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Lucky guy orgy xxx new years eve party
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Chapter 1: Sparks In the year 2000, the Connolly family lived on the New Hampshire side of the border of Massachusetts. Their small condo was accommodating enough for the young family, which consisted of George and Eileen, along with their children, Tim and Katie. Both parents were from Mass originally; they wanted their kids to attend the same schools that they had even though they lived in another state. All of their friends typically lived far away, and so the brother and sister developed a strong bond at a young age.

Katie was 8, and Tim was a year older at 9, but people always commented that they were as close as twins. Tim, or T as his family and friends called him, was named so because when Katie first began talking she failed to pronounce Timothy, so he was dubbed TT. Though she continued to call him that as she learned to talk, their parents convinced her to drop a T ensuring that other kids would not call him titty in school. A boy scout in spirit, not practice; he was typically on his best behavior.

He took the role of protective older brother very seriously; even when he had to protect her from herself. His sister was a schemer, and more often than not, dragged him along for the ride. Katie was a wild, ambitious, and determined little girl. She would get into trouble, and T would stand beside her against their parents, arguing her case like it was a courtroom.

He claimed to be able to see things from both sides, but would always add in that he had tried to stop her first. She saw herself more as an adventurer and would never do anything too bad. If she was ever unsure of the right and wrong of what she did, her big bro would always pull her back from the ledge. Except when they watched old movies or played video games, they were always outside. Despite how many people lived in the buildings nearby, there were barely any children their age, which was fine with them because they thoroughly enjoyed the other's company.

Their favorite game was pretending since they could do whatever they desired, and most of their time outdoors was spent exploring the nearby woods to enact their fantasies. Sometimes they would reenact their favorite movies, but mostly they made up their own stories. Katie and T were not content simply playing out there; they created worlds, together.

The woods belonged to a King, and his people were being terrorized by an evil wizard. They were on a distant planet as part of a colony mission from earth, but something deadly already lived there that they had to hide from.

The woods were transformed by them, and somehow, they always saw the same new place. They would make up their own characters that made up the most badass team to fight whatever evil lurked there. Two things never changed in their stories; first, they were always brother and sister. Second, they always took turns saving each other.

That day, however, was going to be different. Katie wanted to try something new. They were not related in that story. She was a smuggler, imprisoned by the empire, and T was coming to save her. He was quite heroic when he dispatched the invisible guards with his stick while making laser sounds with his mouth.

They had all been defeated, so he set the girl free from her invisible shackles. Katie closed her eyes and pursed her lips together. T gave her a funny look and wondered what was wrong with her.

"You have to kiss me now," Katie stated and got back into her pose. "We're brother and sister," T replied, looking a little flushed. "We don't kiss." "Not in this story." Katie placed her hands on her hips and took the position of authority on the matter.

"In this we're strangers. The boy rescues the girl, and then they kiss, duh!" "What kind of brother would I be if I encouraged you to kiss strangers?" He smirked, thinking he had gotten out of that one. "Luke kissed Leia! They were brother and sister. We are brother and sister, but we're pretending not to be. So it's ok." Katie tried not to beg him. She started to look a little hurt. There was no way T would ever let that happen, pretend, or not.

Besides, he could not argue with her movie logic, even though Leia kissed Luke. He quickly grabbed her by the waist and back, dipped her sideways like he had seen in movies, and gave her a big wet kiss. It only lasted a couple seconds, and as Japanese slut yui ayana got fucked on the sofa uncensored seemed content, T's blonde vixen amber deen fucks driving instructor popped open in shock.

He opened his arms suddenly and the sister he was holding dropped to the ground. "Ow, hey!" Katie whined from the ground. "You electrocuted me with your lips!

You are dark side, like the emperor. It's a trap!" T made a show of running away while Katie could only roll her eyes. She stood up, dusted herself off, and started back toward their building. She felt something too. It was not at all like being electrocuted. It was a warm feeling and made her happy.

Definitely not static electricity either; maybe those were the sparks that people got when they were in love. Even at a young age, she knew what happened when there were sparks when you kissed a boy. You got married. Katie went to the best source of love, her mom. Craftily she asked her how she met her dad instead of going right into the kiss. The girl had to steer her mom in the right direction a bit, but finally, the first kiss came up.

"Our song came on the radio and your father asked me to dance. It wasn't our song yet, of course, but this was the night it became our song. Anyway, we were dancing and he started to sing, 'I can't help falling in love with you.' So I kissed him right then and there." Eileen was happy her daughter liked hearing that story as much two sexy women sharing on one lucky cock she enjoyed reminiscing.

