Xxy story new sex stories desi gril

Xxy story new sex stories desi gril
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I sat ever so quietly beside the running creek, watching the fish swim through the water effortlessly. I feel at peace beside the quiet little creek, I have my feet in the cool spring water, and I watch as tadpoles swim around my ankles, I raise my skirt just to my knees to it doesn't get wet.

Peering through the trees, I feel the sun on my face and realize that I have been sitting this way for over an hour. I decide that I have to go back home, Daddy will be looking for me.

I stand and turn stepping on the stones with my bare feet, I walk up the steep bank leading to the road.

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Walking down the old dirt road, damp feet, I have grass and dirt sticking to my toes. Finally, I get into the field to clean my feet off, I walk slowly up the long drive to the house. Walking up the three steps to the back door I wiggle the knob and find that it's open.

I push the door open with my hand and pull the screen door closed behind me. I walk into the kitchen and pull a glass from the sink and run the cold water.

Headed into the hallway to my room I decide to slip on my shoes and go to the barn to see what my horse is up to. I pull on a pair of jeans and a t-insert, dropping my skirt on the bed. I slip selah rain swallows that dick anal freak fucking my boots and throw my hair into a ponytail. I walked back out the door and close it behind me.

Heading to the barn, I listen to the birds chirping and singing their own little songs, I begin to whistle shoot your cum all over my cute face joi dirty talking cocksucker own little song, I pass the workroom that Daddy built on the front of the barn, I hear hammering in there, and know that Daddy is working hard on something.

I walk past the door to the workroom and looking in I see Daddy in a pair of tight Levi jeans, and no shirt, the sweat glistening on his brown skin. His dark hair wet and curly from the sweat pouring from his brow.

He doesn't notice me, and I don't stop. I walk into the barn over to the stall where Millie stands. I rub the white star on her nose she nudges my hand for more love from me.

I move around the barn picked up straw and mixing it with oats for the horse to eat. I feel as though someone is staring at me. I continue to move around with my back to the door of the barn as I bend over to pick up a new bail of straw I feel someone's hand on my ass.

I raise up and turn on my heel. It's Daddy, he smiles at me ,his beautiful white teeth shining. I smile at him, he leans in and kisses my forehead and asks me what I'm up to. I told him I was feeding Millie, and was going to go back to the house and start dinner.

I turn to finish my chores, and was about to walk out of the barn when I feel arms around my waist, he turns me around. "Daddy, what are you doing," I questioned? He never spoke he just leaned in and put his lips on mine.

His lips were always so soft and hot. His kiss became more passionate as his tongue explored my mouth, his hot tongue would find mine and flick it with his tongue before sucking into his mouth, and then he would move back to the deep kiss. I felt my pulse quicken and my heart seemed to speed up as he kissed my neck and behind my ears.

I responded by pushing myself closer to him. I felt myself moving backwards as he walked me somewhere inside the barn, he moved me over to the stack of straw hidden on the side stall, he pushed me down onto the straw. He lay on top of me his mouth covering mine again, our kiss lasted what seemed forever to me, I could feel his hands on the buttons of my flannel shirt. Feeling the cool air run across my flat stomach I knew that he had completed his task, I felt his breath on my neck it was rough and ragged, as his hands moved slowly over my stomach and up to massage my breast that were hidden by my bra.

Daddy moved off the top of me, and came down on his knees in front of me, he pulled my arms until I was in a sitting position in front of him, he leaned to kiss the tops of my breast as his hand moved to the back to unsnap my bra. I held the cups in my hands so not to expose myself to his lustful eyes. He smiled at me and gently peeled my fingers off my bra cups.

He intertwined his fingers in the straps and pulled it down over my arms to expose my instantly hardening nipples, I tried to cover myself but sexy charmane star gets fucked hard by her photographers big hard cock during photoshoot watch her i held my hands at my sides.

He stood up and walked to the front of the barn, I couldn't see what he was doing, but I sat still and waited with hands covering my breast. He walked back to me and told me to turn around, I did as he said. He told me to put my hands behind my back, again I did as he asked and didn't ask him what he was doing. I knew instantly because I could feel the rope on my tiny wrists, he wound it around tighter and tighter binding my hands so that I couldn't move them. I didn't struggle because I knew it would be futile attempt, it always was.

He turned me back around, my hands tied snuggly behind my back. With them tied so tight my arms were pulled taut and my breast stuck out, painfully exposed to my father's waiting mouth or hands, or cock.

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Whatever, he chose, I soon realized there were other things. He stood up and held Millie's riding crop he tapped the end on my right nipple harder and harder, it began to sting as he tapped my nipples. First he would tap the right one then the left one a little harder each time.

The pain began to be more than I could stand. I sat very still, and anticipated every whack with the crop, he finally stopped my nipples red from the beating they had received, the areola was shriveled cowering from the licks I had just taken. Daddy bent back down on his knees and leaned in, putting my right nipple in his mouth, he was very gently as though he realized that I was crying hard inside but would never show it from the training I had received since I was very young.

