Attractive teen is peeing and finger fucking smooth vulva

Attractive teen is peeing and finger fucking smooth vulva
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The next day i was still asleep when I felt something on my face. Waking up i saw Mike with his cock out rubbing all over my face and mouth. " Opeen up my baby slut time for breakfast." he told me with a wicked grin on his face.

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I open my mouth for him. Sliding his cock into my mouth he made a moaning sound. This time he was more gentle with me as he fuck my face.

In and out the big black cock went. When my spit started to run down the whole length of the shaft he straddled my face and forced it down my throat. Looking up with fear he just laughed. Chocking and gagging he used my face fast and hard till he came down my throat. "You did very good this morning my babyslut, now open your mouth i have something to help wash down my seed." When I did he spit into my mouth and made me swallow not once but five different times. " now it time to find you something to wear you white piece of trash." With that he went to my dressor and pick out a out fit for me.

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The top was a old bikini top i had when i was ten that barely covered my titties. Tieing the strings around my neck so if he barely tugged on them the top would fall down exposing me.

The bottoms were a pink g-string and a mini skirt. Before he was happy with the skirt he made me bend over and adjust it so my ass was clearly showing. Last thing he put on me was a dog collar around my neck.

"Don't you look sexy babyslut?" he asked me. Looking into the mirror iI was embaressed at what I saw. Instead of a sweet little girl there was a slut. Being scared of him I replied "yes Mcike i like how i look." When i said that he smiled and playfully slapped my ass. Leading me out of the house we went to his car and made me crawl over his side and giving him a view of my ass.

While he was driving he kept of telling me i was so sexy and such a good girlfriend for letting him dress me up. Twenty minutes latter we pulled up to a old building and he said we were at the store. Walking down a flight of stairs we came to a door where he knocked and said something to a guy threw a peep hole.

Once inside he was given a leash which he attached to me. Looking around it was alot of older black men with white girls on leashes. a couple fo the girls were younger then me and some were in the 30's or 40's, but most were teens. Leading me around he had me try on clothes in front of everyone. Some were crotchless panties and bras with holes where my nipples goes. A few of the black men would stop and grab my ass or tits when they were bare.

Once I pulled away and got slapped so hard I fell to the floor.

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He told me it was his right to touch me how he pleased. Before we left the store he had a couple fo the older girls do my makeup to make me look real trashy.

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While we were heading out the door the guy who let us in told mike to have me go to the car just in my g-string. "please mike don't have me do that." I pleaded with him. It did not good and made me strip to nothing.As I stripped the guys and some girls called me names like slut, whore and fuck puppet.

I never felt so bad in my life. They pushed me out of the door into the open and there I ran to the car for safty. When I arrived I found the doors locked and then saw Mike slowly walking to the car. "Now Tammy, my bayslut we are gonna go to my favorite bar and I want you to be a good little white whore for my friends understand?" he said as we pulled away.

Nodding up and down as i slipped on my skirt and bikini top. He would not let me wear my g-strings then.

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A few minutes later we pulled into a parking lot and waked into a bar. There were five men there all black and a big tittied blond behind the bar. Going up to the bar he had me sit on a stool and told everyone my name was baby slut. The biggest one asked me to come over and give him a hug.

Walking over to him i gave him a hug, but instead of letting go he picked me up and sat me on his lap. "Would you like a drink babyslut?" he asked me as his hand went inbetween my thighs to my bare pussy. Swallowing hard "yes sir." I replied as I spread my legs wider. Loooking over at Mike I saw him smiling at me.

The guy nest to the big man reached down and took off my sneakers. "Do you dance babyslut?" one of the guys asked me. when I said yes they put me up on the bar and a someone turned on some rap. I was dancing as sexy as i could and they were whistling and cherring and telling me to take it off. Mike nodded his head and i started to sex dil se dil tak srial acterss xxx images com what little I had on.

Once i was naked they took me off the bar and to had me get on all fours. The big man asked me "Baby slut do you like sex? Do you want all of us in your tight little bady?" Even though i did not want to I was afraid what would happen if I said no so I said "yes please fuck me I love sex." The big man got in front of me and pulled out his big black cock and told the rest to wait till he was finished.

Rubbing his cock all over my lips he then put it into my mouth. Holding my head he fuck my mouth hard and fast. "how old is she Mike?" he asked as he fucked my face. "She is 12 Jamal."Mike responded. The other four men started to grabb my tits and feel my my ass as my mouth was used.

This went on for about five minutes when Jamal pulled out of my mouth and went behind me. With one thrust he was deep inside my pussy.Before I had a chance to say anything or even whimper an other man was infront of me fucking my face. It seemed to me that they were trying to time thier thrust to meet at the same time. Squeshing my body together.

Tears wererolling down my face when Jamal came inside my pussy. But before I had a chance to relish the feeling another man was in me. As soon as one was done with eme another took his place. When everyone was done Jamal asked Mike if my ass was still cherry. When Mike said it was Jamal told the others to take me to the pool table. Once there i was bent over it and held down.

"baby slut what is your real name? Jamal asked me "Tammy." I replied "Well Tammy this will hurt alot and if your a good white trash slut we will give you something nice, but if you scream you will get something nasty understand babyslut Tammy? Jamal asked me.

"Yes i do but please don't hurt me." I begged. With that he rammed all his might into my ass. From the start i started to cry and scream. Which only got them to smack my ass and face. Calling me a little baby slut, white trash, whore and other names They watch as Jamal used my body like a rag doll. Ramming in and out he abused my ass without mercy. When he finially came he leaned onto of me.

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"Babyslut you screamed and now for your punishment. Take her to the back room boys." Once there I was put into an old bath tub and all the guys stood around it. They tied my hands and feet so I was spread eagle. Jamal stood by my head and started to piss onto my face and into my hair. The reast including Mike joined ina dn pissed all over me. When they were finished I was covered head to toe in piss.

"Mike bring her over this weekend for the poker run she can be the grand prize for the day. With that I was untied and allowed to get dressed. On the ride home Mike told me he was proud of me for playing with his friends.

When we got home he took a shower with me and fucked my ass. After he came in it he told me to be a good girl and cleam his cock with my mouth. Kneeling before him I sucked his cock cleaned and looking up at him. When i was getting dressed he gave step sis shelly avery gets ass roughly filled 50 dollars and that more would be coming my way if i did the poker run and maybe make some movies.

Hope everyone like this please tell em if you want part 3