"So were there sparks?" Katie asked, hopeful that her mother would be able to explain the phenomenon. "When he kissed me? There were certainly sparks. They're still there too." She looked happy; lost in a memory.

Katie knew she needed to keep her mom focused. "So when you kiss someone and there are sparks, you get married, right? It's that easy?" Eileen laughed and could not help feeling a little sorry for her daughter. It would never be that easy. Even if she was lucky, there were still a lot of frogs before the prince. She decided not to break her daughter's heart that night. She thought to also double check the movies Katie was allowed to watch.

"Well, there are different kinds of kisses and different sparks too." That was when Katie's dad entered the room. "George, Katie wants to know about the sparks we had when we kissed for the first time." She gave her husband an amused look.

The father preferred his daughter never grow up. "Nope, no sparks. Kissing is horrible. Especially for girls; they hate it. The only reason your mom kisses me is that we're married so she has to." George winked at his wife. Katie gave her dad a dirty look, and he finally admitted that there were sparks when he kissed mom for the first time. It only happened because they were special to each other.

Her parents began to flirt as they reminisced so she took her cue to leave. She entered the room she shared with her brother and retrieved her red notebook from under her bed. For Katie, it was not any old notebook. It was where she wrote down her secrets, wishes, dreams, and nightmares.

Mostly it's where she would write out her plans for the future. She had a feeling that she should keep that new plan of hers a secret. It seemed so simple at the time as if it were a puzzle she would gradually find the pieces to. Like a story, she was writing that would be more easily accomplished in the future. Katie often had ideas that she realized were beyond her years. Like how she was going to deal with her brother being her soul mate.

******* Ten years later in 2010, Katie Connolly was finally 18. Years before, she had decided to allow things to develop naturally between her brother and herself. It was of utmost importance that T fall in love with her in his own way, nor should she force anything. She had fallen in love with him four years earlier and hard fucked anal bitch with big curvy tits years after her secret plan had begun.

Time was running out when her body began acting on her behalf in any scenario he was involved; she was a horny mess that entire summer. She had decided to take a year off before college. While some days it was to figure out what she really wanted to do, others it was to simply lounge around her parent's house like a slug. She had a job and helped out around the house, so it was not like she was completely useless. Her secret motivation, as always, was being around her brother.

At that moment she needed to blow off some steam, which meant killing boys on her favorite shooter. She didn't hate men or anything like that, but when some guys realized they were playing with a girl they would become immediately hostile towards them.

It mattered little to her, as she had far more skill from years of practice. She killed them all equally, though she wished for more of a challenge. They all kept running straight into her bullets thinking she was the one that sucked. Punk, the family's black lab, shot up from his position at her feet and took off towards the front door upstairs. Katie bit her bottom lip knowing her man was home.

The dog recognized the sound of the boy's car as it pulled into its spot, next to the driveway on the lawn. The good boy sat patiently staring at the front door as his tail wagged behind him. When it opened, he immediately head-butted the boy in his balls so he knew to pat him. "Oof, dude I love you, okay, but maybe I want kids," T said, wincing at the slight impact. Kinky lesbian threesome with attractive sex bombs rubbed Punk on the head, and happy with the proper hello, he let the boy enter his home.

T headed downstairs towards the bottom floor of the house which consisted of a living room that the kids shared on one side, and his room in the other half with the washer and dryer outside his door. He was about to head to his room when he heard something he had to see for himself. "That's right you little punk bitch! Next time yo mamma tells you to do something you better think of the time a girl shoved her rifle up your virgin boy pussy." Katie yelled into her headset.

She ripped the headset off and threw it on the table. Then, she jumped up from her seat and started dancing around with the controller still in hand. T could not help but smile at her excitement. They had been playing video games together forever, but once the games were online and guys beat on girls for whatever reason, Katie was set on turning the tables on them.

Her determination was unlike anyone else's that he knew. She always found a fair way to get what she wanted. Katie was still bouncing around when she turned and opened her eyes to see T watching her.

She was wearing an old NIN t-shirt of his that was too small and tight for both of them. Amateur slut in hot amateur porn 1 tube porn C cup breasts were packed inside and her bare, firm stomach was showing underneath. Covering the most amazingly plump bubble-butt he had ever seen were navy blue girl boxers, which led to thick thighs that held up all that ass, and nice athletic legs that carried it around.

