Sexy teeny seduce an old man with her perfect feet

Sexy teeny seduce an old man with her perfect feet
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I love being a drug dealer. I even have the perfect front for my dealing. A computer repair shop. There's a ton of room inside of a computer tower to stash merchandise, and people just give old towers away. My clients know to buy computers with specific components. Regular customers frequently bring their old computers in for repairs or updates.

I thought it was a brilliant idea, considering how I already knew my way around computers and could make it look a legitimate front. Almost everyone has a computer, and computers always break down or need upgrades.

One wwe diva lita xxx storys my clients is a thirty-something brunette who has a bad heroin addiction.

A few months ago she came in to have her computer "upgraded", but couldn't afford to pay for all the upgrades she wanted. She's pretty attractive and has what appears to be a nice set of double D tits. I suggested a compromise.

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I'd take whatever cash she has on her, and she can pay off the rest by helping me in the back. I instructed her to come back at closing time to get her computer. That evening she arrived wearing a tight leather vest and cut-off blue jeans shorts.

I locked the door and she followed me into the back room. I turned toward her and began unbuttoning her vest. Nervously, she ask if I was going to fuck her.

"No", I replied, "you're going to suck my cock, but you're going to do it topless so I can feel your big tits while you're doing it". She nodded in agreement as I tossed the vest to the floor. Her tits weren't the nicest I'd ever seen but they were far from the worst.

Her darkened areolas and telltale stretch marks indicated that she has been pregnant in the past. "You have a kid?" I ask.

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"Yes", she responded, "a twelve year old daughter". I shrugged and began squeezing her tits before taking one of her erect nipples into my mouth. I suckled her as she began unbuttoning my pants and shoved them to the floor. I sat on a desk and leaned back. My 71/2 inch dick standing straight like a tower. Without hesitation, she dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth. He breasts stuffed between my knees she began sucking and stroking my engorged shaft.

After a few minutes she sat up and pressed her tits around my cock and fucked my dick with her juggs. My breathing intensified and she slurped the head of my dick into her mouth just before I blew my load. Cum dripped from the sides of her mouth, ran down her chin and dripped onto her boobs.

She rubbed my sperm into her tit meat like a lotion. I nodded toward her computer and said, "paid in full." She did this off and on for about the next five months and I allowed it simply because she gave good head and I liked feeling my cock sandwiched between her soft fat tits.

Last week she cam in for an "upgrade". She whispered that she really needed this upgrade, but didn't have any money. She ask if we could pay with other services. "Out of the question", I replied. "No offence, but I don't screw my clients because I don't know where they've been due to the nature of their needs." I guess she was pissed because she stormed out. She came back ten minutes later and said, "what if I offer you something else…something clean and new?" I glanced up at her.

"I'm not a babe knows to shake her camel toe shop." "No" she quickly replied. She glanced around the room making sure no one was around and leaned in closer, "my daughter." I couldn't believe my ears. This woman just offered her daughter in exchange for drugs. "She just turned thirteen last month, she's a virgin, and you can have her cherry if you'll fix me up", she whispered.

Stunned, I just stared at her for what must have been an eternity. My mind was racing. How desperate was she to get high that she would give me her daughter's virginity? I haven't been with a teen since I was in high school, but even then, never one that young.

The longer I thought about it, my thoughts transitioned from shock and disgust, to strangely aroused. Finally I broke my gaze. "I'll think about it." I replied. She pushed her computer across the counter and smiled, "We'll be back at closing time." She walked out the door and I fell back into my chair. I'd never even pondered such a thing before…yet here I was getting excited at the possibility of fucking something so young, fresh, innocent, and untouched.

My dick began getting harder the more I thought about it. Just before five o'clock the woman walked in the door holding her daughter's hand. The little girl was also a brunette. She was about four foot nine and extremely cute. Her long brown hair was pulled into a ponytail and draped over her african man and american girl. She was wearing a red skirt and a white shirt that was just thin enough that I could see she was wearing a bra which cupped her budding A cup breasts.

The two approached the counter and the woman ask, "so do we have a deal…please?" She was sweating and her voice quivered as she spoke. This woman was hurting for a fix. I walked around the counter and locked the door. The woman's face lit up with excitement. The little girl looked at her mom and ask, "Mommy, what's going on?" She looked at her daughter and said, "Don't worry sweetie. You remember that talk we had about boys and sex?" The little girl blushed and said, "Yes".

"well, honey, it's time you see what mommy was talking about. You're going to become a big girl today." The little girl looked troubled and started to protest. "Shush!" The woman said. Do as mommy says and don't talk back. The girl nodded slowly and the two followed me into the back room.

The woman got to her knees in front of her daughter and began explaining what was going to happen. "Mommy has decided that you should become a big girl today. I'm going to be here to help you so don't be afraid.

This man is going to put his penis in your vagina. It's going to hurt at first, but I promise it will feel good after that." The girl began to shiver and cry. "Mommy, no. I don't want that. I'm scared." The woman embraced her daughter. "Hush baby, there's nothing to be afraid of. Mommy is right here." I began to feel guilty. "I don't think this is a good idea." I stated. "No!" The woman snapped. I need this!

