Babysitter kelsi monroe gets anal at work

Babysitter kelsi monroe gets anal at work
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Miss Marchant finished signing the latest batch of cheques and reviewed the ledger before thanking Herbert for his diligence. Herbert, a small man in his fifties had become her secretary and accountant after approaching her during one of her many visits to find new stock.

Meekly, he'd suggested she might need his assistance in running St Saviour's, in keeping track of the many bills, their debtors and creditors. He also suggested that for his room and board and the occasionally night with a child of his choice, she could have him, body and soul. And so it had proved. He diligently got the best price from their suppliers and regularly toured the buildings to ensure they were well tended.

He'd even found a better clothing supplier for Miss Appleyard the seamstress. But more than that, he'd had freed Miss Marchant from a mountain of paperwork, a task she abhorred because it kept her from the day-to-day training and discipline of her young charges. It was five months since the first intake and now there were nearly one hundred orphans, servicing the patrons and governors, not to mention the staff and their small team of assistants.

All in all, their combined abuses and tortures had led to an average of ten orphans a month having to leave, too terrified or plain scared to be of any further sport. Herbert had confirmed the figures shortly after he'd arrived, sensing it was their main concern. The problem was all but transparent to the patrons and governors as children had always been available, but word had got out and prices were going up.

Greedy officials who controlled the places where Alice bought her stock from were now eating into St Saviour's funds. Considering this, Alice decided to take a tour of the building and its facilities to see if any changes needed to be made.

Seeing St Saviour's at work often served to calm her. So she told Herbert that she would be found somewhere in the building and stepped out from her office for a while. Two steps placed her on the main corridor through the second floor and she calmly took the first door to the left to enter one of the larger dormitories.

At this time of day, late morning, the room was nearly deserted; just a few children were being punished for some misdeed by polishing the floor.

They looked very pretty naked, wearing their ball gags that stopped any conversation and the tight chastity belts that not mom and son of son friends stopped any self abuse, but held plugs firmly into their anuses, keeping them open for later abuse. Alice watched them for a little while, enjoying the slow warmth of her arousal as it built within her at the sight of such delicate and vulnerable children as they eyed her nervously.

To step nearer would cause them to shake and mew in fright, further stirring her blood. But Alice had other matters on her mind and left them to continue their labour. Further down the passage were four mock classrooms, offering patrons the opportunity to take on the role of a strict teacher. A small disc on the door indicated whether a room was in use and furthermore, whether the patron wished to have privacy. Seeing that the disc didn't indicate privacy, Alice politely knocked, entering the bright but small room.

The bare wooden floor, the grey walls and the dark oak furniture all mirrored the many classrooms that dotted the country. The additional aspects were cleverly masked, as David Vine appreciated, standing in front of his small class. In a schoolmaster's uniform of old tweed with the black frock worn loose over it, he presided over his small class like a true master, a wicked looking rattan cane already in his hand as he berated the girl who stood meekly and nervously before him.

She, in turn, like the other two girls who were already bent over their desks with their kilts tossed up, had her name embroidered on her middy blouse just over her left breast. For a moment they stopped to glance in Miss Marchant's direction, but the scene soon continued and Mr Vine finished berating the child for some misdemeanour before telling her to step forward and take up the punishment position.

Chewing her bottom lip in true nervousness, the young lass, thirteen at most, shuffled up to her desk while gathering her kilt, baring her delicious milk pink and marble smooth bottom and thighs. At her desk, she shuffled her feet apart until they were outside the legs of the desk, and then finished gathering her kilt above her waist before bending forward over the downward sloping surface.

It stretched her thighs and presented her bottom with a partially open cleft and a lovely round cunt peeking back at him, fleshy inner lips already partly spread in the hope it would forgive her some measure of the punishment. She should have known better. David twisted round as he swept the cane around, the whistle preceding the awfully sharp sounding crack as it landed on her pert bottom.

Her squeal was a delight, as was the saucy little squirm she made, showing off her rounded cunt to the hotly panting young man. Ignoring it, he gruffly told her to stay still, then leant back to provide another hard stripe, this one making the girl throw her head back and scream while also stamping her feet as the pain soared into her bottom. Alice put aside her excitement to watch with a critical eye as David Vine delivered a third harsh cut to her bottom, and then swiftly release his arching cock, stepping up behind the weeping girl and in one fluid motion, driving himself into the depths of her young cunt.

Alice saw his cock reappear gleaming with dew, but when she stopped crying and began to pant and groan with lust, he just stopped and gorgeous blond brazilian and lucky guy teen later that day hime was getting deep into her up to the next girl. He began using the same harsh cuts upon his second victim, the third girl waiting with a look of anguish on her pretty face, while Alice walked up to inspect the damage done to the first.

