Besties enjoyed kissing fingering and licking each others pussies

Besties enjoyed kissing fingering and licking each others pussies
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SOUND SLEEPER 2: The Awakening THIS IS THE SECOND INSTALLMENT OF WHAT, I HOPE, WILL BE A RUNNING SERIES FEATURING THE HORNY SINGLE MOTHER; JOYCE. Joyce had crossed a line; she had engaged german hooker teens fucked with older men for money sexual relations with her unwitting, 10 year old son while he slept…in the same room as his younger sister! The clear image of what she had done had burned a mental picture in her mind, the nights passed as she pleasured herself to the lewd image of her riding the hairless cock like a savage in lust.

Lately she had become more affectionate towards Daniel, which he noticed. She would embrace him in long, intimate hugs. Press him against her hard nipples. She began to dress more scantily around the house, during her daily routine of work and shopping she wore jeans and average t-shirts.

But when she got home she changed into something from her the part of her wardrobe she, quaintly, referred to as the "fuck me" section. Clothes that were way too slutty for the bar, unless she was swinging around a pole in plastic high heels. She kept them for boyfriends and other lucky individuals. Mostly she donned a huge, baggy muscle shirt coupled with a short jean skirt and hot pink panties which caught your eye immediately whenever she sat down.

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Robin, the 8 year old daughter, never seemed to notice her mother's change in wardrobe or her touchy, feely ways with her brother. Daniel, on the other hand, would openly stare at his mother's breasts as they hung out of her skimpy tops. He would eye the hard, pink nipples as they swayed or jiggled (depending on the activity she busied herself with).

Instinctively his gaze was drawn between her legs by the bright flashes of color that appeared when she was seated at the glass dining room table. Unable to tear his eyes away he wondered what it would be like to touch those most private areas and was experiencing his first, conscious, erections. For her part Joyce now understood you could entice a 10 year old male the same way you enticed a 40 year old male. She saw her son's interest in her clearly displayed body and decided she would fuck him again, the only thing she needed was a plan.

How could she seduce her preteen son? One night she walked into the living room to find Daniel laying on the floor, without a shirt, while Robin was seated on the sofa.

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Robin continued watching SpongeBob SquarePants on T.V but Daniel twisted his head toward his mom, as was his new custom whenever she entered a room, to get a look up her as she walked by. Joyce smiled inside her head but outwardly stared at the T.V. As was her new custom she pretended not to notice Daniel's gawking eyes and slack jaw while she, purposely, jiggled around the small house. Instead of walking directly to the loveseat (small couch) she went out of her way to step over her still gazing son and lightly kick him in the head.

He stared straight up at his mother's panties she made the motions of a few more lifeless kicks at him. "You gotta a problem, young man?" she playfully questioned as she continued a light-hearted attack on the dumbstruck boy.

"Well?" She smiled at him as she fell to her knees and grabbed son, he flipped onto his back and assumed a defensive position against the oncoming threat of a half naked milf with lust sparkling in her eye. "Yeah, I gotta problem…with your face!" he laughed in response to the challenge and they locked arms in a struggle of power. He laid on his back as she leaned over him and and touched her forhead to his. She watched his face closely as his eyes stared directly at her hanging tits before coming up to stare her in the eye.

"How do you like my ugly face now?" She asked with a hyper tone in her voice and a grin on her teen got lesbo action on casting reality and lesbian. Daniel peered down again as his mother's exposed tits lightly pressed into his bare chest, dragging the pointed nipples across his skin with each jostle.

Joyce threw her hair forward so it providing cover from Robin's eventual interest in the goings-on in front of her. Her hair covered Daniels head and touched the floor so, while Robin couldn't see, Daniel had an unobstructed view of her breasts.

"I ain't scared of no OLD lady!" Daniel cried in defiance. "Old lady!!!" Joyce exclaimed. " I'll show you old lady!" Promptly, she straddled her son and pinned him to the ground.

Robin cheered in the background as she held his arms to the floor and placed her partially covered pussy on his pelvic region holding him in place as her hot breath hit Daniel's forehead and her body swayed, trying to keep balance, with his subtle movements.

"Got ya now, mister!" She declared triumphantly as she sat there on top of her 10 year old son; this young man, this man, who lived with her, who displayed his love for her openly and unrequited. She felt a flash of cute innocent amateur gets pounded by a huge dick as these thoughts raced through her head and she ground her pussy down on him.

"AHH!" he cried out and bucked upwards in a feeble attempt to escape. And that's when it happened. His penis grew rigid and in a matter of seconds he had 5 inches of iron protruding from his sweat pants.

Joyce felt it immediately but feigned ignorance and continued to struggle with little boy as they lay on the floor. She released his arms and went straight to his ribs here she began to tickle the youngster while pinning his throbbing cock between them. Her skirt offered no cover for her as it rose to her hips and stayed there. Giggling like a madman Daniel's hands shot up to counter attack the relentless ticking. One of his hands grabbed his mother's bicep on one arm and the other grasped firm breast as it bounced between them, squeezing it quickly he made no attempt t removing his conveniently placed hand.

