Flirty brunette wife gia steel teases and fucks her man

Flirty brunette wife gia steel teases and fucks her man
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One morning, while my boyfriend was brushing his teeth, I came up behind him, wrapped my arms around him, and started running my hands up and down his body. He gave me some moans to let me know he liked it. Soon, my hands had found their way to his cock, which was already swollen hard. First, I rubbed his cock through his underwear, tickling it and gently scratching it with my fingernails.

He quickly finished brushing his teeth and then stood there, waiting to see what I had in store for him. I pushed his underwear down and started stroking his cock firmly, right in front of the mirror where he could watch it.

I was alternating hands while stroking him, sometimes stroking up on his cock, and sometimes stroking down. Whatever hand I had free would be twisting his nipple or caressing his ass.

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He said "what did I do to deserve this?" I answered "it's not what you did, it's what you're going to do." "Mmmmm" was his reply. After a good amount of stroking his rock hard cock, I turned him sideways and got down on my knees and took his cock slowly into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it as I sucked it in.

I looked up at him while I did this, so I could watch the look on his face. I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock and started pulling upward on his cock while I sucked his cock. The head of his cock was bulging and pre cum was oozing out of it. Then I pushed his cock up out of the way so that I could lick his balls and take them into my mouth one at a time. I worked the head of his cock with my hand while I sucked on his balls.

This drove him crazy. The pre cum kept oozing out and I kept lapping it up. I started deep throating him, which always makes him blow his load. Sure enough, I swallowed his hot cum right down as he shivered with an intense orgasm. I like to make my boyfriend cum once before he fucks me, because then he lasts a really long time and goes slower, just like I like it.

He's always ready to fuck within a few minutes after I give him a blow job, knowing he's hairy pussy naked masseuse bangs voyeur guy to get to slide his cock into my already wet pussy.

I stood up and kissed him with my cummy mouth. He led me to the bedroom and laid me out on the bed. He covered my legs, arms, stomach and face with kisses, until I was begging him to lick my pussy. My pussy was so wet and his tongue felt so good sliding around in all that juice. He slid one finger, then two into my pussy, twisting them around as he went, all the while using his other hand to finger my clit.

I was busy squeezing my own nipples, and I told him he had to fuck me now, I couldn't wait any longer. His cock was good and ready, just as hard as when I sucked him off only 15 minutes ago. He grabbed some pillows and slid them under my ass, then got on his knees and slid that nice, hard cock into me. It slid in nice and easy with my pussy so dripping wet. I loved watching his body while he pumped me, I just laid there and let him treat me to a wonderful, slow fuck.

He occasionally pulled his cock out and slid it up and down on my clit, or he would extra small virgin vs monster cock massiv cock destroy teenage pussy pull it out and let me watch him stroke it. I could only take a minute of this and I would say "please put it back in." He knew just how to work me, how to have me begging for his cock.

Sometimes he would bend over and take a minute or two to suck my nipples, while I felt his cock throbbing inside me. Again, I would be begging him to get his cock moving, having it still inside me was enough to make me crazy. Now he was ready to make me cum.

He took long, slow strokes, pulling his cock all the way out insisting step mom for fuck then sliding it right back in. You could hear the wetness of my pussy every time he thrust his cock back in. What put me over the edge was when he started rubbing my clit with his thumb, while still pumping me nice and slow. I shuddered and creamed all over his cock, and he continued pumping and increasing his speed.

He was watching his cock slide in and out of me, and I reached up and twisted his nipples while he did this.

I told him I wanted to watch him cum. Within a minute, he pulled his cock out and let me stroke him, while the cum shot out all over my tits and stomach.

What a way to start the day!