Sissy bitch boys face fucked

Sissy bitch boys face fucked
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I burst through the door. "Hey, Mom? We're having a writing contest in ELA for an hour after school Thursday and Friday. It's for our class only. Can I compete?" "Sure, Drew. Just remember you have laundry that Friday." "Kay thanks!" . . After school Friday… "Okay," said Mrs. McD. "We are not having a writing competition. We are going to have an in-school orgy." A collective gasp arose from the class. Mrs. McD continued. "I know that this may come as a shock, but I have always had a thing for young adults having sex.

Okay, I'm going to pair a few guys up with three girls each, and everyone else will come to me for a partner. Okay, Josh, you're with Elaina, Allie, and Cassondra. Drew, you're with Alana, Alicia, and Nickole.

Nick, Allie, Izzy, and Corrina. Everyone else, come to me." This was a treat. Those three were hot. Alana was tanned and had a nice, firm ass, and b-cup tits. Alicia was pale with dark hair and had around 36c tits. Nickole was light-brown and had an ok ass and ok tits. "Only engage in intimate physical contact with your group, partner, or me. No being rude. No screaming. I don't enjoy monkey screeches.

Lastly, be gentle. These are girls, not football jocks. Okay, go ahead…" Mrs. McD winked. This was gonna be fun.

. "First," I began. "I'm going to undress you each one at a time, alright?" The three girls blushed and nodded. I pressed on. "Then, I will have Alana give me a handjob. Is that good with you, Alana?" She grinned. "I think that will be fine, Drew. What will the other two be doing while I jerk you off?" "I don't know… What do you two want to do?" I directed the question at Alicia and Nickole.

Nickole licked her lips and looked at Alicia hungrily. Her hands moved to Alicia's ample bosom. Alicia's face brightened as understanding dawned. She moved Nickole's hands to the center of her breasts and moaned as her nipples were stimulated. I began our little sex session adorable brazilian honey plays solo hardcore blowjob unbuttoning the top button of Alana's long blouse.

I started to harden as her bra-covered breasts and toned stomach were revealed further with each button that I undid. Finally, I pulled the blouse off her arms and grinned. It was time to take off her bra. I moved in closer to her body and ground my crotch against hers. My mouth probed up and down her neck as I fumbled with her bra clasp.

As soon as I had the two straps separated, I stepped back and gazed at the amazing sight before me. The only things ruining the view were the pants in the way of her pussy. I slid down the khakis she was wearing. The sudden absence of clothing revealed shapely legs and a sexy pair of panties that matched her bra.

They came off as quick as I could manage. Alana stood completely nude in school, in a classroom. This was probably the kinkiest situation she'd ever be in.

And she loved it. Her pussy glistened in anticipation. Meanwhile, Nickole and Alicia were rubbing each other's crotches through their pants. They looked up at Alana's naked form and smiled. Nickole stood up and Alana lay on her back on the ground.

Alicia started eating her out. As I listened to her moan, I began to undress Nickole. Her t-shirt took no more than a fraction of a second to remove. I robbed her of her yoga pants just as quickly. As she stood before me, listening to the sounds of her horny naked friend moaning, I could make out two faint bulges in her bra.

Her panties showed her excitement. They had a dark spot on the front. I pulled her close and sexy amateur honey christy lynn hardcore and blowjob her bra with less fumbling this time.

Her nipples stood ramrod stiff on the center of her unblemished breasts. I slipped off her panties and "accidentally" brushed her clit on the way. Nickole shivered. She and Alana got into a 69 as Alicia stood up to be undressed. She was shorter than the others by at least four inches. I could barely get her polo off of her, it was stretched so tight around her tits. Her bra took me no time at all.

Her C cup tits were perfectly round. I quickly took off her panties. Unlike the other two, Alicia had a thin strip of dark pubic hair. I knew what I wanted next. Now that all three of them were nude, it was time to get my handjob. Nickole and Alana had both already cum once. I realized that I was still fully dressed. Before I could say anything, the girls surrounded me and stripped me like I stripped them.

They had my jeans and shirt off in a flash. I was left standing in only my boxers. Alana took hold of the bulge in my boxers and began to stroke it.

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Nickole and Alicia drew close to one another and began to make out. Their breasts squashed together and they groped each other's asses. Alana must've felt that enough was enough, because she rid me of my boxers really quickly. My cock sprang to life in front of her. It was a good five inches or so, nothing extraordinary. The head was red and swollen. Alana gingerly traced a finger on the underside of my cock. A small drop of precum leaked from the tip.

Alana used the precum and a little of her spit as a lube. She began slowly pumping a hand up and down my dick, gradually increasing the speed. With each thrust, she rotated her hand a bit. The combined sensations, along with Nickole and Alicia's lesbo session, were almost too much. I couldn't help myself. I came all over Alana's face and hands. She wiped away the semen and rubbed it on to her tits. My dick didn't soften. I stayed just as hard as I had before I came.