With a harsh smack on japanese mother son incest full already sore bottom she automatically dipped her back, driving her delicious bottom out fully for her mistresses inspection. From close behind the child, Alice admired the girl's nicely rounded bottom and her short anal crease before turning her attention to the three red lines that, even as she watched, continued to swell. "Tram lines", someone had once coined them, and they would grow the colour of polished steel after a day or so, but for the moment they were livid and bright, so fresh as to make Alice wish she could kneel and run her tongue along them.

Stroking her caned bottom, the sound of the next girl's cries loud in her ears, Alice's attention turned to her cute little cunt, admiring the firm outer lips and the gleaming pink inner, still pouting and gleaming from her recent fucking, despite his briefness with her.

David had chosen well with this girl, Alice reflected, a finger sliding smoothly into her hot little cunt only to feel the child's love passage grip her with fierce eagerness. Beside them, the next girl was weeping loudly, catching her breath between her sobbing as David ploughed into her and with a gasp of delight, began pumping in and out while she continued to cry.

His cock looked huge, entering and leaving such a pretty little girl's cunt, yet he was normally sized, average if there was such a thing. It pulled on her thin skinned inner lips as he drew out, then dragged her whole cunt inwards as he drove in, each thrust adding a little more gleaming wetness to his cock as it started to excite the poor girl, despite her recent caning.

Soon her crying had been replaced by short gasps of pleasure as her excitement took precedence, at which point David stopped his fucking to move on to the third girl. Seeing him approach, she lowered her upper body and pushed her bottom out, her face mirroring her nervousness as she gripped the front edge of the desk and waited for the inevitable.

It came with a loud whistle, landing across the apex of her cheeks to make her howl and stamp her feet, her look of anguish that bit more exciting because it was fed by real pain.

David stopped to feel her bottom, a finger slipping under it to have him grin as he found her wet and ready for him. Yet he stepped back and swung again, his face a mask of effort as all his strength went into bending the cane across her well-presented bottom. Her screech of agony filled the room, its echo travelling to Alice's cunt, filing her with longing. It had done the same to David's cock, swelling it to a new alertness as he stopped to feel her sore bottom, squeezing it and petting it while the child gently cried.

Taking a deep breath, David stepped back again and readied himself to provide a further stroke. Alice sat beside the second child and idly played with her young and moist cunt, one moment lovingly, the next roughly, her manipulation keeping the girl breathless, excited and yet deliciously sore. The whistle announced the next stroke and Alice pinched one plump lip to make the girl whimper and jerk. In front of them, the caned girl squealed and squirmed, tossing her bottom back and forth as she tried easing the lancing pain rising within her.

A flood of tears poured down her face and David Vine used her long hair to drag her head back so he could better see her anguish as he drove his saucy looker with big naturals gets slammed deep into her little cunt. She cried out again at the assault as his cock stretched her young cunt and continued to weep as he thrust back and forth uncaringly, his own passion his only thought.

Alice sensed his mood and pushed her thumb into the anus of the girl in front of her, curling her finger and thumb to begin pulling at the thin membrane than separated them. The child whimpered more loudly, a lovely sound that helped David to complete his excitement, to mom fucks son after dinner out with the force of his pleasure, thrusting deep before emptying his arching balls into the child.

As Alice continued her tour, she occasionally lifted her fingers and thumb to her nose, smiling at the memory of the young girl's agonized expression, enjoying the scent of her cunt while recalling the bright and swollen lines that crossed her otherwise smooth bottom. Descending the broad stairs to the front of the building, she crossed the white and black marble flooring and entered the special viewing room. The room was actually an extension of the conservatory that ran up the sidewall of the building, creating a long corridor type room, that was glass on three sides and bare brick wall on the other.

Here, at regular intervals, children were displayed, either during training or punishment.

Visitors could sit amid the broad leaves of tropical plants, enjoy a drink served from the kitchen and watch at their leisure as the children squirmed, panted and quietly cried. Alice often stopped to watch their pain and tears, their nakedness and obvious hurt, both exciting and calming her.

A girl faced the wall, her thighs straddling a bar that extended from the wall, cutting deep into her cunt. Her hands were tied away from her and spikes from the wall kept her from leaning forward in any effort to relief the pain.

Her screaming and sobbing had long since died to a quiet sobbing, her eyes trying to catch the attention of any passers by in an attempt to holt the torture. Unfortunately for her, young hoe miky di amond gets humped and creampied looked too good as she was two sultry bitches get their ass pounded real hard and deep pornstars big tits no one intervened to help.

A boy had been made to stand before a brass basin, peeing into it nearly constantly, forced to by the bamboo tube that had been forced into his mouth to deliver a constant flow of water. Belly distended, his cock was swollen and painful as he was forced to pee constantly. Next to him, a girl panted, her eyes wide and unfocused as the ropes that suspended her above a broadening cone of ivory slowly lowered her onto it, forcing her anus to distend.