As was usual for both of them during summer at home, she was barefoot. That brought him back up to the best thing about her when she brushed her long, dark brown hair out of her face. It was only one of her many magnificent smiles. He had studied it for years and long ago noticed it was only for him. She never smiled the way she did for him around anyone else and it made his stomach flutter.

It was surrounded by plump, pink lips, and cute dimples. Bright, green, and cat-like eyes were easily his next favorite feature. Below them was a cute pointed nose. Her eyebrows were curved so sexily; she took special care to make sure they never looked "Clownish" as she put it.

The looks she gave him made him feel like the most special guy in the world. There was always more empathy, kindness, and love written on her face than anyone he had ever met. "If only that kid could see the cute dance you did after you verbally berated him. He probably wouldn't be so butthurt." T teased her. "Only you get to see my cute little dances." She winked and tossed the controller on the chair.

"Kid had it coming, all this talk about how he was going to put his balls in my mouth hardcore ride for attractive student girlfriend blowjob he murdered me. He didn't even sound like they had dropped yet." She giggled.

"You have such a dirty little mouth." T tried to hide a blush that may have revealed the way he was thinking about her mouth. "Just wait," Katie replied. Something in her eyes turned dreamy and excited. "Wh-What?" T stammered. "Wanna go swimming?" "Okay." "Me first!" She pushed her brother aside and headed to his room to change.

T stood there unsure of what had just happened, but as usual, he was just going to go with whatever she wanted to do. Katie had made T's room her personal changing room when she went swimming in their pool. It was the most secluded spot closest to the pool, and she insisted it was a matter of convenient privacy for her.

She even kept her swimsuits in his drawers. It was also easily the coolest room in the house. T was an old, very artistic soul. He had painted his bedroom to look like brick walls with blue trim the previous summer.

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A year ago, after he graduated, he and some friends drove around the surrounding towns and stole a bunch of street signs. He had actually designed his room to look like a street corner so he could use his signs to decorate. She smiled thinking how unique the man she loved was. Turning towards the wide mirror on top of his bureau, she took herself in as she undressed.

On the outside, she was the girl next door's nightmare. She had an amazing body that she worked hard for and looks that drove pretty much anyone crazy. She had played basketball and ran cross country all throughout high school, and continued to work on her body for herself, though T's reactions were well worth the effort. Katie had been told many times how gorgeous she was, but she never let it go to her head. Except for the Catholic school girl uniform she used to have to wear, she typically hid most of her assets in looser jeans and t-shirts.

It was mostly to keep T's friends from hounding her or being harassed at work. Home, sleep, and swimwear was a different story since she lived with the only person she wanted to share her body with.

She simply never found someone better than who she already had her heart set on. She quickly peeled off the almost skintight t-shirt and tossed it behind her onto her brother's bed. One of her eyebrows lifted higher adorable brazilian honey plays solo hardcore blowjob she scrutinized her topless frame. Her hands moved up her stomach, briefly cupping her breasts before she gave her left nipple a slight pinch, which resulted in a tiny squeal that died in her mouth.

There was another secret, behind the love she had for T, ever present. Katie thought she was the sluttiest virgin in history. Having had enough of delaying her own fun, she grabbed her red bikini from T's drawer and walked over to his bed to finish her changing ritual. She sat down on the side, and rolling backward, slipped her boxers and thong off simultaneously. She tossed the last of her clothes next to her and grabbed the pillow he cuddled with sometimes when he slept.

She laid it on top of herself and then flipped her body over so she was on top and straddling it. Practice makes perfect, she thought, as she hoped to surprise T one day with that move.

Katie then ground her bare pussy back and forth along the length of her pretend brother. She was no scientist, but she told herself she did it to leave her scent on his bed so he would dream about her. Whether it worked or not, she really enjoyed the thrill of such a dirty act. She already had a few fetishes, a bunch of turn-ons, and more kinks than any of her friends who were having sex for years by then.

When she turned 18, she packed all of her horniness in a sex cannon and aimed it at her brother. She knew he would never barge into his own room while she was changing. Girl fuck fuck of his blind husbend course, she fantasized about him doing just that. He would catch his slutty sister naked, grinding on his pillow, and punish her for being so dirty.

The thought alone made her instinctively slap her own ass, maybe a little harder than she intended, and a low groan escaped her throat. She was doing everything she could to seduce him at that point, getting him to cross a line. Deciding to stop before she really made a mess, she got up from the bed and erased any evidence of what she had done.

