Blond lad cruelly fucked awesome girls striptease and hardcore

Blond lad cruelly fucked awesome girls striptease and hardcore
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Bailey turned off the hot water from her shower, put a towel on, and went to her room to dry off. She checked herself out in the mirror. At 16, she was devoloping nicely, and was proud of it. She had soft, round breasts, large for her age. She had a cute little ass, but she wanted a bigger one, like the one her sister had. Her sister, Jane, at 15, hadn't yet developed much for breasts, but had an ass the boys couldn't keep their eyes off of.

She told her sister how she liked to tease them in class by dropping things in front of them. She loved her sister, but not like normal families. She REALLY loved her. As she was thinking of her and her ass she was jealous of, she felt herself grow hot and flustered, and started to feel herself with her fingers.

She laid down on her bed, and rubbed her kitty, thinking of her sister. Little did she know, Jane was watching the ordeal, growing quite hot herself, as Bailey had forgotten to lock the door. She made the mistake of sneezing, and her hand accidentally pushed the door farther open than it was.

Bailey shot up and screamed, throwing the blanket over herself. Jane's eyes widened, and she felt her face go red. She knew she had blown it. Her sister probably hated her now, and her lip started to quiver.

Bailey saw this, and relaxed. "Aww sis it's alright, come here. She sat next to her sister on the bed and held her. She cried for a little while, deciding whether or not she should tell her sister the truth. What if she didn't feel the same?! What if she thought she was wierd and never wanted to see her again?! It was a chance she was willing to take. "I like you a lot Bailey, and not like just a sister, I'm sorry" she sputtered out.

Bailey was a bit shocked, at how forward she was .but pleased to her this. She moved her hand pretty young lovely gal screwed by old chap oldvsyoung and hardcore from her sister's side shakily to her thigh, and whispered "I do too".

Jane turned her head toward around, and the two locked eyes. Were they sure they wanted to?

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Would this chsnge their relationship? For better, or for worse? Questions buzzed aroud the sisters' minds, but one thing stood out.

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They loved each other. They kissed softly, and a little awkwardly, feeling each others bodies. Bailey took the initiative and pressed her tongue into her younger sister's mouth.

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They explored each others mouths, tongues wrapping around each other. When they had grown comfortable, they laifd down on the bed. Jane realized she still had clothes on, and quickly removed them.

Jane nervously moved her hand down and slowly rubbed her hand over her sister's pussy, feeling it's hotness, and Bailey returned the favor. The two moaned in unison. When they were both nice and wet, Jane layed on top of her sister, their breasts pressed against one another. Bailey grabbed Jane's beautiful ass and squeezed.

The two started to grind, slowly at first, and then fast and hard, like two animals in heat. Their moans turned into cries, thank god their parents weren't home. Bailey was the first to cum, and Jane felt her pussy covered in juice. She quickly moved her head down and lapped it up.

When she was finished, her sister pushed her over, and spread her legs. She shoved her tongue into her younger virgin sisters pussy, and used her middle finger to fuck her as well, making sure to rub her sensitive little clit. Jane couldn't take it and cummed as well.

Hers came in gushing squirts, one, two, five total contractions, each pressing more cum into her sister's waiting mouth. She swallowed most of it, but saved some in her mouth and kissed Jane.

The two passed the juice back and forth, and Jane grabbed both her sister's nipples and squeezed. Bailey whimpered, but continued to make out with her beautiful younger sister. When they calmed down, Bailey said "I think I might take another shower, mom and dad don't get home for a while, care to join? Jane couldn't believe what she was hearing, and nodded happily, feeling the bond between them that was just made stronger.

Bailey turned on the shower, hot and steamy, and her sister joined her. They kissed. Jane suckled her sister's nipples, and she moaned. When they were both wet again, Bailey ordered her sister to bend over, and pop her fucking ass out. She obeyed. Bailey slapped it, and watched it jiggle. She did it again and again, making it red. Her sister let out a pleasuring cry each time. Bailey grew tired of this, and grabbed a possian sex stories sunny leone xxxx sized shampoo bottle.

She got it wet with water, and slowly pressed it passed her sister's pussy lips. Jane moaned, and Bailey fucked her with the makeshift dido until she came onto her hands. Bailey suckled her fingers. Jane stood up and pushed her sister onto her knees.

She turned the show to cold, and watched Bailey's pretty little nipples grow hard. She hadn't gone to the bathroom recently so decided this was the time. She pissed on her sister's hard nipples and Bailey let her. The shower washed it away, and Jane swiped more juice from herself and her sister suckled her fingers for a while. She pushed her from her knees to her back, and ate her out. Bailey arched her back and sprayed cum all over Jane's face.

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Jane lapped it up, and saved some for another sloppy kiss, drinking each others saliva and love juice while passionately kissing. They soaped each other up, and finished the shower. They both went to bed, excited. Tomorrow was Saturday, and they would be home all day.

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Enough time to fuck again. Bailey woke up to find Jane next to her, and greeted her with a kiss. They both grew horny all night, and decided now was a good time. They hadn't bothered to dress, and we're both naked. Jane flipped around on top of Bailey, so she had a good view of that perfect fucking booty. Jane tongue fucked her sissy, and Bailey completed the 69. Jane was a bit more excited, and humped her sister's tongue, ass bouncing.

Bailey cummed first, and as Jane tried to lift her head, Bailey wrapped her thighs around her, and held her down. Jane obeyed, and ate it her sister until her pussy contracted for the 4th time, and she was all out of fuck juice.

Bailey blacked out, her red pussy puffy and destroyed. When she came to, her abused snatch had recovered, and Jane was standing next to her with a 6 inch purple strap on dildo.

"Mom's closet" was all she said, and Bailey put it on. She also had some fuzzy handcuffs, God, mom was kinky. Bailey locked Jane to her bed, face down. Jane was on her knees, and Bailey shoved the cock into her sister's pretty little kitty, and she squealed.

She ravaged her sister, and Jane started to cry tears of pain and pleasure as she came. "GET OFF PLEASE FUCK I'M CUMMING" but her naughty older sister ignored, and only fucked her harder. She tried to pull away but Bailey slapped her ass and yanked her hips back to her.

She fucked and ravaged Jane's now virginless pussy until it was slick with 3 different layers of cum. She slid out slowly with a pop as the cock left her.

She unlocked her sister, who collapsed on the bed, exausted. They made out once more, before they fell asleep for a nap, arms around a great couple making love kristina rose blowjob other.