Descargar asi me folla mi hermana cuandllega borracha

Descargar asi me folla mi hermana cuandllega borracha
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The Girl Next Door Chapter 1 Cum Right Over I've always enjoyed house sitting for my friends and it is nice to have a change in the setting and a break in the normal routine. My name is Jennifer and I am married to an amazing man named Cyrus. We wanted to spend the weekend together, so we decided to house sit for our friend Amy.

It had been a very long week, so we sat down under the gazebo and drank a few beers, okay, quite a few beers. Feeling spontaneous, we decided to go skinny dipping in Amy's jacuzzi. "Last one in has to suck the other one off!" I screamed blonde babe gets nailed in hardcore fashion I jumped in naked.

The water felt amazing around my hard nipples, and the water slipped between my wet pussylips and I suddenly became overwhelmingly horny. Cyrus laughed as he slowly climbed into the jacuzzi. "I was already planning on sucking your pussy dry tonight." "Aww sounds incredible" I giggled and slowly wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. I could instantly feel his rock hard cock pressed against me, and I was yearning to have it inside of me.

"Oops, I slipped!" My pussy instantly pulsated as soon as Cyrus thrust his dick hard inside me. The water sloshing around us made the moment even more hot. Cyrus grabbed my head, and shoved his thick tongue deep inside of my throat. My pussy lips tightened around his cock, and I moaned loudly as I bounced up and down. I could feel myself cumming around his dick, but wasn't close to wanted to be done.

Cyrus them suddenly grabbed my hips, and flipped me on my stomach, and I was floating on the water.

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He picked my hips up out of the water and slammed his tongue hard into my dripping wet pussy. "Fuck yeah, suck me dry!" Cyrus moaned as he licked my clit, and inserted two fingers in and out of me. After about a minute, I squirted inside his mouth. Cyrus' mouth was full of my hot cum, he full amazing xxx new movies it all over my back, and shoved his hard cock as deep as he could inside of my ass.

"FFFUUUCCCKKK," I scream as he fucks me in the ass from behind. Our rhythm continues, and eventually we both climax and relax in the water.

Although the jacuzzi sex was spontaneous and fun, I reminded Cyrus that there were a ton of other big tits teen toys watch more of her at ulacamcom inside the house that we could fuck again.

He agreed, so we decided to get out of the jacuzzi and dry off, but as we are doing that, we hear, "Be Quiet over there, you are having too much fun!" Cyrus and I looked at each other questionably, and a little embarrassed.

"I'm coming over!" the woman's voice next door said. Still confused, my husband slipped on his shorts and walked to open the front door. Suddenly, this thick, beautiful, blonde haired, blue eyed woman in her mid 20's walks in. Cyrus and myself were still confused, but just went along with it. She seemed to be familiar with the house, so I assumed that she was friends with Amy, and Amy had probably sent her to check on us. "Hi, my name is Jenny, and my mom lives next door.

My mom is at the casino, I am drunk and bored, so I decided to come over." At this point, I am standing under the gazebo, with nothing but a towel on, and the water was still dripping down my legs.

"Damn! Baby, you are hot!" Jenny blurted out to me. Flattered, I reached my hand out to her to introduce myself. "Well thanks for the compliment, you aren't too shabby yourself," I smiled " I am Jennifer." "How funny" Jenny laughed, "I am Jenny and you are Jennifer." My husband just stood there, with a confused look on his face as he wondered, what the hell was going on?

At the same time, he was letting his mind run wild, because he had just heard another woman say that his wife was hot, and he thought that was fucking hot. "Well Jenny, I am going to put some clothes on, and I will be right back." "UH no you don't!, Why don't you drop that towel, and get your hot naked ass back in that Jacuzzi." Completely surprised, I didn't know what to say, in fact, I just froze, and looked over at my husband whose jaw had dropped; but you could also see the excitement in his face that something might happen between the two of us.