I held perfectly still, he sucked and ran his tongue around my areola, it began to feel better the more he sucked and licked. He looked up at me and pushed me backwards onto the bail of straw. He unbuttoned my pants and ran the zipper down. He grabbed my boots and yanked them off my feet and pulled the bottoms of my jeans until they were sliding down over my hips and thighs and my panties went along with them.

I had no hands there was nothing I could do to stop it. Once I lay naked on the straw he gently ran his hand over my slick milf big tits and ass anal hd xxx sex lespartners sons from mama bear mound. I heard him inhale deeply and knew that his cock was probably rock hard at this point.

He stood once again and went to the front of the barn. I had no idea, and I squeezed my eyes tightly anticipating what he had planned in his twisted little mind.

Once again, Daddy was in front of me I could feel a cold metal bar being tied to ankles. He spread my legs far apart and tied them to the bar.

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He then put a heavy chain around the bar and hoisted it up throwing it over the beams in the roof of the barn. He pulled, pulling my legs up in the air over my head. Once he secured it off, I felt the crop on my ass, he hit my ass harder and harder, it brought tears to my eyes, I had no way of tightening my ass muscles to stop the stinging, brutalizing pain in this position.

He smacked harder and harder, I could feel the welps rising up on my ass and my thighs.

He stopped my legs spread far apart attached to this bar, hands behind my back left me completely helpless. I felt his mouth on my pussy it was spread apart and It was pulled up to be level with his face while he stood, I was almost standing on my head in the position he had hoisted me into. He lapped at my clit, and moaned I knew that it was hard I could feel it, hard and my pussy was wet. He left me for a minute and went back to the front of the barn, I was sure he was going to bring something that would hurt me.

It was the longest minute, more life five or six, when he returned I could hear the sound of horses hooves, I craned my neck around and could see daddy's legs and his horse Spike standing over me. Oh my God surely he would not have this horse fuck me. He had fucked me himself, had my Momma fuck me, the boy next door, the dog, and surely not realitykings moms lick teens molly mae nikki capone dueling dildos horse.

Horse dicks were absolutely huge, he would kill me in this position.

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I understood then that I was the perfect level for the horses huge cock to fuck me. I moved around a little more so I could see what was about to happen. I could see Daddy stooping down under the horse I moved a little more and could see Daddy's hand working the horses huge cock. He was getting him ready, the horse shuffled around and began to breath heavier as daddy was obviously turning him on. He stroked his cock hard up and down until it was rock hard. Daddy stopped and went to the stall next to us that held the straw he brought over two more bales.

He put one on each side of me. "Daddy, please please, don't let the horse fuck me," I begged. He leaned in and kissed my begging, pouting little mouth to shut me up. He pulled the horse around and raised him up putting one front leg on each bail of straw the horse was directly over the top of me. Daddy moved the horse over the top of me and pushed me further under him until his cock was directly over my dripping wet spread pussy.

Daddy reached back under the horse and stroked his cock some more to get the horse excited and ready to fuck me. I wasn't sure how he could do this to me, his little baby that he loves to fuck himself. I didn't say anything because it was be fruitless to even try to. I could feel the horses slick hard cock pushing into my waiting pussy. Daddy's hand guided the horses cock, the horse began to move around. Daddy held him still and wouldn't let him, the horse began to thrust his cock into my pussy, he filled me up, I could see that only had maybe half crammed into me, and I was full.

I would surely die with this sex act. Daddy moved out from under the horse to let him fuck me, and that he did. His cock rammed harder and harder into my pussy it was growing bigger and thicker, I felt that my cunt was going to split open. I looked at Daddy with begging eyes as he watched the hard cock i got caught using a big sex toy into me.

Daddy had his cock in his hand and was stroking it over my face, his other hand on my tit squeezing, "You cum, baby girl," he purred.

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I was extremely excited as the horse fucked my little tight hole harder and harder. Daddy stroked his cock, I felt something wet on my face and knew that he was cumming, the horse was too his cock so hard, I could feel it moving further and further in, he would move it and stop, move it and stop.

I knew he was going to fill my little pussy full of his cum. The wetness on my face continued I opened my eyes to find Daddy standing over me pissing into my face, he smiles as he held his cock close to my face.

I opened my mouth and let him fill it and would turn my head to spit. The horse sped his fucking up. I felt myself nearing orgasm it built from my toes. I began to shake and my pussy began to squirt, the orgasm racked my small young body. When my thighs stopped shaking the horse filled me with his hot cum.

It shot out the sides of my pussy and ran down my ass. Daddy moved the horse and let the chain down, he stopped and looked into my gapping pussy that was wide open. He told me it was huge the horse had made my hole very large.

I was covered in piss and cum. Daddy walked me to the back of the barn where the hose was. I could hardly walk from the fucking I had just received. He picked me up and carried me to the back of the barn he sat me on the bench and took the hose, he washed me all over and between my legs. While there he kissed my sweet little pussy, he looked at me smiled, and told me to get dressed and go and start dinner.

I dressed and walked slowly back to the house, some of the soreness already letting go. I knew that I wasn't finished for the night, that after dinner, Daddy would fuck me, and he would be gentle and easy because I had done exactly as he said this afternoon and Amateur teen couple web xxx hairy kim and cleanshaven janet hadn't cried or protested, and he was very turned on.