Already two inches in diameter, she had another inch to dilate, a further four to descend. Only nine, she looked divine, slowly being lowered on the ivory cone; button nipples stiff with her nervousness. Further along the viewing passage a child of about twelve had been bent forward along a slender bench tall enough to keep her long and slender legs straight. A paddle wheel operated behind her, driven by water, the wet rubber blades relentlessly smacking into her offered bottom as it passed.

Each stroke couldn't have been very hard, yet the constant slapping against her lean young bottom had created a marvellous glow to the taut little spheres. The child was whimpering and despite having her arms tied together against her back, she had to keep her little breasts off the bench as little pointed barbs waited to pierce them if she should fall.

She made a pretty picture and with her little whimpering cries, made a lovely tableau to sit and watch for a few minutes, enjoying her sweet agony. Further along another water wheel drove a piston back and forth. The girl taking it was lost in a world of her own, her eyes glazed and her breath coming in short pants as the rubber phallus at the end of the piston powered back and forth with an ever even tempo.

A hook was inserted in her anus and pulled upwards by a rope keeping her in place while her hands were tied together by her hair leaving her small breasts to slide back and forth across the rough surface of the table over which she was bent. Her nipples were already raw, yet her punishment continued regardless. Further along, there were boys seated on special benches, each one having their anuses stretched to a more accommodating elasticity by different sized cocks.

One sported a little pink erection, a sign that he was ready and one that made Alice smile with the fond memory of others she'd trained, boys who'd later become Lords of the Manor, yet quake and shiver in the presence of women like Miss Marchant.

Moving to the rear of the building, Alice turned left and entered the rooms allocated to Doctor Stevens and Nurse Bishop.

In the stark and plain waiting room, children sat swinging their legs with their nervousness, chewing their lips and looking fretfully at the frosted glass door as a howl, cry or squeal came from the other side. Smiling at them, Alice walked on to enter the tiled room, smiling at sexy sabina black is an amazing lay pornstars brunette Stevens and Nurse Bishop as they examined a sweet little girl of perhaps ten.

Naked, she had been strapped to the special examination chair, her thighs spread wide apart and her bottom lifted clear off the seat, for better access and examination of her genitals. Jeremy had just been kneeling in front of her, inserting the slender copper rod into her little vagina, sliding it as gently as he could into the child in an effort to keep her relaxed and excited, rather than nervous.

Now though, she'd seen the lead that ran from the end of the copper rod and had followed it to the large machine that waited for it's handle to be turned. Gulping, her breath quickened as she anticipated the jolt she'd receive. Yet nothing had prepared her for the sudden explosion deep inside her as the heavy amperage forced prostate massage sex movie her cervix.

It was like being punched from within, and her insides tightened in response, a feeling she'd never experienced before that made her gasp and pant and stare in wonderment at the doctor. Grinning, Doctor Stevens turned the handle again and this time the girl jumped, crying out as her cunt bloomed with colour and moistness.

"Well, that proves that," Jeremy chuckled. Drawing the copper electrode from her cunt he had to wipe it from the liberal wetness she'd deposited on it. The child mewed; bereft of the deep feeling she'd received. Alice moved on and watched spellbound as Nurse Bishop showed a couple of her younger assistants how to pierce a child with the minimum of fuss.

She had a series of pins on a tray, each one a sixteenth of an inch larger than its predecessor, running from one sixteenth up to half an inch in diameter.

Her students looked on attentively as Anne showed them how to heat the pin, then wipe it quickly with some spirits. The child they were to practice on squealed into her gag, her eyes wide and fearful as she stared at the smallest pin as it was prepared for her. As Nurse Bishop and her students approached, the pin held ready, the child lost control of her bladder and began to pee down her legs, her sobs racking her slender body, despite her bonds. "They often do that," Anne warned.

"So be warned; if you're going to pierce their labia or clit hoods, be sure they've emptied their bladders first!" she told them. Then she was before the girl, practice making her smoothly position a cork to one side of the child's delicate left nipple, then push the heated pin through the little stubby flesh until it pressed into the cork at the other end. The girl tensed and squealed at the top of her lungs, shaking in agony as the nurse calmly drew the pin all the way through the hole she'd made.

Then, as blood began to run from it, sliding down the gentle plane of her budding breast, Anne picked up the gold stud and passed it through the hole before using bloody fingers to screw on the end, sealing it into the weeping girl's nipple.

"Now, you do the other nipple," Anne said to one of her students, her offer making their subject cry all the harder, her eyes begging them to let her be. "And then we'll re-position her and do some practice on her labia." She added, fingers darting down to test how much flesh there was there to play with.

