Lovely cutie cumcovered after sex hardcore and blowjob

Lovely cutie cumcovered after sex hardcore and blowjob
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Stefan & Damon, Part II. Chapter 1: the Search I was just laying there, with Damon wrapped all around me, when suddenly the phone rang. I got up and grabbed my iPhone, to see the photo of my girlfriend on the caller ID. I tapped answer and put the phone against my ear, motioning for Damon to get dressed.

It was when Elena called, that I remembered we had lots of work & research to do. "Hello, gorgeous" I greeted Elena, flirtingly. "Hey there," I heard the taunting voice of my lover. "How're you today?" "Hanging on, poor Jeremy is sick. Bonnie is here helping me cure him, but he's vomiting everything he eats" "That's bad. Say hi! And if you go to the boarding house, in my room, there's a mini-bottle of my own blood, feed him a little he's bound to be better in a few." "Wow, you thought out everything!

Thanks I will. By the way, have you found out anything?" "No, not yet, we're still looking. There's like two weeks left, Elena, chill!" "Ha-ha. Now if you excuse me, I'm going back to help Jeremy." "Don't forget the blood." "I won't" she answered, as she hung up on me, leaving me standing there, naked.

"Come on', get dressed." Damon said, standing in lecherous beauteous bitch gets hard fuck hardcore creampie of me, full clothes on. I looked like a fool standing there, naked, in front of him.

He tossed me a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. I got dressed and changed my mind, thinking that I needed a shower. I undressed and gently put the clothes on my own bed, and called to Damon.

"Hey Damon, I think I'm gonna take a shower!" "Okay don't take your time." He called back. I was naked, and I got into the shower. I turned on the hot water and just stood there for a few minutes until I started cleaning myself. After washing my hair, I took the shower gel and rubbed it all over my body, giving special time for my cock.

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I then started jacking off, under the shower. I pumped my dick harder and harder, fucking my hand. I then stuck two fingers into my asshole, slowly at first, but then faster and faster.

That brought me a huge orgasm and I wanked off even harder than before. I then reached my climax, and came in the shower, shooting large sprays of cum, covering the whole bathtub, while moaning and screaming off my pleasure. Thankfully, the shower cleaned off my semen. I got out of the shower, and grabbed a towel, drying myself off.

Afterwards, I got into my clothes and called Damon on his cell phone. I then heard the sound of his ringtone, and found his BlackBerry on the sofa. "Damon!" I yelled. "Yes brother?" he appeared out of now where.

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I rolled my eyes at him and asked. "Ready?" "Sure, let's go!" He opened the door of the hotel room and we were on the streets only after a minute. "Now, what? Where do we look?" "I have my sources" Damon wagged his eyebrows at me knowingly and we spent the day searching and searching. We found some info but surely not enough. Chapter II: Vampire's Midnight Awakening We got to the hotel kinda early, exhausted.

Even though it was only 9pm, I told Damon goodnight and went to sleep. I was extremely tired. Before I went to sleep, I fed from 4 blood bags I had stolen from the hospital on our way back. I was dreaming when the sound of screaming awoke me. Confused, I got up and stopped for a minute to listen to the screams.

It was coming from Damon's room. I went in, knocking off the locked door, to see Damon, sleeping in nhis shorts, eyes open with sweat pouring off his face. He had a nightmare. He kept screaming and screaming, "No Dad! Stefan! Stefan! Katherine… Katherine … STEFAN!" I was fully alarmed so I climbed on top of him and slapped him across the face for him to wake up, "It's me, Stefan!

Damon wake up!" He sat up, knocking me off his chest, eyes horrified. "What did you dream about?" I asked him, soothingly. "You. Oh God, Stefan! I'm so sorry for all of the things I've done to you!

After all the killing, fighting and all I actually raped you, my brother! I'm so sorry for all of these things!" When he said that, my heart warmed up. Literally. Damon was not the kind of person to show his Humanity, and definitely not the type to say an apology! By then he was facing me, crying. "Oh Damon!" I reached for his face and kissed him softly.

Not passionately, it was not lust. I knew it, it was love. I loved my brother so much now. He kissed me back, startled at first, but turning the kiss into one full of lust. He then backed away. "Those memories, they're haunting me, Stefan! Haunting me!" "Katherine, you, Father!" I put my finger against his mouth to stop him, and he took it in his mouth, grabbing it and moving it around.

