Skinny year old likes it rough deepthroat and fingering

Skinny year old likes it rough deepthroat and fingering
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On the Friday Pippa had taken the entire day off to get ready and I should have done the same, as it seemed that ever hour took twice as long to pass as it normally does. Although I tried not to think of it, all I could think of during the day is imagine what might happen that evening. On the way home I began to worry that she had lost her nerve and changed her pahli bar larki ki sex vedio so I ran through the last few weeks to reassure myself.

She had picked him out of the replies we received. She twat endures hard hammering hardcore and blowjob liked him at the first meeting and at the second and when we went for a walk in the forest. Surely, having taken matters this far, she wouldn't stop new, would she?

When I got home Pippa was in the bedroom in her dressing gown and still preparing herself. She had been to the hairdressers and had her hair highlighted as well as cut and had her make up professionally done plus nail extensions put on and her nails painted. She was putting a lot of effort into ensuring that he fancied her.

She wanted to know how she looked and I suggested she take off her dressing gown so I could have a good look at her. I made her turn round and round slowly. Her transformation from average housewife to sex kitten was certainly getting there. All those weeks of exercise and dieting had made her body trim and firm. I certainly fancied her. I told her she looked fabulous and that he'd have to be gay not to want her. She glowed. I tried to give her a kiss but she turned her head away and said she didn't want me to smudge her lipstick.

I looked at the bedside clock. There were still two and a half-hours yet before we were to meet up with him. I went downstairs trying to find something else to do. I went into the kitchen and looked through the fridge and the cupboards.

I don't really know why. I didn't feel like eating anyway. My stomach was fluttering and I felt strange, sort of sick and sort of excited. I couldn't explain it. I poured myself a glass of milk and drunk that instead. I went to the lounge window and looked down the road.

The streetlights were now on and it was all quiet. It would be too dark by the time we returned for anyone to see who was with us. Over the next two hours Pippa kept worrying about what she was going to wear. She had gone through what she was going to wear several times but now kept changing her mind.

The issue of stockings came up again and I reminder her that we had already agreed that she wouldn't wear stockings as her idea was for me to take off her clothes and present her to him and my track record of getting her stockings off wasn't good. Keep it simple I reminder her and something I don't have to struggle with.

I began to clock watch and pace. Come on, I thought. We need to get moving to get there on time. If we are late, he might decide that we weren't really going to do it and leave. She came down and showed me what she had eventually chosen. Pov blowjob from an excited bitch swallows your cock small black leather mini-skirt, which left nothing to the imagination and a blouse unbutton sufficiently to expose her breasts and a small jacket.

Dressed like that with the hair, make up and painted nails including I noticed her toe nails. She looked like a sexy temptress and nothing at all like my ordinary housewife Pippa. Then we had the issue of the shoes. She wanted to wear her new red high-heeled shoes but she found she couldn't walk in them and they hurt her feet, I reminder her that there would be little walking involved. Get in our car, get to the meeting place, get in his car and guide him back home.

Again my stomach churned with excitement and worry, I was frightened at the same time thrilled and full of anticipation.

In the end we finally got in the car, reversed out of the driveway and then she started to worry she had forgotten something. We'll be back shortly anyway, I said if he's still there by the time we get there. I raced along the roads, then the bypass and onto the main road but not so fast as to get any unwanted attention from the police.

We hadn't done anything wrong. I just didn't want the delay. I kept looking at the car clock and tried to find the damn lay-by. The road seemed to go on forever and the parking place seemed to have moved miles from where it ought to have been. I also remembered that I should have filled the car up with fuel on the way home.

The low fuel light was flashing but there should have been enough fuel left to get home and more. Just 10 minutes late we found and drove into the lay-by. I could see it was the right one as the burger van was there all locked up but where was he? Then I could just make out in the headlights that a car parked at the far end with its lights off.

I pulled up at the side of it and breathed a small sign of relief when the cars interior light came on and there he was. Pippa got out and changed cars and told him to follow her directions. They moved off and I followed. I just hoped she remembered the right way. He didn't know where we were leading him.

The drive home was somewhat slower that my grand-prix race to get there. Back down to the roundabout onto the dual carriageway, into the centre of town, past mom thecher sex for son Supermarket, left at the Petrol Station, Girls sex with a girl school should have stopped there for some fuel but I had to keep up with them.

Turn by turn I followed. Finally, we approached the turning to our road. I stopped and watched them turn into the road then a few hundred yards and into the cul-de-sac.

I would wait here for five minutes so he could drive up to our house and up the side of the house, out of sight. One minute, two, three, four I couldn't wait for the fifth. Crazy with lust, excitement and fear, great fear, I turned the key but other than the starter motor turning over, nothing happened.

I tried again, again and again but still nothing was happening. Panic began to set in. Please not two glamour babes fucking a blue dildo, I thought, not now, not now. It was only a short distance to the house. I'll leave the car here, it's safe enough and I'll get it in the morning. You sod, I thought as I locked the car From where I had to leave the car our house would only take a minute and a half in the car but on foot even for a fit man it was a good ten to fifteen minutes.

As I turned into the close, The girl finguring and cum slowed to a walk. The cul-de-sac was quiet with only a few lights on in the living rooms of our neighbours who were blissfully unaware of what was going to happen at the house at the end.

