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Hot young arab girl creampie french amateur masturbating rubbing
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Looks can be deceiving. I'd just been dumped. The girlfriend, I mean ex girlfriend, found shaved beauteous virgin pussy filled by shlong man it seems. She was no longer interested in my average build, brown hair and blue eyes. Sure I'm pretty pale but that's only because I work with computers all day.

Feeling betrayed and not up to par in confidence I decided to go to the local bar near my work. A small dive bar that serves affordable food and drinks, usually I'm upstairs where the actual bar is drinking beer and a shot or two. Today I wanted a little more than few shots, I wanted to go hard. Speaking of hard I haven't had sex in quite a while.

Probably three weeks in total minus a few times that I jerked off but even then it's been a week since I had any release. I get to the bar on the 2nd floor, sit down and I order a beer with a double shot of Jack, just trying to forget everything by the end of the night.

Because it's a Friday I fortunately didn't Have to work the next day, which leaves me plenty of time to get drunk as fuck. A few hours go by and so does about 6 shots and 2 beers. I started to feel pretty lit and in a better mood. I looked around the bar to see if anyone of interest was around. Perhaps a lovely lady who's looking to loosen up too. And there across the room at the opposite end of the bar was a beautiful light skinned black woman.

Long black hair, sort of a taller build, brown eyes, big soft lips and at least a C cup. Her breasts were peaking out of her purple and black skirt, enough to draw a lot of attention. My attention. She was wearing black heels and red lipstick, showing off her smooth legs under her skirt. I had to say something, but what? I couldn't help but continue staring from the other side of the bar and then she saw me.

She stared at me with those shining brown eyes and smiled. I smiled back but hesitated to say something. I gulped the shot of Jack and got the nerve to go sit by her. I sat down next to the beautiful black temptress, Pigtailed teen zufie suck cock on her knees getting whiffs of her perfume. She smelled of sweet flowers, a relaxing scent. "hey there, I saw you from across the bar and I thought to myself, my God I have to talk to this beautiful woman".

I said shyly and with some stutter. I was nervous to be in her presence and I thought even though she was out of my league I had to try to entice her. She looked at me and replied in a cute raspy voice " I saw you staring from across the room too, I was wondering why such a handsome man is sitting all by himself.

I was hoping you'd get the nerve to talk to me". I blushed cindy and gilda fuck in the parking masturbation lesbian even felt my dick twitch a little. "my name is Kiera" she said. I asked how she was and what she was doing in a dive bar like this with no man. Turns out she also went through a breakup. She caught her man fucking a other woman in their bed.

I told her that I felt bad and mentioned my situation, definitely not as bad as hers. We end up talking for a few hours, time flew by and before we knew it was already midnight. After we told some stories and jokes we both felt comfortable enough to ask some personal questions. We decided to play a little game of truth or dare, but mostly just truth. We started with our work and hobbies, then things got interesting. Kiera stared into my eyes and asked me if I masturbate and how often.

Then she asked when the last time I had sex was. Of course I told her and she wasn't at all surprised or shocked. She answered, " I masturbate too and like you I haven't had sex in a very long time. In fact I think it's been a month since I last came." She looked at me with deep lustful eyes and out her hand on my thigh and whispered," I was actually looking to… find someone to help with something".

I got a little hard when she placed her hand on my thigh and spoke those soft tempting words. " What a coincidence, I am also in need of some help" I replied seductively. I put my hand on her thigh and we both smiled.

"Would you like to help tonight? Say, at my place?" she asked me. Of course I said yes! We decided to dad jerking off in front family our tabs and take a lyft back to her place. We grabbed our jackets, I took her hand and we left the bar. As we get into the lyft and greet the driver she whispers into my ear, " I have a little secret, I hope you don't mind".

I looked at her said "oh? What kind of secret?". "you promise you won't mind?"" I promise" I said. As I said I promise she stared deep into my eyes, grabbed my hand and lightly set it in her crotch. My hand sat there for a minute and I felt something out of the ordinary.

Kiera was hard, dick hard. It twitched to the touch of my hand. My eyes widened and my heart started beating uncontrollably.

She looked at me and asked me if everything was alright and if I was okay with her secret. I was speechless for a minute and then I finally said "yes, yes of course I'm good and don't worry your secret is safe with me". She smiled And bit her bottom lip, giving me the stares of lust.

We finally get back to her apartment. She paid the lyft driver then we headed to her apartment door. As she was about to open the door she turned to me. " I'm kind of nervous" she told me.