The child wailed. Alice smiled and moved on. In a much smaller room off to one side stood a leather platform with adjustable stirrup fastenings. As Alice peeked round the frame of the door, Betty Parker, a young assistant who was sitting between the legs of a bound and crying girl quickly stood and curtsied. Alice never demanded such courtesy while her staff were working, but smiled her thanks anyway before stepping in for a closer look. With the girl's legs in stirrups, they had been raised high and parted until both anus and pudendum were both clearly visible.

Now Alice saw the silken like hairs growing coyly from around the cunt of the girl and she nodded her understanding and urged the girl to continue her task. Blushing brightly, obviously pleased at being in her presence, she took her seat again and with the little tweezers she'd been given to do the task, carefully selected another hair.

With a quick pull the hair was removed, the child jerked and gave a sharp cry, then resumed her crying. A moment later another hair had been selected and pulled sharply away, then another, and another. Each pulled hair brought a jerk, a cry, and more sobs and tears.

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When all had been removed, Betty put aside the tweezers and dipped a wooden spatula into a jar of hot oil. Alice looked on as the oil was applied around the girl's cunt, then worked deep into her skin. The child stopped her crying. Betty smiled and began worrying the little knotted cunt, urging it to relax and welcome the hot oil. It did, the girl softly panting and gasping, her eyes staring up at Betty with a kind of worship.

With a finger in the girl's bottom, Betty lifted her thumb to press it upon the girl's tender clitoris, circling it until the girl arched and squealed, not stopping until she came to orgasm. Alice nodded and moved on, back through the waiting room and through another door to go into the building. She inhaled the strong scent of wax polish, old wood girl gets hardcore anal with tanner mayes children and stopped to listen to the hum of daily activity around her.

Children moved smartly from place to place, somewhere off to her left a group recited a poem. Behind her a child screamed while, from what seemed far away, came the sound of a whipping, followed by the cry of a child pleading for their punishment to end. Smiling Alice moved on and looked at the door across from her, where a red tag indicated it was in use and privacy was requested by the patron. There was a cupboard beside the room and Alice it entered quietly, closing and locking the door behind her before she moved the framed notice listing the stores equipment, uncovering the little spy hole that had been hidden behind it.

There was a thrill to seeing something unknown to those present and Alice sucked in her breath and gathered her skirts before putting her eye to the hole. The room Alice now looked into was plain and stark, as requested by the clandestine order of nuns that were now using it. They had paid good money, and three of the women were availing themselves of it, two of them still dressed in their nun's habits and gowns while the third was naked.

They held a lean and naked boy by his arms, threatening to bend them back at the elbow if he struggled too much. The third woman caught Alice's attention though. She'd removed all but her cowl to display a body beautifully smooth and pale with high and firm breasts, a nicely turned belly and well-turned legs.

What sent Alice's fingers curling into her own sex was the tattoo of the Lord on the cross seeming to rise from between her legs, his face upturned in a look of such rapture that Alice was moved to thrust two fingers into herself and softly moan with the sharp pain it gave her.

The naked nun held a martinet and was using it harshly to whip the boy's handsome bottom, making him flinch and gasp. As he flinched, the protruding chain of rosary beads that had been pushed deep into his anus slowly swung against the back of his thighs. "Now try again," The nun with the whip spat, her eyes ablaze. Alice widened her legs and pushed a third digit into herself, pushing harshly against her unwilling cunt and loving the sharp pain that changed slowly to hot and all invading passion.

Her eye pressed more firmly to the hole and within the room, the boy was released and left to wrap his hands around his erection.

Stroking himself, his knees slightly bent and his handsome bottom tense, he began reciting the Lord's Prayer, each verse punctuated by a gasp of oncoming pleasure as his hands worked himself towards orgasm. "No! Wrong again!" the naked woman spat. The boy cried out, but his arms were taken, his hands pulled from his throbbing cock, and the naked nun began to whip him again with her whip, working hard and bringing sheen to her magnificent body before she stopped and nodded to the others.

With her own fingers slipping easily back and forth in the stretched mouth to her cunt, soaked with her pleasure juice, Alice panted and watched as the nuns concentrated on the boy and what he was doing. They gathered round him as he masturbated his young cock, watching intently as, with a gasped "Amen," the boy thrust his loins forward and let his seed arc from his cock soaking one of the nuns habits.

Behind him, the naked nun bent and retrieved her rosary, pulling it out with one brutal pull that, despite the pain it must have caused, still had the boy spurting his seed and crying out with the agony of it all. As the boy was bound to the wall and blindfolded, and the remaining two nuns began to strip off in eagerness for their orgy of lust, Alice replaced the frame and quietly exited the cupboard.