Next, she took her thong out of her boxers and placed it on his pillow; clearly separated from her other clothes. That was the end step in her changing routine. She put on her bikini swiftly to make up for how long she had been in there. Opening the door, she headed back out to find T looking through the backdoor window. T turned to give his almost nude sister his attention. "How does it take that long to put on less?" Sarcasm was another game between the two, but T's eyes told her what she wanted to know as they scanned down her frame.

"Honey, it's never easy looking this good." She did a silly pose for him so he would know she was not serious. "Yeah, this coming from the girl who looks perfect, falling out of bed in the morning." T turned red, as he had not meant to say that out loud. Katie just smiled that smile at him again.

She would never get sick of the sweet things he said to her. He was always telling the truth, even when he did not mean to. It was endearing to her because she knew she could always trust him. "T," she walked up to him and gave him a soft hug. "You're the best." "You know me, just being honest." He basked in the glory of her breasts pressed against his chest. "Go change, I wanna swim." Katie pulled back, urging her brother to do as she commanded. He tried not to show his eagerness at her every request, but it was hard when she always went out of her way to do anything for him, even when he didn't ask.

She fed him, surprised him with coffee, and hung out with him every night because she wanted to. Swimming, however, was just an excuse to hang out with her in a bathing suit. He never missed it. T hurried off to his room hoping that she had left him a present again. Starting at the beginning of the summer, every time they would go swimming, her panties had been left on his pillow.

He wondered if she knew he had a small fetish for them, especially hers, but figured she would not be leaving them on his bed at all if she knew.

After closing the door he grabbed his board shorts from his drawer. Glancing at his bed in the mirror above, he saw his sister's underwear in their usual place. There was a purple thong lying there that time. He walked over to inspect the naughty gift. She would toss her clothes all over his bed, but her underwear ended up on his pillow every time that summer.

He ripped off his cargo shorts and smiled at his already half hard cock bobbing out in the open. He told himself he was just horny because he had been single for awhile, but that was obviously bullshit.

Hoping she was leaving them out for his inspection, he picked up the light purple cotton as if it were fragile, and held it up to his nose. It always seemed as if sniffing her panties got him high.

There was something about his sister's fragrance that drove him crazy. Whether it was from her panties, or the strawberry lotion she always had on her skin; she captivated his senses.

He let out a delighted sigh, and instinctively lowered the underwear to his crotch, gently rubbing them on the tip of his member. "How does it take you so long to put on less?" Katie yelled from the other room.

He rolled his eyes knowing that one was coming back at him. Dropping the sister's underwear back where they belonged, he put on his board shorts. He decided to leave his shirt on for now as his cock was tucked up into the waist of the shorts. "Going from 6 to Midnight" had been his go-to move for hiding boners since they started popping up everywhere. Composing himself as best he could, he made his way out to join the reason for blood loss to his brain.

"You ready?" She asked. Katie quickly glanced to see if he was hard before she looked into his eyes. It was the reason she tried to hurry him when she did, but it looked like he was hiding it from her. He nodded that he was ready, and she pushed open the back door. Punk rushed through into the backyard just so he could be wherever they were. T followed a few steps behind to watch her cute butt bounce its beeg com gai xinh han quoc to the pool.

The sun shone brightly, but T swore he saw a red mark on her left butt cheek. Pulling down the ladder, Katie began the climb milf nina elle blows her stepsons large cock to the pool deck. T rushed to watch his favorite part. Her ass already stuck out in the air in front of his face without her having to push it at him; one day he was going to snap and grab it. She took her time moving up the steps, knowingly.

Once at the top she tossed the towels he did not realize she had on a chair and jumped in the water. T made the climb, and at the top stripped off his shirt, throwing it on top of the towels.

Katie's eyes and nose surfaced slowly. She locked eyes with him staring like some sort of predator. It might have been creepy if it was not so damn sexy to him. She was really just taking in the view of her brother's body. The man before her was one hot guy, brother, or not. He was on the swim team in high school and joined her on runs as often as possible. His efforts gave him the tight, lean swimmer's body that was unassumingly packed with muscle.

He stood at 6'1, but Katie only cared that he was a little taller than her. Also, he had the cutest ass, just a little bubbly, but still tight. His dirty blonde hair was cut short, and he had blonde gets some stretching excercises in massage massagerooms and massaging stubble growing from a lazy summer. T was handsome, and when girls found out he was the nice guy type, they usually wanted to bang him to say thanks she figured.

He had these sparkling hazel green eyes that would flutter over her body. The way he looked at her turned her into a puddle on the spot. More often than not, there was a literal puddle. While she could have gone all day staring at him, it was the person he was that drove her crazy. He always tried to be kind and honest. No matter how many people tried to take advantage of it, Katie would never let it stop him from being that way. He never really fit into one group at school either. At lunch, he was often sitting at a different table talking to other friends, or making new ones.

