Fit lesbians licking and fingering each other massage fantasy

Fit lesbians licking and fingering each other massage fantasy
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(Be sure to read chapter 1 first.) Justin slept well that night. In his mind he replayed the events of the night: finding his sister Emily watching their parents having sex, convincing her to watch together through a peephole he had in his bedroom wall, and then fucking her while they watched. Emily seemed to really enjoy it at the time, but now that morning was here, Justin hoped that she didn't have second thoughts.

His cock stirred at the thought of fucking Emily again. When Justin went down for breakfast, he saw his parents and sister already at the table eating. Emily's reaction didn't seem any different than normal as everyone scurried to get ready to leave for work. 'At least she didn't turn me in,' he thought to himself as he wolfed down a bowl of cereal. Justin went through alm dirndl sex big tits 1 day in a fog his mind distracted by the memories of last night and his hopes and desires for nights to come.

Fortunately, the summer job that kept him busy this morning involved mindless stocking of shelves. Emily was in her room when Justin got home from work. He quickly changed out of his work uniform and into something more comfortable. As he pondered what to do with the rest of the afternoon, a door opened in the distance and Justin heard his sister's steps as she walked from her room to his. She stood in his doorframe wearing a light sundress and asked, "How was work?" "Good," Justin replied.

He wondered if she was going to bring last night up or wait for him to do it. "What were you up to?" "I was out at the mall with Jill," she replied. Jill was her BFF: they'd known each other since 4th grade.

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She lived just down the street and they had slept over at each other's houses more times than he could remember. "We talked about lots of stuff." Emily paused, as if uncertain how to phrase her next words. "Actually, remember last night?" "How could I forget?" he replied.

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"Well, um… Jill wants to watch too." "What?" he shrieked. "You told Jill all about us?" "Don't be silly," she quickly replied. "I just mentioned that I caught you looking and you let me watch too." "You caught me looking?" "Well, I wasn't going to admit that I was peeking in the hallway!

So, please can Jill come and look too?" "Okay…" Emily quickly interrupts, "But you have to promise me you won't tell her what we did!

Got it? And don't watch with us. If you're going to be in the room, stay over by your bed." "I suppose I can live with that," Justin replied. "But I've got one more condition to add." "What's that?" Justin closes the distance to his sister and says, "This." As he bends his lips down to hers, one hand goes behind her back for support while the other cups one of her breasts.

"Mmmm," Emily moans into his mouth as she indicates acceptance of his terms by melting into his embrace. Her hands clutched his back. Their hands roamed franticly over their bodies.

His quickly found the ties holding her dress in place while she grabbed the waistband of his shorts and pushed them down towards the floor. A pile of clothes formed as the two siblings quickly undressed each other. They tumbled into the bed, Justin lying on top as Emily grabbed his cock and guided it to her opening.

Justin pushed in and the two teens started thrusting at each other. This was not the gentle seduction of last night this was the fucking of two people in heat.

Almost as soon as it began, Emily lets out a squeal of delight matched quickly by Justin's grunting as he unloads his sperm into her pussy. Spent, he collapses on her before rolling onto his side. They both lie there gasping for breath. "I've been thinking about that all day," Emily says. "You too?" Justin asked. "I was worried you regretted last night." "No way!" Emily said. "It feels way too good." Oral stimulation and wild fucking together hardcore and creampie turned onto her side and snuggled up to Justin.

"Always glad to help my sister out," he replied completing the embrace. His hands gently glided over her body. He realized that he hadn't really seen Emily's naked form before since it was quite dark last night and they were in such a hurry now.

With the urgency dissipated, he could gently explore the soft curves of her tits and ass. "What's the plan with Jill?" "She sleeps over here all the time." "Yeah, but do you think Mom and Dad will do anything if she's spending the night? Plus, they don't do it every night." Emily's hands absent-mindedly traced circles over Justin's chest as she thought through the dilemma.

"If we wait until they start, Jill will have missed too much "Can Jill sneak out every night?" Justin asked. "She could sneak over to meet you outside. I'll peek in and see if Mom and Dad are up to anything. If so, I'll text you and you can come inside. If not, Jill can go back home and you can try the next day." "Great idea! I'm sure Jill can make that work. She'll be so excited!" As Emily squirmed in Justin's grip, she felt his hardening cock pushing against her legs.

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"I see someone else has gotten excited again." "It's because you are a beautiful woman," Justin said smoothly. Emily hit him playfully. "Cliché!" But she moved closer, allowing his cock to slide between her legs.

"But you're wonderful anyway," she said before covering his mouth with hers. The two teens pressed xxx bcomhot best six story each other. Their hands held each other closely but gently as they shared a deep, sensual kiss. After a few long minutes, Justin slowly adjusted his position to allow his cock to slide to the opening of Emily's pussy.

She felt the contact and slowly slid down to engulf him. They continued their kiss as their bodies moved slowly against each other. Justin held his hands on Emily's rear while she stoked his back. Their hands guided their bodies slowly against each other as his cock gently glided in and out, tickling against her clit with each sensuous stroke. It seemed as if hours passed as they continued their hypnotic dance. The pleasure grew slowly within them.

Justin could feel the tension slowly mounting in his groin as the pace of their movements slowly accelerated. Emily's breath in his mouth was faster and more uneven as she approached her release as well. Justin pulled Emily tight against him as he released his load into her pussy. Like their lovemaking, even his climax seemed like a gentle, sensual release rather than a violent blast. Emily sighed contently in his arms as gentle waves of pleasure coursed through her body. "Hmmm…" Emily sighed.

"You're the best." "You too," Justin replied, holding her close. "But we should get cleaned up before the parental units get home."