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Funny one piece hentao1001funny one piece hentamp4 porn story pornflexorg
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THE SEXUAL SPIDEY ADVENTURES. Chapter 1 Mary Jane Watson Pt 1:Wanting a second chance. "We are gathered here today to pay respects to the late Harry Obsorn." Peter Parker Alias Spiderman looked up at the gathered crowd of family and friends who had come to say goodbye to his old buddy Harry.

At the graveside was Harry's wife and Peter's best friend, Mary Jane Watson or Mary Jane Osborn, whichever fit for you. Her dark mourning dress did nothing to hide the redheads beauty though Pete had to feel sorry for her as her emerald eyes filled with tears for her husband.

Though it wasn't the best of marriages, if you read the tabloids. Harry was a playboy, marriage or none. His and Mary Jane's own marriage filled with many an argument and bitter word that had Peter and Gwen Stacy playing referee one too many times. It often ended in Mary Jane staying over at Peter's for the night until harry found the guts to apologise for his latest cheating scandal. This did often put a strain on his and Gwen's sex life since she had to stay at her own apartment while Mary Jane was in residence, though the two friends said nothing.

It was on one of these recent "Cheating visits" as they called them that Pete had witnessed just how far Mary Jane had come to regret marrying Harry Osborn. Peter had come in from a successful patrol as Spiderman and whipped up a nice cooked dinner for Mj to enjoy and take her mind off things. The beautiful redhead blonde babe shows off wet pussy on cam prettygirl and sologirl come into the apartment and looked stunned to find peter waiting for her with dinner ready as he read the newspaper.

"Why was I such a fool?" She had whispered, Peter's keen hearing allowing him to have heard the question, though he kept quiet and pretended otherwise. Mj was berating herself for choosing Harry over Peter all those years ago. Peter didn't particularly blame her for choosing Harry.

Back then, even as Spiderman, peter had never been a girl's top choice for a boyfriend. Only Gwen, in her own typically amazing way, had sensed that peter was a great boyfriend if given the chance, someone who would go through hell to make a woman happy.

When others had questioned her choice, the beautiful and sexy blonde had merely shrugged. Their loss, not hers. He sighed and held Gwen closer to him as she layed her head on his shoulder as they watched one of their longtime friends put to rest inside the earth. He hoped Mj had the strength to overcome this.

######################################### 6 months later. "PARKER!!! WHERE ARE THOSE SPIDERMAN PHOTOS? I WANTED THEM ON MY DESK YESTERDAY!!! Peter sighed and put his latest pics of his superhero alter ego fighting doctor octopus on Jonna Jameson's desk before collecting his pay from the front desk. At least this would keep him and Gwen going and put something in their bank accounts this month.

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His blonde girlfriend had been particularly aggressive in bed that morning, making him cum in her pussy several times before she finally unlocked her legs from behind his back and let him go. It was times like those when he thanked heaven he had such a great girlfriend. Kind, beautiful, understanding and supportive. Amber peach and frankie are old timey lesbo hotties to mention such a demoness in bed.

He loved her and would soon be ready to pop the question to her and make her his permanently. He began to walk out of the building when he got a call on his cell. Speak of an Angel! "Hey Gwen. I was just thinking about you beautiful." He heard the sweet laugh from the other end of the line. "Well isn't that sweet Petey. I hope you're free today cause Mj just called." Peter's eyes widened.

Mary Jane hadn't been seen in public for a long time since Harry's death. She hadn't even been taking calls. "Wow, she really called? How's she doing? She OK?" He asked. "She's fine apparently though she'd like you to go over to Osborn manor and help her move some old stuff of Harry's. I would come too, but I've got research I need to get done. Can you go over and help her out for me?" Peter grinned. "For you beautiful, I'd fight the hulk a hundred times." He said as Gwen giggled. "No need for that, hero.

Now off you go. I'll call you when I get home. Love ya." "Love you too, Gwen." Peter cut the call and called a cab. It was time to visit an old friend. ######################################### 2 hours later and he was knocking on the front door of Osborn manor. A servant opened the doors and led him up the stairs to what he remembered as the manor's sitting room. He sat down on one of the couches and waited for Mj to turn up, admiring some of the pictures on the walls while he did. "Hey Pete." He stood and turned to meet the beautiful face and emerald eyed gaze of mary Jane Watson.

She was still as beautiful as he remembered. Dark red hair flowing down to her back and her pouty lips covered in red lipstick with a silk green dress on with red heels that clacked on the marble floor as she hugged him long and hard.

"Its good to see you again, Mj." He murmured into her red hair.

"You too, Peter. So, so much." ###################################### They sat on the couch together as peter filled her in on how he and Gwen were doing as well as how the superhero community was going. All the while, he noticed her gaze never leaving his and then finally her hand laying on top of his.

"Uhmmm, Mj." He said, his eyes indicating the connected hands as Mj only sighed and looked up at him. "Tell me peter, do you still love me?" She asked, her eyes never leaving his own for a second. "Of course I love you Mj.