He had always joked that he had always wanted to sit back and watch me and another woman get it on, and now his dreams had a possibility of coming true. I looked over at Cyrus once more, then at Jenny and I dropped my towel, and ran and jumped back into the jacuzzi. From the water I looked at Jenny who was removing all of her clothing except her lace panties, and her bra that was covering her extremely large tits.

My husband, who was still standing there in complete awe, quickly snapped out of it and began ripping off his clothes, and he got back in the water.

We all floated around the jacuzzi making small talk, while Jenny gently touches parts of my body with her feet, and at the same time my husband was feeling me up. I quickly got aroused, so I reached around Jenny's back and unhooked her bra. Her enormous tits bounced in the water, so I grabbed one with both of my hands, and I began sucking on her large nipple. My pussy started to tingle, and Jenny moaned. Cyrus then stuck two fingers in my throbbing cunt.

"This is new, this is fun… I have been wanting to do something like this." I was in deep thought, excited, nervous, and fucking horny.

The foreplay lasted another five minutes, but I couldn't take it anymore, I climbed out of the jacuzzi, and I reached for both of their hands as they climbed out. I grabbed Jenny's panties and ripped them off and her and she squealed.

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I then boldly marched into the kitchen, grabbed a cucumber, and walked into the den. My husband who was following me, stopped and looked at me but didn't speak. I pointed to the chair, "sit down, shut up and watch. Do not get up unless I say!" "Fuck babe, I love when you take control…don't worry I will be right here watching." Cyrus sat down in the chair, and immediately began stroking his hard dick.

I grabbed Jenny by the shoulders and threw her down on the futon that had already been laid down. Jenny giggled as I spread her legs open, and I started sucking and licking her clit. "Damn girl, you taste amazing!" I exclaimed "Shut up Jennifer!" and Jenny grabbed my head and shoved my tongue back between her clit.

I sucked hard, and licked soft.

I could feel her juices oozing into my mouth, and I wonder to myself if she is a squirter too. At that moment, I felt myself squirt all over the couch. " Damnit, this is fucking hot!" I heard my husband say in the corner of the room. As he said it I could hear him rapidly stroking himself. I stopped pleasing Jenny for a moment, so that I could grab my bullet and the cucumber.

I quickly pushed the cucumber as hard and as far as I could inside Jenny's wet pussy, and she screamed, "fuck yeah!" I then thrusted the cucumber in and out of her fat pussy, while I teased her clit with the bullet.

She squirmed with pleasure. "Stop moving!" I then looked over at my husband, " babe, College sorority pledges riding faces at hazing party need to to come over here and fuck me in the ass as hard as you can." "Oh hell yeah, I am on the way." He walked over to me and started stretching my asshole with one and then two fingers.

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It hurt so fucking good! I took my mind of the pain by pleasing Jenny. I continued to fuck her with the cucumber while tickling her clit. I could feel the pressure building up, so I thrusted the cucumber inside of her a few more times, until her legs began to shake. I quickly pulled out the cucumber, and was instantly covered in her steamy hot cum. Having another bitch squirt on you is fucking hot!

Jenny moaned so loud, I got busty woman with glasses gets slammed by nasty driver titfuck bigtits turned on. As my husband was pounding my asshole with his solid cock, I could feel my own juices dripping down my legs. "Jenny, can you come fuck me, tease me, and please me?" She grabbed the cucumber and shoved it into my wet pussy, and she laid on her back under my chests and sucked my pussy very sensually.

I was doubly penetrated, and being eaten out at the same time. The sensation was indescribable. I suddenly began to feel different and I suddenly busted all over Jenny's face. She collected the cum in her mouth, and while playing with herself, she spit my cum in my mouth, and made out with me. At this innocent cutie sucks penis in pov and gets pink slit penetrated, Cyrus began digging his nails into my hips and he came into my ass.

Him cumming made me cum once again, and we all collapsed on the couch breathing heavily. "Who is ready for round two?" Cyrus asked. Chapter 2 The Unknown Husband A few months have passed, and we had only talked to Jenny two times since our sexcapaid, but in the last conversation we had we let her know that we would be house sitting for Amy again in about a week.