I mean…she needs to grow up and be a big girl." The woman smiled at her daughter and wiped a tear from the girl's cheek. She took hold of the hem of the girl's shirt and pulled it off over her head. The girl shivered more as she stared at me. The woman then tugged the girl's skirt down and instructed her daughter to step sweaty sports kos lesbian arimura chika south riona japanese and asian of it.

She reached behind her back and unclasp her bra allowing it to fall to the floor. Again she smiled at her daughter as she rubbed her thumbs over the girl's swollen nipples. "You're such a beautiful girl Amanda". "Mommy…" The girl whispered.

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The woman shook her head. "No, not a word. Here, mommy will take her clothes off too." She slipped her shirt off and slipped her bra off her shoulders. "See, now mommy is getting naked too." I was beginning to get nervous too, so I turned to my workbench and retrieved the drugs. The woman licked her lips when she saw the bag.

She slid her daughter's panties down and then removed her own. "Ok, now mommy is going to undress this man and let you see his penis." She went to her pants and produced a leather pouch.

She sat in on the bench and opened it up revealing it to be her heroin kit. She turned to me and stripped me of my shirt and unfastened my pants.

She slid my pants down and looked back at her daughter who was standing by the desk looking awkward. The woman slipped her fingers around the elastic band of my boxers and gently tugged them down. My stiffened cock bobbed as it sprang from my underwear. The little girl's eyes widened as she dad jerking off in front family my dick being unveiled. The woman went back to her daughter and instructed her to sit on the desk.

The girl began crying once more, but her mom was right there to assure her everything was fine. The woman motioned for me to come over then looked back at her daughter. "Now, mommy is going to get him ready for you. I'm going to put his penis in my mouth." With that she turned to me and took my cock into her mouth.

She stroked my shaft as her lips slid over the length of my member. After a few minutes she pulled my dick from her mouth with an audible pop. She looked at her daughter and said; "Now you try it.

Just relax your mouth, don't use your teeth, just your lips. Like a Popsicle." She pushed her daughters head to my cock with one hand and held my dick with the other. The girl opened her mouth looking up at me as her mom slid my dick into her mouth. The woman took the girl's hair into her fist and began coaxing the girl's mouth back and forth over the head of my cock. "Take your tongue and press it against the bottom of his penis." The woman urged.

The little girl did as she was told and her mom pushed my dick deeper into her mouth. I was getting my dick sucked by a thirteen-year-old girl. That thought alone made me want to cum, but I fought back the urge. The woman looked up at me, "You ready?" I nodded to her.

She whispered to her daughter, "okay, good girl. You did a great job Amanda." The girl released my cock from her oral grip and nodded at her mom.

The woman pushed the girl gently to lay back on the desk. "Now, are you mom and son gd story to become a big girl?" she inquired of her daughter. "No, mommy, I don't want to. Please don't do this." The girl began to sit up but her mom pushed he back down and held her shoulders to the desk.

The woman was visibly frustrated when she scolded her daughter. "Don't talk back to your mother." The woman took hold of my penis and pulled me over the little girl. Still keeping her daughter pinned down she pressed the head of my cock to the little girl's pussy lips. "Be gentle." She said to me sternly. She gave my cock a slight tug and urged me to push my dick into her little girl.

She released my cock and went back to holding her daughter down, knowing she would jump when I broke her hymen. The girl squealed as the head of my cock pushed into her tight opening. I slowly forced my cock a little deeper before pulling it back only to push it deeper inside her. I repeated the process five more times until I could feel the head of my cock pressing the girl's undamaged hymen. The girl was crying and gripping her mom's wrists.

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I looked at the woman and paused. "Do it." The woman said. I drew my hips back and thrust the forward. The girl screamed as I buried my dick into her pussy.

I looked down to see blood coating my shaft. The girl cried loudly as she scratched at my chest and her mom's arms. "Stop it!" The woman shouted at her daughter. She then looked at me and said, "Keep going. She's fine. Just don't cum inside her." I was fucking a thirteen-year-old girl. I felt dirty, but even more aroused with bright orgasms for slutty mother id like to fuck thought.

After a few minutes the girl settled down and even looked as thought she was starting to enjoy it. She began moaning; quietly at first, then louder as her body stiffened. She began to quiver and her eyes sprang open. Her mom smiled. "My baby just had her first orgasm." I could feel the burst of hot cum wash over my cock. The sensation drove me wild. She was so tight that she was almost cutting off the feeling in my cock, but the hot coating of little girl cum, along with the thought that I had my dick buried in this little girl's cunt drove me to an orgasm of my own.

I quickly extracted my cock and the woman grabbed my throbbing member and shoved it into her mouth just as I was blowing my load. She then instructed her daughter to go into the bathroom and clean herself up. As soon as the girl was gone she dove over to her heroin kit and began shooting up.

I got dressed and looked at the woman. "Paid in full." I said. I love being a drug dealer.