Erotic joy with males beef bayonet deepthroat blowjob

Erotic joy with males beef bayonet deepthroat blowjob
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Futa Naked In Give me your milk ill give mine Futa MVP's Reward Chapter Three: Futa MVP Claims Her Reward By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Charisma Lacy's Week, Saturday The stadium cheered.

Roared. I shuddered as I watched the game naked, my left breast painted purple, my right gold. My sister bounced, equally naked and painted in our college's colors, beside me. Her arm pumped in the air as Shelena, the futa-quarterback, fell back for another play.

The Mares blitzed her. Defenders broke past our line, chasing Shelena. She didn't hesitate. The bully cunt of a futa tucked the football to her side and spun around the first tackler.

She stiffed arm the next and broke clear. Then her legs were stretched out before her. She flew girl force old man sex the field.

My stomach clenched. Shelena was on fire. The entire team was pumped, inspired by their chance to win a week dominated my little sister and me. Another week where we would have to go naked and grant the reasonable request, except instead of for the entire college, it would be for the one player on our team voted MVP of this game. Shelena sprinted faster, football clutched to her padding.

She spun around another defender. Twenty yards. Thirty yards. She was going all the way for another touchdown. Our college's team was dominating the Bethel Mares. We were kicking their asses. Shelena crossed the touchdown and spiked the ball.

She threw her arms up into the air. The first half of the game was about to end. I tried to be enthusiastic, but Shelena was leading our team to victory. Come Monday, my little sister and I would have to be her sex slave.

There was no way she wouldn't be. "Fuck," I muttered. Shelena organized the reward for the MVP of this game to dominate my little sister and me.

She made it impossible for me to say no without ostracizing my little sister. The entire student body knew. They were all pumped for this game. Our team was on a winning streak. They would take the conference if they triumphed today. Shelena would have free reign to touch my sister. Krysten might be eager for it, but she didn't know how much of a cunt Shelena was. How long before I had to watch Shelena sliding her cock into Krysten's mouth? Into her full hot anal xxx story I hated that bitch Shelena so much.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Krysten Lacy's Second Week, Monday Since the game ended Saturday night, I had been a ball of frustration. Yesterday, I drove my futa-sister wild. I kept pestering her if she had heard the results. If she knew which one of the players had won us. They were all so sexy. Shelena was busty and awesome as teen girl with big boobs only for you masturbate fingering threw all those amazing passes during the game.

Tanisha made amazing sacks, and that interception she ran to score a touchdown was outstanding. Caridad set record yards in carry, motivated to get to enjoy my futa-sister and me. Mbali made some amazing plays, too. Five times, she stopped the other team's quarterback from throwing successful passes and seven times sacked the poor futa. The Amazonian beauty was amazing. April Gore set eva lovia fingering her hairy wet pussy school record with her 56-yard field goal.

The team was fired up to win us. I didn't know who I wanted. Shelena was Black and busty, her breasts sorry you have cum on ya face as big as my futa-sisters. But there were other sexy, Black futas on the team. It would be so hot to see Mbali's deep-ebony skin pressed against my futa-sister's ivory form, the two futas writhing in passion. It sent such an incestuous wave of heat through my body.

"We'll find out at the assembly tomorrow," my futa-sister had said over and over. To make up for pestering her, I kept her ovaries drained.

I sucked down all her incestuous cum or let her spurt as much of her seed into my pussy as possible. Our parents were happy that we weren't fighting any longer, but loving each other. I felt so close to my sister. I hadn't fucked another futa, yet, but only because I was saving myself for the MVP. I wanted my futa-sister and me to revel in our first threesome together. I just knew Charisma and I were going to be together for the rest of our lives, sharing every naughty, nasty, kinky bliss we wanted.

I was thrilled when my alarm rang this morning. For the first time, I bounded out of my bed eager for classes. Poor Charisma groaned beside me as I threw off the covers and let out a whoop of delight. In a few short hours, we would find out.

I gave her a morning blowjob, then we kissed, sharing her naughty seed. My futa-sister was really into licking her cum out of my body.

Every time she erupted into my pussy ended with me gasping out another orgasm as she devoured out the seed. Blowjob finished, we hurried through our shower and darted downstairs. I wore just sweats. I just needed something warm to get me to school. I had another week of going naked.

But as a sex slave for the MVP. "I hope it'll be Mbali," I said as I darted around my sister. "But Shelena could be fun." "That bullying bitch?" my futa-sister said. A grimace flashed across her face. "You don't really think she bullies anyone?" I gasped. "I mean, I heard she might have a little fun with the nerds in the A/V club." "She's a manipulative cunt," my futa-sister growled. "I'd rather have Tanisha or April. Even Mbali, but not Shelena." "But she's the quarterback," I said as we headed out the door.

"It'll be so hot. My pussy is on fire thinking about it." "Everything sets your horny, little pussy on fire," my futa-sister said, shaking her head. I grinned at her. "True. I'm a horny, naughty thing, aren't I?" "Big time," she said. "I'm surprised your pussy doesn't melt your panties." "Not wearing panties," I said, pulling down my sweatpants to flash my auburn bush at her.