She hinted that she would make it a point to come visit her mom next door around the same time. A week passed, and we were back at Amy's house. I was on my knees deep throating my husbands cock when we heard the doorbell ring. Me being the freak that I am, I opened the door in my crotchless teddy not sure who was on the other side of the door. I was sure that me answering the door in my teddy would be more appropriate than Cyrus cable sex story grile man the door with his cock at full attention.

The person at the door had thankfully already seen me naked; it was Jenny. She came over to play, and my pussy was already getting wet. "Hello, long time no see sexy ass, how are you?" "Good, just thinking about you from time to time while I play with myself in bed." I could see she was carrying a bag, and I was curious to see what was inside.

"What did you bring?" Jenny's face lit up. " I got strap-ons, whips, riding crops, vibrators, handcuffs, you name it I got it. I am the new Christian Grey." I bit my bottom lip with anticipation. Jenny looked at Cyrus and asked him if he wanted to watch us fuck? "Absolutely, but who is going to finish me off?" Jenny turned to me and kissed my lips, and then she shoved her tongue into my mouth and circled it around.

I became extremely aroused, so I pulled her dress off over her head, took her bra off, and then I got on my knees and pulled her g-string down.

I instantly could smell her scent, and at that moment was more than ready to get the party started. Jenny was busy putting on the straps and getting the rest of her toys ready, so I decided to finish swallowing my husbands cock. On my knees I used my mouth to tightly glide over his shaft and I shoved it as far down my throat as possible. Cyrus grabbed my hair and shoved my face into his pubic bone so that I could deep throat his cock.

Cyrus loves when I gag on his dick, it turns him on even more. As I am bent over the futon Jenny abruptly rammed a 9 inch strapon cock into my wet cunt and tied my hands behind my back. I am now at their mercy.

I have Cyrus' cock gagging me over and over again, while Jenny fucked the shit out of me. " Damn it, this feels fantastic, I want to squirt all over that 9 inch cock. Don't you dare stop bitch, fuck me harder, go deeper!" At that moment, we all found our climax, and our moaning is louder than a pack of howling dogs. Cyrus' hot cum drips down my throat and I swallowed every drop. But at that moment, I know that wasn't the end of our fun. I could see it in both of their eyes, they wanted to torture me, but in a fucking amazing way.

I was excited, I wanted it so bad, but wasn't sure how much intensity I could take. The next thing I know, my wrists are shackled to my ankles and my legs are behind my head. I couldn't move, I couldn't fight, I couldn't get away, I was their victim. Cyrus came at me like a bull his hard cock rammed into me with such force that I cried out in pain.

All of the pain turned into pleasure once Jenny leaned over and began sucking my clitorous so hard that I began to quiver. I felt so helpless, I couldn't move, and I was being completely taken advantage of, but in a sick and twisted way I loved every second of it. "Don't stop either one of you, I am going to bust all over the both of you." Just as I am about to climax, we heard someone pounding on the door and screaming " I know you are in there bitch, I told you not to leave." We all stopped what we were doing and look at each other in fear.

"It's my husband Carl…" "YOUR HUSBAND CARL????" Cyrus and I ask at the same time. You never told us you were married, now he is going to kills us." I say. Cyrus puts his pants on and goes to the door even though Jenny is begging him not to.

"Can I help you?" Cyrus asks the man standing at the door. "Yes, I am here for my wife Jenny who is over here being a whore." "I am not a whore Carl, I have been telling you that I need to love me, and support me, but more importantly I need you to actually fuck me once in awhile.

Especially if you don't want to find me fucking other people. This could be you Carl, having fun with us." Cyrus decided to butt into their argument.

"Carl, why don't you come in and join us? I could really use your help to make these women squeal and cum all over the place." Carl takes a moment to look around, and stops to stare at me for a minute who is still shackled with my legs over my head, and he quickly takes his clothes off and instantly got hard.

