Blowjob while wife sleeps redhead linda humped by dude

Blowjob while wife sleeps redhead linda humped by dude
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So this is about the time of my sister and I getting together. A little background. We lived in a small town in Main about 30 minutes from Augusta.

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Generally nothing exciting happened in our area but the woodlands had many trails and places to explore. Our parents both worked full time and we often had a sitter watching us until I was about 13.

Me and my sister were very close growing up. I had other friends in tasty teen toys ink pussy and sucks dick neighborhood but I was closest with my sister.

She had nice long blond hair and blue eyes. I was very protective of her and would watch for her at all times. We were very hard to separate especially as young kids. We often played with each other after school. We would play with our toys or watch tv while the sitter kept an eye on us. One of the activities we would do was wrestling. Our dad was a wrestler in college and took us to college matches as kids so I guess it became engrained in our minds.

It was mostly play fighting. We would try to pin the other to the ground. Me being the bigger, older brother I almost always won except when I let her win a couple times. For some reason the sitter we had didn't like it and shut it down whenever she saw us do it. This made us want to do it even more.

She would always get annoyed when we tried to do it and it made us laugh. For some reason we never really wrestled in front of our parents.

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At the time we mostly did it to piss off the sitter as we would sometimes knock things over or make a mess and she would get mad. The first time sorry you have cum on ya face started it all off when when I was 12 and she was 10.

I was in 6th grade and it was my first year of middle school. I was a late bloomer so puberty hadn't really set in yet. All I really had was some pubic hair and occasional voice cracks. Me and my sister were watching some show when asian jade kush getting fucked hard by stepdads huge dick sitter said she would be gone for an hour to get groceries for the week.

About 10 minutes after she left my sister asked if I wanted to wrestle. I agreed. We cleared some things to have enough space. When we were ready we were on opposite walls of the tv room.

I counted from 10 and we ran towards each other. Now I could have easily beaten her but I usually let it go on for about 5 minutes before actually trying. We were rolling around and trying to pin each other. On one move I was able to get her to the ground and be on top of her. I pinned her arms to the ground.

While pinning her and her struggling I started to slowly hump her body for about 5 seconds. I dont know why but in the moment I just did it. After that I pinned her and claimed victory. She really didnt say anything after that and we went on to watching tv.

Later that night I thought about what I had did. I was having mixed feelings about it. On one hand I wasn't sure how she really felt about it all. On the other it felt kinda good rubbing against her. I didnt really think anything sexual at the time, I just thought it felt good. I was pondering this when right before bed she came into my room and said that she had fun wrestling me.

This really didnt catch my attention as she usually said this. I blew it off as a one time thing about forgot about it for awhile. The next incident wasn't until 2 years later when I was 14 and she was 12. By now we didn't need a sitter at home and I could always just pick up groceries or make a simple meal for me and my sister. We still wrestled from time to time but it slowly had become less frequent and I figured it was dying off.

On one afternoon we were arguing about the tv channel. Eventually I pushed her to take the remote from her. She had pushed me back. We slowly kept pushing each other in a playful way until we both got the idea. She already had the idea in mind first so she set a move to bring me down. For the next 10 minutes we kept trying to pin the other. I was still the strongest of us so I got her in another pinned position with us facing each other.

I put my body weight on her to stop her. Again I dont know what happened but I humped her again. This time for about 15 seconds. She looked startled at first but she calmed down quickly after.

Another few seconds and I fully pinned her. We were out of breath and watched tv for the rest of the afternoon. This time was different. An hour after our match she said that she had a lot of fun today with me which is something she hadn't said often. Again I didnt think anything sexual but I liked it more than the last time.

I was still wondering how she felt about it. I figured she didnt hate the humping, but did she like it as well?

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I questioned this for awhile, wondering if I should try it again. Two weeks later we got in another shoving match that ended up in us wrestling.

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When I was about to pin her I humped her for 10 seconds then stopped. I pinned her and won.

Again later slutty lesbos fill up their huge arses with milk and squirt it out threesome and creampies night she told me that she liked it and cant want to play again.

I took that as the ok to do that. Clearly she liked it as well so I figured I could do it again. We both seemed to like it so we could do it at the end of every wrestling match. For about the next year and a half every time we wrestled it ended with me on her trying to pin her and me humping her body.

It would start with one of us pushing the other then the other person would push back. We kept pushing until one of us tried tackling the other. It would usually end with me being on top of her grinding up and down. Slowly over time those sessions became longer. It went from about 15 seconds to almost a full minute humping by the time she turned 14. It also became an almost daily activity.

She had become stronger herself and even beat me a couple of times. When she was pinning me she would also do a humping motion but not nearly as long and very slowly. I still enjoyed it and it became our favorite activity. I started to think about my sister sexually around my 16th birthday. I had noticed that she had started maturing and her breasts were starting to grow. At first it became an occasional thought but it soon was whenever I was horny. When we would have our matches it took a lot of strength not to try and get hard.

While masterbating she kept popping into my mind and I couldn't help myself but think about her. Things took a major turn during the summer before my junior year of high school. This was when I was still 16 but she just turned 15. Her breasts had become a solid B cup and since she started working out that year her legs and butt started to become more noticeable. It was one of the hottest day of the summer.

We were walking on a trail when she suggested that we go in our neighbor's pool. Our neighbors were on sleep mom fuked son sex in Germany for two weeks so I figured why not.

We got into our swim suits. She had on a beautiful black bikini that made her butt look even better.

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We were in there for about 2 hours and every chance I got I looked at my gorgeous sister. We got out and went into our house. It clicked in my mind right then that I might have a chance to wrestle her in her hot bikini.

She had put on a shirt but to me she still looked great with those black bikini bottoms. We were talking and after I spoke I gave her a playful shove. She shoved me back. Right after that I tackled her to the ground and fought with her. The match only lasted about 3 minutes this time. Soon I was able to get back on top of her. I got her into the pinning position and started to hump her. For the first 15 seconds it was normal. After about 20 seconds I picked up the speed. I soon lost control after that and started lovely blonde pleasing man with the intense anal fuck get a hard on.

Sure enough I saw her eyes dart down there then back to me. I got really nervous and panicked. At this point I decided that it was now or never.

I leaned in and kissed her. I closed my eyes and pressed my lips on her for about 5 seconds. After I opened my eyes and was inches from her face. We stared at each other for about a minute. Then something shocking happened. She kissed me back.

After that I let all control loose and kissed her while humping her frantically. I could feel my hard on getting bigger until fully erect. After 5 minutes I felt the cum boil inside me and came all in my swim trunks while still on her. After that I got up and left the room. I couldnt believed that just happened.

I made out with my sister and came from her. I didnt know how this would turn out but I was hoping for a very good future ahead of me. To be continued.