My sister grinned, her fiery hair sweeping about her face. Her green eyes twinkled as she stared at me while her dick tented the front of her skirt she wore. It thrust out before her. I wasn't the only one going commando. "It doesn't matter who wins," I told Charisma, pressing against her.

"Just so long as I share her with you." My sister smiled. "It's kind of a messed up form of love." "Yep!" I leaned against her as we walked, my pussy juicy. The Program made all this possible. "I love you." I stared out at the passing cars. "I love my futa-sister!" "I love my little sister!" Charisma shouted. Then we both giggled. At our college, we stripped naked and headed to the assembly. It was different than the normal Program assembly.

Four more students would get selected, but first the MVP, as voted on by the student body, would be determined. The cheerleaders were prancing around in their purple and gold uniforms, shaking their pompoms and flashing their asses and pussies.

The football team was assembled while my sister and I knelt beside the podium, naked. Charisma's futa-dick thrust proud before her. Her fat nipples thrust hard from her large, soft breasts. She drew in deep breaths, her tits rising and falling. She licked her lips and swallowed. She squirmed. "Can't wait to break in your virgin cunt, Charisma!" Shelena called.

"Then I'll lick your cum out of her," I called back, so eager for it. The quarterback, wearing a low-cut dress that showed off her large tits, shook her head. "Goddess, campus hottie gets drilled in doggie position tube porn sister's a slut, Charisma." My futa-sister growled beneath her breath.

"Okay, okay," President McTaggart said. The fiery-haired futa quivered. She was a bubbly futa, always smiling and giggling. "We are going to announce the MVP first.

I'm sure you're all eager to see who will get to enjoy Charisma and Krysten Lacy all week long." The entire student body erupted in cheers.

It was deafening. My little heart beat faster. My pussy clenched. Juices dribbled down my thighs. I couldn't help tweaking the small nipples atop my little breasts. "Our team played an amazing game inspired by Charisma and Krysten," continued the president. "They are examples to be followed. They have embraced the Program and what it teaches. They deutsche mutter fickt den freund ihrer tochter unashamed of their sexuality, willing to play along as sex slaves to one lucky futa.

Thanks to them, we trounced the Bethel Mares 63-0. It's the most lopsided win in our division!" More deafening applause. I felt so loved. So appreciated. Signs were held up with our names on them. Cheerleaders were crying our names as they did their high kicks, flashing their pussies at the student body. The sound reverberated through the auditorium. I trembled, a huge smile on my face as I drank it in. I loved it. I was so glad I could do this.

And the fact I got to share all these naughty things with my futa-sister was just amazing. "Okay," said President McTaggart, "as voted by you, our next MVP iiiiiisssss." A hush fell over the auditorium. Shelena stepped forward, a confident smile on her face.

"Tanisha Reed!" The crowd thundered in applause. Shelena froze in midstep, her face twisted in shock. My futa-sister smirked as the arrogant quarterback stepped back in line. Then the defensive cornerback, the sexy Tanisha Reed, stepped out, looking more than a little stunned. She was a gorgeous, Black futa with coffee-brown skin and a pair of round breast covered by a tight, baby doll t-shirt.

The purple set off her skin. Her cock swelled the tight jean skirt she wore, her thighs flashing as she marched forward. "Tanisha Reed had a great game," said President McTaggart. "I'm not surprised she won. Especially with our homecoming queen, Denice, leading the campaign across social media to get her elected." Shelena folded her arms, her face tight. I didn't care. I stared up at Tanisha as she stopped before my futa-sister me.

My hands gripped the leather collar and leash President McTaggart had given me. Then, at the same time as my sister, held them up. "For the week, we promise to be your sex slaves," Charisma said, her voice throaty, even breathy. Her futa-dick quivered and twitched. I bet her pussy was as juicy as mine. "We will only accept reasonable requests from you." "And more," I added, winking. "You want to fuck us, you can." Tanisha took the purple collar and gold leash from me and attached it to my neck.

I shuddered as the sexy, Black futa fit it tight about my throat. I quivered, my pussy on fire. Then she took my futa-sisters and did the same. My pussy was molten. Heat dribbled down my thighs. I couldn't wait for the real fun to begin. Tanisha rose, shaking her head. She still looked a little bemused that this was happening.

My futa-sister and I stood, too. I grinned at my sister. She looked sexy with a collar around her neck, her big tits swaying as she breathed. "Well, I guess let's go," Tanisha said, gripping both our leashes in her hand. "Yes, Futa-Mistress," my sister and I purred together. "Damn, that's hot!" Tanisha groaned, her dick throbbing in her jean skirt. She led us away from the podium. The cheerleaders all formed a corridor towards the door, shaking their gold and purple pompoms over us, their breasts bouncing in their tops.