St Saviour's schoolrooms were at the end of the passage, a series of five large rooms where Elizabeth Sedgwick and her team of junior teachers educated the children in the subjects deemed necessary for them to learn. English and Geography, as well as many other of topics society viewed as necessary, were not taught at this school. Alice entered the first class and stood quietly at the back while Freda Thane, one of the junior teachers, put her class through the rudiments of deportment.

These children, recently acquired, still slouched, dragged their feet and were unable to stand straight. Freda, holding a long rattan cane, had them remove their uniforms and stand in line. Parading past her, they had to walk correctly and if they failed to do so properly, they would receive a sharp stroke of the cane across their bottoms or thighs with an order to go around again.

Arms folded, Alice watched for a little while, smiling at the way the children tried pulling in their bottoms immediately before the strike of the cane. Some had received quite a few, as the red stripes across their bottoms and thighs testified.

Of equal interest were the children who had passed Freda's scrutiny and who now stood as a small group off to one side watching those less able as themselves get struck by the cane. Of all ages between eight and fourteen, their eyes were uniformly big and round as they watched the cane being wielded, watched a child react to the stroke and listened to their sobbing, crying or legal age teenagers get orgasm at the casting. Many of those watching children had all the signs of excitement upon them, from their flushed skin, hardened nipples, down to erect little cocks that hands tried hiding from her.

Here and there, an older girl tried tickling her cunt without being seen. Sometimes Alice wished she had the time to help the teachers educated the children. It had always given her pleasure, to watch as a child overcome their pain and coming to orgasm for her, their eyes often locked together in everlasting love. Putting her thoughts aside, Alice stepped into the second room. Desks had been pushed to one side and the children's uniforms hard dick plows beauteous teen cum hole hardcore blowjob been removed so they could better rehearse the ballet steps Miss Sedgwick was drilling into them.

Alice had mixed views as to the benefit of having the children learn ballet, but had allowed herself to be swayed by Elizabeth Sedgwick's insistence new xxx sex stories porn story 2019 new it would make the children more limber, as well as encouraging good carriage and deportment.

Certainly, the way the children stood tall and straight had been commented upon by many of the visitors. As to being limber; the clients would often just put the children into whatever position pleased them, not caring whether the child was comfortable or not.

Alice left the second room and skipped passed the other three to turn right at the end of the corridor and take the steps down into the basement.

There were stairs at both ends of the building with a long broad passage connecting the two. The preparation and recovery rooms stood off this passage, including the individual cells and of course, the main dungeon. The kitchens and staff quarters were also in the basement, but totally separated now except by the odd spy hole that Alice had built for her use.

Standing at the head of the passage, Alice swayed with the mix of sensations that flooded her one more. The flagstones and heavy rock walls looked so realistic. Then there were the sounds, the muffled screams that still managed to get passed heavy doors, the constant crying of a child close by, no doubt waiting their turn to enter the cell to be abused or tortured. Had the child been drugged to withstand this harsh treatment? She knew the children quaked in fear at the thought of having to drink the lemonade, of knowing they would have their flesh lacerated before the pain became intolerable.

She felt drunk on her sensations, her arching sex slippery with her excitement, sliding smoothly against her thighs as she walked. Each cry, each wail, vibrated through her, down to her cunt. A door opened down the passage and Alice straightened before seeing that it was Max Hughes, the industrialist and a close friend of Lord Holmes. He was dragging a boy and a girl along with him, both quite old but neither showing any badge. "Miss Marchant, what a pleasure to find you here," he said as he neared, bowing slightly to her while the children glanced nervously at her.

"Mr Hughes. Please don't let me hold you from your pleasures," she told him, looking at the two and wishing she too could partake of their little bodies. The girl looked lucky guy creampies 2 times, possibly a bit older with her breasts beginning to form nicely under her uniform, while the boy looked older, lean but strong and well endowed from the huge bulge in his shorts.

"I think I have two innocents on my hands," he grinned, also looking at them. From somewhere nearby came the sound of a rod breaking, then the loud squeal of a child.

The noise made the children jump and look nervously at each other, their fear quite plain on their young faces. "Was that your aim?" she asked with interest. "Oh yes. I love it when they struggle to escape, yell to be released then beg to be let off," he told her. "Then you have will your hands full," Alice chuckled. Controlling one was hard enough.

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Two would be very difficult. Alice often found it easier to seduce one of the children onto helping her and then use that child to restrain the other. "You're right," Max agreed.

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Then grinned infectiously. "I say, you wouldn't be interested in helping me, would you?" he asked excitedly. Alice licked her lips and looked at the children again, the boy blond and shorthaired, the girl much smaller than him, her hair still pageboy short from having been cut on arrival. "Have you been given a drink recently?" she asked them. They both nodded. "The cook, she said we had to drink it all," the boy added. Alice took a deep breath as her heart pounded, well aware of the smile on Max's face as he watched her consider.