He walked over to Jenny, bent her over doggystyle, and shoved his cock all the way in her asshole balls deep, with no warning. "Fuck me!" Jenny screams. " I am fucking you, I'm fucking you really hard. This is what you want right?" Jenny didn't say anything, she just grabbed her vibrator, massaged her clit and moaned loudly. I on the other hand just laid there and watch the fuck session unfold, every second that passes I get more and more turned on and find myself longing for a cock to be deep inside of me.

Cyrus knew that I was about to squirt right before all of the drama happened, so he slowly inserted his dick into my tight pulsating asshole, while tickling my clit with a vibrator. It doesn't take long before I am squirting all over the place. "Thus feels amazing Jenny, I think we need to do this more often." " I couldn't agree more." I said as I grabbed a mouth full of her tit in my mouth while she continued to moan loudly with her husbands cock deep inside of her asshole.

Chapter 3 Swinging Around -Six Months Later- "Hey baby, how are feeling about going to the swingers club tonight?" I asked Cyrus as my nerves were running wild. At 8 pm tonight, we're going to go to our first swingers club ever. We had obviously messed around in front of other couples, but we have never went to a club with the possibility of hooking up with other people.

Jenny and I had fucked but never fucked eachothers husband and Cyrus was the only man I had been with since we got married. "I am excited to do something new, but what the hell? Why can't I go in the club wearing some kind of clothes? It is fucking weird, I feel like everyone is going to be judging my penis." "Haha babe! It will be okay, we will just go and see what it is all about, plus I have to go only wearing lingerie, that isn't the easiest thing to do either." "So what are the ground rules that we are going to set before we go?" Nerd el nerd se la logra follar anal brazzers asked.

After having a pretty indepth conversation, we decided that we can be fucked by others, but no anal. Meaning Cyrus is not allowed to have anal with anyone, and neither am I. No kissing on the lips with or without tongue unless it is me and another woman. Of course condoms must be worn at all times. Now that the rules had been set, we only had a few hours to get ourselves prepared both physically and emotionally.

Cyrus decided that the best way to calm his nerves would be to smoke a bowl of chronic, and play Black Ops on the Xbox one. I on the other had laid out my lingerie which was black and teal halter bustier with knee high black stockings.

Then I showered, shaved everything, and made sure all the crevices were squeaky clean. I thought I was all ready to go, but suddenly I got the urge to rub one out. I didn't want to bother Cyrus as I knew he destresses a whole different way than me. Thinking about how much tonight could be my mind begins to run wild, so I turn on a porno. " Maybe I can get some last minute tips, and if nothing else I will still get one off and be more relaxed." I laid in my bed ass naked with the porno on my your dick fits perfectly in my mouth joi, my didldo and bullet.

The porno got me hot and bothered instantly, and I couldn't wait to cum and the anticipation for tonight continues to build. At this point, my pussy was so wet it was dripping on the sheets. I use the dildo and the bullet simultaneously to please myself. The pulsating bullet built the climax up and I could tell I was just about to cum as Cyrus walks in the door and immediately begins to finger me and flick my clit with his tongue.

"Jesus Christ when did he come in the room and make this a hundred times better?" I wanted him to fuck me so hard, but I know that he wants to save his nut for tonight. He continues to glide his fingers in and out of my pussy while I rock my hips back and forth.

He twists his fingers in a circular motion, and I can't take it anymore. He removes his fingers and I squirt everywhere! "Suck my cum and spit it all over me!" Cyrus does exactly that, and I beg for him to put his cock inside of me, but he tells me that I have to wait until tonight. I gave him the puppy dog eyes, but it doesn't work so I jump back in the shower, and we head off for our new adventure.

As we pull into the club, we both just sat in the car for a few minutes facing the fact that we were going to go into this club completely vulnerable, but then again, so was everyone else. We walk in and we sit our bare asses at a table and order some drinks. Another bartender walks up and hands us two drinks and says "these are compliments of that couple over there." We looked around, and suddenly our eyes meet up with Jenny and Carl who are waving at us. Suddenly we feel a bit more at ease.

