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Jemma valentine being analized with ass gaping on ass traffic asstraffic and swallow
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Ok, I need to apologize. The story isn't going to pickup where Ch. 3 left off, sorry! I had already written what is now Ch. 5. I will try to backtrack soon. Thanks to all those that like my stories and for any constructive criticism you have given. Our Son's Friends Part 5 By Pornluvrj If you haven't read Parts 1, 2 and 3, it sort of gets the story going.

If not, this part should be able to stand alone. I hope you enjoy it. Nikki visits my Office My name is Brad. I'm 40 years old, in ok but not great physical shape. I'm happily married to my high school sweetheart, have 1 son, a senior in high school and I run a small business out of my home.

My office is in the basement, separated from my family's living space. Basically it's a one man operation but I did have a part time office assistant. I was in my office the next afternoon doing some paperwork when Nikki walked in. I looked at the clock and saw that she must have just gotten out of school and came over to see Mark. I also knew that Mark was at football practice until after 6 and it was only 3! She came over to me and sat in the comfy overstuffed armchair in front of the desk.

She had on her cheerleading outfit, explaining she just finished her practice and wanted to just stop in and say hi. She asked where Julie was and when I told her she was at work, she just smiled this evil, seductive smile and I knew I was in trouble. Looking at this 18 year old vision in her micro mini cheerleading skirt was disturbing, not in a bad way, but the thoughts in my mind could college sorority sluts riding faces during hazing easily gotten me 20 years with a roommate named Tiny!

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As I sat there, Nikki sat rubbing her legs together. Looking at me with her smoldering eyes, she suddenly opened her legs to show me not only her white cotton panties, but a rad wap me rd anal wet spot that seemed to be spreading while I sat there holding my breath. This lasted about 15 seconds when she stood up and walked behind me.

All of a sudden, I felt her petite little hands starting to rub my shoulders and neck. I admit it, this action will always drop any sense of propriety I have left. She was massaging my back and I was in heaven.

Without warning, she then reached down and started nibbling on my neck while I felt her firm, perky breasts press against my shoulder blades, moving up and down as she continued to rub my back. It felt sooooooo good, I tried to tell her to stop, but the words wouldn't come out.

Instead of hearing "You have to stop this, it isn't right, she heard&hellip. Ohhmygodddddddd, don't stop!" As I resigned myself to this euphoric feeling and also feeling myself moving into a semi conscious state, I was all of a sudden aware that something was being pressed against my nose and mouth. Startled, I jumped a bit, opened my eyes and realized that Nikki had removed her panties and was pressing them against my nose and stuffing them into my mouth.

It took me about 10 seconds and the smell of her young pussy came through my nostrils and into amateur couple bathroom hot sex tape tube porn very being.

By that, I mean my cock. which was in a semi erect state, also realized what was happening and took over all brain function! Without even a conscious thought, I swiveled my chair, startling the now half naked teenager, stood, grabbed her and sat her forcibly in my chair.

Her naked very wet pussy and ass just sitting there ready for whatever happened next. She looked at me and her smile went from the confident evil look to one of surprise and maybe a little trepidation. I simply leaned down and kissed her warm lips tenderly, then a little more forcibly. She was moaning into my mouth and I could feel and see her chest rise and fall, her breathing becoming ragged and her pussy pushing up, wanting to be satisfied.

The smell of sex was heavy in the office and my brain only had one thing in it.

I was going to teach this little tease a lesson once and for all. At that point, it wouldn't have mattered if the entire US Army stormed in, I was going to finish what this little girl started. I pulled away from her and dropped to my knees on the floor in front of her. Without hesitation, I buried my face into the sweetest tasting cunt I have ever eaten (except for my wife, of course).

Nikki screamed in pleasure and grabbed the back of my head, pulling it so far into her cunt, I thought I was going to suffocate. The smell and taste of the teenage cheerleader was overpowering. She started cumming within seconds, sending another flood of her nectar into my mouth and over my face.

She humped my face like a madwoman, mouthing "yesyesyesyesyes, don't stop, don't ever sssssssssssstopppppppppppppp" and just kept cumming. I reached down and released my hard cock, clumsily pulling my pants off as best and as fast as I could. The front of my pants were soaked from the precum caused by what was happening, and my cock was so hard, I thought it was going to break. It needed to go somewhere, and I knew where it was american fucking mom and dhuthsr vidio. Nikki looked at me with wide eyes, her breathing uneven and tits heaving like she ran a marathon.

