Big breasted phoenix marie sucking all full cock deapthroat and pornstars

Big breasted phoenix marie sucking all full cock deapthroat and pornstars
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My Son's friends Part 1 I get to know his girlfriend a little better Teen, oral, teasing, older male/teen This is an adult erotic story (or at least it was written as one). If you're under the legal age wherever you happen to be, don't like these types of stories, or are close minded, judgmental, ignorant or for any other reason you think these types of stories are disgusting, leave, delete it and go away forever.

This story is all fantasy based on people I do know and an overactive imagination. Obviously I've changed names as well as some relationships, and other pertinent data to protect the&hellip. You know the rest. My name is Brad. I'm 40, about 5'11, in fair shape and happily married for 20 years to Julie, my college sweetheart. Julie is 5'9" 140 lbs, slim with 36C tits, a still firm round tight ass and chestnut hair with just a hint of red.

The relationship between my wife and me has always been great as well as open. We have amazing, uninhibited sex whenever either of us wants, and have been known to open our bedroom to a select few very close friends.

More on that another time. Our son Mark is our pride and joy. He's 18, maintains a 4.0 in his senior year of high school. Horny teenie was taken in butthole nuthouse for uninhibited treatment about 6'4, 250 and very athletic. He also has a girlfriend that seems made for him, Nikki. Ok, I know what you want, so here's what I'll tell you about Nikki. Nikki is also a high school senior, absolutely gorgeous, just turning 18.

She's about 5'4, all of 110 pounds soaking wet and the definition of petite. Of course she is a cheerleader and looks so hot in her little uniform that I can't stand up for a while when she comes in the house wearing it. She has a tight, firm apple butt, and a pair of amazing 34B pert breasts. When she isn't wearing her cheerleading uniform, she usually wears skintight shirts that make her nipples stand out and mini skirts that are just below the panty line.

We've always had a good relationship with our son and all of his friends. They spend more time ariella ferrera the trophy husband our house than their own and know they're always welcome. Mark's girlfriend Nikki is different. She and I have had a very nice and friendly, although platonic, relationship almost since she started dating Mark, almost a year ago.

I was alone in the living room one day while Mark was out with his friends and Julie was working when Nikki walked in the back door, grabbed and soda and joined me on the sofa. She leaned over and kissed my cheek, looked at me and sweetly reminded me that she thought of me as her daddy.

I patted her thigh innocently without looking at her, telling that Julie and I love her too and think of her as one of our kids. I couldn't help but notice her smooth luscious skin as I removed my hand from her 18 year old leg. I hadn't paid much attention to her until that time, and finally glanced over at her.

She was sitting cross- legged, facing me. Without trying, and unconciously, I saw right up her very short skirt and into a sexy light blue silky thong. I turned quickly away, red faced, hoping she hadn't noticed what I obviously saw. If she noticed, she didn't let on, acting totally normal. My cock had started to stir.

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It was bunched up in my shorts, and was trying to stretch itself out and sneak down my pants leg. I did the best I could to prevent this, sunny leon hotvsex story down if she had looked at me, it would have looked like a mouse squirming in my pants.

Trying to act as normal as possible, I looked at the TV and avoided turning my head, afraid of the results. She just kept talking as if nothing was wrong and asked if she could talk to me about "stuff". Not thinking anything of it, I told her of course, you can talk to me about anything at all. Chapter 2, Nikki's Story She started out by telling me that she had tried to talk to her parents about sex from the time she was 13, but they would just tell her she didn't need to know anything other than it was a sin outside of marriage.

They even refused to let her take Sex Ed in school, a big mistake in my estimation. I looked at her wide eyed and wondered to myself how parents in this day and age could or would want to avoid having "the talk" with all of their children, but especially teens entering the curious stage.

Oh well, it takes all kinds. She blushed as she told me that even as early as 13, she would feel tingling in her girl thing. I stopped her with a little laugh, told her that if she was old enough to hear about sex, she was old enough to call it by one of its normal, accepted names.

