Khloes share her guy with her stepmom

Khloes share her guy with her stepmom
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Kate and Sally burst into the kitchen excitedly later that morning and told their mum all about their excursion. However it had been quite a tiring trip and Mary was not surprised when both girls declared they wanted to go to bed early that night. It was a bit too early for David, and Mary had half an idea that perhaps she and he could enjoy some time downstairs but she was reluctant with the girls being in the house.

An hour after the girls had gone up David said goodnight and gave Mary a particularly warm kissed before climbing the stairs. He pushed open the bedroom door quietly, not wishing to disturb the girls and crept over to his corner of the room. He quickly got undressed and climbed into bed, soon dozing off.

He was woken up about an hour later by a nudge and looking up he saw Kate crouched above his bed and grinning at him. "Did you miss us?" she whispered. David grinned in the sexy ladies pole dancing and teasing men. If only she knew! "Of course I did!" he quickly replied. Kate leaned down and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

"Mum's been in bed for half an hour now so why don't you come and join us?" David was excited at the prospect and quickly jumped out of bed, following Kate across the room. He suddenly realized Kate was naked and she turned to him.

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"Take your pyjamas off, silly!" she instructed and he quickly took his jacket and trousers off and threw them back on to his own bed. Kate told him to get into bed and she climbed in after him and soon he was happily snuggled between Kate and Sally, who grinned at him when he joined her. She too was naked. "We have to keep really quiet." Kate instructed David and glared at Sally who nodded, tight lipped.

David stretched out both his arms and the two girls snuggled against him, Kate sliding her hand under the covers and gently stroking the inside of his thigh, while Sally slid her little hand across his chest. They lay like this for or a few minutes, Sally gently rubbing his chest and tweaking his nipples while Kate continued to rub the inside his legs, occasionally scratching her fingernails against his balls.

He had of course got hard almost as soon as he got into bed and his erection was lying flat against his belly.

Kate started to kiss the side of his face and he turned to return her a kiss on sweet cutie opens up slim slit and gets deflorated lips. He snaked his tongue out and Kate did the same so there were kissing passionately and wetly in the gloom. He felt Sally's hand slide down across his tummy and she gave a little squeak as it bumped into his erection.

She felt her tiny hands curl around it and give a few experimental squeezes. "He's hard Kate!" She whispered to her sister. "I know silly…it's hardly surprising is it?" she hissed back.

She brought her hands up to cup David's balls and squeezed them gently, perfectly complementing the work that Sally was doing on his shaft. He lay back and closed his eyes. Kate was still kissing the side of his face and then moved down to his neck, all the while squeezing and caressing his balls while Sally had now started to wank him. Kate started to kiss down David's chest and the two girls between them eased the covers back until the soft moonlight bathed their bodies.

David looked down to where his erection was pointing upwards and Sally's hand continued to slide up and down it. Suddenly he could hold out no longer and with a muffled grunt he came, sending a splash of semen jerking from the end of his cock over Sally's hands. Luckily Kate got out of the way in time. Sally let go of David's shaft and grabbed a towel from her bedside table, wiping her hands carefully. "Will you do me now?" she whispered to David. David nodded happily and then an idea occurred to him.

"Would you like me to do something special to you?" In the dark David could see that Sally's expression was a mixture of puzzlement and excitement. She nodded. "Yes please!" she whispered. David told her to lie on her back and he quickly turned on to his side and started to kiss her lips. Sally had been samantha hayes in st paddys pussy pounding forward to this all day.

She longed to feel David's lips on her mouth again and she opened her mouth slightly, hoping David would slide his tongue in. He did! He seemed surprised that she knew how to do this and Sally closed her eyes enjoying the warm feeling as they French kissed. She longed for his fingers to trail between her legs and was surprised that he hadn't done so already. David started to kiss her neck, which she really liked and then she opened her eyes in amazement as he started to kiss even further down!

Surely he wasn't going to…he was! Just like Kate used to do, David began to kiss her breasts! It felt fantastic! It was like little electric shocks going through her.

He was even using his tongue and teeth on her nipples! This was amazing! She screwed her eyes tightly shut, giving herself up to the wonderful feelings coursing through her body. Just when she thought things couldn't get any better, he started to kiss down lower, threading his tongue and lips along her tummy and down towards her waist. Surely not… no…no…no… suddenly she felt it…his lips between her legs!

She carefully lifted her head up and gazed down and sure enough there was David's head between her legs, his tongue twirling or at the top of her pussy! She dropped her head back on the pillow. This was it!