I could just see our house past the trees. Well, it didn't look as if there were any lights on upstairs. How long had it been? I couldn't tell, I couldn't see my watch in the light from the street lamps. I could feel the muscles in my legs tightening. I was still walking fast, too fast. I slowed a bit more.

I hope I haven't missed it. He could have stripped her off and be on top of her right now. I imagined them on our bed with her legs waving in the air and his bum pumping up and down between them.

I was closer now. If his car was on the driveway then not even I couldn't see it. The living room curtains were closed and the light on. I remember leaving the light on but did I close the curtains? I couldn't remember. It appeared all quiet. Finally I got to the front of the house.

I walked carefully up the driveway. I couldn't see his car but there again the light from the street lamps didn't reach this far. I kept walking and just before I reached the front door, I could see its outline. They were here then. I put my key in the lock and braced myself. What would I see inside? I felt my heart beating hard against my chest from a mixture of running and excitement. I turned the lock, opened the door and looked inside. The landing and Kitchen lights were off and the only light was the glow coming under the Lounge door.

I closed the front door as softly as possible and crept over to the lounge door, which I opened carefully. His coat and her Jacket were on the settee and they were stood more or less in the middle of the room.

I anticipated lots of things but I did not anticipate finding them kissing slowly and passionately and being so gentle sexy asian chick gets her lingerie shot with cum caring with each other. Pippa kissing Richard dressed as she was, looked so hot and sexy.

They were like two young lovers in each other's arms even though he was 41 and almost twice her age. Richard had clearly fancied my wife from the moment he first met us. I saw that he lusted after her lovely trim and firm body and soon he would be sampling her delights. Numerous emotions ran through me including the strong desire to watch him make love to her. I crept over and stood behind her and gently stroked her long hair and rubbed my hand along her back to show her that it was all right. Carefully I removed her blouse and slipped it off of one arm then the other.

Seeing her milk white breasts revealed he slipped a hand into her bra and massaged her breast. Sis and brhot sex stories then unzipped her mini-skirt and let it fall to the floor. She stepped out of it and I retrieved it and put in on the settee where I had also discarded her blouse.

This only left Pippa in her nice rose pink underwear. Just two more items and she would be fully exposed to him. I unclipped her bra and gently slipped it off. Her firm young breasts were now fully available to him and he quickly had his hands on both of them. Now only one garment to go her panties, once I removed them she would be free, open and fully available to her new lover.

My hands shook slightly as I carefully took hold of both sides of her panties and slipped them down her legs and she seemed happy as she stepped out of them. As soon as they were gone he removed one hand from her breasts and slipped his hand over her mound and cupped her sex.

He squeezed it and I saw the wetness ooze between his fingers. She was so ready for him now. Then he pushed his index and centre fingers into her. She twitched a bit and opened her thighs just a little to allow him to enter. As they continued their lingering kisses she sort of settled onto his hand pushing down on the fingers inside her. My heart started to beat more evenly and slowly and I felt calmer now.

I enjoyed watching him excite my wife with his fingers and watched her react to his every move. Now except for her high heels she was entirely nude wet and very ready for him. Without saying a word I stepped back and watched as Pippa helped him remove his clothes until he was as nude as she was. His body was taut and firm and his stomach was almost flat. She then placed her mouth over his while stroking his face and engaged in a series of long drawn out French kisses.

As he was shorter than me by a couple of inches, with her high heels on she could reach him easily instead of having to crane her neck which she had to do with me.

As they kissed he continued to massaged her breast and finger her pussy as she held his cock in her hand. He wasn't fully erect yet but he was certainly rising towards the promised eight and a half inches.

His tanned skin and strong frame contrasted so well with her white and delicate body. She pumped his cock faster as it grew in her fist and he worked on her clit with his thumb. She broke away from kissing him and let her head fall back as she arched her back and had her first orgasm on his fingers.

Her hair cascaded down her back like a waterfall. She took her breast in her hand and offered it to his mouth and he eagerly sucked on her nipple teasing it with his tongue and nibbling it with his teeth. Before he could lay her on the lounge floor and made love to her there, I whispered to Pippa that they should move to the bedroom. She immediately took Richards hand and led him upstairs. I went ahead of them to switch on the cameras.

I was shaking with excitement. How I wanted to watch them now. He followed Pippa up the stairs and I could see him looking at her full round hips and rear swinging before his face.

I watched him lick his lips in anticipation of sampling them as he followed her into our room and onto our big bed. What an electric and emotional charged sight it was to see his erect cock, which to me looked even bigger and thicker than promised, swinging side to side in front of him as he followed her onto our matrimonial bed. Pippa removed her red high heels before laying back and spreading herself wide to receive him.

Richard leant forward and slowly moving upwards kissed her on the inside of each thigh. Pippa groaned as his mouth slowly approached her vagina anticipating that he would lick her there but he carried on past, moving upwards and kissing her belly before sucking her breasts.

His mouth moved from one breast to the other sucking each nipple until they stood up like hot hard red corks. Richard then raised himself and moved up Pippa's body until he was straddling her and sitting on her stomach. He placed his cock between Pippa's breasts and pushing them together with his hand and started fucking her breasts. Pippa look at him with a face which was so full of lust, love and happiness. I could see that she was eager to naughty stepsister fucked and rewarded with a big facial Richard mate with her.

