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Full screen of mia khalifa
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Callie had always hated pain. Hell, she hated work of any kind. She had been born on a farm and hated every moment of it. Nothing but work from sun up till sun down. But when she reached the age of 14, her parents allowed her to go and study the ways of magic. For someone like Callie, it was the best choice. She would stand in the distance, say a few words, and slay her enemies. But when she got to the Mage trainer, she found that she didn't like the work they gave her there as well.

From sun up till sun down they made her study, polish her wand, collect herbs, and so on. It seemed to just get worse. Once she was done with her basic training, they fuder um cuz de um negna travec her to go out into the 'real world' and earn her own living.

Luckily for Callie, she had been blessed with a great body. Lightly tanned skin, blond hair, and D cup breast. She used her features to get any man she wanted.

Of course, in bed she didn't do anything.

She just lay on her back while her current squeeze fucked her. That was how she got by. That was, however, until the pirates came. After she was taken aboard their ship, she was taken to the lower deck and tossed on a stack of hay. She tried to get up, but stopped when she saw that she was surrounded by a Night Elf, two Orcs, and a female Troll.

The Troll said something in her language and the Night Elf nodded. He then pushed Callie back onto the ground. As the two Orcs began to strip, the Night Elf began to tear away at Callie's clothing until nothing was left.

Callie tried to resist, but the Night Elf sat on her stomach. She watched as he then unzipped his pants to pull out his purple cock. With a grin he spat in the valley between her breasts and then placed his dick between them. He then pressed the two mounds of flesh together and began to pump. While this was going on, the Orcs grabbed Callie's hands and brought them to their own cocks.

Immediately Callie pulled away but the Orcs quickly grabbed them once again. "Not a good idea girly," said the Troll.

"We be doing this all day if we have to." "Stop this!" demanded Callie as her hand were forced to wrap around the green dicks. "My captain has ordered me to begin ya trainin girly," said the Troll. "I be called Zem'hula, but you will refer to me as Mistress Zem'hula or just Mistress. Understand?" Callie said nothing as the Night Elf came all over her face. With a sigh, Zem'hula bent down and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled on it.

"Understand?" "I won't do it you stupid Troll," spat Callie. She braced herself to be slapped or something cruel like that. But instead, Zem'hula just let her hair go and moved over to one of the Orcs.

She whispered in his ear and he grinned then nodded at his fellow Orc. After getting her to let go of their cocks, which wasn't all that hard, one of them laid on the ground next to her while the other picked her up. "Well then, since ya don want to jerk them off, we'll just have ta do something else," said Zem'hula with a wicked grin. The Orc that held on to Callie managed to spread her legs and position her above the other Orc.

Callie tried to fight her way out, but the Orc was just too strong. Her pussy was then positioned right above the head of the Orcs dick and then she was simply release. Run train on black girl and secret blowjob under desk prostitution sting takes pervert filled her body as if she was being ripped in two.

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Tears fell down her face and her mouth was open in a silent scream. "Lookie here," said Zem'hula as she walked around to the girl's front. "Ya nipples be as hard as rocks." It was true; both of Callie's nipples were now hard and pointed. With one hand Zem'hula grabbed Callie's breast and squeezed it while the other hand reached into a pouch at her side.

When it reemerged, in-between two of her fingers was a needle. Callie's eyes widened in shock and pain as Zem'hula placed a bit of the spirit of fire into the needle and the Orc began to thrust upwards. Zem'hula squeezed her breast with one hand and then plunged the needle right through her nipple. Callie screamed in pain as new tears filled her eyes.

Moments later, before Callie could recover, Zem'hula did the same to her other breast. "Like that you little bitch," swore the Night Elf.

He pointed his hard cock at Callie as he continued to jerk off with a sick grin on his face. Moments later he sprayed the girls face with his seed.

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Zem'hula wasn't done with the human. As the crew continued to have their way with her, the Troll pulled out a pair of nipple rings and a silver chain. As the Orc continued to fuck the blond, Zem'hula attached the rings and then the chain. With each thrust the chain bounced with her breasts, making a shaking sound. The Orc suddenly grunted and made one final, powerful thrust into Callie.

Callie screamed harder than ever as the Orc shot his seed into her womb. When he was done he turned to his side and let the girl fall to the ground. She lay there, panting, covered with both blood and cum. "Think ya done human," said Zem'hula with a grin as she held up the needle once again. "Next we be doin something bout that tongue of yours." -x- Raalia awoke, naked on the floor of the captain's room.

