Blonde slag has her orgasmic twat hammered cunnilingus and cumshot

Blonde slag has her orgasmic twat hammered cunnilingus and cumshot
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It was May, towards the beginning, so it wasn't too hot, I guess you could say you could wear a hoodie outside without dying of heat exhaustion. I'm Sam, I'm a soon to be senior at Icy Stream high school in the state of Rhode Island, yes Rhode Island. The state with nothing, no cool people, no cool places to go and see, and most importantly, no hot girls. But my opinion on that was about to change for quite a long time. Baseball was in full swing now, no pun intended, and our team was looking up to be decent this year, I'm the starting pitcher for our varsity team and I have been since I was a freshman, I'm between 6'5" and 6'6" short dark brown hair, and I stay in shape so I guess you could say I'm "ripped" or however else other people say it.

Our team was in the dugout packing up and todays practice was just about over when I look behind me because I hear a dog barking as loud as can be, like ridiculously loud not one of those annoying as fuck wiener dogs or rat looking things.

But I wasn't worried about the dog, no no no, the person walking it was a girl, a woman I guess you could say, and a beautiful one, that's still under rating it. Her dog had broken from its leash and was running my way, I could hear her yelling "Rocco, get back here!" so I caught him and Pretty teenie blows dick in pov and gets spread twat rode was petting him for a second until she walked up to me, and that's when my opinion on this state and the girls in it changed forever.

"Hi I'm Ally, thank's for catching him, he never does that I don't know what got into him." "I'm Sam, nice to meet you, and don't worry, I rescued him for ya." This is when I actually noticed, I was standing almost a foot and a half over this girl, I'm guessing she was closer to 5'0".

Her tits were the biggest, nicest, most perfectly shaped tits I have ever seen, and I don't know if they just looked big because she was small, but holy fuck were these things huge, and it's not like she was overweight either, I'd say 105, if that and probably 8 pounds for fucking tits. I could see her toned 4 pack through her shirt and she had legs to die for.

Medium length light brown hair that barely reached her chest, with a nice golden tanned skin. "Thanks for catching him." she said.

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"Maybe I'll see you around some time." she spoke as she smiled and kept her eyes on mine for a second before walking away. When I saw her ass, I swear my cock ripped through my compression shorts and out the front of my dust ridden pants, that ass was absolutely amazing, not too big and not small at all as it wiggled perfectly until I saw her get into her car, I was surprised too because I couldn't really distinguish how old she was, old enough to drive what looked like a brand new Audi R8 with a Rhode Island plate, "Fuck yes, she's actually from here."I whispered to myself as I loaded my equipment into the back of my Titanium Jeep Wrangler.

I drove home and pulled into my driveway, now, I'm not poor, by any means, frankly I don't know why I drive a Jeep, for my 16th birthday my parents said I could have any car I wanted and I chose that, fuck me right? So I'm guessing it was the same thing for Ally.

I ate dinner, still depressed about not getting to see her for very long, eventually I hopped into bed, scrolled through twitter before dozing off for the night. I woke up the next morning as usual and got dressed.

I had to pick up my friend Jordan on the way to school and I told him about Ally, or "the girl" as I worded it to him. He didn't believe me. We parked and started heading in when I hear a smooth, crisp sound of what seemed like an Audi. I turned around and it was parked directly next to my jeep, an Audi R8 and the same beautiful girl bubbly hopped out of the car and grabbed her bag. "No. Fucking. Way." I said to Jordan. "What?" he questioned. "There she is." I whispered.

"Holy japanese crying sex vedifree download you weren't kidding!" he said quite loudly. I got pretty excited and I debated going and talking to her but I decided I'd wait. I'm the type of guy a lot of girls want to be with, but I keep searching for the perfect one, and let me tell you, this Ally girl, was perfect. I went through the day like normal, of course constantly running the image of her through my head. But I didn't see her the entire day, or so I thought.

I went in to my 7th hour class and sat down, and my routine has been the same for so long I didn't notice, my desk parter leaned over licked the inside of my ear, and said "hello again.Sam" as I turned and realized it was Ally.

My cock was hard as a rock and some pre cum was dribbling. "You're fucking beautiful, you know that?" I said somewhat gently but forceful. "I could've probably figured that out the way you could barely speak yesterday when you were staring me down." Today she had on doremon cartoon xxx sex pon nobita short shorts, with sperry's, a plaid button down shirt with the first five unbuttoned and a white tank top underneath without a bra.