She looked down at my massive hard on and in a raspy voice said "FUCK MY CUNT NOWWWWWW" as she pulled me up and forward to polish milf mischa cross tag teamed by two horny beasts up with her hot box.

In one fell swoop, I entered her fully, no niceties, no gentleness, not caring if it hurt her or not. My brain, as well as my cock were of one, only caring to release the pent up cum caused by the slut, with her tiny, tight, wet pussy encasing all 9" of my steaming hot cock. Without missing a beat, Nikki's eyes went wide as she moaned loudly and started matching my movements, moving her hot cunt up and down, forcing my in and out with wild abandon.

I had never, ever felt anything so tight in my life. It was like forcing a basketball through a garden hose. Hot velvet walls encased my flesh, massaging it from the inside, both of us moaning and sweating like we were in a sauna. She looked at me with her now slitted eyes, hissing things like, " Fuck me Brad, Fuck me hard and fast. Don't stop pounding my little pussy." And she just kept cumming. It seemed that she came every 2 minutes and each time flooded around my pistoning cock.

I think I lasted about 4 minutes when I announced that I was getting ready to cum. This just made Nikki slam against me even harder, trying to get more cums before I let loose my own barrage of baby batter. All of a sudden a thought occurred to me, was she on the pill? Not knowing, I decided to pull out and cum all over her, but she had other russian slut jill aka toma. She sensed I was about to cum and was pulling out when she reached around, grabbed my ass, pulling me tightly to her, forcing my erupting cock all the way in.

"In me, cum in my cunt, fill me up" she moaned. Once it started, there was no way I could stop it. I pumped her with all my might, sending what seemed like a quart of my white, slimy spunk deep into her womb.

Thinking it was over I managed to pull out of her and fell back onto the floor of my office, Panting like I had run a marathon.

I was spent and exhausted feeling my heartbeat going a mile a minute.

Nikki, on the other hand, wasting no time, slid onto the floor next to me and without warning, took my now still leaking but deflating cock into her hot mouth. Sucking it in deep once, twice and then a final third time and then removing it from her mouth, she looked at me with spit and cum dripping from her lips and told me to relax (yeah, right), she was just going to clean me up a little. She continued to suck for maybe a minute and only stopped when I begged her to. My cock was red and sensitive from the pounding I had given her.

I just couldn't take any more, even as good as her pouty mouth felt. She slid up next to me, leaned over and kissed me hotly. I could taste the mixture of both my and her fluids. Not bad! She then just rested her head on my chest, looking up at me with those smoldering eyes and said… "wait til next time, it'll be even better".

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I could only groan and wonder what I was getting in to. I looked at the clock and it was 5:45. Holy Shit! Both Mark and Julie would be home soon. I scrambled for my clothes and saw Nikki just taking her sweet time putting herself together. Looking at the area we were in, I saw spots of cum on the carpet, the desk and the chair. OH CRAP, I thought as I dashed for the bathroom to grab a towel to clean up.

Nikki came in and grabbed a handful of tissues, stuffing them into her still soaked panties to help keep the flood of our fluids from leaking all over the house. Not 30 seconds later, I heard the kitchen door open and Julie popped her head around the corner. She came into the office, spotted Nikki and smiled and said hi. Nikki smiled back warmly and giggled. Julie started around the desk to give me a kiss and stopped.

I saw as she took a couple of extended sniffs beautiful french girl fucked good in clinic the air and then looked at me funny.

She almost gasped out loud when she recognized the unmistakable odor, but didn't say anything. I was a sly smile come across her face as I sat there thinking "BUSTED". Nikki looked up at both of us and stood, announcing she had to get home for dinner and family time. She thanked me for letting her hang around the office and said maybe she'd be back again soon, if that was ok.

Julie and I looked at each other and then at Nikki when Julie chirped in… You can come back anytime&hellip. Nikki was gone in 2 minutes out the front door when we heard the back door open and Mark come into the house. Julie quickly looked at me and said in a low voice… I want every fucking minute detail!, smiled, kissed my lips, opening her eyes wide when she tasted the deposit that Nikki left, and walked into the kitchen to see our son and start dinner.