Gloryhole swallow heather 2nd visit long

Gloryhole swallow heather 2nd visit long
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Both of them stared into each other eyes with such anger and hatred both showing there fangs and claws. How did Yamani know that his brother was here? Clearly he must be able to track him or something this is just too much for me to bear I thought as I kept thinking to myself they kept staring each other down. "This girl your trying to protect brother will get her end of the bargain real soon". I tried to piece what he was saying, what it meant did it mean I was in trouble cause I damn sure didn't ever sign up for this mess.

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"You're not here for the girl, you're here for me aren't you brother lord knows that father has been on my case ever since I've stepped into the human world… "Then why disobey fathers orders you know what he would do to you and especially the girl…he'll enslave her for the rest of her life or even worse become a little prison whore", Shadow said cutting Yamani off. I sat on the bed confused wondering if they were going to make up or would this situation lead to a duel to the death.

I was in so much agony of pain being able to feel what Yamani could feel I really had started to suspect that he made me give myself up to him for a reason.

"So tell me brother is you going to stand down and come home, or are you going to choose this worm blooded human", Shadow asked. Yamani took a breather looked at me with a slight nod to the head. "Brother you know I can't leave this girl, yes I know I've already put her in harm's way by just letting her know who we are but…I just I can't follow your rules I'm sorry."Yamani reached his arm out to me and as I grabbed out for it Shadow knocked Yamani smooth out the window.

Shadow fallowed behind. "NO, Yamani", I yelled. Being that I wasn't too bright on the situation I fallowed behind them grabbing onto one of the tree branches trying so hard to make my way down the tree, I swung and tugged and even cut myself in a phew places but that wasn't going to stop me from trying to stop the situation. As soon as I got down to the last branch I tried to reach my foot out for the ground but I didn't feel a thing.

Oh great the shit I get myself into Girl does a perfect blowjob hardcore amateur kept trying but still there was nothing beneath me I looked back to see that Shadow was making his way towards Yamani so instead I took the big leap and fell back hard onto the ground.

I looked to see again if Shadow had reach Yamani surely enough he grabbed him my neck lifted him up and threw him right into the tree I where I had crash landed at. "Yamani wake up please wake up". Tears came pouring down my eyes like a stream of sorrow. I kept pleasing and pleading for him to wake the hell up still there was nothing. Shadow came sprinting towards us as I tried to carry Yamani's body in the house but he felt like anyone can fuck and cum inside my wife on beach weighed a ton.

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"Please Shadow please I'll do anything just…just leave him alone I'll do anything just tell me what you want me to do", I pleaded; though pleading wasn't something big I was on but I had to he was going to kill his own brother if I didn't do or say something.

Yamani smiled at me then it quickly vanished. "It's not what I want from you it's who want something from you; he has been waiting for your approval for quite some time now". "Who"? I asked "My father", He replied. I nodded my head in agreement just as long as he wouldn't touch Yamani. It would kill me to see anything happen to him especially the day I had first met him.

"Good come with me then", Shadow demanded. It was December 3, 2019 when I had met him he had seemed so lost and afraid…I was sleeping when he had crash landed into my room his mouth and hands were drenched in blood. He gazed into my eyes and asked me the simple question is this earth I looked at him just thinking what happened and why did he ask me that rhetorical question.

I washed him up and tried to feed him but he just didn't except anything I put in front of him. "Well what do abby cross and diamond foxx ffm some eat then", I asked the guy. "And what is your name by the way", I question. "My name is Yamani I'm from the Planet Yutora…its far off from the Easter part of your dreadful planet".

Yamani explained to me. "Dreadful why would you call our planet dreadful…wait are you lost or just mental in the brain there's no such thing as a planet Yukawa." "That's Yutora don't ever disrespect mi home planet…I am the great price of my planet and I demand that you show a little respect to me and were I'm from." It had almost made me laugh to hear the fact that this was clearly just someone who escaped from a mental hospital probably thinking he was fine. I had been through situations like this before so I had gone along with whatever he was saying.

I sat down at the table with him and began asking him more questions about his so called planet. Yamani started explain how he had got here and who he was at first I didn't believe a single word he had said until he showed proof.

He had said that there was something about me that just made him want to stay on my planet. Once daylight had hit he had quickly moved into the shadows.

There was a lot going on in my my mind meeting something that was just a myth a simple fairy tale that use to be told as a scary Halloween story, when kids use to sit around a camp fire.

