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Shcool sex techar free dawonlode best storys com
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It was a warm summer day. Me and Cousin Jennie decided to go canoeing on granpa's lake. I was visting hermy granpa, and her parents for the summer. Jennie was a very beautiful teenager.

She had long brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, perfectly round teenage breast, and a nice plump ass. I couldn't help staring at her body in her tiny bikini. i could see her rock hard little nipples while we were cruising in the canoe.I wonder if she noticed.

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she kept splashing me, and throwing me these flirty smile. Luckily, it was so warm she didn't even bother with a towel. She got out of the canoe first, and I was able to see her beautiful ass cheeks.

I wanted to reach out and grab her so bad. We spent the rest of the day chilling inside, playing video games, and watching T.V. Later in the evening, the family got together for supper. "We are going to play bingo tonight, wanna come?" asked Jennie's mom. "no thanks, i think i'm just gonna hang here". I wasn't really interested in hanging with a bunch of old people in some wierd bar. "it's cool". "Jennie can keep you company".

""sounds good to me" and my rock hard boner, I thought to myself. Jennie seemed to dissapear by the time redhead grandma linda hairy pussy close ups was over.

A little after supper Jennie's parents drove off to their bingo match. We watched a James Bond movie with grandpa, and he fell asleep right after.

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Once he was asleep we went to the liquor cambinet and took a bottle of scotch. We each had a couple of shots, and put it back when we both felt nice and tipsy."do you ever do anything really dirty" i asked Jennie. "well what do you mean by dirty?" she answered. "hmm.I dont knowlike with boys".

"its my secret, i cant tell you" she smiled at me. We went back in and watched some cartoons for awhile. "i'm gonna head off to bed" "thats cool" said Jennie.I went to bed, got undressed, and started touching myself. I was using her bedroom for the week, and she was staying downstairs in the apartment with her parents. I didn't hear her knocking or anything.

She scared the shit out of me, and got me jerking off. "OMIGOSH" she came close to me and started playing with my rock hard cock. she stroked it up and down with her tiny teenage hands. I was moaning and groaning she was so good.After awhile she decided it was time for my cock to go into her beautiful mouth.she sucked me off. Slowly at first, then faster and faster until she felt pre-cum in her mouth."you better not cum".

She threw me on the bed. she pulled of her lowrider jeans, and took off her thong. she threw the thong at me, and wiped it on my face."you see i'm already wet for you" she said. she took off her tank top, and luckily she wasn't wearing a bra.

"now you owe me one. She sat on my face with her hands on the wall. "lick my tight little pussy, you sick pervert" I loved the taste I licked her up and down.

I licked her clit in circles, until she nearly screamed. She bit my finger so she wouldn't yell to loud. I felt her body tremble as her cum gushed down my face. "Are you ready to fuck me ?" .She already knew the answer based on my throbbing hard-on.

She put a condom it her mouth, and rolled it onto my rock hard dick. "you bet know how to fucklike oyu know how to eat pussy". I just smiled.She sister forced brother txxx her an friends on my dick, and I fucked her so hard I thought the bed would collapse. As soon as my energy ran out, she rode me like a rodeo star.i was sure i was gonna cum.:"oh shit, i'm gonna cum" "no your not " she whispered in my ear.

She got off me. "not before you fuck me in my ass a little.I was having hard time not coming but I wanted her so bad. "lick my ass, you fucking pervert" I obeyed, and gave her thight little ass the licking it would never forget.As I was licking her ass I stuck one finger in and out.I got even harder when i felt how tight she was."put another oyne in there", she begged me.I put another finger in, and slid them in and out."I want oyur cock so bad right now" I slid my cock into her ass, and she let a huge moan.

"fuck me, fuck me, fuck me hard.!" I had her on her hands and knees. I pulled her hair as I fucked her ass. I had to keep a finger in her mouth so puma swede cumshot compilation lord of cumshots wouldn't yell to loud.I spanked her ass until it turned red. "omigosh!

fuck my teen hole, you fucking sicko" I was just about ready to cum."are you ready for spy cheating with neighbor boy to cum?" I asked her. "you beT" I knew she couldn't handle much more. she turned over on the bed.

"let me taste my ass". She sucked on my hard cock for awhile."oh shit" I came like never before all over her mouth, face, and hair."yummY", she said. We both were soaked in a puddle of sweat. "that was my first time" she said."Really I hope it was good", I said as we made out a little. I felt her tongue in my mouth, and she put het hand on my cum soaked balls.

"I hope you can stay a bit longer. "maybe i'll invite a freind over one night".I pictured Jennie and one of her teenage freinds together and once againI was rock hard.just as Jennie started sucking me off again someone was standing over us.we didnt ven hear her mom come in the room.