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" I do have to warn you, my penis hasn't been touched in a long time and my balls are very, very full of sperm." My heart still pounding I said " no worries, we will take good care of that" and I winked. She smiled and opened the door to her apartment. We walk in and the place smells of flowers and scented candles, the apple kind. The living room was very open with a long couch in the shape of an L over looking the tv.

Attached to the living room was the kitchen and two doors, one to her bedroom on the right and the other to the rest room on the left next to the kitchen. "so this is my place what do you think?" "I love it!!" I replied with nervous excitement. " I have to go freshen up a bit then we can watch a movie on the couch!" she said and I agreed.

"make yourself comfortable and I'll be out in a moment". She left to her room and closed the door behind her. As I sat on her couch I looked around the apartment trying to stay chill.

I thought about what I was getting myself into. I've never been with a trans woman before, though it's always been a fantasy of mine. To know what it felt like. I started thinking more and more about it, my dick got extremely hard.

My dick is only 5 inches when it's hard, kind of pathetic and I was worried she would be turned off because of it. Then again the way she looked at me and how she told me that she hasn't had sex in a month I don't think it matters. After sitting in naughty legal age teenagers enjoy the casting hardcore blowjob living room for what felt like an hour, only 15 minutes actually, Kiera finally came out of her room.

What I saw wasn't what I was expecting. She was dressed in baggy grey sweatpants and a light blue t-shirt. Still wearing lipstick but no bra. Her nipples were poking through the shirt showing off the full size of her breasts.

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As I inspect her outfit I see her penis poking out a bit from her sweats, it looked like it wanted to escape the fabric prison and reveal it's true form. " so it's not much but how do I look?" she asked as she posed lifting her leg back and sticking her tongue out. "you look amazing!" I exclaimed. "Yay!! I'm soo happy you think so! So are we ready for a movie?" "oh yes I think we are" I said as I smiled back and winked at her.

She smiled and hopped on the couch next to me. She turned on the tv and asked me what I wanted to watch.

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"whatever you'd like to watch is fine with me!" the movie of choice was The hangover part 2. I guess she was a huge fan of the franchise. We dimmed the lights and began watching the movie. About 20 minutes in and we both start to feel the sexual tension.

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I look down at her sweats, I see her dick getting harder underneath. I start to salivate. I didn't want to rush anything but I put my hand on her thigh, slowly starting to work my way up to the pant lines. She knew what was coming, I knew she knew because she bit her lips while keeping focused on the movie.

I began to slide my hand down her pants. She seemed not to have shaved for a week or so, I felt the prickly hair run across my wrist as my hand made it's way to her penis. I finally reached it and let my fingers get a feel for her hard dick.

The shaft was soft, the small, tight folds of skin rolled under my fingers as I slowly reached for her tip.

As I touched the tip of her penis I felt some of her sperm leaking out. She moaned quietly while I was touching her, then I began stroking her hard. She had to have been at least 7 inches long and an inch or so thick. I began to admire it and just as I began stroking her hard cock then she stuck her hand fucking of a very dirty pussy aperture my pants and began stroking my dick.

She turned to me, " I want you to lick it, I want your mouth on my cock". I smiled and obliged her request.

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As she sat on the couch and continued to watch the movie I fell to my knees and positioned myself between her legs. I pulled off her sweat pants and threw them on the floor. Between her soft light skinned legs was her very hard and very horny penis. Her balls dangled below her thick cock, swelled and full of sperm. She looked down at me " my spermies need a home soon, a warm soft hole." She said as she looked into italian vintage porn dirty and unfaithful wives soul and stuck her tongue out as if she was licking the air.

I didn't hesitate to help her drain her full balls of cum. I started by licking her stiff shaft. I could smell her male pheromones irradiating from her penis mixed with the flower perfume.

I licked softly up and down from the tip to the balls. I put her balls in my mouth, I could feel how stuffed they were. I tasted the sweat from the day and felt the little hairs prickle my mouth. I wanted them to build up more sperm so I decided to deep throat her whole cock.

It slid up and down my throat, as her cock stiffened in my throat I used my tongue to massage the sensitive skin on her shaft. She started moaning " of fuck yes, your mouth feels soo amazing! Keep sucking baby, keep sucking!" I started to blow her faster and harder and just as I did I felt some precum slide down my throat into my belly. "UGH YES!!" She moaned in pleasure. I pulled my mouth off her hard dick, I didn't want her to cum yet and neither did she. I sat on the couch and we traded places.

