Mom and son xxx vedisex stories

Mom and son xxx vedisex stories
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Part One No sex all set up! <BluePeaceDove> Really enjoyed our little chat last night htdapr, it was something I wasn't expecting! <htdapr> Well me and the boys had a great time with you also.

Would love to do it for real if you're up for it that is! <BluePeaceDove> Find me and we'll see! LOL!! And that was what started my tracing of BluePeaceDove.

The night she spent with me and my friends on in the chatroom was something to remember. She posted that we all had her bent over her student desk taking her sweet little pink pussy from behind, making her cum in buckets. Damn she was really turning us on with her descriptions of sex acts she let us perform on her while fuck this peeping tom im stopping time surrounded by us. Fuck even thinking about it now is giving me a boner.

"Hey Mark what you up to?" Turing as my bedroom door opens and in comes Melinda James, the only girl my mom will let into my room, besides herself. We been next door neighbours since forever, her family moved in beside us when we were three years old and as they say the rest is history.

"Nothing really just surfin the net!" as she comes looking over my shoulder. On screen was the homepage of IPTracer which I collapse before she could get a real good look at it. "So why are you here?" "Bored and no one around to hang with!" Sitting on my bed, her silky black hair hanging down to her shoulder blades.

She's wearing her light blue colored contacts covering up her hazel eyes, what passes for her lips coated cute teen girl kharlie stone sucks and gets rammed hard a blue lip coloring, a thick lower lip and a thin upper one. She wearing a loose white t-shirt that helps pulls the eyes to her facial coloring. Her petite 32b breasts barely making an indentation in the fabric. "Want to do something with me?" If she knew what I was doing before she came in she wouldn't be asking such a loaded question.

"Just let me shutdown my laptop and i'm all yours!" Clicking the three screens that I had up closed then powering down. As the screen blacked out, I turn to her "Hey breathe, Melinda, you're lips are blue!" Laughing "Ha Ha! Ladies and gentlemen, Mark Carson, comedian wannabe!" Oh ouch!, someone got up on the wrong side of the bed today!

And I have to admit my retort was just adding to her attitude. "Long night last night?" pouting at her "Yes I was making some internet friends dreams to come true!' then she got me back "You know something you couldn't do on,since they found out your real age!" Bitch!

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"Well if that's how you really feel, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out!" "Oh did I touch a nerve!" getting up "You know I'm just joking Mark!" leaning in to kiss my cheek.

Damn she smelled go good, to bad she's she never gave me any sign that she wanted to go beyond the friend stage even though I hinted a few times. Taking chance, I do reach around to cop a feel of her petite ass, making her pull away "Try that again and I'll tell your mom on you!" bursting out laughing "say why don't you bring your laptop and come to my place, we got an upgrade in wifi service that allows us to be out by the pool and not lose signal strength!" And I could just stay here and surf in comfort!" moving back to sit down "Give me one reason I would want to go surf outside in your backyard?" "I've a new bathing suit, I'm dying to try on!' Damn now that's a reason to go and she knew I loved to see her next to naked.

I can't count the amount of times she caught me staring into her bedroom window after she came back from a shower, just hoping to catch a glimpse of her naked. With those images in my head I grab my charger cord and my laptop, motioning her out before me so I could watch that petite ass move down the stairs. "Oh and don't forget your trunks Mark, I might as well have something to look at also!" Damn is she saying what I think she's saying, turning around to race back cute teen couple gets talked into playing sex games for cash tube porn my room to get them.

Racing down the stairs finding her already at her front door by the time I remember to lock mine. Racing over, she left her front door open, making it easy for me to get in. From the upstairs I hear "You know the way to the backyard, so make yourself at home, I'll be down in a bit!" Making sure no one else was around I use the kitchen to change into my trunks before going through to the dining room and the door to the outside patio and pool area.

Taking one of the loungers I open up my laptop, booting up just as Melinda comes out wearing a mint green bikini top and a matching sarong. My eyes follow her curves as she takes the lounger to my right "Oh I forgot to tell you the password to login with, dad got really creative it's "James" all capitals" Within seconds of typing it in I'm online and go check in at where I find BluePeaceDove is online also.

Sending her a pm to meet me in the chat room if she can. Melinda looks up "Mark do you mind if I chat with an online friend for a bit?" "No I was just about to ask you the same!" logging into the chat room. Bringing up IPTracer after finding BluePeaceDove in the chatroom. Copying her ip address into IPTracer watching as it icon spin trying to trace where it's located.

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<htdapr> morning BluePeaceDove it's just you and me this time is that alright <BluePeaceDove> of course htdapr just won't need the shower as long afterwards.* Comes over to htdapr and kisses him* <htdapr>*Kisses her back and gropes her ass* I would love to start a morning like this for real!

<BluePeaceDove> Well just come to Apalachicola and we can give it a try! Holy christ that's where I live, a small town in the Florida panhandle, a little over 2200 people. IPTracer dings and a popup window opens revealing not only is BluePeaceDove in Apalachicola but that she within a mile of my exact location "Fuck yes!" Melinda looks up confused. Sheepishly "Sorry just got some good news!" Going back to typing <htdapr> I live in Apalachicola at 405 24th Ave.

Where are you? <BluePeaceDove> I got to go htdapr! With that she logged out of the chat room. The really strange coincident, Melinda gets up leaving her computer on the lounger "Keep an eye on this for me Mark!" as she goes into her house shaking a bit.

Wondering what's going on i get up and go over to check what was on her screen. There it was The homepage of with BluePeaceDove in the log in square. Sweet Jesus Christ the girl I've been sexting with these past few weeks was Melinda. Fuck she even said she would consider a gangbang with me and my two friends.

From the corner of my eye I see her coming towards the patio door, I start to flail my right hand above her laptop aas if trying to shoo away something. As she gets closer "Fucking bees seems to like your laptop Melinda!" Returning to the lounger I was in, picking up my laptop and opening the email page.

Composing a fast mail to Aaron and Bill "Morning guys guess who is BluePeaceDove!-Melinda James from school. I'm with her right now in her backyard by the pool. She has no idea that i'm htdapr. Bill is your dad still renovating 130 Bay Ave.

If so try to get the keys so we can party with her like we did in the chat room last night. Get back to me fast when you get this- Mark.

Sending it offminutes later I get my answer "Yes, got the keys when do you want to party there?" Looking to Melinda then starting to reply "Tonight! I'll get her there and we will party long and hard with her!" cruelty party stephani moretti part 1 To be Continued