I moved round so I could see the head of his cock emerge from between her breasts as he rubbed himself between them. Pippa bent her head and watched the helmet of his cock poke out between her breasts as he fucked them. She licked her soft lips then opened her mouth, just wide enough for the tip of his cock to brush her lips gently.

I watched as she stuck out her tongue and licked him, concentrating her attention on the tip of his cock helmet and the hole through which his potent seed would come. She licked and sucked gently, taking at each stroke, just a centimetre then two into her velvety warm inviting mouth. The head of his cock glistened from her saliva and slipped so easily between her wet lips, pushing them aside to enter my wife's mouth. He did this for several minutes teasing Pippa as he was just too far out of reach to suck him properly.

Encouraged by this Richard moved himself up further. Pippa was initially confused as to what he wanted to do as has manoeuvred one leg over one shoulder then the other.

It wasn't until he sat back onto her chest that she realised he had his legs either side of her head effectively trapping her face in his crotch. He then waved his cock in front of her face and Pippa opened her mouth wide to catch it. He teased her with and even slapped her face with it several times before letting her take it into her mouth.

Pippa sucked avidly she watched his face intently to see his reaction as the room filled with the sound of her sucking him. He let her suck him for quite a while making him as hard and as thick as he could be before changing position yet again. He pulled himself out of her mouth and moved back down her body. This time his arms went under Pippa's legs and lifting her vagina up to his face, he pushed his face between her legs kissed and licked her and sticking his tongue as deep as he could into her hole and sucked on her clitoris.

With his mouth, tongue and fingers, he slowly drove my wife to higher and higher levels of delight. I looked at the clock and saw that their sexual foreplay had already gone on for over an hour and a half. Judging the right moment he stopped and moving her with his arms still under her legs sat back on his haunches and pulled Pippa towards him until his cock was resting between on her stomach. It was the thickness of his cock not just the length that struck me.

His shaft lying on top of her pelvis almost touched her belly button. It looked to me as it was never going to fit in her.

If that went in then her hips would have to spread. Before I could think any more, he moved her legs placing them on his shoulders and gently placed himself at the entrance to her cunt. His cock head was red and throbbing with his lust for my wife's body. The softness of her body against the hardness of his cock was mesmerising.

Her face was full of anticipation. I watched intently as he used the head of his cock to tease her open. Her lips seem to spread open just like a V shaped door. He rubbed the head of his cock against her opening and I saw Pippa close her eyes, so very ready to feel his entry. As the head of his cock moved into her it made a small popping sound as her vagina lips opened wider and wider allowing it the enter her.

There was no going back now the head of his cock was now in my wife. His first few thrusts were short and soft, just an inch or two but Pippa was already turning her head groaning and moaning for more as she felt the thickness of his shaft and in anticipation of what was to blond cute waiter bonks everyone striptease hardcore. Then suddenly, he thrust himself in her as far as he could go.

To see his cock suddenly disappear inside her was unbelievably thrilling. Pippa gasped and her eyes shot open as she felt him hit the top of her cervix. Richard withdrew and hammered her again and again.

Her face reddened and she struggled to pull herself up and put her hand between her legs to stop him entering real hard fuck storys xxx sex com so violently. Only she found on grabbing him that there was more of him to come. Oh No, she said. No, oh God. No. He kept at her and he she moaned, groaned, smiled, giggled and even laughed as he pleasured her body.

After ten minutes of this, Richard pulled himself out and picked Pippa up bodily like a rag doll. He moved her up near step sister is a pervert head of the bed and spread her legs wide apart. He then lay on top, forcing her legs even further apart before entering her again and fucking her hard.

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This wasn't love; this was forceful, lustful sex. He still wasn't all the way in so he forced his length up into her, stretching her until she felt his balls banging against her bum.

The sound of his balls slapping her arse as he force fucked her bounced off the walls. Watching him to do this to her wasn't just better than anything in Doug's extensive Porn collection it was 50 times no 100 times better. The sight of his cock disappearing into my wife's lovely body and reappearing covered with her juices was only part of it. I could see the wetness and hear the slurping noise made by her cunt as he pumped into her as well my panjabi moti sexy aunty photdownload the noise of his balls and crotch slapping into her.

I watched her body bouncing as he drove into her. Pippa by now was making so much noise that I was sure that people outside would hear her. She tried covering her mouth with her hands to muffle her cries. Content that he was now fully in her Richard increased the speed of his trusts into her until he was pounding her as delightful ebony rides on pecker hardcore and blowjob as any man could.

Now he was really enjoying my wife. I watched as Pippa's body rippled and shook moved in time with his, arching up to meet each trust of his cock.

She eagerly wanted all of his cock and she was fucking him back. At this speed it looked like her cunt was reaching up and stroking his cock to milk him dry and drag his precious life giving sperm into her body. Pippa's heavy breathing, panting and moaning became louder and louder and as the whole room reverberated to the sounds of their coupling, their bodies glistened with sweat and the perfume of my wife's cunt filled the air.

She wrapped her legs round his back then wrapped her arms around his neck to hold on. Her breasts banged back and forth like two mounds of jelly under his thrusting. Richard then stopped, adjusted the position of his knees and legs to get better leverage and thrust his cock back into her with such violence that you could see the impact travel all the way through her body. He withdrew again slowly and then thrust it back into her with the same violent force, again and again so deliberately and intensely.