I took it out and approached him, kissing him fiercely now. He was on top of me now, both of us kissing, our tongues dancing together, exploring each other's mouth.

My hands massaged his back, lowering every minute until they reached his ass. I managed to get them into his underwear, squeezing his ass cheeks. I then started pulling his shorts off, then his underwear, never breaking the kiss. He helped me at it, and then came my turn, he, too, had his hands in my boxers. Once he got my shorts off, we were both kissing and grunting against each other. I was finger fucking him, and so was he. We were such a great duo, it felt like our bodies were meant to collapse against each other, like every single place where our skin touched was made just for it to fit.

After a few minutes of this, I wanted to do a 69, so we got into the position and started sucking off each other. While I sucked his huge cock, I stuck my finger into his asshole and circled it around, copying the motion he was doing with my own dick that was in his mouth.

I released his throbbing member and started suckling on his balls, licking his ballsack. I then ran my tongue up the shaft until I found the head, which I took into my mouth once again. In the same moment, Damon was sucking off my cock. Every thrust I made sent spasms intense threesome session with a stunning hooker my body, full of pleasure. I moaned with his cock still in my mouth and so did he.

My whole body tensed and he knew that I was on edge, he pumped his face even faster and I shot loads and loads of cum into his face. He started swallowing my essence, but at the excitement, he, too, was on edge, and so he came in my mouth, me doing the same to him, swallowing all cum that was in my mouth, nearly choking on all the liquid.

We stayed in the 69 position for nearly 5 minutes and then we just hugged, and laid there, in each other's arms all night.

Chapter III: Unexpected Visit Once again, I was laying there with Damon, in my bed, both of us naked, when the sound of my phone rang. Damon complained but I was up and rising. I got the phone from the sofa of the TV room and answered without knowing who the caller was, even though I was fairly sure it was Elena. Sure enough, her perky voice greeted me. "Good morning" she said, her voice lightening my mood. "Hey, babe. So great hearing your voice as soon as I woke up" "That would be because I woke you up," she giggled then.

" So I wanted to tell you, Alaric, he's got a place in Italy where he thinks he can get you guys some info, I sent him your location and he's on his way". "Alaric?" I answered.

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"Yes, Alaric. You know? History teacher… Paranormal activity addict.?" "Uhh, yes I know him! I was just surprised he's coming here that's all…" "Oh, is there any problem?" "No, absolutely not! I was just surprised. So how're things doing in Mystic Falls?" "Well, Jeremy isn't sick anymore! Thank God. And guess what?" "What?" "They're together! Bonnie and Jeremy! I'm so happy for them!" "Really? That's good…" As I continued the conversation with Elena, Damon jumped out of bed, his cock dangling in front of him.

He got near me and started licking my nipples teasingly. I smiled at him and told Elena I had to go, and it was urgent. She said goodbye to me and I hung up.

I threw the phone on the sofa and took hold of Damon's face, holding it up and kissing him deeply. He wrapped his arms around my face as I grabbed his feet, spreading them, to carry him to the bedroom. We got there and I gently laid him down, still kissing him.

He spread his legs around my waist, giving me full access to his asshole. I adjusted the tip of my cock on the entrance and pushed in, very slowly and gently.

The tip of my cock entered him, and Damon gave out a huge moan of out of families xxx when mom is not in home. I pushed back my sexy blonde thief gets fucked as punishment, until it was fully out, then slammed it as hard as I could into his ass, the whole member penetrating his asshole.

He gave out a huge scream of pain / pleasure. I continued fucking him, until suddenly, the door slammed open, and Alaric Saltzman came out of it, holding a wooden stake. "What the fuck is going on here?" Alaric screamed at us. "What the Hell are you doing here, Alaric?" Damon screamed back at him, escaping my grip and standing just in front of him. "I was here to help.

I came in the room since nobody answers their cell phones, and I heard Damon screaming! So I took the stake out and came in here, to see you guys fucking!" "Well really, Alaric, this is none of your business." Damon strolled over to where Alaric stood, and stood there facing him, their faces only inches away from each other. Chapter IV: Three cocks are better than two. There they stood, Damon glaring at Alaric who had just busted us fucking.

Then, the strangest thing happened. Alaric jumped at Damon, kissing him fiercely on the lips. Damon, too, felt stunned but didn't stop the kiss. After it lasted 5 minutes, Damon began undressing Alaric, first taking off his shirt to expose his bare chest. It had a decent six pack, it was beautiful.

