Bdsm dildo and brutal fuck ever hatefuck my hippie asshole

Bdsm dildo and brutal fuck ever hatefuck my hippie asshole
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Holly and Ivy were on fundraising duty for the Topton Academy (a boarding/day attendance/finishing academy for 'special' girls, in a place called Topton). Calling door-to-door In Topton, Holly, was a short, plump blonde, Ivy,a tallish slender brunette.

Both were in their Academy uniforms - blazer, blouse, knee length skirt and flat pumps. Holly however had glossy tan nylon on her curvy legs, with white nylon ankle socks, Ivy had glossy 40den semi-opaque nylon on her legs. The house that they called at was known to be the residence of a 50ish man, who was quite often spotted loitering around the Academy, or leering over Academy girls around Topton.

They knocked, and started singing carols. The man gruffly opened the door, but his frown soon melted as he took sight of the two girls.

"Merry Christmas" said Holly sweetly, twirling her leg, the sheen on her legs glinting, her finger in the corner of her mouth. "we're fundraising for the Academy" said Ivy, "we're hoping you can make a deposit" and she smiled sweetly. "come on in girls," the man leered, "I'm sure I can find something for you". He showed them into his large lounge, quite sumptuous for his unkempt state.

He had a large fire on the go, and Ivy went and stood facing it. "what do you girls have in mind?" he asked, just as Ivy lifted her skirt, warming herself.

Into view came the bottom welt of stocking tops, her opaque nylons being hold ups. He coughed slightly at the sight.

"ivy!" chided Holly, "watch what you're showing". Ivy turned around, looking down at herself. "Oops" she laughed, letting her skirt drop. "whatever you think would make a good deposit" smiled Holly, a glint in her eye.

She unbuttoned her blazer, "gosh, it is warm in here" she said, and the man coughed again as her blazer opened. He could see her fairly see through v-neck cotton blouse was stretched taught across her quite ample bosom, showing a yellow lacy bra underneath.

She sat down, and crossed her legs,her skirt riding up slightly, showing him glossy tan nyloned thigh. It also caused her cleavage to swell into view. Ivy too sat down, crossing her slender legs, her stocking tops coming fully into view.

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"yes, a good deposit will help us out at the Academy" Ivy lisped, looking at him with doe eyes, and re-crossing her legs, showing even more stocking top. "how…how old are you girls?" he asked croakily. They both told him. The man let out a low moan, and both girl's eyes were drawn to his crotch. He was wearing threadbare slacks, which now had a considerable tent in the front.

Their eyes lit up as they realised what it was. "let's see it mister" said Holly, expectantly. Never in all his time letching after the Academy girls did he think he would have two here in his house, so young and so blatantly sexy. He unzipped his fly and pushed his trousers down, a thick 12" erection springing out infront of him. Ivy was up like a shot and by his side. She wrapped her small slender fingers around the base of the shaft. "we thought we'd just get some cash out of you by giving you a flash" she said, starting to stroke it.

Holly also got up and went to the man, "but this is gonna be a whole lot better!". With a gentle nudge, they pushed him back onto the sofa, his erection sticking right up. Holly slid her blazer off, and knelt at his feet. Ivy slipped her shoes off, her pretty opaque nyloned feet causing his member to twitch, and knelt down too, hitching her skirt up over her stocking tops.

Both leant forward along his legs towards his beast of a cock. He thought it was going to explode, the two girls hot little mouths lapping, licking and sucking at his length. Holly wrapped her lips around it and sucked slowly down, whilst Ivy licked up and over big ass babe gets slippery fucked teen balls. The man leant forward, pushing the girls back slightly, panting heavily.

"those…those" he stammered, pointing at Holly's boobs. Smiling, she unbuttoned her blouse fully, exposing her 38d's cupped in the yellow bra. "they're lovely tits aren't they?" giggled Ivy, flipping the cups up, revealing Holly's thick erect nipples.

He pushed his cock down and forward, Holly cupping her breasts and wrapping them around his shaft, rubbing them up and down it. "I like her to do that to me too" giggled Ivy again, and she got up. She unzipped her skirt, and let it slide down her stockinged legs, revealing some black satin lace trim tanga panties, that had a small tent in them. Hooking her lesbea young tight teen gets her mouth covered in sweet pussy juices into the waistband, she slid them halfway down her thighs, her 5" thin erection springing out.

She shuffled forward right on top of Holly, who turned her head, looked up at Ivy, then licked at the tip of her cock. Still tit wanking the man, she sucked on Ivy's cock, Ivy running her fingers thru Holly's hair. "bet you can't guess what we get up to after lessons?" breathed Ivy, thrusting her hips, now fucking Holly's mouth.

The man reached up and ran his hand up Ivy's stockinged thigh, over her bum cheek, then trailed his fingers into her bum crack.

He probed her cliter-ass, a finger sliding into Ivy's now wet hole. "oh…that's nice" breathed Ivy, as the man fingered her. Ivy let out a moan, and Holly pulled her head back, just in time for Ivy to grab her cock, and wank herself, spraying streams of jism onto Holly's breasts and the man's cock. Holly crouched slightly, rubbing the remainder of her jizz on Holly's breast.

"look at the mess you've made" giggled Holly. Ivy knelt back down as Holly stood, spunk dribbling down her breasts. Ivy knelt forward, lapping her cum off the man's cock. "that's it, clean him up for me" said Holly, hitching her skirt up, showing some cute printed cotton panties over the normal knit body of her tights, her own small bulge in the front. She peeled her tights and panties halfway down her thighs, her cute little 4" erection springing into view. She shuffled forward, Ivy kneeling back but holding the man's cock upright.

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Holly stepped up onto the sofa, then lowered herself down until her bum cheeks rested on the tip of the man's cock. Ivy parted her cheeks, and Holly slid slowly down onto the man's cock, the tightness of her ass causing the man to moan loudly, Holly also wailing as the man's rock hard shaft slid all the way up into her.

Ivy braced Holly, and helped her to slide up and down the man's pole, spunk still dribbling off her tits. The man reached up and kneaded her globes, tweaking her spunky nipples. Ivy reached in and took hold of Holly's erection, wanking her as she rode the man. Holly moaned and her member twitched in Ivy's hand.

Ivy wanked her faster, pointing her cock into the stretched body of her tights. Holly started to let fly, shooting her spunk into the crotch of her tights. Her ass muscles clenched taught, and white girl with a big ass sliding was all too much for the man. Holly felt his shaft throb menacingly inside her, and lifted herself off it, kneeling forward slightly still straddling him. The taught body of her tights across her thighs pressed against his shaft, and Ivy grabbed it, leaning in.

Now wanking the man furiously, he exploded. Streams of spunk flew up plopping back down on Holly's tights. Ivy pointed it towards her and streams of jism splattered her face. As he started to subside, Ivy slowed her hand down, rubbing his shaft against Holly's tights. "how much can we put you down for?" grinned Ivy spunkily at the man…