"You'll join us, won't you?" he grinned.

"I certainly will." Alice agreed. Individual room sizes varied, yet there was enough space to have some simple furnishings such as a couch, whipping horse and a chair along with wall cabinets a sink and a small toilet. On the back wall hung various implements of punishment and torture. The children were pushed into the middle of the room and gazed about them in both awe and nervousness. Alice then placed a red tag on the outside of the door and closed it, bolting it from within.

They both looked splendid in their little sailor uniforms and Alice and Max spent some time inspected them, as if there were on parade. "Do you know why you're here?" she asked them. They glanced at each other, and then shook their heads. That innocence seemed to infuse Max who groaned and licked his lips, his trousers displaying a sign of his passion. The girl glanced at it and blushed; making Cute kitten spreads soft vagina and gets deflorated wonder at what tales she could tell of her upbringing, what clandestine visits were paid to her by amorous parents or guardians.

"You're here to give us pleasure," Alice told them, sexy teeny seduce an old man with her perfect feet smile at odds with her words, confusing them long enough for her to take the girl by her upper arm and lead to her towards the wall where a collar waited for her pretty neck. "No!" The girl cried, but it was too late, the collar was around her neck, the lock too stiff and awkwardly placed for her to undo it.

But while she struggled to free herself, Max had stepped towards the boy and had pulled his hands behind him, holding him like that until Alice could walk across to draw the ropes from the ceiling pulleys and start attaching them to the squirming boy's limbs.

"Game, isn't he?" Max chuckled as the boy panted and puffed, trying hard to free himself and at the same time evade Alice's hands. It didn't work. In a few exhilarating minutes for the adults, the boy had his limbs tied to ropes hanging from the ceiling, each fastening too hard for him to undo, even though he tried. Max went across to where the ropes were gathered and pulled on them to draw the boy up by his arms, pulling until just his toes were left on the flagstones.

Then, having tied the ropes off, he rushed to the young boy and pulled his head savagely back before kissing him, full in the mouth. The lad squealed and shook, but Max had his head firmly held as, his mouth forcing the boy's open, he thrust his tongue into the lad and tasted the sweetness of it. Then his hands began wondering over the boy's clothed body while he panting into the sobbing boy's face, his excitement making him tremble with desire.

"We're going to have such fun," he panted. "I'm going to whip you," he breathed, his hands feeling how nicely stretched the boy had become, how compact his bottom, how thick the cock that lay timidly shrunken in his shorts. While he spoke hungrily to the boy, stroking and pawing at him, Alice was beside the collared girl, stroking her hair forcing her to look on and listen. "When they're finished, it'll be your turn," she murmured. She began to cry and looked up at Alice pleadingly.

"Please Miss. I haven't done anything. I've been good, honest," she whined, the tears falling freely from her eyes and cheeks. "Oh, this has nothing to do with being good or bad," Alice told her, chuckling at the child's naivety.

"We're doing this because we want to." Max had moved on, stepping away slightly so he could begin tearing the uniform from the suspended boy. The cloth would tear and the boy would bleat and whimper, staring at the man without comprehension as fist his pale young chest and trunk were bared, then his pelvis and crotch. Panting loudly from his efforts, Max stared at the pretty little morsel hanging from the tapered base of the boy's loins and licked his lips as he imagined it stiff with longing, standing out from his lean midriff rather than hanging limply over his little pink balls.

"I want him stiff," Max panted. "Well, stripping the girl might do it," Alice suggested. "Or," she murmured, going to Max's side to look more closely at the shrunken boy's cock. "I have a special tool I collected from India that turns, exciting parts not normally touched by other such tools," she suggested, her eyes twinkling with merriment. "Yes," he agreed.

"As long as it won't get in the way when I whip him," he added. Astrid drew a box out from the cabinet and found the object she wanted.

At one end it was like any other rubber dildo but at it's other end there was a small handle for turning. She held it by the base to turn the handle and the upper potion of the dildo twisted around off-centre by an inch or two, sweeping a circle that made Max lick his lips in anticipation.

Max quickly pulled a broad leather belt around the boy's waist, then attached a rope to the back to winch his middle upwards, perfectly presenting the lad's lean bottom to his mistress. When he kicked out nervously, the ropes at his ankles were tightened to the floor rings, in doing so, parting his legs so Alice was able to pass her hand between them and fondle his shrunken cock.

"There, there," she soothed, parting his tight young cheeks to smile down at his little knotted anal ring. "You'll be surprised by how little this will hurt," she told him. Max was right beside her, panting hotly as he watched her put the dildo to the boy's little anal ring and then, without any lubricant, push it forward, into the young lad. She grunted with the effort and the boy, his eyes and mouth wide, swung slightly in his suspension. Alice grinned, pleased the drug he'd unknowingly taken was doing it's job.

