Saggy tits beauty loves his white cock

Saggy tits beauty loves his white cock
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[Background] Charlotte's father Matthew works at a major computing firm as the assistant manager.

He is a very wealthy and honourable man, who does not allow for his family's name to be tarnished. At the annual formal Christmas party Matthew and his family are expected to attend and to sit at the horny old neighbors fucks sydney sky pussy of the table with the manager and founder of the company Keith and his family. Matthew and his family arrive at the venue of the party a little early, Matthew wearing a black dress suit and bowtie and his wife Sarah also wore a black cocktail dress, but it was their accompanying daughter Charlotte that was truly the sexiest delight to grace the room that night.

At a height of only 5"6 slim bottle shape figure with dark brunette long wavy hair finishing just below her glorious firm 34C breasts she wore a crimson red cocktail dress that showcased every perfect curve on her body from her breasts to her perfect apple ass.

Charlotte gracefully as always enters the main dining room where the party is due to be held and is approached by a handsome gentleman.

He walks straight up to Charlotte and introduces himself with confidence charlotte could only ever dream of. This man makes her feel so insignificant and irrelevant that slowly she cast her eyes towards the floor allowing his dominating characteristic to shine through.

The gentleman moved his hand slowly beneath Charlottes chin picking her head up so that he could stare directly into eyes as he introduced himself as Henry. He smiled at charlotte great moments of pleasure along doremi miyamoto asked if he could see her again later tonight for a drink? Charlotte smiled and accepted Henrys invitation.

[The rest of the story is now written from charlottes point of view] As I walk over to the table I noticed that all of the places had been set with small name cards I was to be seated next to a Henry.

As I take my seat the henry walks over and takes the place next to me.

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I cannot help but notice the very dominating domineer that he portrays as he walks. As henry sits down beside me we begin to engage in simple chit chat. Henry leaned in towards me as he began "how are you tonight? I don't recognise you from a previous party and I never miss a face as pretty as yours" Aww why thank you Henry you are too kind, but no you are correct I do not usually attend these parties it is just that my father had said that I must attend at least one a year as to not tarnish our family name but it seems that you may have just given me a reason to attend more of these events.

Henry smiled as I sat and talked to him about my father's position within the company he could see that I was rather proud of my father's position, after all he was practically the cofounder.

Henry was considerate and patient whilst listening to my life story about bad ex-boyfriends, over protective parents and a wish to grow up and move out of my parent's shadow. He then returned a little taste of his life expressing how his father is actually the owner and founder of the company and that he too now works for the company but as more as a salesman as he has no interest in the simplicity of a managerial role.

I was very flattered by the conversation with Henry and before long the starters had arrived we continued are polite chat with one another throughout the starters before conversation turned to a more personal level.

Henry xxx sex bf story sex stories to me and starts with "So charlotte are you single and if not who is the man I need to make disappear?" I laugh at Henrys attempt at flattery and assure him that I am not committed to anyone and he doesn't have to become a criminal by killing any of my suitors as I'm not interested in dating.

I enjoy the young, free and fun party life of a singleton. Henry seems to be disappointed with my last comment but that doesn't prevent him from him on his mission to make me his.

Henry moves his hand up towards my necklace "Why what gorgeous diamonds you wear on your chest. They enhance the curve of your breast most lavishly" I felt then rather exposed sat there in my skin grabbing red cocktail dress.

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Henry then drops his knife on to the floor as he bends under the table to collect it his hand grasps the inside of my thigh for support. I gasp at the sudden fondle of such a place and look at Henry communicating my disgust in oral pov small very cute an action with simply the look of my eyes. As desert is brought toward the table Henry returns his hand to my inner thigh and I try to move it but he turns his head towards my ear as he whispers "Now eat your cheesecake like a good little girl before I tell everyone at this table about how you wear no underwear, when 'we gentlemen' retire to the living area later tonight.

Then see how tarnished your family name is" I reluctantly remove my hand from the top of his and pick at my cheese cake as Henry's hand slowly moves down my leg to the seam of my dress lifting it up until it is few inches above my knee. Henry slides his hand underneath the dress and follows the line of my thigh rubbing softly as his thumb traces the edges of pussy. I feel a stirring in myself as Henry's finger moves slowly toward my clit. Suddenly the waiters are here and removing our desert plates.

I announce my excusal from the table and move my dress back down to my ankle before attempting to stand and take a trip to the bathroom, where hopefully I can straighten my head out about Henry.