He palmed the tit while his mom jabbed her fingers into his ribs, producing high pitched squeals from the little man.

His hardness ground into her pussy harder as she became lost in the moment and sat up, placing most of eight down on her, now, horny son. Her perfect tits weren't even close to being in her shirt as she hovered over the boy. "Mommy!" Robin exclaimed.

"Your boobies are showing!

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Hahahaaa" But Joyce didn't hear her. She, lightly, slapped Daniel's hand off her tit so Robin wouldn't become suspicious as she rotated her hips don onto her son's erection. Her hips moved in circles as her breath became more ragged. She leaned down to her son while flicking her hair, once again, for cover and kissed her son's earlobe. Gently she licked his lobe then kissed the side of his she plays with large dick of chap to his neck where she began to kiss and suck like a cheesy vampire in one of those black and white movies from the 40's.

Joyce moaned as she grew more excited causing her to become more enthusiastic in her wrestling with little Daniel, she sucked his neck before realizing, to her horror, she had given the prepubescent child a hickey! Daniel lay still. His eyes closed and head slightly tilted back. Joyce ran her hands up and down his naked torso, caressing his body as she humped at the bulge in his pants.

Afraid she might chicken out she, without a moment to think, slid her hand into his sweat pants and in one smooth movement; pulled it free from it's confines in the boy's pants, hunched her back and sat on the hairless throbbing dick. It easily slid in balls deep and Daniel gasped sharply as his young cock disappeared all the way into his mother's wet cunt, it gripped at his member and with every movement pleasure flooded his inexperienced body.

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Joyce sat straight up and adjusted her muscle shirt because Robin had been sitting in front of them so now she had a perfect view of them, Joyce maximized the little bit of coverage the flimsy article of clothing offered and pulled her demin skirt to as respectable a length as the garment would allow.

She smiled at Robin who watched the entire wrestling match intently. "Hey Robin…" she pushed her hips back and forth at a snails pace, quietly fucking her adolescent son in a slow rocking motion.

"Who do you think is winning?" "Oh. You, of coarse mommy!" she replied excitedly while jumping up and pouncing on her mother. "So I'll help Danny!" As her lithe body slammed into her mother's body she rocked her mother back hard and both Joyce and Daniel let of cries of animal pleasure at the sudden movement. She couldn't stop herself from bouncing up and down on the 10 year old's cock as she stammered out her words "Baby, not now. Mommy's playing with Danny right now." Daniel gripped her by the hips as fucked him and talked with her daughter at the same time.

The 8 year old sulked, turned her back and began a sullen, hunched walk back to the sofa. "Robin, honey. C'mere, baby." She stopped humping Daniel and hugged her baby girl, holding her close to her hot body she soothed Robin "You know mommy loves both of you but right now…" Daniel, still busty priya rai gets all wet outside by the pool her hips, hungrily thrust his dick into his mom's heated pussy.

Grunting with an enthusiasm usually reserved for women in labor the young lad pushed his cock into the 40 year old woman with reckless abandon. Joyce gripped the girl close to her body and buried her face in the child's neck as she was rocked by an intense orgasm that's seized her but wouldn't subside. She heavily breathed in and held it in with a husky squeal, all the while she held her daughter close to her grinding her supple breasts into the childs developing chest.

"Don't cry, mommy." She said. "I wasn't mad at you. I just wanted to play too!" Joyce caught her breath and let go of her baby girl. "I wasn't crying, honey…" She breathed deep as her pussy tightly gripped Daniels cock while he still frantically bucked into her pussy's warm embrace "I was just so happy!" She felt her son's body stiffen as he slowed his relentless thrusting and started to spasm under her body, her head dropped as blonde busty milf stepmom got fucked in a outdoor sex chin rested on her chest and she ground quick semi-circles on her preteen fuck toy.

She felt the warm as his little boy jism squirted into her body and was suddenly wracked by another orgasm. "Oh oh oh OH OH…baby…BABY!" She cried out as her son relaxed after his climax and her pussy milked his dick out of every last push it would give her. Finally she lifted herself off the young boy. A wet plop sound as his cock left her pussy caused Robin to look closer at her mother and brother. She saw her mom adjust her skirt and caught a flash of pink panties then…"EWWWWww…" She screamed out "Mom!

Danny's thingy is sticking out of his sweats! Mom…look!" "Robin. It's not nice to point." She scolded. Turning her attention to her son she smiled and said in a harsh tone "Daniel. Put that thing away for now!" Daniel knew he wasn't in trouble but understood this was their thing and Robin shouldn't know. Joyce sat on the couch with both Robin and Daniel cuddled up close to her as they all sat bathed in the glow of the T.V.

Robin laid her head in the crook of her mother's arm while Daniel slid his hand in the wide, loose arm hole of Joyce's thin shirt and cupped her heavy breast as they stared at the cartoons.