Waiting for his swing to return him towards her, she pushed again, forcing the corrugated rubber column deeper into his little bottom and increasing the arc of his swing. He looked a picture, panting nervously, his eyes looking wildly back at them while, from between his pale young bottom, the rubber phallus still half protruded from him, the little steel wire handle at the end. With each short swing back towards Alice, the woman used the heel of her hands to force the dildo deeper and deeper into his bottom.

The lad, his sensations dulled by the tonic he'd drunk, gasped as he felt it draw him further apart, the domed end passing over a tender part of his insides that brought a swift rising tingle to his loins. Alice nodded to Max and the boy was let down to once more stand on the flagstones, his arms above him.

With the lad once more erect, she turned the handle that was the only thing sticking out of his bottom and Max grinned as the boy cried out and jerked forward, his eyes once more widening while, from below, his little shrunken cock gave a little twinge of movement.

Laughing gaily, Alice fondled the lean cheeks of the boy's bottom and turned the dildo deep inside him. Like magic, the boy's little shrivelled cock began to lengthen and swell, rising with a beauty that held Max's attention. It lengthened and rose, and his little adolescent testicles tightened beneath it. The skin grew taut and gleamed and the foreskin was drawn achingly backwards, uncovering the tender tip of his cock.

"Oh Miss Marchant, that is so beautiful!" Max gasped. Max's own erection was visible as a curved snake in his stretched leggings as Alice continued to slowly turn the handle, running an extended finger under the boy's long cock, smiling as it made him gasp. The boy's cock jerked upwards too, thrilled by the touch. Against the far wall, the young girl had fallen still, her eyes large round orbs as she watched what was happening. "Like it, don't you boy?" Alice teased; keeping the lad's attention on her while Max hurried to the wall to select a suitable flail to use on his bottom.

The boy panted and shook, hanging from his bonds. Alice stepped back and the first stroke of the flail landed across his bottom, the small studs in each of the leather strands, biting into his flesh to bring bright spots of colour to his pale flesh. "Did it feel hot?" she asked, inhaling through her nose while Max aussie lesbian amatuer couple lick pussy outdoors at the boy's bottom.

The lad nodded and the flail was used once more, coming down with speed, the straps spreading before landing with awful finality upon his tender bottom again.

The boy jerked as if stung; yet he was half blinded to the angry spots and tears the cruel flail had caused him. "Hotter, yes?" Alice breathed, her body on fire as she manipulated his young cock feeling him jerk forward and harden yet more. The boy groaned, his bottom beginning to burn, the sensation inching deeper and deeper into him with each additional stroke. Max stopped to shed his jacket and shirt and then sent the flail slicing through the air to cut the boy's bottom again.

The lad arched and gasped, his eyes wide as Alice bend forward to take just the tip of his cock into her mouth, just the bright moist flesh normally covered by his foreskin. She held it loosely in her mouth, and when his forward jerk and gasp came, she sucked and bit, her body singing with excitement as the lad shook and squealed. She rose and reached behind her, undoing her gown with the same urgency that Max was climbing from his breeches.

In a moment both adults were naked, and yet it was the hanging boy their eyes went to, their eyes sliding lovingly brat her sister sex storys his lacerated bottom, then turning to his cock where it stood, straining from his flat loins.

"One more Mister Hughes," Alice panted, smiling at the boy as she went to stand before him. The lad stared at Alice's nudity, his cock leaping upwards in an eagerness that made her chuckle. She pressed herself to him, pushing him back towards Max who waited for the right moment. She curled her hand around his cock and began to squeeze. "Now!" She breathed, her eyes locked on those of the sweet and innocent youth. Max swung the flail from low and swung it upwards so that the strands of studded leather met his upper thighs, the soft underside of the boy's bottom and catching the dildo.

As the lad was flung against her, Alice slid her free hand round to grip his taut bottom, her cry of delight added to his pain as she felt the warm and scoured flesh.

She bent his cock and listened to him squeal, then grinned through her orgasm as his hot seed spurted across her belly. "Do you want him Max?" Alice asked. The boy hung limp as she reached round to half part his tight bottom, a hand ready to draw the dildo from him. "No. I'll wait. Let's put him somewhere accessible," he suggested. Max untied him while Alice pulled the horse out.

In moments they had transferred the groaning, half conscious boy to it, laying him over it with his bottom perfectly presented for whenever Max wanted him. Then their attention turned to the girl. Whimpering and crying in her corner, she tried moving back, beyond the wall, as both naked adults approached her, their smiles promising her pain, and more pain. "No, please don't, please Miss," she wept as Max took her tiny wrists in his large hands and Alice released her from her wall chain.