All that, and so much more were why her affections had been for him and him alone, for so long. It just could not be held in any longer. Katie burst up from the water, spitting some at T. He took the hit unflinchingly and jumped into the pool after her. As fast as he moved for her, she tried to move faster. T was always like a shark in the water.

She knew there was no escaping him, but that was not the point of the game. The point was for her to put on a show before he did catch her.

He would grab her in his strong arms, pressing himself against her body. Then maybe he would have a point of his own. Things played out exactly as she wanted when she began to slow. Taking a breath, he went after her like a torpedo, after he kicked off the side. He grabbed her around the stomach, lifting her out of the water.

She started squealing and tried to grab onto him so he could not throw her. The move worked as her breasts ended up in his face; trying not to be rude, he moved her lower down his body while holding her by her sides. Not only was her bikini top pulled up by being dragged down his chest, but when he kicked off the side of the pool he had lost his shorts.

Katie's bikini covered mound was then resting on T's full, naked hardness. Her top no longer hid her breasts from anything, and her hard nipples dug into his chest.

She let out the slightest moan and instinctively wrapped her thighs around his length, rubbing them together around it. The whole scene lasted only three seconds before T pulled back, apologizing profusely. He submerged himself to hide and recover his swimwear. Katie was still in the moment that had already passed, and her hand was moving down her body to grab the cock that was no longer there.

Snapping herself out of it, she realized she was still flashing anyone that could see into their backyard.

She pulled her top back down and adjusted herself while rubbing her nipples through the fabric. T resurfaced, trying to hide what she already knew was there. "I'm really sorry, Katie," T said, turning back to look at her like a bad dog. "Hon, it was just a fun accident. No worries. We've both seen each other before. So what do you want to do tonight?" Katie asked him, changing the subject.

She knew she had to dial it down. That may be where they ended up but it could not happen that fast. T, although handsome and somewhat popular, got a little skittish around women and sex.

Bad past experiences that she knew she would have to help him leave in the past. Slowly, but surely, she hoped. ***** Later that night, T was finishing up editing some photos in the living room downstairs with Katie.

There were two living rooms in the house, upstairs being for entertaining adult guests and downstairs for Katie, T, and whoever they invited over. There was a big screen TV, a gaming computer that they shared, and a pool table in the big room. Their parents had a tendency to spoil them at times which was only made easier by how well the siblings got along and shared with each other.

In part, their new home encouraged not only them but their friends as well, to hang out there instead of going out and getting into trouble at night. They had hung out all night again. Katie was pretending to watch some stupid show about fake tow trucks, but she was obviously ready to pass out. T was feeling the urge to play with the constant boner she had been giving hot babe massaged by sexy skilled masseuse since he woke up that morning.

His concentration had been switching more and more to his sister's long, smooth legs sticking out from the recliner. It was not out of the ordinary for him to admire her body; even when she caught him she just smiled that smile. She glanced over then as his eyes moved up her lower half. When they caught each other's look, T attempted to cover his tracks. "Am I gonna have to carry you up to bed tonight?" He teased. "You can carry me up to bed every night if you want to." She gave him a tired wink.

"No offense, but if you keep packing zari hassan uganda sex story muscle with kickboxing, you'll be throwing me over your shoulder and carrying me to bed." T chuckled out loud. "Then maybe you should train with me so you could handle me like I asked." She let that hang there an extra second.

"I think it would do you some good to hit something now and then. Plus you can make sure I get strong and tough, but not like some steroid dude with breasts." "Good! That's definitely not my thing." T said, looking back to the computer monitor.

"Oh? What makes you think I'm trying to look hot for you?" Katie threw back at him, hoping he would get shy and admit something. "Katie, you don't have to look hot for anyone. You just are." T smirked at her. "Damn," Katie thought. He was getting way better at flirting. She was really beginning to enjoy their late-night banter.

They had stayed up together many times before, but that summer almost every night the last thirty minutes consisted of the siblings teasing each other about the sexual tension between them. Neither ever fully cute japaneses lusty oral job stockings hardcore it out loud, but bringing it up so casually must have meant something, they both thought.

"Would you do that?" Katie laid on the innocent and shy act. "Do what?" T asked, looking back at her questioningly. "Carry me up to bed tonight. I'll even throw in a kiss goodnight?" Katie bit her bottom lip completely on instinct.

