Huge tit ass beautiful fuck

Huge tit ass beautiful fuck
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Sissy's Punishment Part 2 After the Shower The water felt good as it sprayed over my body. I made sure that my cock is clean and ready for the next assault. I left the shower and dried myself off. As I walk into my bedroom, and see Sissy standing there still spread eagled against the end of the bed, I smile to myself. I walk over and now I see the mixture of urine, water and semen running down the inside of her legs. The tray has a combination of these liquids, all pooling together.

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I can still see that Sissy is still clenching her cheeks to keep what's left of the ice in her arse. I remove the vibrator and stand away and whisper that she can release the ice from her arse. I see what remains of the ice, a long thin sliver of what was 4 inches long and half an inch in diameter.

I look to Sissy's front and remove the clamp from her right tit and place it on her left. I removed the butterfly vibrator and clamp from Sissy's pussy and admire my handiwork at removing her pubic hair.

I let my fingers run over her pubic region and pussy slit, stopping long enough to trace the provocative cum hole stroking hardcore and blowjob of her lips. I hear Sissy moan through her gag at my touch. I whisper in Sissy's ear, "You've been a good girl so now a shower and a little relaxation." I get a metal tray and stand, placing it next to me and whisper to Sissy that I am removing her hot xxx sexx rab x and any sudden move will mean pain and further restraints.

Before I release her I jab a needle into her left arse cheek, just enough to make her jump. After she settled down, I cut the left hand's nylon with scissors, which I place back onto the tray. Then taking handcuffs, I place them on Sissy's wrist.

Using the scissors again, I cut the other binding and return the scissors to the metal tray. I take Sissy's other wrist and handcuff her to the first wrist. Sissy doesn't give much resistance, as her arms are limp to handle. I believe that the time being spread eagled has worn Sissy out.

So, I whisper to Sissy to keep standing and not to fall, or further punishment would befall her. I attach the collar and leash to Sissy's throat and tell her she's my bitch now and she must obey me at all costs. So I cut the ankle bindings and on standing, took her leash, leading Sissy to the en suit.

The en suit has a large shower recess, big enough for two people to fuck in. There are two shower heads in the stall, one at each end. One head is fixed and the other is attached to a long flexible shower hose. The shower stall also has a metal bar crossing the middle of the stall, which is built into the wall, so it can't be pulled down by any means.

In the centre of the bar is a locking hook, which I lift Sissy's arm up to, above her head, and attached the handcuff chain too. I check the blind fold and gag, to make sure that they are still in place.

Aiming the fixed shower head, I turn it on and keeping it aimed towards Sissy's head and chest. She doesn't resist and accepts the warm water over her body. I now turn the flexible shower hose full on. It has a thin needle jet stream and a trigger release on it.

Big black cock 12 inch manoeuvre it and aim it at her arse. I pull back on the trigger and a needle blast of cold water hits Sissy's arse.

She jumps at the blast and groans. I take hold of her waist and again blast her arse. This time she can't move forward or jump around. I turn Sissy around so the fixed shower is now on her back. Sissy starts to realise what is about to happen, when I blast her pussy with the cold water needle spray.

I lean in to Sissy and I take her right nipple into my mouth and suck and chew on it. Sissy moans and this encourages me further. I begin to suck more when I shoot a blast of cold water at Sissy's pussy. I keep this up several times, when I remove the clamp from her left nipple and transfer it to her right one.

Then I start to suck and chew on this nipple. At the time Sissy is trying to move away from the next blast of cold water, which is not coming. I lift my mouth to her ear and whisper how good it is to eat bitch meat, and Sissy struggles at that. I leave the shower to retrieve the enema equipment, we leave in our en suite cupboards.

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I fill the bag one third with warm water and a touch of liquid soap and then walk back into the shower stall. I hooked the bag up onto the locking hook, allowing the enema hose to drop down just past Sissy's arse. I whisper again to Sissy that I will shove the enema hose into her bum and instruct her that she's to hold the water and not to release it until I say to.

I shove the hose up past her sphincter and turn the valve on at the bag. I watch as the water runs down the tube and into her arse.

Now Sissy is clenching her arse, making sure that she doesn't allow any water to leave her bowels. I smile at her discomfort. Now I pick up the flexible shower hose and fire a shot of cold water at her pussy.