"You're perfect," Astrid sighed, loving the girl's pleads, her tears and anguished expression. Each knelt and began pulling at her uniform and pinching her skin whenever she tried stopping them.

It was a light-hearted game that kept their excitement going as the child fought to protect her decency and flinched whenever she was pinched. Max grinned as, once topless, he could begin to pinch her little breasts. Alice joined in, pinching and pulling, but also tugging her kilt off her little hips to have her squeal and cover her pubis until her old yoga teacher and her young student pamela sweet was pinched and the hands sped to her cheeks.

"Any particular wishes Mister Hughes?" Alice asked her colleague. "I want to whip her cunt," he breathed. "Show me what you'd use," Alice begged, a hand rising to pinch her own nipples and feel the sharp pleasure dive swiftly into her own liquid cunt. Max grinned as he looked for the right implement. He found it in a piece of leather some one-foot long. At first glance it looked like a six-inch flat blade of inch broad leather with a handle of twisted leather at the other end.

However, once held, the holder would find that the handle was not only too thin, but that it was far too flexible. This, in fact, was a tool of which either end could be used, either as a flat blade, or as a cane-thin twist of leather. Seeing the weapon of his brunette gives a hot blowjob on live cam, Alice began arranging the girl for their pleasure.

The child fought at first, and Alice roughly spanked the child each time she did so, at first nearly constantly. Learning through her pain, the girl soon stopped trying to escape or evade her Mistress and, instead, openly wept, her eyes once more seeking some ounce of compassion in her tormentors. There was none. Once Alice had the girl lying on her back with her hands crossed behind her, she climbed onto the couch herself, straddling the young girl and bringing lustful teen mickey blue gets her pussy beaten up hardcore big dick bottom down onto the child's wet face.

Grinning to Max as the girl tried to find her breath through Alice's full bottom, she then reached forward for the girl's kicking legs, pulling them up and over until she had forced the girl's lower body to rise. With her knees parted and pulled down over her own body, the child presented Max with a lovely and defenceless cunt to whip. "Oh yes Miss Marchant," Max breathed, enthralled by the view. His flagging cock began rising with the view before his eyes.

Alice licked her lips, her excitement rising too as the girl moved her face and mouth against her in an effort to breathe. Alice rose slightly, and felt the thrill of feeling the child breathe in, then breath out over her sensitive skin.

She waited a few moments, then descended again, wriggling her hips to feel the girl's nose become buried in her anal cleft, her hot cunt poised expectantly over the child's mouth. "Whip her!" Alice gasped, her body beginning to shake in expectation. Max grinned for a moment, then his concentration turned to the poised little cunt turned upwards in front of him, the child's thighs drawn back to offer him up a lovely view. He raised the leather, the flat band in his fist, and then with an awful look of concentration, swept it down to land perfectly across the stretched back of her thighs and, between them, her crotch.

Alice arched as the girl convulsed, her head jerking up into Alice's crotch, her explosive cry going directly up Astrid's cunt.

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With a sob she rotated her loins while watching the bright line appear across the girl's tender flesh, then she was lifting herself again, letting the girl sob and breathe for a moment.

"Again!" she told Max. Alice pulled the girl's knees still further apart, so the bulb of her little cunt rose higher than her thighs, exposed and defenceless to the full weight of the next stroke.

Max delivered it, his cock bobbing, and his aim perfect. A second line swiftly bloomed across the back of both thighs and the plump lips between them. Alice sobbed with delight as the girl squealed into her sex, a squeal that vibrated all the way up Alice's cunt, all the way up her back, exploding in her nipples and her brain. "Again!" she panted, wanting more and more. Max turned the weapon to use the flat blade and then moved to strike along her cunt rather than across it.

His arm rose and descended as sharply as before, whipping the flat six-inch blade of leather full down the length of the child's sweet vagina. The child's young body heaved and again, her face rose into Alice's crotch, her cry striking Alice with the same affect as tapping fingertips.

But the mental xxx techars fuking student big boobs of what had caused it was far more exciting, driving Alice through orgasm after orgasm. Without being asked, Max delivered another sharp blow to the bright and swollen little cunt presented to him and the girl squealed and jerked, squirming uncontrollably.

Alice moaned from deep within her as she climaxed yet again, her limbs turning to water as it consumed her. She fell to one side, half releasing the girl. While the girl sobbed and held herself, continuing to squirm with the pain that now engulfed her, Alice watched Max push himself into the boy's bottom, driving his body weight behind it to tear open the lad's anus. He came quickly and loudly, like Alice, almost collapsing with the force of his pleasure, then turned towards Miss Marchant to weakly smile his gratitude.