Sexy and wild outdoor oral sex hardcore european

Sexy and wild outdoor oral sex hardcore european
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Well, I had such a great time teaching at my first school but had some things happen and had to go to another part of the state.

I hated leaving since I had some great things going with my students and some other members of the staff. I drove the 200 miles and had an apartment about a mile from the school and so it was nice if the weather was nice I could walk and take advantage of he school workout room and pool. I settled in and went to all the meetings before semester began and I know I caught the briana bounce gangland style on interracial dp in that big butt of the staff, being so short and so stacked.

I heard the end of the sentence from one male to another ".like a brick shit house." and smiled. "Oh they are noticing." I thought to myself.

School began and I dressed as conservativily as I could, covering my body so that my hard nipples did not betrtay what was going on in my mind. My first day went well and I saw some of the guys watching me (and some of the girls too) and thought that there were some possibilities but decided to be very careful.One afternon I had three students stay after for some help and so I relaxed waiting for the period to end and them to come to the class.

One was Randy, a tall, slender kid that was proportioned so that even at 6'8" her muscles were nice. Not over bulging and not skinny. Joann was the girl and she was average, a 36C cup and hour glass figure.

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What captured me most were her bright blue eyes that contrasted with her flame red daddy pussy going south of the border length hair.

She always wore button up blouses that she used to have undone down just a little too far but I did not mind. Jason was the third student and he was short, 5'9" and built like the hulk. He was obviously a body builder and bulged all over with no fat that I ever saw.

I had worn a wrap skirt and thong with a pastel blouse that buttoned up and was untucked and so was down to my hips and was like a second skirt or dress. My bra was, because I need to do the laundry, one of my sexy sheer ones that was not really enough to hold me in but it was something that I had to wear so I did. Randy arrived first then Jason and Joann came in running with her very nice breasts bouncing as she came to a stop at the door.

The guys saw her and she smiled so I had a feel there was something that I needed to know about them all. I had them sit in the front row of desks and pulled my stool around so that there was nothing between myself and them.

I scotted up on it and started asking questions on what they needed help with and felt myself getting wet. "My god, not now." I thought. We talked about their problems and I was trying to focus on something that would help me cool off but it did not seem to be working. Joann suddenly said, "You know Susan, you really are hot." not bothering to address me by my last name.

I simply said, "Well thank you Joann, is that the general opinion of the student body?" My legs were coming apart as if they had a mind of their own and I was not able to argue with them.

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Randy said, "You really wanna know the opinion of everyone Susan?" "Well, I suppose so, be honest, go ahead and tell me." They looked at each other and Randy finished, "Wel since you asked, most of the guys wanna fuck the hell out of you and the girls wanna have a party and invite you for some fun too." I smiled and looked at them.

My legs were now stradling the stool and my skirt was apart showing my legs all the way up to the soaking wet "Y". Joann was squeezing her tits through her blouse and the guys savita bhabi episode 90 xxx very visible bulges, especially Randy.

I had undone my blouse down to just above my belly button and it too was open. Jason went to the door and locked it and since the blinds were already pulled he came back and sat down, his bulge now very obvious.

I got off the stool and leaned down, "Well, so, are you three going to be the first ones and tell everyone how good I am so they will want to have me too?" Joan got up, her blouse falling off and her bra right after it and grabbed my hair and kissed me rough and deep.

My desk was cleared quickly and she pushed me back so that I was against it and then they moved me onto it and my clothes were on the floor. "Oh fuck yeah," Randy moaned. He pulled out a cock that seemed to grow more as it came out and was hanging almost to his knees and then it got hard. Jason was naked now and he had a thick hard cock that was about 9 inches long and Joann was in front of me, spreading my legs.

"I wanna eat her before you guys fuck her." she said and her face was buried between my legs. I instantly sprayed her face and chest with an orgasm, "Oh fuck, that was hot." Joann moaned as she dove back in and ate several more orgasms from me.

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I had grabbed the two cocks and was trying to suck them but I could not with Joann eating me and bringing me to orgasm every few miniutes. Finally she stopped and steped back and Jason moved into place between my legs.

I was soaking and dripping thick pussy juices and he rubbed his cock between the lips and then slipped in all the way. "Oh fuck that is great." I said as Joann moved her tits over my mouth and I began sucking her nipples. Jason was now going faster and I felt my orgasm building and then exploded all over his cock and the juices flowing out of me. "Damn Sue, nice fucking one, got more?" Jason said. I grabbed his hair and pulled his face to me, "Oh, more than you can imagine." and vanessa cage neighbour fuck me on trademill kept pounding.

I was lost in orgasmic bliss and felt Jason fill my pussy and then felt Randy move between my legs. He moved around my pussy lips and was laughing, "Oh this is one hot teacher, we are going to have a great time with her." and he plowed into me and was so deep I begged him to ound hard and deep and he was really ramming me hard.

Joann was still sucking my tits and placed herself so I could try to suck her's but it was hard with Randy hitting places that no human had ever gotten to. I had orgasm after orgasm and then need my ass done. I asked Randy to stop and let me adjust myself.

Jason was hard again and so I took advantage of the situtation. "Jason lay on the floor on you back Hun." I said. He did wit his nice thick cock back to full size. I sat on it and let it slip all the way in me then leaned forward onto his chest. '"Randy,there is an empety hole back there hun, take care of it for me please." He plunged into my ass, and began slowly going in and out and asking if it felt okay.

"Oh yes baby, don't worry about hurting me, just fuck the hell out of me. hdvideos porn videos search watch and download hdvideos free sex moaned and he began pounding the full length of his cock into my ass.

I had a rythum going and Joann was massaging and lissing the thee of us as she played with herself. "Oh fuck yes." Jason almost yelled and he filled my pussy with his sweet jucies.

"Oh that is nice." I purred. He slipped out and the cock in my ass kept pounding away.

Randy was slapping my ass and the tingle went all through my body making my nipples rock hard and then he gave a few hard deep lunges and stabbed my ass and his load exploded into me.

I started to scream and Joann covered my mouth to help me. We all laid on the carpet in front of my desk the scent of sex filling homegrownvideos uk milf makes her amateur porn debut room.

I rolled over and touched Joann, "Come here Dear." I said and laid my face between her legs and began licking her until she had several orgasms in a rown and she was now the one that had to be kept from screaming. We all laid around kissing and playing and finally got up and dressed. I kissed each as they left the room and told them we would have to make arrangements for play off campus. THey all agreed.

As I was leaving I notice something I had not seen before and the red light blinking told me that the camera was working.

I smiled as I looked up at it and was wondering what more was going to happen. That was the best school year I ever had. Talk to ya al later. love susan.