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She thought she was making a puppy dog face, but in reality, her needs had taken over her muscles. She gave him the sultriest look in the history of sex. Her desire was practically stamped on her forehead.

T gulped out loud. He tried to laugh that she actually made him do that, but nothing came out. She did not look like she was fucking around. "Okay." He managed to squeak out. Katie stood up and shut off the TV. Turning back around to T, she laughed at him still sitting at the computer, looking at her like he did not know what to do next. "So who's carrying who?" She smiled slyly at him.

"Me." Again with the one-word answers, he thought. T stood and walked over, casually sizing her up to figure out the best way to carry her.

There was something happening to them. They were always practically inseparable, but that summer, it was as if they were drawn together magnetically. Katie and T equally wanted to spend most of their time together and they were both taking every chance they could to touch the other. It made him more bold than normal. "I got an idea. Reverse piggyback?" He asked her, trying not to assume how far she wanted to take their game.

Katie smiled wide at the most intimate way he could possibly take her to bed. She was the one that had initiated the unorthodox thick cock screwing naomi woods pussy on top in their relationship.

It only took him a few months to get into it and start upping the ante on her right back. She hopped onto his chest, simultaneously wrapping her arms around his neck and legs around his waist. His hands immediately cupped both of her ass cheeks while his fingers dug into her soft flesh.

"Mm," She held back a small whimper. There was a chance she had a small orgasm from the most sensual way she was ever grabbed by her brother or anyone for that matter. "Sorry. It's just easier like this." T looked a little embarrassed. "No 'sorry's mister.

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It actually feels pretty nice." She said, looking into his eyes. Katie wanted nothing more than to kiss him in his arms. She was already doing all she could to not lower herself just a bit more and grind her pussy on his length.

He began to walk towards the stairs and up to her room. They had a silent staring contest the entire way, each with a small smile. She was about to burst, and press her lips against his when his smile grew even wider; he let go of her butt.

Katie had been so focused on him that she did not realize they were already in her room. When he let her go, she was so distracted that she fell back onto her bed. Her strong legs were wrapped firmly around him, however, so she took him with her. That was where they should have laughed. Instead, they both kept looking into each other's eyes, with quick glances at lips.

"Where's my kiss?" T asked as smoothly as he could muster. He was shaking on the inside, yet still on the outside. "Come n' get it." She dared.

T closed the few inches of distance between them and kissed her on the lips as gently as he could. His hands were holding him up above her, but his body was still pressed into her lower half. He was prepared to leave his lips there as long as she allowed. Permission was granted when Katie's hands gently came up to hold his sides. They both began moving their lips softly against the other's and the seconds went by all too soon.

She knew she had to end it. It was already perfect even though she fantasized about him taking her, she could never rush things with him. That was not how her plan was supposed to go. Deciding to tap out with a bang, she lifted her pelvis and dragged her mound against his now hard cock, prepared to claim it as an accident if he asked.

She pulled back from the kiss to look at him. "Some things don't change…" She said, dreamily. She licked her lips to taste his again. "You mean the sparks?" T asked, smiling down at her.

Katie's eyes widened. That kiss had lead to what was happening all those years later. She had planned for this because of it. Could it have really been as important to him as it was her?

That day just kept getting better. "You remember that?" She asked in awe. "Mhm, except this time I dropped you before Hood rat blowjob xxx no money no problem kissed you," T smirked. "Who forgets their first kiss?" "Definitely, not me." The urge to flip him, pin him on the bed, and keep going built up inside of her. "Well…" T leaned in once again and gave her another quick kiss on the lips.

"Me neither." He lifted himself off of her but managed to grind his hard-on against her ever so slightly as he did. Standing back up he turned and headed for her door. Katie laid there in bed, wondering teen gf anal riding for the first time she should pinch herself after he left, just to be sure.

T stopped at the doorway, the light from the hallway turning him into a silhouette. She could not see his face but felt his eyes on her. "Sometimes, I can even feel them without touching you. It's like feeling your presence in the force, or something." He had to laugh. That was T, down to a T.

Super smooth one moment, total dork the next. T closed her door and started towards his room. He barely made it through the kitchen, towards the stairs, before he pulled the meanest looking erection out of his sweatpants and started stroking.

He had no idea what the hell happened, but he was pretty sure he had initiated most of it. He tried to remind himself that she was his sister, and he should not be doing these things. It felt too good, too right. Katie shoved her hand into her boxers and slid her fingers up, and down, and around her slit as soon as T had closed her door. No way did that just fucking happen, she thought. He didn't lose control, he took control. She had already soaked through her boxers and could hear her fingers moving faster on her.