She shouted for him d teen spera damno deep fuck of monster fuck her faster and faster and never to stop. I knew he was getting ready to a story of sinful xxx pk her off and shoot his cum into her cunt a moment that I had long been waiting to see. To use the words 'taking her' in one way totally fails to describe what he was just about to do to her, but in another way, it seems all so appropriate.

I wanted him to take her, to use her body as a receptacle for his seed. His seed, which would seek out her eggs and in different circumstances, make her pregnant. Oh yes, yes, come inside me, fill me, she cried loudly. I want to feel you cum in me.

Take me in front of my husband. Please come in me. I want him to see you have me. Her begging suddenly stopped as he pushed into her violently, his fingers digging deeply into the cheeks of her bum to hold her in place. She thrust back to meet his cock locking their bodies together and pulled him tightly to her to receive his sperm.

As their bodies shook in orgasm, I saw my wife look out from underneath him directly at me. Her dark auburn hair was like a Lions Mane around her head and her mouth was wide open in a big open-mouthed smile. Her eyes opened wide then wider and sparkled. A look of absolute rapture and happiness and contentment spread across her face as she felt his prick twitch and jump inside her and warmth spread between her legs. Then her eyes rolled back and her head lolled forward as she started to convulse.

It was done. A man almost twice her age had taken Pippa right in front of me and I was overjoyed that I had seen him do so. As she felt his ejaculation in her slow and cease, she opened her mouth wide, pulled his face down to hers and started the loudest dirtiest kiss imaginable.

As this intense kissing continued, my own emotions ran riot. Not only had my wife just been taken in front of me but now she was throwing herself at him with a passion and with an intensity, I could never remember our sharing.

She kissed him all over his face at the same time stroking his body and hair with her hands. Thank you, thank you, she kept repeating between kisses. She then started kissing his neck and shoulders and the tops of his arms, still repeating thank you, thank you.

I began all of a sudden to feel very empty and lost. Had I lost her to him? He had certainly pleasured her more than I ever had. I felt sick in my stomach again but I could not take my eyes off of them. They continued their lustful kissing for several minutes stroking each other and enjoying each other's bodies as they slowly regained their breath, before he kissed her temple and then turned and looked at me.

He said nothing but grinned. Richard dismounted Pippa and collapsed next to her. I could see his cock covered with a mix in his cum and her juices and her cunt was red, puffy, well used and very wet. Pippa snuggled up against him and then reaching out to me signalled that she wanted me to join her on the bed. I settled myself next to her and kissed her passionately.

I reached down between her legs and put two fingers inside her. She opened her legs wider to allow me access her.

Her cunt felt very hot and so sticky. Richard turned his back to us so that we could share the moment.

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Pippa kissed me and placing her face next to mine whispered in my ear softly her thanks for allowing her to be taken by Richard. Telling me how much she enjoyed feeling his large cock in her and how she wanted to be taken by him again and again and again in our bed and how much she wanted me to watch them.

I in turn, whispered in her ear how erotic and exciting it had been for me to watch and how much I wanted to see her taken by him to be used, stretched, filled, devoured and finished. Pippa held me close then reached down and took my cum-covered fingers from her cunt. She guided them gently to her mouth where she gently and lovingly sucked and licked them clean just a matter of inches from my face.

Her eyes never left my eyes as she cleaned the cum off of my fingers We lay there for a while before Richard resumed his sexing of my wife. He turned over and put his arms around Pippa and I got back off the bed and sat back in the chair. Pippa told him that she wanted to suck him and to take him all the way down her throat and she told him how she wanted him to sit above her so she could swallow him. Richard moved Pippa around so she was sideways on to me so I could easily see. He then moved to a position where he above but straddling her head.

He pushed his semi-erect penis down towards to my wife's face who opened her smiling mouth to receive it. Rachel looked a picture of innocence and beauty but that innocence had just been tainted and that beautiful warm velvety soft mouth was just about to his large cock inserted in it. Richard let the knob of his cock rest just above her open mouth and she rolled her tongue over and around it. My wife looked so sexy as she licked him. She caressed and licked his cock before Richard pushed his cock down further towards her and she readily took the helmet of his cock into her mouth.

Her cheeks rose and fell as she sucked him. She cupped his hanging balls and loved them with her fingers. As he grew harder thicker and longer Richard leant forward over her and rested on his hands. Then he moved his legs back so that he could apply pressure and pushed his cock further into her mouth. Pippa tipped her head back so he could access her throat. Slowly and gently at first, he started to fuck her mouth. I watched his penis slipped in and out as Pippa slurped on his cock.

Then he very carefully started to push more of himself into her mouth a bit at a time. His thrusts in and out becoming longer as she took more of him down her throat. When Pippa showed signs of resistance he backed off for a oops i swallowed and i cant stop scene anarchy while to let her adjust. When he reached the point where her throat started resisting Pippa tilted her head back further and swallowed hard several times so Richard could push himself all the way in.

As he descended down her throat, Pippa grabbed the tops of his legs with her hands and she pulled her legs up as her toes curled. I watched his cock slid down her throat further and further until her lips hit his balls and she knew that he was in her mouth as far as he could ever be. Richard's cock now totally orally impaled her. He held his cock deep in her throat for several seconds then pulled back halfway to let her breath. Her nostrils flared wide as her lungs pulled in fresh oxygen. As soon as she felt him push it down her throat again she swallowed hard to let him in.

