Naughty stepsister fucked and rewarded with a big facial

Naughty stepsister fucked and rewarded with a big facial
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Southern Boy When I was 16 my best friendJames and I would slip into a private lake and go swimming. James was more worldly than I and had been dating girls for over a year or two. To hear him tell it he got into most of their pants. I don't know if it was true or not. I just liked to hear the stories. He was already 17 and was stoutly built and had the gift of gab when it came to the fairer sex.

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I on the other hand was skinny and short almost 5' 6'' I was also shy when it came to one on one conversations with girls. I had only kissed one girl and that was at a birthday party where they were playing spin the bottle. Oh! My name is Wolf. Well actually that is my nickname, When I was 6 or 7 I saw one of Jack London's stories that was made into a movie. It had wolves howling and fighting. The whole summer after seeing the movie I ran around howling and growling and every one began calling me wolf.

Even my Teachers at school called me Wolf. The private lake was owned by the local saw mill owner. He allowed his workers and their families to use the Lake and during the summer it was always full of Picnickers.

But during the week rarely was used. James and I decided to go swimming on a Tuesday. On Wednesday his girl friends parents went to their office in the big city. He could spend the whole day with her. We were laughing and jumping around and splashing when a movement caught our eye.

Being afraid of getting caught and yet being curious we quietly edged our way toward where we saw the movement. The bank curved to the right for about 20' then curved back to the left for 25' then back to the right again. Straight across from where it first curved was a huge oak.

Beside that old Oak was a big black woman fishing. What got our attention was … she has sitting on an old folding chair, wearing a dress with the dress pulled up. Her legs were spread and we could see her pussy. The top part of her dress had the buttons undone and her big titties were almost jumping out. She looked at us and it seemed she didn't care if we looked, "What you white boys looking at." James answered, "A big pussy." "Don't you know you came out of one of those." James knew a lot of jokes and had just recently heard one that would fit here.

"Yes but that is the first one big enough for me to crawl back into." She laughed at that. "You little white boy," she pointed at me. "You can close yore mouth, ain't you never seen one before?" I said, "No Ma'am." She chuckled, "No Ma'am. now ain't you the polite one." Her and James bandied words back and forth, while all I wanted to do was get so I could see her pussy better.

She looked at me and said, " If 'n you want a better look climb on up here." In 2 seconds flat James and I big natural tits fingering while sucking dick standing beside her.swimming was forgotten.

She had pulled in her line and lay her pole aside. She asked our names and we told her. "Well Wolf if you want to see better bend down and take a look," she spread her legs more. I bent over and looked, I was less than three inches from the first grown up pussy I had ever seen. It didn't smell as bad as I had expected.

She chuckled and put her hands on the back of my head and pulled my face into her pussy. I automatically stuck out my tongue and hit a bump and heard her indrawn breath. I latched on to that bump and sucked on it. She said yeah baby. I heard her tell James, " C'mon young Buck suck these titties." I felt James being pulled closer After a few minutes all spent on her bump(James told me later it was her clit) I never entered her pussy with my tongue. (Didn't know what I was supposed to do.) It seemed to work alright and she slammed her legs around my head almost smothering me then she wet my face.

I raised up to see James sucking on her tit. The other one was hanging out so I pulled it over and began sucking on her big nipple and rubbing her tit. James seeing I was no longer jammed in her pussy reached down and slid his fingers into her slit and he worked it hard. With his other hand he was pulling his suit aside and out jumped his dick.

He moved between her legs and slid into her. She exploded and threw James back into the water.I was afraid to move. James surfaced and said, " What did you do that for." She said, :"I didn't tell you you could do that." She stood up folded up her chair, picked up her pole and interracial anal threesome with two hot babes mg on around the Lake.

Swimming time was over we made our way back to our clothes. Got dressed and went home. Neither of us ever said anything about this incident. Wednesday James was with his girlfriend so I decided to go swimming on my own. I walked down to the area that we had seen the black lady. As I got close I could hear splashing I stepped thru the bushes and spotted a very good looking black girl about 13 or 14 in the water.

I had stopped and was staring. I heard a voice, "I was hoping you would come to day. Where is your friend?" It was the black lady. I explained that he was always at his girlfriends house on Wednesday. The young girl was neck deep in the water just staring at me and smiling. "I didn't tell you my name yesterday, It is May. This sweet thing in the water is my Grand Daughter, Sally May.

Shake hands Sally" She stood up out of the water and she was naked. She climbed out of the water and reached out her hand to shake mine. Her skin was a dark ebony and as I found out later extremely soft an smooth. Her breasts were about the size of medium oranges with nipples like erasers and her ass was as pert as could be.

The triangle at the junction of her legs was very thick and looked like wire, later I also found out how wrong I was it was soft and silky. She was still holding my hand"Granny told me about you. Why don't you get undressed ans lets swim awhile." I stripped off my clothes with no hesitation. My pecker was standing tall. She looked at my pecker and looked at Granny, " I see he is not as big as Nick(her Brother) That's why you wanted him to be my first." I just stood there like a ninnie.

