Mom and son hot seu

Mom and son hot seu
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This wasn't the first time I had had multiple partners. I had several threesomes over the years. Once I even had three guys at the same time, but I had never really been gangbanged before.That was about to change as the second man was working up to a frantic pace. It wasn't long before he added his cum to Nigel's, inside my dripping snatch. As the second man finished, the guys picked me up and carried me over to a single air mattress, which someone had brought out earlier to sit on.

I was laid back on the mattress, and I spread my legs wide open as the third man got on top of me. I felt like I was on fire inside, but in a good way, as he started fucking me. It wasn't just the bounce in the air mattress that had me thrusting my hips back up at him. I was being screwed for the third time as I felt another orgasm approaching. I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his waist so he could go deeper.I didn't quite cock sucking teen railed blowjob and fetish another orgasm before he finished, adding yet another load to the mush inside me.

I groaned in frustration as he 10 syal xxx storys sex stories out of me. I was desperate to keep the feeling going before I lost it. I eagerly pulled the next man down on top of me, and quickly guided his hard cock into my sloppy cunt. The fourth man had a very long cock. I gave a yelp as he pushed into me with one thrust. It hurt at first as the head of his cock hit deep inside me, but I soon stretched to accommodate him.

I started working up to cumming again. I raised my legs high again as he fucked me. Soon I was taking him all the way. I could feel his balls slapping against my buttocks as he pumped that long cock into me. A few seconds later I was screaming as I came. My whole body convulsed with unbearable pleasure as the man just kept on screwing me.

I let my legs fall back to the mattress while he continued fucking me. It wasn't long before another flood of cum splashed into my increasingly gooey insides. The next three were very much the same.I just lay there as they took their turns. I was exhausted! I was sure I wasn't going to cum again,but it turned out I was wrong. The eighth man to screw me had the thickest cock I have ever seen.

He proudly stood before me and dropped his jeans. I stared in amazement as I saw what he was going to stick in me. It was massive, and it wasn't even fully hard yet! I exclaimed, "Oh my god!" in a drunken slur, as he knelt down between my legs. He lifted my legs over his shoulders, and pushed the head of his cock into me. I couldn't believe the size of this thing! I felt the pressure as he pushed against my already loosened ring, and felt myself opening wide, but he still wasn't inside me.

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He was holding his semi hard cock in one hand, and slowly but firmly increasing the pressure on my cunt. Just as I thought I wasn't going to be able to take him, I suddenly gave way, and the head of his cock was in me. I gasped as he penetrated me. Even after the head of his giant cock was through my opening, I could feel myself being stretched. He started working himself backwards and forwards, getting a little deeper each time. I grunted with every thrust of that monster into my little hole.

As he got deeper, his cock also started to get harder.I felt like a baseball bat was being shoved into me. I could barely breathe! I was grunting rhythmically with every thrust. I couldn't believe it when I finally felt his body pressed against mine, and I realised that I had all his meat inside me.

He lasted a long time in that position, and as he fucked me with long slow strokes, I came again. He kept on thrusting while I had my orgasm. It was unbearable! I went into a frenzy as he continued to screw me, even while I was cumming, I had three more orgasms in rapid succession. I had never cum that often before!

My multiple orgasms finally subsided. He screwed me for about another ten minutes, before finally unloading an amazing quantity of cum from those monster balls. Each surge hit my insides like a powerful jet of water. I counted seven surges before he finally finished draining his balls. I felt my ring being stretched again, as his head pulled delicious latina shemale rudely nailed and fisted of me with a squelching noise.

I groaned in a mix of pleasure and pain, as my ring suddenly contracted back to a more normal size. At least half a dozen more men went through me after that. So I know a few of them came back for seconds.

I'm assuming they all screwed me, but I can't be certain.

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I had my eyes closed most of the time. When they had finally done with me, I was helped to my feet. I stood there very unsteadily on shaky legs, as I was supported by two of the men. I could feel cum, running down my legs. I didn't dare even try to bend over or walk yet.

I just stood there as cum ran down past my knees and into the top of my sheepskin boots. One of the men handed me my knickers, and with some help, I managed to get them back on. As I looked around I saw that over half the guys had gone to bed, there was only three men left awake. Without a word, two of them helped me to my tent. I unzipped the door and crawled inside. Jason was still sound asleep and making loud rumbling noises as I got undressed.