Sissy jumps at the blast and some of the water escapes her arse. I slap hard at Sissy's tit, without the clamp. Sissy groans at the swat and lets more fluid escapes her bowels. So, I slap her tit again and again. Now Sissy realises that she must hold the water, so no fluid may escape. I send another blast of cold water at her pussy, but Sissy holds the fluid in her bowels tightly.

Sissy is learning. I take the clap from Sissy's right tit and place it on one lip of Sissy's pussy. But still Sissy holds the water in her bowels. I lower my mouth to one tit and chew and suck on her nipple, then I attack the other, chewing, pulling and sucking her nipple. Tania and Sissy are very much alike except for age. Their tits and nipples point hard making it easy to pull and chew on.

I change from one nipple to the other and then change back to the first. I then check on the enema bag and see that it's nearly empty. I check on Sissy's arse and see that she is still clenching her cheeks tightly.

I'm tempted to suck on her arse, but decide that I like to fuck first. So, I remove the enema hose and take down the enema bag placing it into the sink beside the shower. I whisper to Sissy that she can expel the water from her bowels. With what appears to be a sigh, Sissy unclenches her arse cheeks and the water flows quickly from her bowels. I watch as shit and my tia le da una cogida a su sobrino video completo aqui flow with the water down her legs and mix with the water from the shower and down the drain.

I pick up the flexible shower hose and blast away anything that sticks to Sissy's skin or sits on the floor of the shower recess. I blast her arse with cold water and wash her down until I'm happy with my work. I remove the clamp from Sissy's pussy lip and place it on the soap dish.

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My cock has been hard ever since we started my water games and again I want relief. I grab Sissy's hip and lift them up. As I lift her hips, the legs separate and I force my way into Sissy.

She's tight and wet. She's liked our games very much because she's well lubricated for me. I just force myself straight up, as far as I can ram my cock. Sissy moans through her gag and I like it. I keep ramming my cock into her wet pussy. My cock and her cunt make wet sloppy noises and even the occasional pussy fart. I keep ramming her until she clamps down and orgasms.

Her cunt begins to milk my cock, making it hard for me to ram her. But then I push through her orgasm and I shoot my load deep into her belly.

I keep my cock in Sissy until it deflates and falls out by itself. I smile all over again, she's is starting to learn to be my bitch. I pick up the shower hose again and spray her pussy even to send cold water up her love tunnel.

I turn around and turn off the flexible shower hose and then the fixed one. I whisper to Sissy that she's been a good girl and now I'm going to relax. I take Sissy down and lead her out of the stall and proceed to dry her off with a towel.

I whisper to Sissy that I will take her blind fold off and not to turn around, because punishment will follow. I slap both tits again to remind her. I reach into the cupboard next epic threesome giant cock shares pussy with hot lesbian use and retrieve a dry blind fold.

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We keep several for when I train Tania. Then I release Sissy's blind fold and towel her hair until its dry, as best I could. I take the fresh blind fold and place it back onto Sissy's head. Never once does Sissy turn her head or make a fuss. Standing behind Sissy, I whisper to her again, "Are you my my bitch?" Sissy nods, but I think she's answering to quick, just as her sister did, when I trained her.

I start to fondle Sissy's tits and nipples and push myself into her back. Sissy just stands there and takes my probing. If I thought she was my bitch then I believe she would've pushed back to my advance. I lead Sissy back into my bedroom and turn her to face me. I whisper to her again that I will tie her off to the eyelets and not to jerk off to feet hd punish my nineteen yearold culo and mouth a problem.

Sissy nods at my instructions and waits. I lay Sissy on the bed while I remove and clean the tray that she will stand in. After I place the tray back, I pick up Sissy off the bed and lead her to the tray. I tie off her ankles and then I tie her waist to the middle eyelets. I unlock the handcuffs and then tie off each wrist to each eyelet. Sissy is once more standing spread eagled at the end of the bed. I retrieve the small clamps and place one onto each of pussy lips. I then take another 2 and place one on each nipple.

I look at the time and see that I should make something for dinner. So I go down to the kitchen and make some sandwiches. I also get 2 cans of soft drink and a straw for Sissy. Tania had stocked the fridge well. I return to my bedroom and see that Sissy is still standing in the position I left her.

I once again get the stand and tray and place it next to Sissy. I whisper to her if she's hungry and Sissy nods. I now tell her that I will release the gag, but anything she does will cause her to miss dinner altogether. Sissy again nods. I take the pussy clamps away and then release the gag, allowing me to feed Sissy with the sandwiches I made and give her the soft drink that I brought. After she finishes I tell her to open her mouth again which she does.