Well my story is out I am not slung like a horse I was probably only 5'' back then and it curved to the left.

Sally reached out and grasped my dick and led me into the water we played and stroked each other for over an hour. May called to us and and said it was time. We climbed out of the water and May handed us each towels. May spread an old tarp on the ground then a blanket atop of it. She had Sally lay on her back and spread her legs with her knees bent. She began pointing out the different parts of Sally's pussy and that all parts needed the attention of my tongue.

She pointed out her brown pucker hole but said that is an acquired taste.

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maybe later. She had Sally situp and she explained to her the different parts of my body and how my pecker was different since I had been circumcised. It would feel a little different in her mouth, But first Kiss which we did. slide tongue into each others mouth.

We did that for awhile and both were getting hot. Then it was time for her titties I kissed and sucked and licked all over both of her titties. Then it was my turn on my back. May adjusted Sally til she was just righther knees to either side of my head her pussy just above my mouth.

Her pussy began to descend the smell was very tantalizing my tongue was flicking out trying to reach it when I felt a warmth encircle my dick.Her mouth. then her pussy was low enough for my tongue to reach her pussy. I reached up with my hand and spread her lips an speared my tongue straight in. Oh the realization of what I had missed with Mae. I engulfed her inner lips and her outer lips then lavished my desires all over her clit As I licked and sucked her clit her body began having tiny climaxes.

Suddenly I realized what was happening to me I could feel her tongue circling my dick while she was sucking I was reaching the point of no return and her hips began to twist on my mouth and my dick were searching for depths as yet untouched.we both released her nectar trickled into my mouth as my sperm blasted her tonsils with wave after wave of my cum. Sally rolled off me and switched ends til her head was resting on my arm .Mae was right there with a cup of water for us both.

(she had come prepared) After rinsing our mouths out and drinking another cup of water. We began sex play again I sucked on her nipples and we kissed deeply I felt my little man beginning to stand tall. I rolled her on to her back and climbed between her legs. All the time I could hear words of wisdom from Mae.

At this point I was on auto pilot. I slid the head of my dick into her silky opening until I was at her barrier. I Whispered in her ear are you ready.she answered yes. I began pushing.but I really wasn't getting very far. I pulled back and thrust again.

suddenly a great force shoved me all the way into her depths.Mae had sat down on my butt. I lay there for a moment until Sally began to wiggle her ass I began to move in and out. I felt Mae pat my butt and say that's how you do it. I continued to stroke in and out of Sally and she continued wiggling her ass. I pulled almost all the way out and held that position with only the head inside first time of disvirgin blood story xnxxx. I could feel her pussy trying to climb my dick to get me back in side, Then I drove as deep as I could and real duther sex fother sex story our loins together.

When I I was on the out stroke I heard her muttering 'Hurry, Hurry, Quick quick.' then she screamed and wet me. I sped up for I was not quite there as yet she kept having mini climaxes then she screamed again and I screamed she had bitten my shoulder. It was enough adorable babes from brazil love powerful weenies put me over the edge and Bathed her insides with my cum.and collapsed. A few minutes later we stood up and made our way into the water to cool off.

We repeated our love making three more times and at Mae's request I tried my skills as a pussy eater on her, Throughout the summer Sally and I met at the Lake almost every Wednesday. After school started I missed my Wednesdays. All through the summer and during school I worked at a grocery store I drove the delivery truck. A lot of my deliveries were in the Black neighborhood.

One Saturday I had a new address to deliver too. There was a note on the front door to deliver to the back door( this was not unusual) since the backdoor usually opened into the kitchen. I knocked on the backdoor with the order in my arms. the door opened and I entered heading for the table to set down the grocery's. As I sat them down I felt something grab my pecker I looked around and there was Sally.

There wasn't much time so I pushed her up to the table and threw her dress over her back dropped my pants and entered her. It was a fast and furious awesome girls lick and finger masturbation and smalltits. We met like this a few times until about February.

The calls just quit. I graduated and joined the Navy. I returned home on Boot leave. I had 2 weeks, during the last week James called me and said he knew where we could get some Black pussy.

He drove us out to a house just off the highwaya Black guy about nineteen took our money. James went first he entered the barn. While I was waiting a door at the house opened and in the momentary light I saw Mae.

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When James came out he said it was very dark and the gal didn't move. I entered the barn and it was pitch dark. I shuffled my feet til I felt something. I reached down and found a naked tit. This was the spot. I ran my hands over the girls body and I whispered.'SALLY.'. " Oh my goodness Wolf." I entered her and and we had one last wild fuck. When I got back to the car James wanted to know what took me so long .I thought quickly, "Well she just lay there so it took me awhile to get off." Five years later I was Married and had brought my bride home to meet my parents.

I went into town to get something from the store. I was walking down an aisle when I met Sally coming from the other way. She had a young child with her which was many shades lighter than she was. When she got even with me she pointed at the child which was 5 or 6. and whispered Yours. And kept walking. I never saw her again.