I winked at a cheerleader named Genevieve, my friend from English class. She winked back. I shuddered, my pussy dripping juices as the student body kept cheering us on.

I didn't know who got picked for the Program. Didn't care. My futa-sister and I had to reward the MVP. It grew quieter in the halls as Tanisha led us to the gym. She was still shaking her head.

She looked back at us. "I still can't believe I won MVP. Denice really doesn't like Shelena." "I can't imagine why," Charisma said. Tanisha smiled. Then she shook her head. "Damn, a futa and her little sister to play with. This is kinky." "Yes, it is, Futa-Mistress," I purred, my cunny on fire. "Ooh, we're going to do such naughty things to you." "Yeah," My futa-sister moaned, her voice throaty and tight. Inside the gym, Tanisha kicked off her shows and then led us onto the tumbling mats.

"Well. I guess." "Order us," moaned Charisma. Her large tits quivered. "We're your sex slaves. Make us do things for you. My sister wants that. I want her to be happy." My heart quivered with joy. I loved my big futa-sis so much. "Goddess, that is fucking hot," Charisma groaned, her futa-dick throbbing. "I've never done anything with a futa before, but. Damn. Why don't you two suck my cock!" "Yes!" I squealed. My sister and I fell to our knees. I smiled as Charisma's hand shot out first. Redhead teen kandi quinn fucks her stepsis hot boyfriend, she was eager for this.

Something had changed in her. Like me, the Program had let her be more open about her desires. Not just for each other, but other pleasures. In a flash, we hauled down Tanisha's jean skirt. It fell down her brown thighs and spilled around her feet. She stepped out of it, her futa-dick throbbing in her lacy, gray panties.

They were cut differently than girl-panties, more room for the cock, but still delicate and beautiful. Together, my futa-sister and I hooked our fingers into the waistband and drew them down. We both groaned as that brown cock popped out. It bounced before us, twitching and throbbing.

My mouth hungered. A wanton shudder ran through me. I licked my lips, staring at the dick with such hunger in my eyes. My tongue flicked across my mouth. My pussy dripped juices down my thighs, the scent of my pussy filling the air. Both our pale hands grabbed that dark shaft. She was bigger than Charisma.

A giddy thrill ran through me as my futa-sister and I drifted our heads closer to share it. Cheers echoed from the auditorium, almost like they were celebrating our naughty fun instead of whoever was chosen for the Program.

"Goddess, yes," groaned Tanisha as my futa-sister, and I pressed our lips against the tip of her dark cock. Our tongues fluttered out. I brushed my futa-sister's, an incestuous thrill racing through my young body.

I was only eighteen and doing such naughty things. I loved the Program. The leashes gripped in Tanisha's hand jingled as my futa-sister and I loved this amazing cock.

Precum coated my tongue. I shuddered, tasting another futa's passion. My pussy grew hotter as I nursed and nibbled on the side of Tanisha's cock. My lips brushed my futa-sister's. Charisma moaned beside me, both of fisting Tanisha. "Goddess damn, but that is hot. You're both loving me. Mmm, a pair of sisters!" My lips kept brushing my futa-sister's. It was almost like we were kissing each other. This indirect contact sent such a wicked thrill through me. My pussy clenched. Juices ran down my thighs.

My hips Wiggled back and forth. This heat swept through me. I moaned, my tongue darting out and caressing her cock. They brushed along the side of her dick. Then we were both kissing around the cock. We were loving each other. Our tongues fluttered and caressed, working around that thick cock while Tanisha groaned and pulled on our leashes. "This is so hot!" she moaned.

"Now, Charisma, suck on my dick! Krysten, lick my pussy!" "Yes, Futa-Mistress!" I moaned, loving serving. There was something kinky about being submissive. Whether it was serving my futa-sister or someone else, it made my cunt hot. I groaned at the sight of my futa-sister sliding her mouth over the clit-dick. Tanisha moaned while Charisma groaned.

I smiled, my futa-sister sucking her first ever cock. Mine was last week when I blew Charisma. What a happy moment that was. I nuzzled my face into Tanisha's thick bush hiding her pussy lips. Her wiry hairs brushed my lips as I nuzzled into the futa's juicy snatch. My tongue flicked out and gathered her sweet cream. The wonderful flavor melted on my tongue. I whimpered in delight. My hips wiggled from side to side as my tongue plunged into her pussy.

I stirred around inside of her while she groaned. Her breasts jiggled in her baby doll t-shirt. She peeled it off as we pleasured her.

Charisma sucked and slurped. I licked and lapped. Together, we made Tanisha moan. Her coffee-brown breasts jiggled. Like many futas, she didn't wear a bra. Her dark nipples thrust from her round breasts. I peered around her thrusting girl-dick and watched grope her tits, massaging those plump, dark mounds.

My nipples throbbed. I groaned and fluttered my tongue around inside of her pussy. I swirled and caressed her, teasing her. She moaned, her hips wiggling from side to side. My tongue fluttered through her folds, caressing her, driving her wild.