For a moment she wondered where she was. And then it hit her like a mace. She had lost her purity and for a brief time became a being who only desired pleasure. She remembered how she cried out to him, wanting more. She remembered how her body trembled at his touch and obey him.

But why? Was there something in the tea she drank? "Good to see you're awake," said Adren. Raalia quickly turned her head and saw him standing in the middle of the room with the female Orc. Gritting her teeth, Raalia glared at the two of them which only made the human chuckle at her defiance.

"I see you haven't lost your spirit. Good. Now then, Grima here will be putting you to work until supper. And when you are finished you will report back here so we can continue your training." "Let's go," said Grima as she grabbed Raalia by her arm.

"B-But what about my clothing," stammered Raalia. Grima simply grinned. "Whoever said you needed clothing," she answered.

Raalia tried her best to struggle, but the Orc was too strong for her. She was forced out of the bed and led straight out of the cabin. She tried her best to cover herself with her free hand, but Raalia soon realized that her arm just couldn't cover everything that she needed to cover. It wasn't long until they were both out on the main deck and under the sun. Most of the crew looked like they were working on repairs to the ship, maintenance, or simply cleaning it. But when they saw her they stopped to stare at her naked form.

So whistled in her direction while others snickered behind her back. She could feel their eyes all newbie teen sucks schlong blowjob and amateur her and could hear the things they were calling her.

Slut. Whore. Captains bitch. "Here we go," said Grima as they stopped in the middle of the deck. Raalia noticed that there was a bucket full of water and a rag. "You're going to clean this entire deck and you're going to do it quickly. Have you ever done this before?" "I have cleaned statues before but…" "So no then," said Grima with a grin. "I'll show you how. Just watch me." Grima bent down and picked up the rag.

She then got on all four except she kept her legs straight so that her ass was high in the air. Also her legs were far apart enough so that Raalia could have seen her pussy had she been wearing nothing. And, if she wasn't mistaken, Grima's checks had darkened as if she were blushing.

"This is the position that you want to be in." "I-I can't," stammered Raalia. Grima stood up and turned to face Raalia with narrowed brows. "Can't," she asked, "or won't?" "I won't do it," said Raalia. "I…" She stopped as Grima slapped her so hard she fell to the ground. She looked up to see a very pissed Orc glaring at her. "You think you have rights here?" demanded Grima. "Think you're special because the captain is training that body of yours? You're nothing but a slave now, a walking sex toy.

The only reason the captain took you is because he is bored of fucking human sluts! And when he breaks you, and he will, you'll be danejones creampie for cute young black girl and you'll be happy.

Happy to have your masters cock pound you day and night. Happy to lick his dick day and night. Happy to lick your mistresses pussy or asshole.

That is your fate!" Without another word, Grima grabbed Raalia's arm and pulled her up. She was then dragged over to the mast where she saw several chains attached step son on mom youjizz sex stories it. Before she knew what saw going to happen to her, Grima had chained her arms and legs to the mast in such a way that her legs were spread apart and her arms couldn't cover anything.

When Grima was done she stepped back to admire her handy work. Raalia couldn't believe this. She was naked, chained to a mast, and completely exposed with no way to defend herself. They could do anything to her. They could rape her at any moment and all she could do was call for help that would never come. "Alright men," said Grima. "Remember, this bitch is the captains.

So I don't want to see any cocks in her ass or pussy. Or anything that would damage her." Grima then turned towards Raalia and bent down so that her face was fight in front of her pussy. She used her fingers to stretch it out and then spat on it. "Please don't," begged Raalia. But her protests stopped and was replaced by moaning as Grima began to use her skillful tongue to lick her pussy.

"Trust me, this is only the beginning," said Grima. -x- Adren looked down at Velithela as her head bobed up and down on his cock.

Her skillful Blood Elf tongue wrapped around the shaft while she sucked on it teasingly. While they might resemble humans, Adren knew that they were perhaps the most skilled lovers out of all the races.

He soon felt ready to cum when Velithela released his cock and began to slowly stroke it. "Tease," he said with a grin. "I know you love it," she replied before giving the shaft a long lick. "So tell me, are we going to keep training those two here?" "For now," replied Adren as he pulled Velithela onto his lap. He sucked on her neck, causing the Blood Elf's head to be thrown back. "We'll be heading home so we can train them more properly.

Then the real fun can begin."