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Impressive sexy teen asian chick excitingly blowjobs hairy dick versi full
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Now that soccer season was over and club didn't start for 2 months after the season ended, my afternoons were left to extreme boredom. It was pretty simple. Ride my bike home from school, dump my stuff in my room, jack off, do some homework, play video games, jack lusty stepmom and skinny teen amazing threeway scene again, eat dinner, finish homework, jack off again, shower and bed.

As you can tell, I had some masturbation issues. As long as I was the only one home (or no one else could walk in), I could barely keep my hand off my now 6 inches of manhood. One friday, (club was approaching in a week and a half or so) I was in my room jacking off while reading the same porn magazine for the third time when the phone rang. But what would you know it! It was Taylor asking if I wanted to come over, hang out and I could spend the night if I wanted to. We were really good friends and would always hang out, just this was the first time he asked if I wanted to come over since that one practice.

I said ok as long it was ok with my mom.

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It turns out it was as long as I checked in by noon the next day so I packed a bag of clothes and stuff before running over to my parents room and grabbing a condom and some lube from my dad's stash.

Hey, I never could be too careful. I hopped on my bike and was riding over when I began to think. I really was getting excited about going over to Taylor's. I wondered what he would want to do, especially after that one day. And then there was his twin sister, Katie.

I hadn't really noticed her much, and we were somewhat friends before but now she started to develop nicely and I couldn't stop thinking about (much less stop talking to) her when I was around her and so now we were pretty good friends. She was about 5'3, slim, but she must have been a B cup, if not a very large A.

And then there was Connor. He was a few grades younger than sunny leone all story sex stories xxx but I didn't stop thinking about what Chad had said about them. So I finally arrived at Taylor's and his mom answered the door. "Oh hey John, Taylor's in his room. Chad and Tom (another friend) are also here but only Chad's spending the night.

It's a good thing too since Taylor and Connor have friends over so its rather packed. I think Taylor and Connor are trying to figure out who's going to sleep in the living room since it will be crowded in their room." "Ok thanks, I guess I'll just leave my bike in your garage then." So I went to Taylor's room (which he shares with Connor) and found him and 5 other guys packed in there, playing video games and on the computer.

This is how we spent most of our afternoon before Taylor's mom called us for dinner. We were all laughing and chatting as we went to the living/dining room to go get food and eat. However I stopped speaking when I saw Katie.

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She looked stunning. She had a tight, low-necked top that allowed me to get a great look at her two beautiful breasts. I just couldn't believe how good she looked. We looked at each other for a moment before she jumped into the conversation and things went on as usual. However, throughout dinner, I had a major boner tenting my pants. I managed to hide it fairly well but I saw that Connor, sitting on one side of me, noticed it and smiled.

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The night went on until it was all time for us to go to bed. Except, like all kids and teens, we wouldn't actually go to sleep. So Taylor, Chad and I went to Taylor's room (Taylor won a bet and rights to room) while Connor and his friends Jason and Steven went to the living room.

So we played cards with the game truth or dare attached for the loser. Unfortunately I lost several times and Taylor and Chad were able to get out that I really liked Katie. Also unfortunately, those thoughts caused me to get hard and I wasn't able to cover up that.

As we continued on, I saw Taylor's pants tent along with Chad's.

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I just laughed at that. So I made a suggestion for improvement. "Hey guys since we all are apparently hard, I wouldn't mind jacking off now" Not a bad suggestion. They agreed and we all whipped out our hard cocks. I went at a pretty slow tempo and leaned back, just fantasizing about pretty much everyone my age in that house at the moment. I looked over at Taylor and Chad.

Taylor's penis had very little visible change but now Chad had grown like an inch to a still unimpressive length, but hey it was an extra inch. Taylor, sitting next to me, decided to go for it and he brushed off my hand and started to slowly stroke me.

I moaned in pleasure and returned the favor. We became one mind. We sped up as we got closer and closer to the climax. When we reached it, we hit it at the same time and our orgasms were extra powerful. I couldn't believe the feeling that was going through me as I heard Taylor and Chad climax. I shot about 4 shots of ropey cum up and down my body, while Taylor shot out a little and Chad dribbled out some milky cum.

We all layed back and breathed heavily, our bodies wet with hot sticky semen (mostly me and Taylor) We all definately needed a shower, covered in sweat and semen.

We tiptoed into the bathroom. It had a fairly large shower with a glass door so we all climbed in and turned on the water. We were rather squished trying to fit under the shower head so it was the perfect place for us to be close to each other.

My cock was against Taylor's side, his against Chad's front and Chad's three-and-a-half-inches of boy against my leg. Joking around I slapped it away off my body. "Get your small dick off my side!" I joked "Well there's only one way to get it off your side! Suck it!" He fired back I got down and wrapped my lips around his cock and moved up and down on it while working my tongue around it.

I put my hands on his butt cheeks and easily got his entire dick in my mouth as I helped him to fuck my face. Even Taylor started to masturbate again. "Oh John, suck me faster! This is even better than last time!" Chad exclaimed I heard a laugh and looked up to see Connor, Jason, maid fuck with son hamster Steven all undressing with equally small, but hard 2" cocks. "Can we join you?" Connor asked Chad, Taylor and I looked at each other, exited the shower and dried off.

"No," Taylor responded "But we'll join you somewhere." "Ok, as long as I get John" said Connor. I was excited for this. We walked over to Taylor's room where we went on Connor's bed and started to kiss.

We rolled over so I was on the bottom and continued to passionately kiss with his small cock and my much larger dick rubbing in between us. The feeling was amazing; something I still remember today. I looked over and the room was a sight. Taylor and Steven were doing the same as Connor and I, and Chad and Jason had even begun fondling each other. So anyways, Connor broke apart, moved back while straddling my legs before grasping the base of my cock while he put his lips around it.

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"Wait," I said, "Lets try sixty-nine" So we got into the position and it was amazing. I could feel Connor's lips and tounge working magic on my head and shaft as I did the same to his. I had just licked the bottom of his shaft (the backside) when he tensed up and started shaking in orgasm, but no semen came out.

We continued our suck-fest. We began to suck faster and faster when he and I hit orgasm simultaneously. His second orgasm was way more powerful than mine as he pulled off with all my hot cum in his mouth and began to shake in an insane like 15 second orgasm. I heard the other four orgasming and I sighed. What a night his had been.

We were all just lying there, with kind of a deja vu feeling from the last time. Connor was the one to break the silence. "Hey John you know you should try make a move on Katie.

She's pretty into you. Although then again don't since otherwise we wont do this again." We all laughed. I looked over at the clock. 2:00AM. What a great way to start saturday I thought, just before we fell asleep. We were all nude, lying next to each other, me and Connor, Chad and Jason, Taylor and Steven. It can't get much better than this today. Well I don't think I've ever been so wrong in my life.