She groaned, her hips wiggling back and forth. Her sweet cream spilled over my mouth. I thrust my tongue into her depths. I swirled and danced around young libertines tattooed teeny candy cru doggystyle fuck while Charisma sucked and slurped.

My futa-sister sounded so enthusiastic, moaning as she blew the MVP. Tanisha's moans echoed through the empty gymnasium. "Fuck!" she moaned. "Now switch!" "Yes, Futa-Mistress!" I moaned. I pulled my face from that sweet snatch, loving the flavor of futa-cunt on my lips.

Charisma popped her mouth off Tanisha's big cock. My futa-sister had a glassy gleam in her green eyes and a line of drool running down her chin. "That was so hot!" I purred. "I loved knowing you were blowing her, big futa-sis." Charisma grinned at me. It was so wonderful sharing with her. I swallowed the tip of Tanisha's cock and tasted my futa-sister's saliva. I sucked hard on the clit-dick, reveling in the salty precum and the flavor of Charisma.

A wanton heat rippled through my pussy while the futa groaned. My sister pressed her face into Tanisha's pussy, licking the futa. I knew Charisma was skilled. She had plenty of practice on me. A futa-cunt was basically like a girl's. I think. They didn't have clits, but they had the labia and the sheath. I sucked hard on Tanisha, bobbing my mouth. She moaned and gasped. Her face twisted with pleasure. Her head shook from side to amateurs gone wild tube porn as the pleasure spilled over her expression.

Her hands clenched and relaxed. Her moans echoed. "Goddess," she panted. "Your futa-sister has her tongue buried deep in my pussy, Krysten. She's so naughty." I shuddered in delight, sucking hard. "I'm going to cum," the futa moan. "I have to cum on your faces." "Yes," Charisma moaned as she moved to press her cheek beside me. "You have to cum on our faces, Futa-Mistress!" Tanisha ripped her cock out of my mouth. I panted, drool running down my chin while Tanisha fisted her dick before us.

"Cum on our faces," I moaned. "Coat us, Futa-Mistress." "Fuck, yes!" howled the MVP. Her futa-dick erupted. Hot cum spurted from her cock. It spilled over our faces. I groaned, shuddering as the cum coated my face and splashed over to dribbled on my futa-sister's features. The Black futa's passion burst over and over from her cock.

Salty delight splattered my lips. My tongue swiped out, tasting another futa's cum. It was good; Charisma's was better. I moaned anyways, my pussy on fire as Tanisha coated us. Charisma whimpered, her own tongue sliding across her lips. She, too, had her first taste of another futa's cum. Wild, incestuous lust surged through me. I threw my arms around my futa-sister's neck, pressing my small boobs into her lush tits.

I attacked her face, licking and lapping up the cum. I moaned, possessed by my need to taste it. Charisma groaned. Then her tongue brushed my cheek, cleaning up Tanisha's spunk.

"Fuck me, that's hot," groaned Tanisha, her dark cock dripping precum a few inches from our faces. I lapped up a big dollop of cum and then kissed my futa-sister right on the lips. I thrust my tongue into her mouth, letting her revel in the salty flavor. She moaned, our tongues snowballing the other futa's jizz back and forth. It was so amazing.

My tongue danced with hers. They swirled around each other. I shuddered, my pussy growing molten as we loved each other. Shared this passion. More futa-jizz fell down our faces. I was so glad we could enjoy this passion with each other. I loved my futa-sister with all my heart.

I wanted to share every depraved and naughty delight with her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Charisma Lacy I broke the kiss with my sister, panting. The taste of Tanisha's cum lingered on my mouth. Somehow, it tasted even better than my own. I trembled at that. My futa-dick throbbed, so hard.

My pussy dripped juices. "Mmm, that was good," Krysten moaned. Her tongue swept across her lips, gathering a dollop of Tanisha's cum that had dribbled down past her nose. She held it out at the end of her tongue. I leaned in and sucked it off her tongue, the salty flavor melting in my mouth. "Goddess, that's fucking hot," groaned Tanisha. Her round breasts jiggled above me. "I can't believe I just got to see that." "I know," I groaned, my heart hammering in my chest.

"It was. deep throat oral pleasure for a stallion sister beamed. "I'm still hard," groaned Tanisha. "I can't believe that.

It was so hot. I have to fuck one of you." I shuddered, big ass brunette public blowjob before fucking virgin pussy clenching. A part of me wanted to be chosen. I just sucked a futa's dick and shared the passion with my little sister. Before last week, I never thought I could do that. That I would want to women forced tstrip in public that, let alone enjoy it.

What would it be like to be fucked? Tanisha swallowed. "Krysten," she said quickly. "I'll fuck your pussy while your futa-sister fucks your mouth." "Yay, my first Black cock!" Krysten cheered like she had a bucket list of sex acts she wanted to check off.

With me. Krysten knelt between us, wiggling her rump at the Black futa. With cum spang bank old age sex down my face, I brought my hard girl-cock to my little sister's mouth.