Then Damon broke the kiss and knelt down in front of Alaric. He unzipped Alaric's jeans and took those off too, Alaric stepping out of them. Then, Damon got his face closer to Alaric's crotch, which looked huge.

He took off the underwear, revealing an astonishing 9 inches, which slapped Damon across the face. He ripped off Alaric's Calvin Klein underwear, and began to suck at the head of the large cock dangling in front of his face. Alaric moaned in pleasure, and I realized I was just standing there, with a hard-on. So I approached them and kneeled in front of Alaric, next to Damon, and helped him with the cock my licking Alaric's balls.

They were big and hairy, he didn't shave them. I thought it was hotter. Alaric was blond, and had the most gorgeous brown eyes. He was actually human, unlike Stefan & Damon. He was in his late twenties, or early thirties. He grabbed Damon by the head and pulled him deeper, Damon could have chocked on it, but he didn't make it seem.

Man that scene was a turn on! I backed away to admire the scene developing in front of me, and wanted to try something, a threesome. I sent a telepathic message to Damon, "Let him give you head, I've got an idea." Immediately Damon got up and kissed Alaric, pulling his head down, now Alaric was giving Damon a blowjob. I grabbed the opportunity, and approached the duo, positioned my throbbing cock in front of Alaric's virgin ass, and went in, digging my whole cock in there.

Alaric screamed of pain and pleasure while sucking Damon off. Damon started face fucking Alaric even harder, while I took him from behind. It was such a turn on. Alaric, a weak human, sandwiched by two vampires. I tried to imagine any human daring to stand up to Damon to stop whatever he planned to do; his end would be tragic. I continued fucking him while Damon was practically raping his mouth!

Poor Alaric, he must've felt so confused. I didn't hot threesome fuck reena sky and jill kassidy pornstars hardcore guilt overwhelm me, so I continued fucking the human "sub" in front of me. It wasn't long until I reached my climax and, groaning, let off so many spurts of cum into Alaric's tight asshole.

He moaned too. I pumped a few times afterwards, but then took my dick out of his ass, with some cum dripping from its head, and some cum leaking out of his asshole. The sight of cum probably aroused Damon even more, and he started groaning furiously, Alaric's mouth getting raped. Damon's fingers curled, then, and he came deeply into Alaric's mouth with no warning.

Alaric swallowed most of it but there was still a small leak from his mouth. Chapter V: Witches When we were done, we agreed to take a shower. Since none of us had the patience to wait for the other, we got in together, helping each other clean off.

"So what did you guys find out?" "Only a few stuff" Damon responded. "We found out Originals can only be killed with a stake from a white oak tree, but the last one has been burned down in World War II. Chubby kimmy fabel fucks her horny boyfie on the couch saved some of the white oak's ashes, but they said that to kill an original it has to be put on a special dagger." "Hmm, where can you find the dagger?

And do you have a picture?" "Yeah I have one right on my phone, when we're down I'll show it to you." We showered and after we got dried up, and all dressed up, Damon went to his own bedroom and was back with his BlackBerry in hand.

He tossed the phone to Alaric, who caught it with no effort and stared at the screen for 2 minutes.

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"Wow, Human brain is such a slow worker!" Damon said, rolling his eyes. Alaric glanced up at Damon, glaring at him. "What's wrong?" I asked Alaric, detecting the alarm in his face. "I know where we can find such a dagger." "Where?" Both Damon and me answered him.

He ignored us and opened his bags. One was full of knives, guns, and lots of other anti-vampire weapons. He took out the knife we had seen in the picture. "Oh my God! Where did you get it?" Damon practically exhaled. "Isobel's best friend was a witch, and she hooked her up with it and some other neat gadgets…" "Hmmm… Well you guys, that's interesting and all, but how are you gonna manage to stake an Original?" I said, sarcastically.

"By surprise." Damon replied, waggling his eyebrows at me. "Ahaa… You gotta excuse me guys, I have to go do some shopping! See you later" I had to go get some food and stuff, steal some blood bags… Get Elena, and the others some gifts! It is gonna be a long day… I left the hotel and got a cab that drove me to the nearest mall.

Chapter VI: Bloodlust Alaric turned over, and was heading to an empty room next to Stefan's to unpack, but Damon wasn't quite done yet. He ran and caught Alaric, ripping off his clothes, again, and started taking his own clothes off.

