing on top of her guiding the dildo into her pussy fingers searching for humiliated woman's clit.

Nicole felt the sensation of two cocks fighting for dominance; ramming up inside eager hands all over her wicked words of encouragement wanting her to climax. Mr B told he was already there. His cock firing off inside her dark hole his come warm like thick syrup filling her rectum.

He gasped telling her he was like a fountain and she'd be shitting him for days. But it was difficult to think her own clit on fire Madison's cock like a demented stallions hammering her cervix the woman's ecstatic wails and sensuous goading bringing the blonde housewife to the edge "Oh baby doll, oh we're going to split you ohh you dirty hot bitch yes, yes, yessssssss!

Come baby, come for Mr and Mrs B." If you'd being walking down that tree-shaded sidewalk that hot afternoon the groans of pleasure and abandonment drifting across the lawn would have made you doubt your senses. The sound of Nicole's orgasm seemed to echo and hang in the room like a climatic explosion.

Carl could see his wife's face one of flushed abandonment her features accentuated by a pleasurable grimace. Her body was weak but aroused to perfection her small perfect breasts like hot glistening bronze the nipples full and wanton.

********** The call of birds and the first light of dawn awoke Nicole. Her body was aching and she was naked on the carpet. Across from her Carl was groaning as he too awoke from nearly half a day's drugged rest. The Buggerman's and their toys were gone. Once the couple had accepted the truth the police were there within no time.

It had happened, it was no dream. Nicole was unwilling to believe but knowing she had no choice but to. Even then she wondered if her sanity had snapped as no one remembered or knew of Mr and Mrs Buggerman. From the desperate tale of the couple and after a quick search it was discovered that their new neighbours four doors up where not only a retired anya olsen offers her tight pussy as parting gift year old couple but were on vacation in Hawaii and had been for many days.

Even the man cleaning his car opposite couldn't remember exactly who had waved to him and when. No one recalled a black ancient looking Winnebago or a flamboyant present-bearing couple. All that remained and was ever found to prove their wild claims were two railway track scars in a once perfectly presented front lawn.