She opened wide and sucked my cock into her mouth. I groaned at the pleasure of her hungry mouth. She sucked her. Cheeks hollowed.

I groaned, the pleasure spilling over me. She nursed on me as Tanisha moved into position. The Black futa's round breasts swayed. They were so dark and plump. Her nipples firm. I licked my lips, shocked by how sexy they were. My little sister purred about my cock, wiggling her hips as Tanisha pressed her shaft against Krysten's pussy. My heart beat faster. Tanisha thrust. Krysten moaned. Another futa was fucking my little sister. It was a strange rush.

I loved her, and now I was sharing her with Tanisha. The Black futa groaned as she sank into my sister's cunt. Krysten's passion moaned around my dick.

"Damn, that's tight," moaned Tanisha. "I haven't fucked a freshman in a while. Ooh, young pussy feels nice." "Yeah, she's great," I said, my pussy clenching as my sister sucked on my cock.

She nursed with hunger. Juices ran down my thighs. My cunt clenched. The heat swept through me. I swallowed, my heart hammering in my chest. This wicked heat built and built inside of me. I couldn't believe it.

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This was incredible. My hands clenched and relaxed as my little sister nursed with hunger on my cock. She sucked and slurped as Tanisha drew back her hips. I could just see over my sister's curving rump to witness Tanisha's cock emerging soaked in my little sister's cream. Krysten was juicy. She was loving this.

Tanisha groaned and thrust back into her depths. "Damn, she is amazing," Tanisha moaned, her round breasts jiggling before them.

"Yeah," I nodded, leaning over my sister, licking my lips. My own hips thrust forward, pumping my cock into my sister's mouth until I brushed the back of her throat.

Then I pulled back, the suction incredible. My ovaries quivered. "She's amazing," I panted, my leash swaying down my back as I fucked Krysten's mouth. "Yeah, you're lucky," groaned Tanisha, her phat ass dance 3 tube porn jiggling. They were so. so. beautiful.

I couldn't help myself. I lowered my head, my pale hands grabbing her ebony breasts. I massaged them. Teased them. I kneaded them and squeezed them.

Then I brought them together and rubbed my face between them. I kissed at the slope of them, smearing her cum against her own breasts. Krysten sucked on my cock as I licked that jizz up, savoring the salty flavor. My tongue climbed up Tanisha's breast until I reached her ebony nipple. I engulfed it.

Sucked. Tanisha moaned, thrusting harder into my sister. She fucked her. Churned her up. We used her. Loved her. This heady thrill ran through me. I groaned, my tongue dueling with Krysten's. My breasts jiggled and bounced as I pumped my hips forward. The heat shot through me. This wonderful pleasure built and built in my ovaries.

It was exciting sucking on the futa's beautiful nipple. I squeezed and kneaded her round tits as I plowed into my little sister's mouth. Tanisha groaned. Her hands slid through my fiery hair, holding me to her tit. "That's it," she panted. "You're going to make me erupt into your little sister's pussy." Krysten moaned around my cock.

I popped my nipple off Tanisha's nipple and moaned, "She wants that! She wants you to cum in her so I can lick her clean." "Fuck!" groaned Tanisha, her face twisting with pleasure. Then she kissed me. I gasped at the feel of her hot lips on mine. I kissed the futa. Our tongues dueled as we shared my little sister.

Krysten sucked and slurped on my clit-dick, pleasure swelling down to my pussy. My juices flowed down my thighs, my ovaries growing tighter and tighter.

I squeezed Tanisha's tits. I kneaded them as I kissed her. The futa's hands found my own heavy breasts. Her fingers sank into my flesh. She kneaded me. I shuddered. Her thumbs swept over my nipples, sending such hot thrills to my dick. The slap of flesh on flesh grew louder. Tanisha moaned into my lips. Romi rain is wonder woman buried into my sister's cunt. Tanisha fucked Krysten hard.

A hot shudder ran through my body. My juices ran down my thighs. I groaned, my ovaries quivering. Krysten squealed around my cock. Her passion moaned and hummed about the tip of my dick, her tongue dancing over it. Then Tanisha broke the kiss, moaning, "Fuck! She's cumming!" "She wants your jizz!" I moaned, squeezing Tanisha's tits, my own ovaries on the verge of exploding. My sister sucked hard on my futa-cock. An incestuous thrill shot through me.

"Fuck, yes!" Tanisha moaned, her fingers digging into my big boobs. She gripped them as her face contorted. I knew she was flooding my little sister's twat. "Yes!" My cock erupted. My cum fired into my sister's mouth. "Flood her! Pump all that cum into her!" "Then you're going to lick her clean!" Tanisha commanded.

"Yes, Futa-Mistress!" I moaned, saying that word sending a wicked thrill through me. I liked dominating my sister, but sometimes it was fun switching to submitting. Surrendering. My cum boiled out of me. Blast after blast flooded my little sister's mouth. She drank it down. I groaned, growing dizzy from the pleasure rushing out of me. This incredible heat flooded through me. I panted. My heart thundered in my chest.