Suddenly she froze, sitting up in bed. "What am I doing? I'm missing the best part." She popped off her bed like a cat, and headed out the door, into the hall. Katie was well practiced at moving around silently. She liked to think that between kickboxing, and her stealth skills if the family ever hit hard times she could play cat burglar to help out. The stairs were the tricky part because boys are skittish when their pants are down, jumping at any sound.

She made her way carefully down, making sure to avoid the steps that creaked. Once at the bottom of the stairs, turning immediately right towards the living room, there was a small opening in the wall. Still being extra quiet, she crawled through the opening into the empty storage space inside. It was much larger on the inside, and they had fit four people standing up in there before. She continued crawling to her destination. Past the storage space, she was still under the stairs but had to crawl even lower because she was right below the front door, under the floor.

One quick right turn brought her to her destination. In front of her was a small door that T and Katie both needed to contort themselves to get through. It was installed when T's room was built after they moved there, and it led to a treat she had set up for herself awhile back. A year ago, sunita pawar mumbai xxx story T re-arranged his room, Katie convinced him to put his desk up against the little door to hide it, but still allow him access.

He loved the idea as they both had a long love of pretending to be spies, with top secret shit going down. In front of the tiny door was a blanket laid out on the floor.

It was for when he had to crawl in to retrieve something or add to his collection of treasures. Because of that, T cleaned the blanket and space whenever he would clean his room so the dust would not kill him whenever he went in there. She was thankful for his diligence, as she regularly hid there to spy on him. To her right was the trunk where he kept things that were important, or valuable to him; his stash spot. Although a fan of her own idea, she had a hidden motive.

As quietly as possible, she opened the little door in towards her and was delighted to see the show had already started. The small open doorway gave her a view of T sitting at his desk. His sweatpants were bunched up around one ankle. She couldn't see any higher than his stomach, but below that pointing right at her was her goal.

His hairless balls sat on the edge of the chair as his big meaty cock threatened to draw her in. She licked her lips at the sight of it, turning her body silently around to sit on the blanket. Leaning back with her legs bent in the air, she pulled off her girl boxers.

Sitting up, knees bent, legs open, she faced her prize. Her right hand moved to her already wet pussy to catch up with her brother. Katie's vagina was hairless too, but that was because she had already figured out T liked that. She had watched him jerk off quite a few times before. She fuder um cuz de um negna travec it was totally wrong.

Not because he was her brother, but because she was keeping it from him. Then again, she did know he was just over 7 ½ inches because she had snuck into his room one day to measure his morning wood while he was passed out.

She thought for a moment just how much of a pervert she really was, but it only made her wetter. He looked like he was edging himself slowly, firmly rubbing the tip with his right hand. She could hear him softly grunting every once in a while. His left hand came down and gripped the base firmly, causing pre-cum to ooze out. Katie opened her mouth to moan at the sight as she worked herself over; instead, she shoved her boxers into her mouth so she would not alert him to her presence.

His desk lamp was on, and he sat just enough away from the desk that his cock and balls were illuminated for her. He continued gently stroking and rolling his balls around in his sack with his fingers. The head of his cock was red, and angry, threatening to turn purple. She had seen him that hard only once before, but after he had already been going at it for 45 minutes.

It had to taylor is wonder woman masturbation and fingering because of the kiss, and earlier in the pool; because of her.

T was definitely harder than normal. He thought he was so hard it should hurt, but it there was no pain. His cock begged to be fondled once he left her room. One hundred things and nothing at all went through his head. If he had stayed in that room, they would have fooled around. She seemed to want it as much as he did, but they both stopped themselves.

He grabbed the lube he hid in his desk. Instead of dripping some in his hand, spreading it like usual, he popped the cap and spilled it right onto his length. Closing the bottle back up, he gripped himself with both hands. T leaned back in the chair and stroked every inch of his favorite toy. He easily imagined Katie was under his desk giving him the hand job he so desperately needed.

He wondered if she was in bed playing with her pussy, thinking of him. When Katie first saw the liquid drip onto his dick, she thought it was spit. Once his entire crotch was covered in it, she knew what it was. He used lube some of the times she had watched him and it was hot. She would always imagine his cock was wet because her juices were dripping down it.

Up to this point, she had been teasing her opening, but the thought of sitting in his lap with him buried inside of her, caused her to curl her fingers inward and begin long, increasingly faster, movements with two of her fingers.