This was as good as it gets! She felt movement next to her and turned to look at her sister who was gazing at her with astonishment. Kate raised her eyebrows and Sally did the same. What was he doing? Quite frankly she didn't care as the most amazing feelings seem to be twitching through her pussy. Suddenly she could take it no more and grabbing David's head she pulled it tight against her pussy as the most amazing orgasm thunder through her tiny body.

It was all she could do not to cry out as she came with a thunderous climax which, all too soon, began to ebb tantalisingly away. She gave a small sigh as David began to kiss back up her body again and then give her a final kiss on the lips before slumping on african sluts enjoy pleasing long cocks in orgy his side again.

Sally quickly licked her lips. So that's what she tasted like! She turned to look at David. "Did you enjoy that?" Sally could only nod. "That was lovely David…" she muttered.

Kate's voice rasped from the other side. "Where did you learn to do that?" From your mum, David wanted to blurt out! He casually explained that he had learnt it back at home with Beth and hoped they would accept this explanation. "Will you do it to me?" Kate asked excitedly. David nodded and Kate quickly got onto her back as David turned and slid down her body.

The next 5 minutes were sensational… David's tongue worked magic on her pussy and the orgasm, when it came, was the best ever! The three of them lay exhausted the next few minutes. Kate turned to David. "Do girls do that sort of thing to boys?" She whispered. David grinned to himself. He had been hoping she would ask this and went on to explain what oral sex was all about. "Would you like me to do it to you?" "Yes please!" David whispered, his heart leaping.

The covers were already pulled back and Kate shuffled down the bed until she was level with David's groin. She really had no idea what to do so decided to leave it to her imagination and, hopefully, David's guidance. Firstly she kissed the tip of David's cock and noticed with pleasure that it twitched in response. She kissed it a couple times, up and down the shaft, and slide my panties slowly down my round ass joi tentatively extended her tongue and licked the whole length of the shaft from David's pubic hair up to the bulbous end.

It tasted slightly salty, like licking her own hand, but not at all unpleasant. She did this a few times and noticed with relief that David was starting to squirm, obviously enjoying what she was doing. His hand was now resting on her shoulder and squeezing it gently as if to encourage her. Kate started to lick around the head of David's cock and then, remembering what David had said, she opened her mouth and carefully placed her lips around the head.

She left them there for a few seconds, taking the opportunity to swirl her tongue around the head and along the slit at the tip of his cock. Again there was no real taste and she thought she could quite easily get used to this!

David was now gently thrusting his cock up and down and she took the hint, lowering her head until a few more inches of his shaft went into her mouth. She was anxious not to gag on his cock and wrapped her fingers around the base of the shaft, making sure it didn't go too far in. She kept her tongue against the shaft of David's cock and began to raise and lower her head. David was still thrusting gently, but not too hard, in time to her head bobbing up and down and she knew he was about to come.

She also knew what would happen when he came but was determined to let him come in her mouth, as she was intrigued to know what a boy's sperm actually tasted like.

David was now thrusting more intently huge boobs blonde masseuse daisy monroe gets pounded she tried to speed up but suddenly he jerked upwards and she felt a splash of warm liquid erupting into her mouth.

This was followed by several more spurts and she let the liquid gather in her mouth, trying not to swallow it. It was quite strange, feeling the warm liquid swirling around her mouth but again there was no real taste to it. David gradually subsided and she brought her mouth up from his cock, using her tongue to swirl up the last drop into her mouth.

She gazed up at David and Sally who were both staring at her, David with a blissful expression on his face and Sally with a look of stunned amazement. "Did he do it in your mouth?" Sally hissed. Kate nodded, her lips still clamped together.

"Did you swallow it then?" Kate shook her head.

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David asked her if she wanted a tissue and then Sally said, "What's it taste like?" Kate shrugged her shoulders and nodded, as if to say "not bad." Then to her amazement Sally cupped her hands in front of her. "Spit it out so I can see it!" she whispered. Kate was aware that David was staring at them as she shuffled up the bed, leaning over until her head was above Sally's outstretched hands and opened her mouth. She was quite relieved when the juice trickled out of her mouth and Sally watched as it pooled in her hands.

Kate carefully wiped her mouth as the last drops fell and Sally brought her hands up to stare at the warm liquid. "It's all warm and sticky isn't it?" Then she brought her hands up to her mouth and Kate saw her young sister's little our first grass sex on the bus station tongue poke out and carefully lap at the liquid. She licked her lips a couple times. "It doesn't really taste of anything does it?" Kate shook her head.

"Not really." Kate's then carefully slid out of bed and wiped her hands on the towel she had used earlier. She then clambered back into bed and the two of them lay either side of David once again. They slept soundly that night…