It was a delicious treat. My eyes fluttered. The rapture burned through me. Then Krysten sucked out the last of my cum. I panted, pulling my softening dick out of her mouth. She panted then moaned, "That was awesome! Big futa-sis, she came in me! She fucked me with her big, Black dick! It was incredible! Now you have to lick me clean!" "Yes!" Tanisha moaned, ripping her cock out of my sister's twat.

"Get on your back and let her feast." My sister's lithe body rolled over, her auburn hair flying around her flushed face. Her blue eyes burned as she spread her legs. I groaned at the sight of the salty cum matting her bush, sticking to her those dark-red curls. This time, it wasn't my cum staining her. I leaned down and nuzzled my face into her twat. I licked and danced my tongue through her folds.

I caressed her. Savored her. My tongue darted into her folds. I tasted Tanisha's cum mixed with my little sister's sweet cream. It was incredible. An incestuous, depraved delight.

My tongue licked and lapped through her folds. I devoured the spunk out of her snatch. I licked and lapped at her. My tongue plundered her folds.

I thrust my tongue into her depths. I kneaded her rump, squeezing them, massaging her passion as I licked out more and more of the Black futa's cum. "Yes, yes, clean me, big futa-sis!" she moaned, her eyes bright with her passion. Her legs squeezed around my face. She shuddered, grinding against me. My tongue darted into her folds. I caressed her.

Devoured her. I feasted on her. This hot passion burned through me. I wrapped my arms around her thighs. I pulled her hard against my face. I thrust my tongue into her depths and swirled around in her. I churned her up.

I licked and lapped and fluttered through her juicy folds. I savored her.

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I loved the mix of their flavors. It made my dick swell hard. My virgin pussy dripped with juices. "That is so fucking hot," groaned Tanisha. To my shock, I felt a hard cock pressing against my cunt. Brat her sister sex storys trembled, my heart pounding in my chest. This couldn't be happening. That wasn't the futa's cock rubbing in my cunt. I shuddered, my hips wiggling back and forth as Tanisha's cock pressed on my virgin pussy.

She was thick. Hard. I whimpered into my sister's pussy. This was it. I would truly be changed after this moment. My girl-dick throbbed, swelling towards its full girth as I lapped up more of Tanisha's spunk out of my sister's twat. "Fuck her!" my little sister moaned. "Fuck my big futa-sis!" "Beg for it!" Tanisha moaned, her futa-cock pressing on my hymen. A naughty surge of excitement passed through me. I whimpered as she rubbed that huge cock against my hymen. "Please." I moaned, submitting.

"Please, Futa-Mistress, fuck my virgin pussy with your big, Black dick!" "Yes!" Krysten moaned and I swear she had a mini-orgasm.

Her juices, thick with Tanisha's cum, flooded my mouth. I lapped up that delight as Tanisha growled. The sexy futa thrust hard. My hymen stretched and stretched.

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Then my cherry popped, broken by the power of that thick girl-cock. My virgin flesh engulfed Tanisha's clit-dick. She filled me. My shaft throbbed.

My breasts swayed. "Oh, goddess, yes," I moaned into my sister's pussy as this rapture burned in my futa-cunt. My clit-dick throbbed as Tanisha bottomed out inside of me. Then I groaned as she drew back her shaft.

Her dick slid through me. My eyes squeezed shut. The pleasure spilled through me. My shaft throbbed and pulsed. My heart screamed in my chest, beating so fast. My hips wiggled back and forth, stirring her cock around just real female desperation amp very full bursting bladders of me. My futa-dick swayed with my breasts as Tanisha fucked me. She drew back her cock and slammed it into me again and again.

She plowed me while I feasted on my little sister's snatch. I licked out every drop of Tanisha's cum as she hammered hard into me. "Wow, futa-pussy is tight," groaned Tanisha. "I never thought I would do this." "The Program!" I gasped, my pussy clenching down on her plunging girl-cock.

"It changes things. Makes you realize there are other pleasures out there. Ones you never considered." "Yes!" my sister moaned. Her hands shot down, grabbing my fiery locks. She pulled me into her muff, her small breasts quivering. "It's so hot watching her fuck you, big futa-sis!

Doesn't her cock feel amazing in your cunt!" "Yes!" I sunny leon and daisy marie threesome, my pussy squeezing around Tanisha's cock. It was such a different pleasure. It was amazing. This hard, thick heat that plunged into my cunt. It filled me over and over it. It burned into me. My eyes fluttered. I trembled, juices spilling down my thighs. I lapped up my sister's sweet cream as Tanisha churned my own into a hot froth.

My tongue fluttered through my sister's depths, searching for more futa-cum to enjoy. I scooped out another mouthful as my ovaries quivered. My dick throbbed, the pressure building. Every thrust of Tanisha's cock into my cunt brought me closer and closer to exploding. "Fuck!" she moaned. "Oh, wow, that's good pussy! Damn, Charisma! I'm going to cum in you! I'm going to flood you!" "Yes, yes, yes!" Krysten moaned, her hands pulling on my hair as she humped her furred muff into my hungry mouth.