They repeated this about twenty times before he started to come. He pushed himself all the way down her throat and groaned as he began to cum deep in her throat.

When he was finished, he withdrew and Pippa gulped to get air back into her lungs. I fetched a glass of water from the bathroom for Pippa to sip and wash his cum into her stomach. Both Pippa and Richard were clearly too exhausted to carry on for the moment so I turned the cameras off and ragazza ninfomane si fa scopare da uomo anziano them the pillows and duvet from the floor. I joined them in the bed lying on the other side of Pippa and turned the lights off.

That bed really could take three with ease. In the darkness I could hear them kissing again before settling down in each other's arms. The air was still heavily with the smell of their sex. I could especially smell Pippa's distinctive musk and I lay next to her I could smell him on her.

I lay there for a long time remembering the sight of Pippa being taken before I fell asleep. It was quite late in the morning before Pippa woke me up. Richard was awake and she wanted me to be awake to see her being had again. I turned everything back on as Pippa opened the curtains and lay next to them on the bed.

A rainstorm had started in the night and you could hear the wind howling around the end of the house and the forced prostate massage sex movie as it lashed the window. Pippa spread herself for him and he lay on top of her, she reached down between their bodies and fed him into her before catching her legs behind the knees and held her legs high and wide for him to fuck her.

Having stretched her open and she being so wet for him, his big member now slid into her all the way to his balls with ease. Her legs looked so long and shapely as she held them above him while he rode her and told her how he was going to fuck and fill her. She was desperate to feel another load of his cum in her and she was giving him a ride smoother than a limousine. Her eyes were fixed on his cock as it ploughed between her legs into her and her delicate hands were on his bum trying to pull him into her harder and harder.

He was going in her very deep inside my wife now and when he came, he would be shooting way, way up her.

Soon the howling of the wind was matched by Pippa howling his name and for him to fill her as the beating of the rain was matched by flirty student karlee grey bangs in a classroom pornstars brunette beating of his balls on her behind.

When he came in her she bounced and squirmed beneath him as his hot spunk exploded inside her. She was now as wet inside as the grass and pavement were outside in the rainstorm.

As they lay next to each other I could see a small amount of his cum seep out of her stretched and spunk filled pussy. We all lay there for a long time after as they rested and recuperated from their coupling.

Then Pippa got up and said she was going to cook breakfast for us, though it was now so late in the day that it would be an early lunch.

Richard went into the bathroom to shower and I put my shorts back on and opened the curtain before going downstairs into the Lounge and collected her clothes from the floor where they had been left. I also put his clothes in a pile. When I went into the Kitchen I found her cooking wearing only an apron. She looked so sexy in it with her breasts almost falling out of top and sides as there was nothing to contain them.

Her hair was very all over the place and she had that well fucked look. With her pear shaped firm bum on open display, I felt her up grabbing her ass cheeks in both hands.

Richard joined us, still naked and took over feeling her up as she cooked for us. With him tweaking her nipples and rubbing his crotch against her bum it was amazing the breakfast didn't end up on the walls and ceiling. I watched as she allowed him to touch her everywhere and saw the pleasure and lust on her face and in her eyes. She was so wet ready and hungry to be fucked again by him. All through breakfast Pippa kept her eyes fixed on him wearing only a big smile for him, except for that tiny apron.

We sat around talking and drinking tea for a while before he said he was ready to have Pippa yet again. She jumped up and ran ahead of us back to the bedroom, giggling and squeaking, eager to feel him in her again. When we were all back to the bedroom, he asked Pippa to leave the apron on and he asked me to lay face up on the bed with my legs spread wide.

That sounded a bit weird to me but I did it all the same. He then took the apron off of Pippa and told her to lay on top of me face down with the apron draped between us. She also had to place her legs inside mine. At first we weren't in the right position it seemed and he made Rachel move up so her face was level with mine. With us where he wanted us, he told Pippa to kiss me. She did but he said No! Kiss him with passion and put your tongue in his mouth.

Make love to your husband. Pippa did as she was told though it was a bit reserved as she was wondering what he was up to. He kept telling her such things as kiss his face, stroke his hair until he was satisfied she was doing it properly. We were beginning to get carried away with what we were doing, when we felt his weight on the bed and she felt him enter. As he fucked my wife on top of me she became more and more aroused and her kisses of love turned into kisses of real boundless passion.

My wife may have been making love to me but he was having sex skimpy swimsuit clad janice griffith boned by the beach her He drove into her harder and harder, I felt her being pushed up my body and felt the impact of every thrust of his cock into her.

She continued to kiss me until she lifted her face from mine, closed her eyes and began to scream with lust and passion. She was panting hard and I could feel her every breath on my face. I put my mouth over hers to prevent everyone in the district hearing her as her body bucked up and down on mine as she began to orgasm. She then griped me tight pulling at my hair with her fingers as she screwed her eyes up and pushed her hips up and back into him. Her body quivered as he finished in her for the third time She was still lying on top of me in her afterglow and breathing heavily when we noticed Richard at the side of us dressing.

He told us he had to go but hoped we had had a really good time because he certainly had. He said I was really lucky to have a wife as hot as Pippa and that he would like to be invited back to have her again and hopefully very soon. Richard kissed Pippa and she kissed him back passionately and inviting him to come and have more of her, without even asking me. We heard the front door close and his car drive away before we rolled over on the bed so that I was on top.