She blushed a little, looking at me. It was my turn to blush a little as I told her that she should call it a vagina, or pussy, among others, or in some instances, even cunt was fine to use. She just smiled and said, ok daddy. Nikki then continued her story. Not knowing what these tingling feelings meant and getting worried about it, she did the natural thing for a teenager and asked her best friend, Melissa. Melissa was a year older and well developed for her age.

She also had a much better grasp on what the tingling meant and what to do about it. One night during a sleep-over, Nikki told Melissa that she had watched an R cute teen girl kharlie stone sucks and gets rammed hard movie while her parents were out of the house.

The movie had a hot scene with the naked girl and boy kissing passionately and rubbing their hands all over each other and Nikki started feeling that tingly sensation again.

Melissa giggled softly and told her that it meant she was sexually excited and needed to take care of it. Not quite sure what she meant, Melissa started to try and explain masturbation to the naïve teenager. She then told Nikki she would teach her how to remedy that tingly feeling. Melissa instructed Nikki to take off her old fashioned and boring pajamas.

Melissa herself didn't usually wear any type of night clothing to bed and was now just in her bra and panties. Her bra must have been old because it was obviously at least 1 size to small, and her panties were little boy shorts that hugged her teenage cunt. Melissa quickly removed her bra and her ample tits bounced out like they were gasping for air. Her Areolas were a dark brown with nipples that looked like hard pencil erasers. She then wiggled out of her tight panties.

Although she hesitated for a minute, Nikki did as she was told, and removed her pajamas. Now both girls were sitting there stark naked. Until now, the only time Nikki had seen another naked girl was when they showered after gym class, and she certainly couldn't stare at another girl for fear of being labeled a dyke or something. Both girls sat on the bed cross-legged facing each other. Nikki studied her friend's body, fascinated at the obvious differences between the two.

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Melissa, at 14, had larger breasts than Nikki, already a 36C cup compared with her own 32B. Continuing her visual examination down from there, it looked like her pussy lips were longer and looser than her own and some of the insides were exposed past the lips. She also had shaved herself and only had a landing patch over her pussy lips.

Just looking at her friend made her own pussy tingle and she could feel moisture forming. Nikki's own pussy lips were smaller and closed tight together unless she was excited. Then they would open a little, almost inviting some kind of action. She also shaved her pussy, mainly because of cheerleading and had no hair at all anywhere around it. Melissa instructed Nikki to watch closely and do what she did. Nikki glanced over at Melissa nervously and saw as she moved her own hand to her vagina.

Nikki blushed furiously and gasped at her friend's actions. Other than cleaning herself, she had never touched her, or anyone elses, private parts. Melissa started lightly rubbing up and down the lips of her pussy lightly, moaning as she opened up her pussy lips. Nikki saw that moisture was also forming in Melissa's pussy and was in fact starting to drip onto her leg and down to the bedding. Melissa kept rubbing, building up speed and intensity and finding her clit, rubbed it, gently at first.

She obviously was enjoying the activity. Nikki watched intently, as Melissa started breathing faster and watched as she threw her head back, eyes close and mouth open in an almost silent scream. Without warning, Melissa started shaking, her breath ragged as she started a massive orgasm.

Hissing "YESSSSSSSSSSSS, I'M CUMMMMMMMMINGGGGGGGGG, UNGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH, and finally a satisfying AHHHHHHHHHHH". When she was done, she took her now soaked fingers out of her mouth, licked them off sensually, sat up and intense twosome with questa and wendie on sapphic erotica hot lesbian at her friend with sleepy, sexy eyes.

She simply said, OK, Nikki, your turn. Nikki's own pussy started getting more tingly than she had ever been and tentatively mimicked her friend's actions. She moved her hand down to her own barely teenage slit. The tingling feeling started to get stronger, and although it sort of made her a little nervous, it also felt amazingly good. After a minute, she pushed her finger slightly into her own pussy, moaning and shaking as she felt things her 13 year old body had never felt before.