The whole unbuttoned thing really made it perfect for what I'm guessing 36DD's to pop out enough to make my cock twitch. I don't know how anyone couldn't stare her down. "Do you have a girlfriend?" she said seductively as her lip gloss skinned my neck.

"No but if you keep doing this you're going to be more than just my girlfriend." I could tell this girl was one of those girls who was always horny and never stops fucking. "Well Sam." she said as she started stroking my cock in the back of the room.

"You're coming over today when this bell rings." I thought about it, I can skip one day of practice, I'm the star pitcher, my coach won't mind. (He really won't) so I said "You said that like I didn't already have it planned" that turned her on. She kept stroking my cock the entire class and I really wanted to shoot my load, and I would have if I wasn't going to after school.

The bell finally rang and she released her pre cum covered hand from my cock and we walked to the parking lot. She threw me keys and said "here, you drive." I almost cried with excitement. I jumped in the Audi and asked her where she lived.

"4752 Blackhauser" she spoke. No fucking way, she lives on my street too. "That's where I live." I said "Cool now we can fuck on weekends too." she spoke. She lived across the street. We walked into her house and her parents weren't home so she led me to the master bedroom. She pushed me on the bed and said "When I come out, your cock will be harder than ever before." Which turned me on immensely.

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About 10 minutes later she came out from the bathroom and my cock shot up to full length, 8 inches, and was most definitely harder than it's ever been. She walked out and was wearing a tight blue almost see through bra, with blue panties and black tights.

I could feel my cum building up. She let out a little high pitched moan and got on top of me humping my bare cock. "Wow it's beautiful." she said as she squeezed her tits. After licking and sucking on my neck she stuck out her long, wet, soft tongue and licked all the way down my stomach until she reached the tip of my member. She started passionately making out with the head, then made love with the entire thing licking and sucking on my shaft.

She licked back up my rod and I felt my hard cock become engulfed in a sea of warm saliva and flesh as she took me inside of her throat. I don't think she had a gag reflex because she took my entire cock down her throat over and over. She stopped and unhooked her bra, releasing the two huge, beautiful tits. She took off her panties as well, but kept on the stockings as I prefer. "Do you like my tits Sam?" I'm pretty sure that wasn't an actual question so I didn't answer but instead grabbed both tits and sucked on her nipples teasing her pussy by thrusting making my shaft rub against her clit, she got on her back and ordered me to titty fuck her.

I accepted, I could never turn down such an offer, as I slid my already wet cock with pussy juices between her chest, she moaned with every thrust and licked my cock every time it jabbed her. "Fuck my titties Sam, I love your hard cock between my fucking tits." That was it, I felt my load build more and more with each thrust and when she licked it on the last thrust, the electric shock bolted through me as I shot my thick white cum partially in her damn hot cutie gets it from behind, pulling out from the grip of her tongue, spraying her tits and covering her face, she sucked and swallowed the rest off and said "Now that that one is out of the way, show me what you can do." So I slid down the bed and I immediately smelled the beauty of her smoothly shaven pussy, I stuck my tongue out and flicked her clit as her legs twitched, her feet were spazzing out and I could feel her leg muscles contracting as I sucked more and more on her clit, she moaned louder and louder until she thrusted into the air, arching her back, screaming, and I mean screaming "FUUUUUUCKKKK!" and shooting gallons of warm pussy juice into my face and onto the sheets.

As she lay there twitching and her tits shaking, my cock was growing harder, when she somewhat stopped shaking and came to a relaxing stop, I grabbed underneath her, put her against the wall, grabbed one leg and thrusted my cock into her hearing a high pitched yell, as I hold her leg up fucking her underneath I watched her foot bounce which turned me on, I fucked harder and harder, feeling her orgasms one after the other, feeling her pussy juices overflow my cock and flood the floor, on her last orgasm, I couldn't take it.

I thrusted one more time coming off the floor onto the tips of my toes, her body completely off the floor, shooting my load into the body of a could be pornstar, as my cum continued to fill her I pulled my cock out with it still spurting and shoved it in her mouth fucking her tongue as my cum thrilling oral stimulation from sultry gorgeous babe out of her cunt and onto the floor, now a puddle of pussy juice and semen and just as the last stream of cum went down her throat, I fell onto my back from exhaustion and she fell on top of me with her tits in my face she whispered.

"I'd love to be your girlfriend."

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