Pippa pulled the apron from between us and spread her legs wide to receive me. "Fuck me, fuck me and let me show you how he stretched me my love", she whispered to me. She then slid her hand between us and took hold of my extremely hard throbbing cock and fed me into her. Gently, slowly, slowly, she said. There, that's what you want isn't it. She felt so very wet and loose down there and hot. The heat of her cunt surprised me. I asked her what he had felt like in her and she said that when the head of his cock touched the lips of her cunt it was as if her cunt itself was suddenly alive exploding with feeling.

All the nerves in her body tingled and when she feel the pressure as the head of his cock push into her spreading her lips and hole wide it was like a million chills running through and over her body. When he suddenly forced it inside her hard she felt shock after shock shaking her very soul.

She told me there was nothing like it before in her life. A pleasure like she had never experienced before. She told me she remembered pulling herself up and trying to stop him even though she wanted more of him in her and fucking her harder. As he moved deeper into her tunnel the feeling began to make her shudder with pleasure which seemed to run up and down her spine and centre in her clit driving her wild with lust and passion.

Feeling his cock rub so deep insides of her vagina wall was glorious. Pleasure such pleasure as he began to pump in and out of her. She said that because he was so long and very thick that she could see his cock moving inside her against her skin under her pelvis and belly and pushing her pelvis as it rose and fell from his movements in and out of her hole.

As his cock moved inside her wet warm hole her pelvis lifted up and pushed against slim blonde sonya sweet has passionate sex with her boyfriend belly, it was something she had never experienced with me.

She liked watching it and seeing that happen, never having seen it before. She knew he was fully inside her when she felt his balls slap against her bottom and when he started fucking her harder she knew he was soon going cum inside her and have her completely, making her his own. She couldn't wait to feel his cum pump out of his cock head and feel the warm liquid coat all of her insides.

She felt his cock grow hotter and harder inside her pussy as he neared his climax and she could feel her heat rise and his hardness before he began to cum.

It was like a gift from the Gods when he began to pump his sperm deep into her belly she said. As he came her body seemed to float and lift higher and higher as her own orgasm swept over her taking complete control of her body and brain.

All she could think of was his cock, his wonderful hard thick long cock moving in and out, in and out, in and out, faster and father and faster. When she felt his final push and felt him pull her hips amazing chick with massive arse gets rammed him tight as he finished her, her mind went blank. All she felt was pure sexual pleasure as the orgasms took complete blonde beauties get a rock solid cock of her body.

She exploded in a huge sweet warm wonderful climax at the same time. She loved feeling him explode deep inside of her filling her with his hot, wet and thick spunk. She felt it coating her insides and she melted under him. She was now his and everything he wanted and she had, she willingly gave. I didn't understand what Christine meant when she said that making love and having sex, were totally different.

I felt her move her hips very gently pushing against me, her sodden and sticky vagina almost milking me. Push it in me very slowly she said. Feel his cum in me. Feel how wet he's made your wife. How much he's stretched me and used me. We moved in time with each other for several minutes, before I added to her the content of my own aching balls. That night we were too worn out to do anything but we were both so exited about what had happened.

Pippa had been worn out of course by her taking and went to sleep before me. I just lay there next to her. It was such a strange feeling. Here I was laying next to my wife as I had done so many times but now she had within her his cum.

She was somehow different her body felt a shade warmer. I can't deny that I have very mixed feelings about seeing Pippa having sex with Richard at first. My reaction was far too confused to explain. Yes it was exiting watching him have sex with my wife.

I loved the look of her soft body against his. The way he played with her and enjoyed the touch and the feel of her body and saw how sexually exited she became. The moment he entered her was so, difficult to describe but so exiting. His cock was entering the warm depths of her body, which I had entered and enjoyed myself so many times.

To watch his hardness, parting and entering her soft yielding body was electric. I knew how she felt when I was in her and now he was feeling her the same way. Then to watch their animalistic sexual act and to see him enjoy the delights of her body pushing his length in and out of her and to hear her groans and gasps of delight and to watch her reactions and joy as she danced on the end of his cock. Then when she stopped rising and falling under him to know as they held there bodies together that his cum was rushing into and filling her body.

Some people would regard that as decidedly wrong but had Richard brought a wife with him and we swapped wives for the night no one would say anything. They would have had sex in the same room watching their partners having sex with the other person's partner and seen and enjoyed seeing the same things. They would have used the other person's partner to satisfy them selves whilst watching and then had sex with their own partner afterwards in the same way.

So tell me what makes the fact that he didn't have a wife to swap so different and so wrong? We were all adults indulging in sex games just the same as the ancient Romans or Greeks and plenty of people like to read racy book or watch pornography. Some people even regard men who don't porn as being odd. Pippa had really enjoyed herself and I had enjoyed watching her having a great time and why should I deny her any sort of pleasure whatever that was.

I won't deny either that watching a live sex show is considerably better than watching a pornographic movie, which all too often is too mechanical. Watching someone you love having a great time which Pippa did is pleasurable in itself if you love that person whether or not that horny guy bangs hot bbw fat girlfriend bbw blowjob sex.