It had made sense to me now that this world was going through a secret…a secret of the VAMPIRE LIFE. Ever since then Yamani had been visiting my home wanting to get to know me what us humans were like. "Weren't you a human before"?

I had asked. "No…I was born a vampire only had I heard stories about you humans" He frantically replied back. "What about you"? How come you're not like the other humans, He asked. What are you not happy? "I use to be only until my family had died in a car accident along with my brother, his girlfriend and his new born son, now the only thing I see is darkness, you may not see it but there's a cloud above my head day and night.

I see things differently a reason to hate and not cry, or care about others a reason to make people fear who I am".

I explained. "What about love do you have a reason to love." He asked me coolly. I didn't answer him I had knew were this was going, before I could do anything he stepped out of the shadows, his skin began to crack and peal slowly painfully. I began to panic and being that I didn't buy me any keratins this was making everything worse, yet this was making me beak out in tears.

I grabbed onto his shirt and pushed him back into the shadows. I watched as his skin began to heal back up nice and slow. "What the fuck did you do that for, you could have died." Mature and sexy beauty from the neighbor on cam cried.

"To show that there is a reason to care about others and cry, to be able to feel the emotions that you were meant to be feeling". Yamani looked deep into my eyes and leaned down for a kiss it was hard for me to except who he was and was he came from; he had made me forget everything. He made me feel safe again someone who was strong enough to understand me.

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I grabbed onto Shadows hand and a quick blink of my eyes we were on his planet, it was dead and had a horrifying stench like there was a battle of death.

They had taken Yamani somewhere different while I continued to fallow behind Shadow. Seeing the wall painted a pale black and tan that began to chip off in some areas. It wasn't until I had looked up to see a big brass door that looked custom made to the touch. A century piece of art that brought "wow" to my eyes, Shadow reached his hand out as a flash of light flew out opening the door. I was completely horrified but impressed at the same time.

There he sat the king still looking like he was only in his late thirties or twenties it kind of puzzled me about the fact of why he at least didn't look somewhat old. Shadow left me is with the young king as I looked back seeing the doors clothes in a loud screechy terrifying way.

I slowly stepped forward towards the king trying hard to show no fear for him, I looked around to see nothing but but naked women dancing around kissing on each other having fun. I walked pass one of the women as she happily hissed at me licking her lips and her fang. The king looked at me with his red blood shot eyes beaming me down. I could see the smile on his face as he got up from his seat. A flash before me and he was standing right in front of me grabbed my hand giving it a light peck.

"It's so nice to finally meet the cucumber in her wet crack softcore and amateur Shannon for the first time". He spoke aloud. "I wish I could say the same for you my dear king". I replied. He chuckled at my words as his his fangs began to show. "Come let's get out of here were its quiet I'm pretty much sure you had a long and tiring day I assume." He grabbed me tightly around my around my arm and whisked me away to a door that was right behind his thrown.

He opened the door and quickly clapped his hands. Magically a row of candles lit on their own, his room was beautiful a large king size bed with a fire place across the room.

I could tell that he liked books a xxxx six storys sex stories ebony because there were a row of book cases filling the rest of the room. I sat on his bed making myself seem as if I was ready to get stuffed with his dick.

He glanced at me looking at the fact that my clothing was way different from his it had killed me to see that someone like him was so charming. His cherry red eyes, and strawberry lips.

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His hair somewhat spiked up and he was filled with nothing but muscle. "So what's going to happen to Yamani"? I asked quickly getting t the point. "He's going to be punished for what he did.

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Unlikely for you, you're lucky I don't want you dead instead I have something special for you". He answered me. Tears tempted to flow down my eyes but I managed to hold on. There was nothing worse than hearing what was going to happen to Yamani. I had knew I brought this situation down on him and this was my fault I had, had him in this predicament.

"So what do you have special for me". I sniffed. "I think I'll make you one of my personal slaves, do as I say and you and I will get along just fine as long as you're around." The king explained.

King walked towards me lifting my head up. I couldn't believe what he was saying to me. "Just what do I call you my dear king" Asking with tears flowing heavily down my eyes. "You can call me Master Riku". He sat next me but I had tempted to get up my fist began to ball up feeling so much anger but it wasn't towards my new master or towards my Yamani it was towards myself I had gotten myself into a heap of trouble and would never see my planet Earth again.

Lord knows how the king would treat me.