I used my t-shirt to wipe the sticky mess off my legs.

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I buried the now sodden t-shirt deep in my bag and crawled into the double sleeping bag with Jason. I was truly exhausted and fell asleep very quickly, despite the snoring in my ear. I have no idea how late it was when I finally got to bed, but it wasn't surprising that Jason woke up before me. Wouldn't you know it, he was finally feeling amorous! I woke up to him kissing me and playing with my tits. I muttered something about being tired, but he was insistent, as boyfriends often are.

As he rolled on top of me and entered me, he commented on how wet I was. I knew the wetness was the combined cum of his nine best friends, but I couldn't let him know that. So I faked being veryhorny.

I acted like he was the best lover in the world as he screwed me. I tried to ignore the pain as he slammed into my bruised and swollen cunt. He didn't last very long.

It was only a few minutes before he added his cum unknowingly,to that of his friends.

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Soon after that, Jason got up. I went back to sleep for a few more hours. When I finally got up, Jason was more cheerful than he had been the last couple of days. He was having a great time with his mates. I felt awfully guilty about the night before. The guys all smiled at me whenever Jason wasn't looking.

I spent most of the afternoon snuggled up to him. It was obvious he had no idea about what had happened. His mates all just continued talking to him as if nothing had happened. It always amazes me how easily men lie! I felt very uncomfortable the rest of the day. I really just wanted to go home but this was only day three.

We had four more nights to go before we were due to go home. After dinner that night, I went to bed early. Jason stayed up with his friends and I lay in our sleeping bag, wide awake for several hours before finally falling asleep alone. Jason was a little bit drunk when he came to bed and wanted sex again.

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It didn't hurt this time. I was already getting over the soreness from the marathon fuck session. Day four went much the same as day three.

I was very clingy with Jason and hardly left his side.He started to wonder about my strange behaviour. He kept pulling away from me to go and do things with his friends. A few of the guys tried to flirt with me whenever Jason wasn't around. They were even touching me when they could get away with it. As I was lifting the Jerry can to get a drink of water, Paul offered to help me. Jason was only a few feet behind me but facing the other way.

Paul gave my breast a good squeeze and smiled at me. I backed away because I was scared of Jason catching us. That night I went to bed early again, much to the disappointment of Jason's friends. Jason stayed up quite late and I pretended to be asleep when he came to bed.

He very briefly tried to see if I was interested in sex, but gave up when I was unresponsive. The fifth day I was up early and so was a few of the guys. I had another shower and the guys weren't even subtle about watching me this time. Jason was still asleep, so the guys came right up to me and watched, as I washed my breasts, and cleaned between my legs. As I was drying myself the guys were getting a feel.

Their hands were all over my breasts. One of them even stuck his hand down my pants, and got a finger inside me, but I pulled away. Jason could have come outside of the tent at any moment, and I was very scared of getting caught. I finished drying quickly, and went back in our tent to get changed. Jason woke up an hour or so later and the morning passed uneventfully. At one point, I saw one of the guys tipping away lots of ice. I wondered why he was throwing it out, but didn't think much about it at the time.

After lunch, Michael very publicly said we were out of ice and a few other things, gorgeous teen with a perfect body who wants to be a pornstar tube porn he asked Jason to go with him to get some more.

The nearest town was at least an hour away. I knew instantly that this was a plan to get Jason out of the way.

Michael already had put the cooler boxes in the back of his truck, and there were only two seats in the front cab. This was my chance to ask Jason not to go. Jason asked me if I was ok on my own for a bit. This was my opportunity.

I had to remove temptation, or I knew I would succumb to my desires. I didn't have to say, "Don't go because your best friends all want to fuck me." All I had to do was tell him I was uncomfortable, and he would stay with me. "I'm okay," I heard myself say, as Jason kissed me goodbye, and told me they would be back in about three hours. The dust from Michael's truck hadn't even settled when the guys gathered round me and started feeling me up.

I stood there as David and the others pulled my top off, and removed my bra. Several of them were holding me up, as my boots were taken off. One of them was unzipping my jeans. Hands pulled my jeans and knickers off, and within a minute I was totally naked. I was about to be gangbanged for the second time in three days. I was going to let all these guys fuck me again, and even though I felt incredibly guilty, I desperately wanted their cocks inside me.