She was so wet that she thought the seeping lubrication was a little pee. Melissa assured her it wasn't and started instructing her on what to do with her fingers. She was using one finger, just rubbing up and down the lips of her leaking pussy. She had done this much before while alone and while it was a pleasant feeling, she thought there should be more. Melissa, sitting there watching intently with widening eyes, told her to push her finger in and pump in in and out.

Nikki looked down at her hand and tentatively pushed a finger into her cunt lips. As she looked at her pussy, she noticed in awe that her lips were a little puffy and were opening up on their own for her finger. As she pushed her finger in a little, the tingling sensation she felt got stronger.

Melissa noticed that Nikko had her finger in only about an inch. Without a word to her friend, she leaned over and, pushing the back of her hand, pushed her finger all the way in. Nikki gasped and froze.

Melissa laughed and told her to keep pumping. As Nikki did, she started leaking more and more and the feelings got even stronger. All of a sudden, Melissa told her to put in another finger.

Nikki looked at the girl in shock and said "two finger", really? Melissa nodded and Nikki again followed instructions. "OHMYGOD OHMYGOD OHMYGOD" mouthed the 13 year old, "THIS IS FUCKING AMAZING." As she started moving her hand in and out faster, Melissa told her to stop.

Shocked and confused, Nikki looked over at her friend. Melissa then breathlessly said, "play with your clit, I can see it from here. It's the little bump asian slut gets fucked by the leering perv uncensored oriental the top of your pussy." As she rubbed towards the top, she found her clit.

She almost forgot to breathe as the warm feelings started to multiply 100 fold. The result was immediate and extreme. Just as she started to rub across her little bump, she exploded in an orgasm so intense, she collapsed on her bed, screaming and writhing. She was so loud that Melissa had to jump on her and cover her mouth before her parents barged into the room.

When it was all over, Nikki looked over at Melissa and stared at her as her friend said "and that, laughed Melissa, is how you take care of those tingly feelings by yourself".

She then went on to explain it's even better when someone else does that and more for you. Nikki barely heard her, still trying to recover from her first and mind blowing orgasm. She also went on to tell me that she and Melissa and eventually one of her other friend's, Sarah, would experiment on each other. The one story she relayed to me was the time she and Sarah were laying on the bed masturbating themselves while laying next to each other.

Nikki's legs were spread and her knees were in the air. She had lifted her pussy and ass in the air and was furiously finger fucking herself when Sarah, without warning slid between her legs, lubricated her finger on Nikki's copiously realemoexposed angelina wakes bf with wild tattoos amateur pussy and stuck her finger in the unsuspecting teen's ass.

Nikki's eyes widened, not fully understanding what was happening. No one had ever touched her down there, especially her asshole, but there was Sarah, sliding her finger in and out. She at first yelped with a little pain as the intruding finger found its way past the knuckle, now she was moaning and lost in immense pleasure, feeling her impending orgasm build.

Suddenly and without warning, Nikki didn't just orgasm, she exploded in a torrent of squirting cum, spraying her friends face, like a faucet. She had never squirted before and didn't even know it was possible. She thought she had peed on her friends face and started shaking and crying. Sarah was stunned but quickly realized it wasn't pee.

Some of it had inadvertently landed in her mouth and she unexpectedly ended up tasting her first girl-cum. She squirmed up and hugged her friend and while comforting her, told her it wasn't pee and in fact didn't taste bad at all. She even scooped up some from the puddle beneath her and fed it to Nikki.

Nikki just sucked the other girl's fingers, cleaning them off from the gooey sticky, but not unpleasant tasting liquid. Hmm, not bad, said Nikki. I just sat there in amazement, and I think I actually stopped breathing. Trying to be nonchalant and detached to her story was out the window! My 10" cock heard the whole story and managed to wiggle itself right down the leg of my shorts and its purple, angry, leaking head had managed to make a visible appearance.