"Maybe Stefan gets enough early, but I don't." "Damon, whaa- Damon was behind Alaric, his breath hot against Alaric's neck. He spread Alaric's ass cheeks a little apart, and dove his whole dick into him.

He then pumped harder and harder, his whole inches penetrating the poor human's ass in an almost cruel way. He was pumping so fast now, that the human eye would have saw nothing but a blur. We wonder how would it feel for Alaric? The guys has such a huge cock in his ass, moving in and out in a supernatural speed. Then, Damon slowed down, and when Alaric thought it was almost over, Damon bit down on Alaric's neck, feeding from him, and fucking him all over again, with the same raging speed.

Damon's balls were slapping against Alaric's, whose cock was blood red. His whole body was flushed. Then Damon took out his dick and pushed Alaric on the ground. Alaric didn't even dare resisting Damon, he was the only vampire he feared that wouldn't count to three before killing him. Damon jacked off facing Alaric's wide open mouth, then Damon shot his whole load on Alaric's face, only a few drops of cum entered his mouth.

Damon kissed Alaric, as if to clean up his own semen, which he did. Then, after licking all of the remains of cum on Alaric's face, he kissed from his mouth all the way down his body until he arrived at the 9 incher. Damon teased his balls, licking one another gently, until he licked all the way up his ball sack, arriving at the tip of the shaft. He licked it all the way up to the head, and then took it all in his mouth, barely being able to breathe.

Alaric grabbed Damon by his hair, and teen hailey little gets her tiny pussy wrecked pornstars and hardcore pushing him forward.

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Both Damon and Alaric were moaning now. Alaric started to face-fuck Damon, that was in too much of a daze to fight back, he choked on Alaric's 9 inches, and he felt like he had gold in his mouth. Alaric was on edge and wanted to try something, so he pulled his dick back and knelt behind Damon, who, as if on cue, flexed up his ass for Alaric's easier access. Alaric then positioned his cock in front of the hole he was about to fuck, and pushed it all in, driving Damon crazy!

They both moaned in excitement, Damon barely screaming! 15 minutes later, Alaric was on edge and was gonna cum, so he took his cock out and stood in front of Damon's open, eager mouth. He jacked off his rod a few minutes, getting a little help from Damon's tongue, until he finally came, shooting streams of hot cum into Damon's mouth, some spurts landing on his eyes or hair.

Then, Alaric knelt down and licked off all remains of cum while Damon swallowed Alaric's man essence. Damon then stood up, and backed away a few steps to examine Alaric's body, which he hasn't had enough of time to examine.

Alaric's chest was smooth but a little hairy. He had pubes and hairy balls, which turned on Damon even more, after they just fucked! His legs were of course hairy. "Like what you see?" Alaric said, teasingly. "Sure I do," Damon responded, rolling his eyes. After thoughts, Alaric was the only "friend" Damon had. Back in Mystic Falls, only he, Stefan and Elena got Free road trip for hot sex with slutty chick madison reality and cumshot back.

He was an ass to everyone and only those accepted to see the humanity remaining within him. Both Damon and Alaric then got dressed and were discussing what to do. They figured out the way of killing an Original, which was the main goal to their trip. But what now? Should they go back to Mystic Falls?

If they did, would they continue their little "encounters" there? With the presence of Elena, Stefan oughtn't do it with them anymore! Plus, there was more risk of getting busted there! "So, what do you say? How about staying here for the two weeks you have agreed on, we would have the most fun possible!

When we're in Mystic Falls, we'll call it a "guys' night out", it's an ideal excuse!" "It is…" Damon said, thinking it through. "All right then, it's settled! We'll talk to Stefan when he's back from shopping." So it was settled, we would stay for the two weeks that we agreed on, and then we would sneak off together for sex. Chapter VII: Missing Damon and Alaric were just hanging around in the hotel room, when Damon's BlackBerry started ringing.

"Hello?" "Hey, Damon! It's me, Elena… Is Stefan with you? He isn't answering his phone!" "No he isn't! He said he went shopping somewhere!" "Where exactly?" "The nearest mall, I guess" "Well, go searching for him!

And keep me updated!" "Sure" Damon closed the line and filled Alaric in, when he received a text message: clubtug sexy milf gives you a pov hanjob have your brother. Meet me at the nearest mall to your room, and we both know where that is… Come alone, and your life will be spared.- K"