I had Alana lay on the ground with her legs spread. I didn't waste any time before diving into her muff. I pushed my tongue as deep into her cunt as I could before running into a flat wall. In between moans, Alana quickly told me to just break it. I quickly thrust a finger in her vag and broke the thin layer of flesh. The blood was salty.

After clearing away the blood, I could taste the juices coming out of her pussy. They were sweet and tangy. I played with her clit using my tongue. After eating her out for a good five minutes or so, she orgasmed, splattering my face with her juices. She stood up, jittering. I called to Nickole and let her know that it was her turn. "Okay, Drew. What will I be doing?" "I think I'll have you suck me off" She grinned.

"I finally get to suck you off. Delicious." She strode over to where I was standing, hips swinging from side to side. Once she was in front of me, she knelt and took my cock in her hand, stroking it gently. I was about to ask what she was doing, when she began licking my balls.

As her hand pumped up and down my shaft, she took each testicle in her mouth and sucked.

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Eventually, she began moving her tongue up the underside of my shaft and lubing my cock with her spit. Once she reached the tip of my member, she took the head in her mouth, applying gentle suction.

Her tongue stimulated my urethra. Off to my side, I could see Alicia and Alana playing with each other's tits. I vaguely noticed Nickole's hand creep down to her crotch as she sucked me off. By this time, she was taking in all of my cock. I could feel the muscles in her throat stretching to accommodate the foreign object. Nickole took my balls in her hand and stimulated them gently. I couldn't hold it in much longer. I blew my load, shooting streams of cum down her throat. She flinched and withdrew my cock from her mouth in a hurry.

The last two or three ropes landed on her face. I called over Alicia and Alana and had them clean the cum from Nickole's face. They pressed against one another as they did so, grabbing asses and tits.

I moved up behind Alicia and pressed my crotch into her ass crack. I leaned forward and whispered into her ear. "Your turn." She smiled and looked at me quizzically. I went and got the baby oil from Mrs. McD's desk. I sat down in one of the chairs and pulled her close. Pouring the baby oil on her chest, I began rubbing it into her tits, making her blush, giggle, and smile confusedly. I took her and placed my cock between her tits. Alicia immediately caught my drift and pressed her tits together around my cock.

That, I expected. What I didn't expect was her to lower her head and take the end of my cock in her mouth. Alicia began to move her breasts up and down my shaft, with her mouth following suit. She alternated moving her tits at the same time and moving them left-right in sequence. I pinched her nipples ever so often. After a few minutes of this wonderful titfuck, I wanted something new. I called over Alana and Nickole and had them kneel to either side of me. I reached down and began fingering their cunts.

Nickole and Alana amateur lisa massage turns erotic over me and began to kiss each other passionately.

I could hear them moaning. I felt their cunts contract as they orgasmed, one at a time, and splurted juices over my hands. I wiped my hands on their ass cheeks and focused back on my titfuck. By this time, Alicia's tits were rotated so the nipples were grinding on my cock. I finally let myself go. My cock exploded, sending beads of cum (I was running out by now) shooting onto Alicia's face and tits.

I looked at the clock. It was almost time to go. I had just enough time to finger Alicia to an orgasm before I left. I used two fingers to stimulate the inside of her vag and nibbled her clit.

The timer on Mrs. McD's desk rang. The first day of the orgy was over. I went home and slept easily that night. . "Okay, people.

Day two is under way!" Mrs. McD set the timer again. Today, I was determined to fuck all three of their pussies. The girls hurriedly undressed. I noticed 2 things about them today.

One: they juvenile beautiful chick teased by old crock all abstained from wearing any sort of undergarments. Two: Alicia's vagina was hairless today, meaning she had either shaved or waxed.

I stripped down nude and walked over to Alana. I instructed her to get down on her hands and knees. I rested my half-hard cock between her ass cheeks and hesitated for a second. "Alana, if you don't want to do this, you don't have to." She looked back at me with lustful eyes. "Would I have gone this far if I didn't want you inside me?" I took that as the 'ok' and positioned my penis right in front of her cunt.

I grabbed her ass and slammed it against my groin, impaling her on my rod. I felt her virgin pussy flex to accommodate this foreign intrusion. Alana moaned. I retracted my member from her a little bit, then shoved it back in. Her back arched and she let out a sound like a little purr. Nickole and Alicia came over and tried to help. Alicia ground her cunt against my thigh and slapped Alana's ass. Nickole slid her body under Alana's and caressed Alana's tits. The tanned Alana tilted her head down to gently kiss the half-black Nickole, before speeding and intensifying the kiss until they were seemingly fighting each other.

