Flawless adorable babe likes to ride pecker hardcore massage

Flawless adorable babe likes to ride pecker hardcore massage
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This is a true story of the one and only time i got to fuck my older sister. I am 35 and my sister is 42.we have always had a very close relationship being as much friends as brother and sister.all my life i have wanked and fantisized about having sex with her.then one night after we had been out for a drink it happened.even at 42 she is by any standards a fine bit ass.slim,pale skin,dark hair,nice ass,about 5"4",no kids so as i found out the most perfect pussy i had ever seen.

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we had gone out for a few drinks and returned home fairly drunk.we decided to have a night cap or two and started talking about old times and how life was in general.as we sat in front of the fire and talked she seemed to be getting much more touchy/feely with me than a sister should be charmel fucked in her hairy pussy hg her brother.she leaned forward and kissed me which took me by surprise as it was full on the lips and lasted way longer than it should have.at this stage i was rock hard and just wanted to rip her clothes off and fuck her.still wasnt sure what way it was going so i waited.

After a little while she moved closer and sat on my lap facing me.(we were sitting on the floor)she kissed me and stuck her tongue into my mouth.there was no way i was going to stop this happening even though i knew it was wrong.i sucked on her tongue and kissed her hard.as i did i ran my hands up under her top on massaged her tits,i couldnt stop thinking i was going to fuck my sister now whether she wanted me to or not there was nothing on earth that would drag me off her.

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I lifted her top over her head and looked at her creamy white tits and sucked and chewed on her nipples,she was now moaning like a little whore and obivously was enjoying it.i put my hands down inside her pants and squeezed her ass and ran my hand between her ass cheeks and rubbed her ring and she was panting and moaning like a whore.i pulled her pants and tong down and layed her on her back,i now had a proper look at my sister tits and pussy.she was totally shaved which surprised me.i hot sex with a very nasty playgirl smalltits homemade her pants off and she was now totally naked on the floor in front of me with her legs spread wide open.

I pulled off my tshirt and jeans and knelt between her legs.i looked and savoured the view and thought i am going to enjoy this.i leaded forward and ran my tongue up the inside of her thigh untill my face was right on her pussy.i kissed her pussy and let my tongue slip up inside her and tasted her.at this stage i kinda guessed i was going to be allowed do anything to her as she was spread eagled on the floor gently moaning as if she knew what was coming.

I opened her pussy with my fingers and had a good look up inside her,i put my tongue up inside her again and tasted her,i lay down between her legs and used both my hands to spread her open and sucked on her pussy she was seriously beginning to enjoy herself and had her hands on my head holding me in place as i sucked on her clit as she got wetter and wetter.i could feel that she was going to come any second.i kept working on her pussy then she shuddered and screamed and came on my face as i sucked every drop from her.

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By now i thought my cock was going to explode, i knew that i was going to come faster than ever before once i entered her.i sat up and lifted her legs over my shoulders.i rubbed my cock up and down her slit and she was by now dripping wet, her pussy was openening up for me.i put my hands on her ass and lifted her up a bit.i got my dick in my hand and put it inside her then i slowly pushed deeper inside her until i was buried in her.

I slowly mammy and son xxx fack inside her at first,but there was no way i could hold back for long,i began to thrust into her faster and harder until i was ramming my cock into her as hard and as fast as i could.her legs were over my shoulders and i had one of her tits in my hand squeezing it hard with my other hand on her neck pulling her into me.i rammed her into the floor,she knew i was about to come and grabbed my hips to pull me deeper inside her.i slammed into her as i savagely rode her and then exploded deep inside her pussy.

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We lay there together for a couple of minutes covered in sweat i could feel her pussy milking my cock of every drop with her legs wrapped around me.i got up off her and put my clothes back on as she lay on the floor naked with her legs open.then i went to bed and left her there.when i woke the following morning i could still taste her pussy on my face.we never spoke about what happened but i guess we just needed to get it out of our systems. A couple of times since then when we have gone out for a few drinks and we are on our own together we both know what we did and know that it should have happened but it is very possible that it could happen again i know that i would not say no if she opens up her pussy to me again.if it does happen again it will never stop.