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Hot girl striptease and fingering toying pussy wecamnet
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I DON'T OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS DEPICTED IN THIS STORY. The castle had fallen to the barbarian invaders.It had taken the Knights by surprise bas they seemed to appear out of nowhere,like a serpent waiting to strike.Within 5 hours the castle was taken and the Knights slain.Seeing darkness coming, the invaders had prepared for a second attack from the castle's gargoyle guardians.It was useless.Hardened through countless civil and outside wars,the barbarians held their own before overwhelming the gargoyles with sheer numbers.Most of the female fled as the male leader and his lieutenants were killed.

The gargoyles had left their mark though.The barbarian war chief was impressed.If they captured,bred and trained these gargoyles for war, they would be unstoppable.They needed information first and then the hunt would begin for the creatures.Breeding a new generation of gargoyles would boost the morale of the troops.His ten inch cock hardened at the thought of fucking the gargoyle females.He had seen most had been well endowed and would bring his men great pleasure when mated.

'Bring the two prisoners.'He world best naked sexy girls faking story his captain.With a salute he left for the dungeons and was back soon with the captives.The first was the princess Katharine,a beautiful royal and lady of the castle.Her long chestnut hair,pouty lips,large breasts and perfect figure had many of the watching barbarian army hard with many sexual thoughts.Second came the lady finella,a woman of noble both with beautiful blonde hair,pink painted lips,a large bust and a nice figure to boot.Both had been captured before they could escape the castle and taken captive.The war chief,Findred,smiled.Time for some fun.

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 'I demand you release us.' The princess had not thought of capture and was frightened but determined not to show it.Her heart beat faster at the approach of the war chief.The man was an imposing figure and stood in front of the two women smiling a smug,superior smile of victory. 'But of course milady,of course.As long as you tell me the location of the female gargoyles hiding place,I'll be glad to send you on your way unharmed.'The grining war chief said.His men roared in approval,full of lust for some gargoyle pussy.The princess however wouldn't say a word.She had promised the fallen gargoyle leader,Goliath,to never breathe a word of their location.No matter how long he asked,the princess kept quiet on the location.

'Very well.It seems a more thorough interrogation is needed.Take them to my castle rooms.' The women were led to their destination as the barbarian army roared in victory and jeered at their defeat.Soon the princess would wish she had made the deal.Indeed she would.

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ In the master bedroom of the castle the two ladies stood by the fireplace waiting to know their fates.They could only wonder at what type of punishment the war chief had planned for their interrogation.The barbarian army were not know for mercy.The castle's Knights were a testament to that truth.

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The door opened and the ladies watched as the chief came in with an attractive brunette sorceress carrying a staff and two bottles filled with golden and clear liquid respectively.

She approached the ladies and when the war chief nodded,ordered the ladies to drink the liquid in each bottle before giving the golden liquid to the chief to finish.Immediately the two women felt a warmth in their wombs and looked in shock at each other before asking. 'What poison is this, you bastard?' The chief smiled at the question as he removed his clothes quickly to the women's shock and revealed his ten inch man meat which had grown to it's full length,it's head an angry purple it's entirety covered in veins.

'A fertility and birth quickening potions.Any man can get you pregnant now.Also instead of the full nine months,a man's seed need only stay within you for four months before birth and you huge black ass victoria cakes gets doggystyled pornstars big dick only three weeks of recovery before you can be bred again.I hear you Scottish sluts are quite fertile and deliver many a child in one birthing.I'll need plenty healthy sons and daughters from you two while my men search for your gargoyles for us to breed.' Finella's horror was short lived as Katharine was pushed aside and the chief ripped off her clothes and revealed her buxom breasts and began to suck on them despite her protests.His lips greedily latched to her nipples hard,making her moan in pleasure and despair.His hand went down to her cunt and began to finger her wet pussy in quick plunges.Katharine seeing a chance to escape quietly moved toward the door,opened it and slipped out,quietly closing it.

She sighed in relief,only to turn and find 5 barbarians naked and their cocks hard, eyeing her hungrily.Bugger. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Her pussy was soaking as the chief began kissing her hard, his tongue wrestling with hers for dominance before finally winning.Her blonde hair spilled down her back as she moaned like a whore from his fingers in her pussy before he slipped them out and pushed her on to her back, spreading her legs as well even as she weakly tried to keep them together.

'Time to breed.' @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 'AHHHHHHH.CUMMMING BITCH.TASTE MY LOAD SCOTTISH WHORE!' Princess Katharine swallowed down her eighth load that night from one of the men who had cornered her.Her belly was full of sperm as they took turns to fuck her face and deposit their thick, creamy loads in either her mouth,face or hair.Five rounds later and the men still had enough energy to make her suck their cocks and deposit their cum in her mouth.

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krissy can give small hands a bit of a tutorial on how his sextoys works do you keep it all?'she asked as the man she had just sucked off began to remove his cock and cum on her pasted face before ripping off her dress and pasting her buxom breasts. 'Spending months in the barracks waiting to attack gives you enough supply in storage.Now shut up and start sucking whore.'Another said as he shoved her warm lips over his eight inch cock.

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ The lady finella felt the chief's cock hit her cervix hard as he pummeled her pussy with deep thrusts that left her gasping and pussy wet as he beat into her cunt with force.Her lips formed an 'O' from the pleasure and despair she was feeling as she was taken by this barbarian as his mistress by force.He mauled her this as his assault on her pussy continued.

'Take it you blonde Scottish cunt.Feel my hard cock claim that noble pussy.Feel it stuff your cunt full.When I'm done with you,you'll be bred with my seed and growing fat with my young.You and that whore you call a princess will regret not taking my offer.Soon I'll claim you with my seed you bitch.' Finella's horror was soon complete as the chief slammed against her cervix and began to spout thick cum into her womb.She wailed as a never ending stream of cum flooded her pussy and gushed from her cock filled slit as the chief removed his cock and watched his thick sperm leaked from it.

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Katharine swallowed her twentieth load and receive her tenth cumshot on her face as the chief dragged the now pregnant finella out of the room and left her to the men to suck their cocks as he placed his own near Katharine's lips. 'Suck me princess.Taste your ladies cunt on my cock.' Without protest Katharine opened her mouth and cleaned up his cock and balls,tasting his sperm and finella's juice on it.He then began to face fuck her mouth before pouring his cum down her throat.His ten inch cock threatened to chock her but he removed it before pasting her face and hair.

Pulling her legs up while leaving the rest of her body on the floor, he plunged into her royal pussy and began to fuck her hard.Katharine felt his strong cock pummel her cunt and stuff her full as pleasure and pain showed on her face from her breeding. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Finella sucked on the barbarian's balls,leaving lipstick marks on each before his grunts grew and he shoved her onto her back and stood over face, cumming onto her face and breasts.

Another forced her up and shoved her mouth over his spurting cock,making her swallow his thick seed as the blonde despaired on their fate,wishing for death. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 'TAKE IT WHORE.BEAR MY CHILDREN SLUT.FEEL ME CLAIM YOUR WOMB YOU BUXOM BITCH.' Katharine felt the barbarian's chiefs seed flood her womb and cried in anguish as her fertile field was seeded with her enemies cum and her eggs were impregnated.She had fallen.

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Katharine and Finella knelt on each side of the princess's former throne,naked and their wombs growing large with the chief's offspring in a mere 2 months.Having become nothing more but barbarian breeding mares, they could only take solace in the escape and hiding of the female gargoyles.

'My chief,the gargoyle whores have been found and captured.The men are awaiting your orders.' DAMN!

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