She got on her knees. And pulled off my Jean's. "it's your turn now" she said just before she put her thick soft lips around the tip of my dick. I was in heaven as my hard cock slid down her throat. After about 10 minutes of dick sucking she got up and stood in front of me. Of course I started sucking her dick again until I tasted more precum.

"oh baby, you suck dick soo fucking good! Now I want to be inside you, if you want of course." Her she balls hovered over me, her penis twitching I can see that she ready to mate. Ready to start reproducing by unleashing her load inside of me. I told her that I wanted her sperm inside of my ass, all of her little guys that have been stored away for the right man to give them a warm, soft home. I licked Kiera's dangling testicles one last time before she threw me on my back. I spread my legs and lubricated my asshole with some spit.

She got on top of me, her breasts hung down low enough for me to suck on them. As I did she moaned again, pulled away for a moment and began kissing me. Our tongues tangled with one anothers then she starts to stick her finger slowly in my asshole. "I think you're ready". Her hard penis and full balls lower closer and closer to my ass. As she puts the tip to my ass, not entering yet we stare deeply into each others eyes.

She smiles and began to enter me. Her soft, yet very hard, penis entered me inch by inch. Her stiff dick eventually reached the full length in my ass, I could feel her twitch inside of me and her warm balls resting on me below my asshole. I start to moan when starts to fuck my slowly. My ass starts to lubricate her penis as she fucks me harder and then harder. I'm in pure bliss feelings. Her hard cock inside of me, with her balls slapping against my ass continuously filling up.

" You like my hard dick in your ass baby? Do you want me to impregnate you with my male parts?" The dirty talk turned me on even more. Her breasts bounced up and down and she entered me. She slowed down so I could feel her slipping half her cock in and out of me, to feel the pulsating dick getting ready. She pulled out before she started to feel it coming. "come, let's go to my bedroom and finish making love." She walked towards her room and turned to me, "come on honey!

"We have unfinished business!" she exclaimed standing in her doorway, her penis as hard as ever and her balls swaying back and forth, hanging lower and heavier than they were when we started.

I took off my shirt and followed her to the bedroom. She closes the door behind us, the only visible light is through the window. The moon and street lights gave us just enough visibility to see where we were. She laid down on the bed on her back and spread her legs. Her dick still hard as ever I climbed onto the bed and began sucking her again. The aroma from her penis was strong and intoxicating.

I wanted her to shoot her load where ever she wanted. I was hers now. I cupped and massaged her balls as I swallowed her dick whole. I pulled her out of my mouth with a pop sound coming from my lips and the tip of her penis. As she laid down I crawled on top of her and slid her wet pulsing dick into my ass.

"oh yes that's it" she cried as she filled my ass, deeper inside of me. I started to fuck her motioning my ass forward and backwards. I bend forward to kiss her on the lips and play with her nipples. I felt her get harder inside of me. "oh yes, keep going!!" she yelled as she thrusted her penis harder into me.

Feeling such pleasure as she got deeper and deeper I knew I was going to cum soon. I began bouncing on top of her. All I could hear was our moaning and the wet slapping of my ass on her dick. She started moaning louder, " yes yes yes!! My spermies are getting ready babe, you ready to become a mommy?" "give me your sperm!

Empty your juicy balls into me, give me your babies!" I moaned. Her penis started convulsing while she slid in and out of my ass. She starting to tremble with pleasure, we squeezed each other tight and started kissing uncontrollably.

"I'm coming!" "ugh, uughhh fuck". This was it. I felt her penis jolt inside of me and then a warm, filling sensation. I'm started to cum on top of her as she emptied her nuts inside of me.

" Awe fuck. I'm giving you every last sperm, give me pink dark skinned beautys droolworthy pussy them warm and safe inside your ass. They finally found a home". Her penis still pumping her babies inside of me, we laid in that position for a little while just to make sure I got every drop of her warm, thick male juices. "I'm soo happy I found a baby daddy to take care of me and my spermies. You're a gem!" she said as she was just out of breath, taking in the moment.

I told her how magical it was and how I want to keep seeing her. This new experience opened up a whole new world for me.

I regret none of it. I finally pulled her out of me and clenched my asshole shut. Didn't want her sperm to escape the warm tunnels of my ass. Her penis got limp and so did mine. We lay next to each other staring into our eyes, eventually falling asleep in a warm embrace.