Allowing him to cum inside Pippa? Well why not. She was on the pill and at no risk of pregnancy and she much preferred the feeling of cum in her so what or where was the issue? Seeing and knowing that she was having full sex was exciting. Big ass milf loves to suck and fuck massive cocks sure that some specialist somewhere would provide a scientific explanation for that. I can't, I can only say that it was exiting and I didn't feel jealous about it.

Maybe because I knew that she loved me and me alone. The following evening at the request of Pippa I called Richard and arrange another visit the following Friday. Having done that, I handed the phone to Pippa who took it and rushed into pussy clamps bondage and tape girl decide your own fate living room and sat on the chair. She pulled he legs up and turned her head so I could really hear what she was saying.

She was still talking to her half an hour later when I looked in. She waved her hand at me to go away and did the same when I appeared at the door over half an hour later. By the time she came off the phone so had been talking to him for nearly two hours. When I asked what she had been talking about all see said was not a lot really. When we went to bed Pippa was so exited about the thought of a further visit from Richard.

We made love with me sitting on my haunches and her bouncing up and down on my lap with her legs wrapped around me as I held onto her bum.

As we fucked she told me how much she was looking forward to feeling the weight of his body pressing her down into our bed and how she atr of romantic toying bondage to feel him exploring and enjoying her body.

She wanted to feel him open her up, stretch her then making her dance a Rumba on his cock before sending her to heaven. Not that you don't send me to heaven she added. It's just different that all. He called again on Wednesday night and she spent another hour and a half talking to him. When we went to bed she said she had scat slave in toilet in mouth 2019 to show me. She made me cover my eyes and not to even peek. When she said you can open them now, she was inches from my face with her pussy in full view.

There wasn't a single hair in sight anywhere. She turned round and even lifted her legs up. Not a single one! She said it was a full Brazilian. Pippa told me that she found a place that would do it and that she took the afternoon off to get it done.

She admitted that it had hurt quite a lot when they did it and that it still felt sore after rubbing a lot of cream in. She asked me if I liked it. Well seeking her without her thick bush of hair was, very different certainly. It took quite a bit of getting used to. Without it, she looked just like a little girl. Her sex was in full view. Do you thing Richard will like it, she asked. Oh yes, I think he's certainly going to like it. I imagined his cock sliding up and reaming her as I answered.

That night I sampled the new delights of her bareness and watched her open up to my own length like a flower and like a good bee I soon pollinated her. On Thursday night, she was so exited by the thought of his visit on Friday that she wanted to go to bed extra early and play. We discussed what had happened on the first visit and what they might do this time whilst having raunchy sex. His visit had certainly turned Pippa on in a way I wouldn't have expected. She was now demanding sex.

Richard didn't turn up on the Friday as agreed. Just a few hours before he was meant to arrive and while Pippa was still preparing herself Richard called us on his mobile to say that he was stuck at work. He said that that he was working on the fitting out of a shop, which was scheduled to open on Monday. He would get away as soon as possible but he might have to stay and sleep in his van. I gave him our main home phone number and said we'd be waiting for him.

Pippa was in a foul mood for the rest of the night. The following morning we were awaiting Richards call. By mid-day, Pippa had been ready for 2 hours. By 1.10 she could wait no longer and called him on his mobile. Yes, you can, I heard her say, no that's fine, yes, no, no, maybe. She rang off and reported that he had just finished and had been driving back home when she called.

He had been going home for a shower and shave but she had told him he could have a shower here. He would arrive, he thought, in just over an hour. Pippa then went charging round getting everything ready. She fetched fresh towels and put them in the tumble drier to warm up for him and started cleaning the shower. When she learnt that I didn't have a spare razor and that we didn't have a spare toothbrush I was dispatched to the local Tesco Extra to get them.

When I returned I did so with a bar of Lavender Soap, which is Pippa's Favourite and a pair sheer black stockings. As he was going to have a shower first, Pippa was beginning to worry how to present herself to him. What should she wear?

I pulled her next door into our bedroom and told her to take all her clothes off. I then made her put on the stockings, which came up to about 8 inches above the knee and made her put on her black high heels. They were a bit scuffed but I didn't think Richard would be looking that closely. When she looked in the mirrored doors of the wardrobes, she had to agree that she looked stunning and said she even fancied herself.

She touched up her make-up, applied a bright red lipstick instead of the pale pink one she was wearing earlier and brushed her hair. Pippa was more than fuckable in her stockings with her pussy lips in full view. When Richard arrived, he parked his van outside the house. We had to get him to move that later and park it up elsewhere otherwise we it might have aroused suspicion. Richard really did need a bath and shave when he arrived. It was immediately obvious he had slept in his van the previous night and I pointed in the direction of the bathroom where Pippa was waiting for him.

I don't think he expected to find a nude Pippa wearing only stockings, high heels and a smile waiting for him behind the door. Listening at the bottom of the stairs, I heard her say after a few minutes, I presume that they were kissing beforehand, No! Shower and shave first then me. Then she added in a sexy voice, as much of me as you want and could ever take. As Richard showered, she hovered in the bathroom like an excitable school girl trying to catch a glimpse of the local rugby players showering in the clubhouse, through a steamed up window.

Pippa helped him dry himself. She then brought a chair, which I just happen to leave in outside the bathroom and sat him down. She lovingly dried and combed his hair, before moved the chair to the side of the sink. She then filled the bowl and rubbed shaving foam over his face, before sitting on his lap facing him and gave him a wet shave. When that was finished they went into our bedroom and I followed. Richard turned Pippa around and around. He told us both that he could not believe how absolutely delicious Pippa was and how much he wanted to have her.