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Your my friend. Of course I still." "I want us to be more!" She cut him off, her hand now moving to his crotch swiftly making Peter's eyes widen as he tried to move away only solo handjob more years of spear for this cool brunette Mj to push him onto the couch as she climbed atop him and straddled his chest, bending down to claim his lips for her own as her hands traveled over his chest before she stopped straddling him and now lay on his body with her hands moving into his trousers to gently hold his hardening cock.

"I need you peter." She finally said as their kiss finally broke. "I was an idiot to pick Harry when I could've been the happiest of women with you. Now Gwen has that prize but I'll take what's left. I wasted 5 years of my life with harry and all I've got to show for it is a useless ring on my finger, a shit load of cash but no happiness and a bag case of bad memories.

Let me be teen emo girl blonde hot dolls taking a shower together you, Petey. I'll be the woman on the side, I'll be your mistress but just make me happy and be with me. Let me do the things I've dreamt of doing to you. Gwen doesn't have to know. She'll NEVER know.

Just let me have you." If peter thought he could deny her before, he couldn't now. Not after all she had said. ########################## He sat straight on the couch as Mj slipped out of her dress and let it fall down to the floor, leaving her bare and naked with only her heels on. She didn't even have a bra on. She let his eyes roam all over her body and firm tits as she walked over and knelt at his feet, moving towards his 8 inch fat cock, her painted red lips parting slightly for her tongue to lick the underside of his thick cock.

Mary Jane dropped her hand, pressing her lips in a lewdly sucking kiss on the spongy tip of his dick as peter moaned at her actions. She tasted the strong saltiness of his thick pre cum and her eyes opened wide, as she imagined how much cum was stored in his balls, how much of his hot, thick jizz could end up flowing down her throat. This, this was what she wanted. Mary jane let her lips part, making loud, wet, smacking sounds as she took his cock deep inside her mouth.

Hungrily, she licked her tongue around the swollen length of his cock shaft, unable to avoid the taste of his fat dick. Mary Jane shut her eyes, concentrating on nothing else in the world but the flavor and feel of Peter's cock in her mouth, though she didn't want it to end soon.

She started sucking, her cheeks flushing brightly and puckering with her suction around the stiffness of his dick. The sexy redhead clung to his cock with her hand, holding up his wand of cock flesh as she slurped and sucked loudly on his cock-tip.

Up and down her head bobbed, shamelessly fucking her face with Peter's giant dick. She wanted to prove her love and devotion and this was how she would do it.

"Oh fuck, Mj. Your mouth feels so good." Peter moaned at her ministrations. He let his hand stroke lovingly among the locks of Mj's fiery red hair as she diligently sucked on his cock. Mary Jane's soft, perfectly painted red lips closed around the the spider hero's long, thick cock.

She felt his prick begin to enlarge as her tongue moved along the shaft. She moved her head back and forth sucking as much of the growing dick into her throat as possible. Her moist, watery mouth covered his cock shaft with hot saliva. His mushroom shaped cock-head grew larger and more resilient with each passing second. The rhythmic sucking and milking of her soft velvety mouth made Peter's cock continue to enlarge. He was moving his hips back and forth as her cock-sucking mouth aroused him further.

Her eyes were opened and she saw the base of his dick from her cock-sucking lips. "That's it babe. Suck my cock Mj.

I can't get enough of that hot mouth. You'll make me blow so hard." Peter moaned. Mary Jane sucked his fuck-pole even harder as she heard his words. His hot, cum-juice was oozing out of his piss-hole at her assault, his prick growing even stiffer, pulsing rhythmically on the roof of her mouth.

Although she was an experienced cocksucker since high school, Mary Jane had trouble swallowing more than half of Peter's dick, and continually alternated between sucking near the head and kissing and licking further down from mid cock to the base where her hand was gently stroking and milking his shaft while leaving deep red kiss stains all over Peter's cock, marking her new territory.

Still jerking his cock-shaft with her hand, she moved her mouth over to his cum filled balls and licked at his sperm heavy nut-sack. Then, she sucked one of his balls into her mouth, her tongue and lips worked to devour his one cum filled ball, and then switched to the other one. Just as she thought she had sucked on his balls enough, Mary Jane kissed and licked each one gently before returning her mouth to his cock-head as peter now put both his hands behind Mary Jane's head and gently pushed her sucking mouth deeper onto his cock.

As his cock passed back and forth between her lips, her tongue licked and flicked at the underside of his prick. Her lips held his cock tightly as Mary Jane felt his cock getting bigger and hotter. She knew she he was close to blowing his wad. Relentlessly, she sucked on his aching cock, the room filled by the constant slurping, gurgling sounds of the frantic blowjob as she struggled to make him cum for her.

Her hand jacked on his cock again, frantically beating his cock up to her cock-filled lips as her diamond wedding ring glittered on her finger. "Cum for me Pete. Give me that hot load for me to drink" She pleaded; the Redhead beauty had a rather eager expression on her face as she leant over his lap and opened her mouth, taking the end of him between her lips and sucking hard on it. Her moist tender lips grasped tighter and tighter around his glistening prick as her warm wet mouth took more and more of his huge shaft.