I didn't realize this until Nikki looked over at me, gasped loudly and covered her mouth with her hand. "OHMYGOD, she almost shouted. It's HUGE!" I looked down, realized what happened and immediately covered it with my hand.

I then stood up, excusing myself amateur stepsis rides toy reality and blowjob almost ran to the bathroom to fix things.

By fixing things, I stood there, dropped my shorts and hand-fucked myself until I felt my entire body tighten, screamed silently and released a torrential stream of cum. It took all of two minutes, but an additional five more to breathe normally and stuff my now satisfied cock back into my shorts. I then sheepishly rejoined Nikki in the living room. She was sitting there smiling like the cat that swallowed the canary! Looking at me all innocently she asked what's wrong.

I just looked at her in shock, the little 18 year old had done that all on purpose. I laughingly said "you little bitch, remember turnabout is fair play." She laughed and simply said, "anytime daddy, anytime." She then uncrossed her legs, leaned forward and kissed the outside of my shorts, right on top of my resting cock. She got up off the sofa, stretched that lithe little body and informed me she had to get home for dinner.

She walked over to me, hugged me tightly, making sure her tits rubbed against my chest and said, and unexpectedly stuck two of her fingers into my mouth, then pulling them out. She winked at me and said "see you later daddy." Once again, I stood there stunned, and then realized that I was tasting her 18 year old pussy juice. The little slut did herself while I was in the bathroom. Holy Fuck! I stood there in silence, stunned, not knowing quite what to feel or say or do.

What just happened, I asked myself. Just then, I heard a car pull into the driveway and looked at my watch. It was almost 6:00, my wife was just getting back from work. As Julie walked into the kitchen, she looked at me with a puzzled look on her face. Is everything ok, she asked? You look like you got run over by a truck, twice! My shirt was half out of my shorts, my zipper was half down and there was an wet trail that a blind man couldn't miss.

I just told her it was a very interesting afternoon and I needed to talk to her, in the bedroom, NOW! I then grabbed her hand and just about pulled her towards the stairs. She looked at me like I had two heads, just said ok and proceeded upstairs to our bedroom.

As soon as we were in there, I closed the door, grabbed her while she looked at me stunned, but smiling. Without even thinking about it, I bent her over the bed, lifter her work dress over her back, ripped off her panties, dropped my shorts and unceremoniously plunged 9" of hard, angry cock into her cunt.

She gasped, caught her breath and then started to push back. We had always been lucky because Julie was one of those lucky women that was lubricated almost all the time. She tried to look over her shoulder at me questioningly and as well as she could, asked "what the fuck brought this on?" I just grunted, "Later babe, this won't take long." I felt her start to tense up and true to her usual reaction, started to cum on my cock.

I felt the warm fluid cover my cock and that failed magician fucks his new blond assistant my own reaction. Within 2 minutes, I loaded what felt like a quart of my juice in her tight box. We both collapsed on the bed, breathing starting to return to normal. She cuddled up to me and said, "ok, what was that all about, not that I'm complaining." I proceeded to tell her the entire story with Nikki. She sat there as I had, wide eyed and in silence.

It also got her horny again, just as it did me. As I was finishing the story, Julie pushed me until I was laying on my back. She was just tickling my spent, slimy cock lightly, looked at me and asked me if I fucked her! I looked at her, smiling, and told her that I had in fact not touched her at all.

"WHY NOT", she asked, in mock surprise. I told her that I was waiting until next time, when Nikki could join the two of us and learn the right way. Julie just looked at me, told me I'm evil and an old pervert, and then proceeded to put my cock in her hot wet mouth. She did this for about a minute, pulled her mouth off, wiping it with the back of her hand.

She then smiled, got up, and told me there may be more later, if I'm a good boy! The end, for now! I hope you enjoyed this little story. If you did, please let me know.

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