My thigh was soaked where Alicia's pussy had rubbed all over it. Alicia reached down and, still grinding my leg, began gently playing with my balls. I couldn't hold it in anymore. "Alana," I moaned. She disconnected from Nickole long enough to cast a sexy look back at me. "Yeah Drew?" She said with a slight purr. "I'm gonna cum." I said flatly, diverting all my energy into pumping her cunt. "Pull out," she commanded. "I'm not on the pill." I did as she told me and pulled my cock out of her vag.

I jerked it a few times before unloading a huge stream of cum on her ass. My erection didn't lessen at all. I was as hard nasty lesbos fill up their big butts with milk and splash it out ever.

Nickole got out from under Alana and looked at me expectantly. I grabbed her hand and took her to a desk. She caught my drift and laid down on the table. As I grabbed her legs and put them over my shoulder, she smiled and said, "Go ahead and cum inside me, sexy. I'm on the pill. Lucky for me!" That just got my hormones even more enraged.

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I entered her, and was immediately surprised at how tight she was, because she was bratty sis saved by tight teen pussy with rosalyn sphinx se promiscuous. "Nickole?" She looked at me, her face a mixture of sensual pleasure and concern. "Whatcha need, Drew?" I paused. "Who was your first?" She seemed to mull it over. "My family has used me for sex for a while, which is fine. I love making guys cum. I'd say my first was my little brother.

He had a tiny cock. I swear he lasted like, thirty seconds." I grunted, too preoccupied with her snatch to care much. Alana came to the table and sat on the edge next to Nickole.

Alicia kneeled in front of her and ate her out as Alana played with Nickole's tits. All three of them were moaning, providing that Alicia was fingering herself rapidly. The room was filled with slapping and liquidy sounds. I helped Nickole sit up and wrapped my arms around her, grabbing her ass.

I squeezed her posterior and used the extra grip to speed up my lovemaking. I could hear my crotch slap against hers in an enticing rhythm. Nickole leaned forward even more and planted her lips on mine.

They were soft and warm. No wonder she was famous for her fellatio. Deciding to go a little kinky on this minx, I slipped a finger into her anus. He eyes grew really wide. I could feel her gasp even as I kissed her. I probed her rectum with a finger.

She couldn't handle the stimulation, I guess, because she came all over my crotch. The sudden convulsions in her cunt were too much. I orgasmed, sending short strings of semen shooting into the depths of her pussy. I lay her down, still jittering. Alicia looked almost disappointed. "What's wrong, busty?" It took Alicia a minute to realize I was talking about her. She blushed, but then the sadness returned. "You just came twice.

Are you going to have enough energy to fuck me?" I thought about that for a minute. Then it dawned on me. "Alicia, how about you go on top? That way, you get my cock without me being too tuckered to fuck you." She seemed satisfied with that. I lay down on the floor, my already stiffening rod pointing straight up in the air. She lowered herself down onto my crotch, not letting me enter her just yet.

Alicia started slowly rubbing her labia against the underside of my flattened dick. She ground her clit against my member, moaning the whole time. I waited in tortured agony as she teased me, playing with her tits and sucking on her fingers. I was so hard it hurt.

Finally, she raised herself up, straightened my cock, and plunged herself down on it. I breathed a sigh of satisfaction. Her cunt was extremely tight. Alicia lightly bounced up and down, sending waves of pleasure rolling through my body. She leaned forward, her tits hanging in the air over my head, swaying as she rode me.

I took one nipple in my mouth, sucking on it for a moment, before switching. Alicia took deviant daddy wants the taste of stepdaughters hairy muff tits from me and leaned down further, till her lips brushed mine.

I dove for her face, hungrily and passionately kissing her, sending my tongue into her mouth, pushing against hers. As soon as we were done kissing, she turned her body around so I got the amazing view of her ass.

It made a slapping sound every time it connected with my crotch. Alana and Nickole came over beside my face, one girl on either side, and began fingering themselves wildly. I could hear the wet sounds of their digits pumping in and out. Cum was still leaking out of Nickole's snatch.

I had Alicia turn around and told her to finger her clit. She did so, and soon all three girls were moaning in ecstasy. I couldn't hold it any more. I began thrusting up to meet Alicia's plunge. "Cum inside me, Drew!" She yelled. "I don't fucking care. Just don't stop! Don't stop!" Alana was the first to orgasm.

Nickole was next, with Alicia following suit. As soon as Alicia came, so did I.

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I pumped globs of cum into her wet snatch. I lay back, exhausted. Alicia slumped forward onto me, her hard nipples poking into my chest. I ran my hands down her back, all the way to her ass, which I caressed. Nickole walked over to a desk near us. She grabbed something from on top of it. It was a camera. She had been recording this whole orgy! "Nickole…" She batted her eyes at me and winked. "Until next time!"

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