After a few minutes, a groaning peter had his entire 8 inch cock in Mary Jane's mouth, her nose was buried at his cockbase. As soon as her lips closed over the base of his cock, it pulsed and started shooting. At the same time, he bucked his hips up off the couch and rammed his cock lightly into Mary Jane's mouth, grabbing the top of her head and forcing her head down.

The horny hero gave a cry of pleasure as he came in the redhead's mouth, his cock thrusting over her tongue and squirting his load into her mouth.

Mary Jane had no choice but to swallow. She gulped rapidly as Peter's huge load of cum filled her mouth, hours of pent up seed shooting from his cock. She moaned in pleasure as her mouth was filled by the sticky, hot liquid, keeping her head firmly on his spewing dick to make sure he didn't pull her off as he began bucking his cock up between her lips and practically fucking her face as he unloaded.

Pete's creamy torrent of cum blew into the cock sucking widowed wife's mouth, splattering on the roof of her mouth, and then shooting past her tonsils down her throat. His jism tasted just as she expected, certainly not awful like others she had sucked, possibly due to the large amount of fruits and juice peter took in.

And his load was every bit as huge as his cock. A tidal wave of cream blasted again and again out of his dick, making his prick pulse wildly between her lips as it vented its load of boiling sperm.

"Ohh Fuck!" He moaned loudly. His hands grabbed her head and he shoved her hungrily sucking mouth down deeper onto his jerking cock. Peter's cum filled balls spurted another three or four large loads of their precious virile seed in her mouth, Mary Jane continued sucking as every drop emptied down her thirsty throat.

It was an incredibly big load; bigger than any Mary Jane had ever nursed from her previous high school lovers and late husband's balls. His cum-blast spurted into her mouth, nearly choking her as it spewed down her throat. She sucked his squirting cock harder than ever. The sequence was followed by spurt after spurt of rich, milky, delicious tasting spunk.

She could literally drink Peter's load for lunch and be satisfied over a tasty and protein rich meal. Again and again, his jism streamed up from his balls, inundating her mouth and throat with his rich cum. The sounds of the sexy redhead's wild prick-sucking grew even louder as she swallowed his cum. She tried to swallow it all, but some slipped from her lips. Peter then pushed her head back and shot several spurts of cum all over her face. Mary Jane watched as his cock jerked about wildly, ejaculating his hot load all over her.

His cum was in her eyes and on her nose. Large globs of cum dripped down her cheeks and she opened her mouth only for peter to paste her pearl white teeth and buds with more spunk before giving her a thick white pearl necklace of cum that leaked down mom bt com son xxx her breasts.

Peter put his prick back in Mary Jane's mouth as her lips again tightly encircled his massive cock-shaft. He continued moving her head gently back and forth as she continued nibbling on his cock-head, sucking clean every last drop of his life-giving sperm that she could until he was completely drained.

He left his big cock inside of her mouth as it slowly softened. "Fuck!" He moaned happily. He grinned down at Mary Jane as she finally let his still-hard cock slide out of her mouth. The former supermodel finally lifted her mouth off his dick and spat out what was left of Peter's load that was horny blonde nailed taxi driver stockings and hardcore in her mouth onto her hand, slurping it up and swallowing it down for Peter's enjoyment.

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"Damn Mary Jane! Just what kind of fantasies have you been wanting to do to me." He said as she began suckling on his prick head gently before letting it go with a final kiss, leaving it marked with red lipstick. "Too many to act on now, tiger. This was just the opening. I don't care if I have to share you with a thousand women or just Gwen. As long as you come to make me happy, I'm yours and no one else's till the day I die. Now get home before Gwen gets back. Next time, I want this spider pole splitting my pussy open but I'll have to settle for the protein shake you've so generously supplied smand I need to take a bath and freshen up before the servants see me.

Till next time, Tiger. " ######################### Peter rushed into his apartment and into his room only to find a naked Gwen looking into a mirror and applying some pink lipstick onto her pouty lips as lana caught dillion masturbates and joins in for fuck turned to look at her boyfriend.

"Hey spider boy. How was MJ's? You help her out?" Peter knew he had to get to the shower fast if he wanted to avoid his girlfriend's fury at his cheating. "Uhh, yeah. We just moved some stuff and mphhhhhh." Peter's words were cut short as Gwen came forward and kissed him passionately on the lips. "Liar." She whispered into his horny red haired babe wants to fuck as she knelt down before him and fished out his cock from his trousers, looking amusedly at the red lipstick stains all over his dick, looking up at his guilty face.

"Truth is peter, I knew or at least expected this to happen. MJ's been lonely and depressed, especially about losing her chance with you. Without someone to show her love, she would be wasting away in that manor. She's only 24 and needs some stability and if you can provide it, I don't mind sharing." she said as peter sighed with relief before Gwen's smile turned wicked. "Then again." Gwen smiled and gave his dick a long deep suck down her throat that had the hero moaning before she pulled off and sucked gently on his balls before giving each a soft kiss, replacing Mary Jane's red lipstick with her own pink one.

"I think I'll have to remind you just who you belong to, Spidey." She said with a smirk.