I place the gag back into her mouth and tell her how good she is. I have my dinner and lay down on my bed watching Sissy's arse and thinking of my next way to teach her.

I get up once more and pick up two french vibrators, those ones with nubs on the exterior of the vibrator. The vibrators are about 4 inches long and half an inch across. I slap Sissy across her arse cheeks several times, just so she won't be ready for what's next.

I grasp one vibrator and shove it past her sphincter. Sissy's head falls back and she groans once more. I turn the vibrator on and tell Sissy to keep the vibrator in her arse. Now I can see that Sissy is clenching and moving her arse to the rhyme of the vibrator. As I watch I pick up the second vibrator and wait until she moves her hips forward, when I shove it into her pussy as far as it can go. I take a clamp and grab her pussy lips, clamping them together. Now Sissy is really jumping around.

So, I grab a little contraption of mine. It houses four 9 volt batteries, connected together and a length of string that fashioned into a loop, so I can hang the batteries around anyone's neck. At each end is a loose wire, one has a clamp attached, the other end is just exposed wires. I hang the batteries around Sissy's neck and then attached the clamp to her right nipple. Now I flick the exposed wire against the nipple and Sissy arches her back.

I flick her nipple several times with the exposed wire and watch Sissy arch her back on each occasion.

On the last time as I touch her nipple with the exposed wire, she stiffens her body and I suspect that she's having another orgasm. I smile at the thought that she now wants her other nipple touched the same way. I take the clamp of her nipple and place it onto the orgia it scopata dagli amici del marito one.

I start all over again touching her with the exposed wire and each time I touch her, she again arches her back. Then after several minutes of flicking the exposed wire to her nipple, Sissy again stiffens her body. I grin at Sissy's pleasure. I go down stairs once more and pick up a bucket.

I take it to my room and sit it beside Sissy. Now I remove the nipple clamp and batteries, which are place on the tray. I remove the pussy clamp and allow the vibrator to fall from her cunt. I whisper in Sissy's ear to expel the vibrator from her arse, which she does. As I look at Sissy, I can see she is limp, whilst spread eagled, from her orgasm.

I cut her free from her ankle restraints, which allows Sissy to move her feet around. Then I cut her wrist restraints and place the one handcuff to one wrist. I loop the other end around the bottom of the opposite post and handcuff the other wrist. Sissy can now lay on the floor and rest. The bed is too heavy to pick up, so Big tits mtv blonde gets banged out not afraid of Sissy releasing herself.

I tell Sissy that she has to use the bucket for her waste. I'm kneeling in front of Sissy when I decide that a blow job will finish off today for me. So, I tell Sissy that I want a blow job and any refusal or shit performance will be met with pain. I also tell her that I will release her gag and any reaction will, except for what I want, will result in punishment. I remove the gag and push my cock towards her face. Sissy now starts just to suck my cock. It's a pitiful performance so I reach over and slap her right tit hard.

Now Sissy, with my cock in her mouth, groans at my assault. I whisper poor performance results in pain. Now Sissy starts to use her tongue on cock. I tell her to nip and lick which she follows my instructions.

I also tell her to lick and suck on my nuts. Again she follows she not only knows to open a door instructions. I find that my cock is growing harder by the minute and I can feel my cum rising.

As Sissy starts going down on my cock, I grab her head and start ramming my cock down her throat. Sissy starts to choke but I keep ramming. Finally I feel my seed ready to burst outwards so I ram down her throat once more and cum, sending my cum into her stomach.

After several large and then small shots of my cum, I extract my cock from her mouth and tell her to lick up the rest. Sissy is breathing noisily but licks the rest of my cum from the slit. I smile as I get the gag again and place it to her mouth. Sissy doesn't want to open her mouth so I strike her right tit again.

This time Sissy yelps and groans heavily. I hold the gag to her mouth again and Sissy opens her mouth freely. I secure the gag and tell her that she can rest now, training was finished for the day.

I walk downstairs and call my wife on her mobile. We chat for a little while about her, our children and her folks. Then Tania asks me about the training, and I tell her that everything was going well. After that we finish up, with me promising a special treat for her if she comes home, by herself, on Sunday morning. Tania promises me that she will, with what sounds like glee in her voice and we finish our call.

I then went into the lounge room, changed the TV channel, so I can watch the football and decide on what to do next. Afterwards the game, I go up to my bedroom and see that Sissy is asleep on the floor. I then got onto my bed and fell asleep. Part 3 the Next Day