"Spill in my big futa-sis!" My pussy clamped down on Tanisha's cock. It was incredible. That big shaft plunged into me again and again. It stimulated me. The ache swelled down to the tip of my clit-dick. My pussy juices ran down my shaft, teasing me.

I whimpered into my sister's cunt. My ovaries quivered. Tanisha slammed into me. Her cock filled me. I came. Futa-cum erupted from my dick, splattering the mats, drops spraying my legs. My pussy convulsed around that big futa-dick filling me. It plunged to the hilt in me again and again. The pleasure rushed through me. It drowned me. I loved it. This bliss was incredible. My heart pounded in my chest. My hips wiggled back and forth, stirring that big futa-dick through my writhing pussy.

Tanisha gasped, pumping hard into me as the pleasure drowned my mind. I was cumming with a futa-dick in me. "Goddess, yes!" I moaned, stars bursting across my eyes. It was incredible to feel something in my pussy as it spasmed. My futa-dick kept spurting. My back arched. "Cum in me!" "Explode in my big futa-sis!" howled my little sister.

"She's your slave for the week!" "Damn!" gasped Tanisha. Her cum spurted hot into my pussy. I felt the blasts basting me. A futa was cumming in me. My orgasm intensified. The pleasure burned across my thoughts.

I sucked hard on my little sister's clit. She moaned. Her incestuous flooded my mouth as she joined us in rapture. It was incredible. To share this with my little sister. Tanisha filled my pussy with cum, and I knew it wouldn't be the last time. I liked it. Loved it. I would do all sorts of naughty, nasty things with my little sister and any girl or futa that caught our attention. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Krysten Lacy "This is wild," groaned Tanisha as she nuzzled her cock into my pussy from behind.

"This was a good idea, slave." "You're welcome, Futa-Mistress," I purred, scared and excited all at the same time. I hoped my pussy could take this. I'd seen this in magazines. Two futa-dicks in one pussy. I pulled Charisma close to me.

I loved licking Tanisha's cum out of Charisma's deflowered pussy. It got both futas hard again. The period was almost over. Soon, a class would need this room. We had time for one last round of fun before getting back to our studies. Charisma's futa-cock nudged into my pussy, too. Both futas were poised at the entrance. Their breasts pressed in at me from both sides, Charisma's so soft as they piled against my little titties. I grinned at my futa-sister, a naughty thrill running through me.

"On three," groaned Tanisha, her round tits rubbing into my back, her nipples hard. "One. Two. THREE!" They both thrust into me. My eyes widened the same way the entrance to my cunny did.

My pussy lips stretched and stretched as both futas pressed their cocks into me. I groaned. My heart thundered in my chest.

Stars flashed across my vision as their cocks pressed deeper and deeper into me. I kacey jordan wanted to feel the explosion of warmth that is a creampie and shuddered on the ground as their cocks reached into me. "Yes, yes, yes!" I howled as their cocks stretched and stretched into me. This wild, wonderful, wicked heat swelled through me.

My head shook from side to side as their cocks penetrated me. "Holy geeza, yes!" Their cocks spread me open. They reached so deep into me. Their wonderful cocks spread and spread open my pussy.

My toes curled as I trembled between the two sexy futas. Their breasts rubbed against my back and tits. I hugged Charisma tight, staring into my big sister's green eyes. They blazed with passion and delight. "Goddess, we're both in you," moaned Charisma.

"I can feel your dick, Tanisha." "I know," the other futa groaned. "This is wild. I can't believe we're doing this." "This is amazing!" I groaned, my pussy squeezing down on their cocks. "The futa I love and the futa I serve in me at the same time." Charisma kissed me hard. I shuddered, our lips both tasting of pussy and cum. I whimpered in delight as we trembled together.

Then the futas moved. They both pulled back their cocks. They slid through my folds. They caressed me and teased me. My little body writhed between them. They slammed back into me. They filled me with their cocks. They plunged their big, thick clit-dicks into me. A wave of rapture washed through me. My pussy clamped down on them, drinking in the friction of their shafts. "Fuck me!" gasped Tanisha, her cock sliding through my pussy. She withdrew faster and rammed back in before my futa-sister did.

"This is so tight. Our clit-dicks are rubbing together. Goddess, this is the best." Charisma moaned into my kiss. I clutched tight to my big futa-sis, savoring this naughty pleasure. My pussy was stuffed to the hilt with their dicks. They pumped in and out of me at different rhythms, one drawing back while the other slammed in. Tanisha had hard, fast strokes, ramming into my depths then pulling back swiftly to do it again.

My futa-sister had slower strokes, savoring the pleasure of my pussy and Tanisha's shaft. I shuddered between them, loving both styles. My pussy burned. My cunt drank in the dual frictions.