Well then, she said. Richard grabbed her tiny waist and lifted her up high in the air and while still standing lowered her onto his member. She wrapped her legs round him and said how much she has been waiting days for it. No foreplay this time, this was just animal. He wanted to blast his spunk into her and she wanted to feel it. Without their coming apart, he lay her on the bed and lay on to of her.

Their coupling was almost violent as he pounded into her and she wrapped her body onto his. That's it, that's. it, enjoy me, make love to me. Have me, take me, she called out loudly.

Come on take his wife, enjoy her, fill her up, she continued, Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, give it to me, fuck me, Pleeee sss eeee. I watched as every muscle in her body her tighten and his bum cheeks tighten as she got what she needed and wanted. Later on that day, we all went for a walk around the town together just as the shops were closing. It felt strange her walking along hand in hand with him as I followed a step or two behind.

Here there were walking around town together hand in hand and she was carrying his spunk in her belly and when we got back she would be getting even more.

She later said that parading around like that in front of the whole town and having his spunk in her made her feel Nasty, Evil and Slutty but in a nice way. As we drove home they were in the rear seats and she soon she had her hand down the front of his trousers as he warmed his cold hands on her now exposed tits. When we got back to the house, Richard started stripped her as soon as we got through the door. By the time I got in and closed the front door she was already nude. He put her over his shoulder and carried her upstairs to bed.

I followed them upstairs and saw her pile the pillows against the headboard so she could prop herself up against them. She then lifted her legs high and spread them wide so her sex was in full and open view. She looked so pink and radiant, her pink vagina was almost dripping wet as she waited for him to enter. She smiled with her eyes fixed on his cock and he mounted the bed, then mounted her easing her open and pushing himself all the way up her.

She was so at ease with him using her body for his sexual gratification. As he fucked her this time, I watched carefully to see if I could also see his cock moving inside her belly as she had said.

At first I thought that I imagined it or that it was not real but I found that if I looked along her body in the same way as she could look along her body, that she was right and it was possible to watch her belly rise and fall as he went in and out of her. As he continued to take her, Pippa lifted and spread her legs wide so he could move freely between them.

He slide easily in and out of her she put her legs on either side of torso trapping him between them before wrapping her legs over him then later balancing them high above him. Although I had seen her hold her shapely legs high and wide as his bum bounced up and down between them before, somehow they looked slimmer, sleeker and sexier.

The curves of her thighs and the flatness of her belly looked better than before. Her arms wrapping round him looked so soft and delicate as were her hands as she stroked his body, his face and his hair and her voice so sweet as she urged him to have her and enjoy the moment of her taking. Reflected sunlight lit her face and her hair shone as it spread out over the pillow beneath her head.

They took pleasure in each others bodies and made love not sex. Richard pushed himself in her firmly not fast but deliberately and making sure she felt every stroke. Even when the pace increased their bodies stayed almost as one, the bed sheet twisting under them, this way and that and almost coming off the bed entirely as the writhed together across the bed. The moment of actual taking was short and sharp. Richard fucked her hard and urgently for about two minutes with Rachael holding her legs straight, high and wide, verbally urging him on loudly to fill her and impregnate her.

Their eyes locked on each other intently before he pushed deep into her and came announcing it with a loud grunt of satisfaction. She gasped loudly several times as she felt he cock pumping his cum deep inside her before I heard the long drawn out mew that told me she was climaxing over his cock.

Once their bodies settled on each other, she asked him to leave his cock in her and she used her cunt muscles to milk him dry. They lay there holding each other as close as they ever could without saying a word, just breathing heavily, even their breaths were almost taken together, his chest rising and falling in time with her as it pressed down onto her flattening her breasts.

Later than night, Richard whispered something in her ear and I saw her nod before tuning over onto her stomach and with her head flat on the bed turned to one side, pulled her legs up so she was kneeling with her bum as high as she could get it. She then grabbed a cheek in each hand, pulled and spread herself exposing her anus. Richard took up position between her legs and tried to insert himself in her bum.

It took Richard quite a while and a bit of lubrication to get the head of his cock through the anal ring. I always had difficulty with that and he was thicker than me.

Several times he had to withdraw and release his trapped foreskin and re-enter before the head of his cock finally penetrated to the other side of her anal ring. Once there and comfortable, he was free to plunder her bum and plunder it he certainly did.

As I knew well there was plenty of room in there once you were in. Pippa screamed but loved it and at one point she asked to be moved to the end of the bed just so she could see herself in the mirrored doors of the wardrobes being taken in the rear. Up to that point Pippa had let me take her in the rear but only on the odd special occasion.

After that night she allowed it almost every time he visited and sometimes I would take her in the bum as he lay under her and filled her cunt. Although by now she really wanted Richard to turn up nightly put her to bed and help himself to her body, I made it clear that his visits should be restricted to perhaps ever-other weekend. That weekend I filmed them as they spent hot japanese schoolgirl gets her first cock entire weekend like conjoined twins and fucked in every conceivable position including stuffing his cock back down her throat again.

When we were having sex a few days later, Pippa admitted that he so hot puerto rican teen xxx tiny tunes and tinier tits her that it was taking about two days for her Vagina to relax back to its normal size for her to feel me in her properly.