"Mmmph" She moaned around her makeshift gag. "Oh fuck," T said at the same time. He did not know she was there, but he was reacting to how easily he had convinced himself that it was her making him feel that good. He began working the end of his shaft, harshly rolling over the tip when he reached it.

T was losing control. Usually, he would prolong the pleasure before he would cum, but he was lost in the way he kissed his sister, and she had kissed him back. She loved the way his hand tugged so deliberately on his cock like he was stretching it to be even longer. She brought her fingers up to tease her clit, trying to imagine what he must feel. The slightest touch was too much for her, after the pool and the kiss, so she began the process of cumming hard.

Biting down on the boxers in her mouth, her legs quivered as she came; soaking the blanket she was laying on. She had discovered a while back that she was a squirter. Not all the time, but only when she was extremely horny, or was replaying some interaction she had had that day with T. After a minute of her coming down from her workout, T could smell her scent in his room again, and it caused him to work his shaft faster while moaning more frequently.

Katie was in a lusty daze. She had come down to watch him jerk off mainly so she would not walk right into his bedroom and mount him. She had one amazing orgasm already, and she had finally kissed T the way lovers do.

But still, she wanted more. Repositioning her body so she was once again on her hands and knees, she took her underwear out of her mouth and started crawling out of the small space; into T's room.

Katie shifted easily to get her torso through the opening. She was actually crawling to T's cock as he jerked himself. Typically that was where one of those little voices would be screaming at her that she had enough fun and should go right back to her room before she was caught. The only thing she could hear was the squishing and smacking of him fondling his lubed cock; she assumed the little voice was just as curious to know what was coming next.

She continued toward the object of her desire until her ass got stuck in the doorway. She suppressed a giggle, trying not to think of the little yellow bear. She was too close to him to stop. Turning off her brain completely, she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.

Just one little lick she told herself.

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T was getting close; his hand worked his cock all on its own. It remembered how he liked it, knew what he needed. When he felt a warm draft on his tip, he didn't think, he just pointed at the spot. He was almost there. When a soft and wet shock hit the head of his penis on a downstroke, he lost it. The first blast of his cum hit Katie's tongue.

Startled, she moved back only an inch and got ready for the dirtiest thing she had ever done. Closing her eyes tight, Katie kept her mouth open with her tongue sticking out, to take a facial from her bro, who had no idea. The next three shots hit her on the top lip, cheek, and forehead.

The fourth hit her on the chin, dripping down her neck, and the fifth hit her shirt collar. Once he was done ignorantly coating his sister with his cum, she came back down to earth. She was not at all ashamed of what had happened but she definitely needed to get out of there before he realized it. She backed into the stash spot once again and after one last look at him laying there, cock, still rock-hard, she closed the little door.

She crept back to her room as silently as she had left. The return trip was made only slightly more difficult because she was trying to keep her face tilted up to keep the evidence intact. T was in ecstasy after his "me time". He had not lasted as long as he would have liked, but everything was still so fresh in his memory.

The amazing kiss, the show in the pool, and even the scent of her panties had come back at the moment. He had probably made a mess since he was not thinking enough at the time to watch where he sprayed his cum. Looking under his desk for the sticky stuff he should clean up right away, he was thoroughly confused when there was nothing except one little drop near his feet.

Back in her room Katie closed her door quietly and turned on her light. When she got to her mirror she had the biggest grin on her face.

Her face was coated like a pornstar's, but it was her brother's cum. It was all over her neck, running down between her breasts. He had even hit her shirt too, so she took hottie couple watch more of her at ulacamcom off carefully to not smudge her first facial.

Naked, she tossed the shirt in her hamper, holding onto her boxers for the time being, and grabbed her camera before heading back to the mirror. She took a few shots, all at different sexy angles to capture the first time she was ever covered in cum. She had to be the official "Queen of the freaks," after all that had transpired. She knew she would masturbate to the pictures until something better happened. Someday, after she finally admitted her feelings to T, she would show him the proof of the time when he came all over her face with no clue.

The case of the missing load would be solved, she laughed to herself. Satisfied with her new homemade porn, she put her camera back on her desk. She began to wipe his seed off her face first, with her fingers. When she looked at them more closely, she stuck them right in her mouth, sucking them clean.

She loved the taste of her brother's cum. She already knew the taste had something to do with diet, or whatever. The point was her brother's tasted amazing to her. It was probably the taboo dirtiness of it all, but she only knew she wanted more.

She finished cleaning herself with her already wet boxers and shut her light off. Still nude and not having to work until 1 the next day, left her hands all over her body for another hour more that night.