We get up and walk over to them. Cyrus' dick swaying back and forth, and my pussy was already starting to get wet. "What are you guys doing here?" I asked "thought your sex life sucked?" "Actually," Jenny perks up, "thanks to you guys, our sex life is better than ever!" "Have you guys ever been here?" Cyrus asks "No, our first time, you?" "Ours too, wow what a coincidence." We sat around the table and all had a few more drinks and discussed what all of our ground rules were, which surprisingly was the same.

"Why don't we go upstairs and have some fun." My heart is racing and the anticipation is killing me. As if it were all planned, Carl grabbed my arm and took me into room 5 and Cyrus took Jenny into room 7. We both looked back with uneasy looks on our faces.

The thought of my husband fucking someone elses pussy made me a little uncomfortable, but hey we were here for the experience. Once we got in the room there was an awkward silence and Carl bit his bottom lip. Awkwardly enough it made me really turned on. " I have been wanting to put my dick inside of you since the first time I saw you all tied up." "I am going to tie you up again tonight and let you feel another dick deep inside of you." I swallowed hard.

I was excited, scared, but also worried that if Carl a married man was acting like this with me, then how was my husband acting toward Jenny? But once again, I reminded myself that this was an experience that I asked for, and that Cyrus loves me. As my thoughts were running every which way, I snapped back to reality as Carl was inserting his fingers into my moist pussy, and suddenly I forgot my worries and began to feel aroused.

I in turn grabbed his cock and squeeze it until he is rock solid. The next thing I know, he is on top of me and I am on the bottom and we were 69ing. It once again hits me that it wasn't my husbands dick that my mouth was wrapped around, so I closed my eyes and just decided to enjoy the moment. I found myself cumming in his mouth, and we changed positions.

He then bent me over on all fours and slid his dick in my pussy from behind. It felt good, but I was glad that I wasn't facing him. Carl's cock busty girl playing with a fake dick about the same size as Cyrus, but Carl likes it rough. He was going hard and deep. While Carl was thrusting into me, we both climaxed and I squirted on the couch that we just fucked on. I looked at him and asked him what we were going to do now and he said to follow him to the next room.

"The next room, what the hell? How many rooms are there and how many rooms are we planning on going in?" The next room we walk into has an eleven above it and says couples room.

When I walked in I saw Jenny and and Cyrus had already finished their fuck session and were sitting on the couch watching a porno. There were sex toys, sex machines, and pretty much anything sex related in this room.

"Hmm… what trouble can we cause in here?" I ask. Cyrus gets up from the couch walked up to me, grabbed my ass and pressed his cock hard against my stomach and passionately kissed me. A sense of relief came over me knowing that he still wanted me even after I had fucked another man, he fuck another hot pussy.

I could feel my cunt throbbing and all I wanted to do was keep the party going. I look across the room to see Jenny face fucking Carl while Carl lay on his back and his dick stood straight up begging for a warm pussy to satisfy it. I look at Cyrus and I don't have to say a word he nods his head and I walk over to them and slide my pussy lips over his rock hard penis.

Just as I start thrusting my hips up and down, Cyrus knelt behind me and slowly eased himself into my ass, and before I knew it he was balls deep. I cry out loudly and see that Jenny is cumming all over her husband's face, I reached my arms around her, grabbed her nipples and pinched them as hard as I japanese real mother son incest uncensored you sex fairy tales. Jenny screamed loudly and my body started to pulsate and I wasn't sure how much longer I handle it.

I started shaking and I could feel an intense pressure building up. Both Cyrus and Carl removed their penis' out of my holes at the same time. I had never cum so much in my life. It was like a sprinkler went off in that room. Jenny watched me explode and busted a nut herself. I was breathing heavily and I was exhausted, but I knew this wasn't the end. Next Jenny got all of her three holes filled and the moment was so intense.

Jenny and me also kept going, we tongue fucked each other while we got fucked from behind. We finished our amazing night by slurping up every last drop of cum from our husbands shafts.

It was a night that was truly never going to be forgotten and maybe even repeated.