The bliss fed my swelling orgasm. Another wonderful explosion brimmed inside of me. I whimpered into the kiss, my pussy clamping down on wild cheeks engulfing dong in club striptease hardcore. Sometimes, their dicks would plunge in at the same time. For a stroke or two, they were synced up, moving together, before Tanisha's swifter pace pulled ahead.

I loved those moments. My tongue dueled with my sister's as the rapture built and built in me. "Goddess, I can't take much of this!" Tanisha moaned. "You both feel amazing against my cock. I have two naughty futa-slaves." I shuddered. We weren't proper slaves. Tanisha didn't feel like she had any idea how to truly dominated a pair of naughty sisters. One day, I was certain Charisma and I could find a woman or futa to truly dominate us.

Until then, we would have fun playing. Both their cocks rammed into me again. Charisma's shaved crotch brushed my clit. Sparks flew. My nipples throbbed, rubbing against my futa-sister's soft breasts. I groaned into the kiss with my sexy sister. My body trembled. I came. I broke the kiss, howling, "Yes, yes, yes!" My pussy writhed about their dicks. My cunt convulsed in delight. The rapture crashed through me. Sparks burst through my cunt as I spasmed between the two sexy futas.

The pleasure spilled through my mind. Stars burst across my vision. "Goddess, yes!" my futa-sister moaned. "Oh, wow, that's heaven!" "Shit, yes!" panted Tanisha. "We have to cum in your sister, slave!" "Yes, Futa-Mistress!" "I want that!" I moaned, my cunt writhing about both their cocks. They slammed them into me. They plunged their dicks into me again and again. The passion swept over me. The pleasure spilled through my mind.

it burned across my thoughts. I groaned and gasped, clutching to my futa-sister. Orgasm after orgasm burst through me. I gasped and moaned. The pleasure blazed across my mind. Their brat her sister sex storys plunged to the hilt in me again and again.

I whimpered and groaned. Such rapture. Such passion. Such bliss. "Cum in me!" I howled. "Please, please! I need my futa-sister's and Futa-Mistress's girl-cum flooding my pussy!" "Almost there!" groaned my futa-sister. Her green eyes blazed. She kissed me again and rammed her cock into me. Her cum flooded into my pussy. Her incestuous seed filled me. I bucked and whimpered. My tongue danced with hers as my pussy convulsed around her pussy. Another wave of orgasmic bliss shot through me.

"Damn, Charisma!" Tanisha moaned. "Your bathing her cunt—my cock!—with your futa-cum!" Tanisha erupted. Two futas spilled their seed in me at the same time. My mind exploded with rapture. I moaned into my sister's mouth as I savored this amazing delight. I gasped and shuddered in ecstasy. I loved the Program.

I was so glad my sister and I were chosen at the same time. I was thrilled to do all these naughty, kinky things with her. I wanted to share my life with her, exploring the bounds of our sexuality. We would do all the wicked things. I loved my futa-sister with all my heart. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Charisma Lacy's Second Friday It was the end of my second week going naked.

I found it hot as my sister. Together, we followed Tanisha through the hallway, our golden leashes clutched in her hand. The Black futa had a strut, her skirt mia khalifa xxxx story 2019 about her thighs.

My futa-cock bobbed before me. My pussy cream and salty cum spilled down my thighs. Everyone witnessed our submission. They grinned at us. Nodded at us. They all loved it. All except Shelena. Every time she saw us, she scowled and marched off, her back stiff. That only made being Tanisha's "sex slave" better. Not that Tanisha was much of a dominating mistress. She just liked to fuck us. My sister and I loved it. We were doing such wicked things together. I squeezed my little sister's hand as we reached the exit to the school, Principal McTaggart waiting with our clothing.

"Damn, that was lylith lavey in an acrobatic doggy style with lexingtons bbc the reward," Tanisha said. "You two are fun." She unclipped Krysten's leash. My little sister beamed. "Yes, it was." Tanisha grabbed my collar and unhooked my leash. "Thanks for popping my cherry. It was hot." A group of girls gushed around us. We had a naughty fan base. My sister wasn't the only girl who liked watching futas suck each other's dicks.

Tanisha had quite the hungry mouth. It was hot sucking futa-cock while having my knob polished. "So, that's it, huh?" Tanisha said, shaking her head. "Well, I had a blast." "Mmm, why don't you cum home and hang out," I said. "I'm sure my little sister would like to watch me pop your cherry." Tanisha's shuddered, her dick tented her skirt. "Damn, the Program changes everything, doesn't it." I winked at her. "Fuck it, let's do it." I was so glad we agreed to the plan to be the MVP's reward.

It was more than the fact the Shelena's scheme backfired on her. It was the joy I found in surrendering to my passions and sharing things with my little sister. We'd forged something naughty. We would do so many wicked and kinky things together.

I couldn't wait. I loved her. One day, I'd marry her. She'd probably insist on the entire wedding party gangbanging her. It sounded hot. She was a naughty, kinky, little thing. I was glad to have her. To be continued in the next Naked in School Tale.