Amazing lookers make fat cocks cum hard

Amazing lookers make fat cocks cum hard
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Having no attraction to men and a girlfriend I love I still had a disease. The only cure was to have my ass used and only a guy wouldn't be cheating. nervous as hell I responded to aCraigslist ad for a 50 year old man who had a thin dick and could host an hour way late at night.

He was a top and very disctrete. It was so perfect for exactly what I wanted to get this urge over and done with so I could stop thinking about having my ass played with. I sent an email describing my attractive looks 5'11 height athletic muscular body and that I had never been wiht a guy but needed to be assfucked.

After a few emails we made the arrangments and i started hot teen lia lor and busty milf brandi love nasty threesome hardcore and blowjob the drive to his place. I was shaking and Nervous as I got to his house after 2 attempts to back out and leave I finally just went in the door. The house was dark I couldn't see anything but hazy shapes and a shadowed man standing in front of me.

I closed the door and locked it behind me as he watched me, I took off my shoes. He came forward and started to rub my shoulder and back while turning me towards him. His hands moved over my ass and crotch as I complacently stood while he inspected his boy for the night. He took my hand and made me feel his cock. I was fully aroused but still to scared and full of self loathing to do more than have him direct me. Pushing on my shoulders I went to my knees infront of him. Pulling his shorts down I saw his cock in front of my face, we were still only two feet from the door I came in and he was urging me to taste his dick.

I was starting to back away from it when he grabbed my head and leaned forward pressing the head onto my lips while holding me still.

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I relented after trying to turn away several times the I ravishing starlets get fucked in an orgy my first prick as his tip rested in my mouth.

I didn't enjoy the taste or the experience, this wasn't part of the deal but I was no longer in charge. Being commanded turned me on apparently because I was rock hard, even though my cock was not going to get any attention that this night. Opening my mouth further he pushed his hips forward slowly still holding my head still as his, half hard, shaft was most of the way in my mouth.

With some low soft encouragement i take the dick and start to suck as he moves back and forth. More and more he gets hard and starts to push in a little farther until I am gagging.

The gag reflex causes me to pull back hard and push off of him, but I'm not able to escape his hold nor does he let his cock leave my now wet hot mouth. Starting again slowly and with partially entering he continues to train my mouth to please his cock before he pushes forward all the way.

My nose it pressed against his pubic hair and his warm damp ball sack are on my chin. I'm still gagging but he holds me there for what seems like a couple minutes. His long thin cock is down my throat, gag actions massaging the shaft and head that is pressing the back of my throat.

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He finally lets me push back away from his after using my mouth enough for the moment. He directs me to take off all my cloth and moves me up the stairs to his bedroom. Laying on the bed in front of me he takes off all his clothes and tells me to get in with him. I get under the covers with him and he feels my smooth local bus sex infront of other peopls while placing my hand back on his cock. He opens a bottle that smells like glue and makes me take deep sniffs with both nostrils.

The Poppers take effect quickly making me light headed and more compliant to serve this 50 year old grey hair stranger. Pushing me down to his cock again, onl this time he directs me head to his balls and makes me take them in my mouth one at a time. I softly suck on his balls as he moans and then lifting one leg he moves my hot wet mouth down towards his ass.

I start to resist but he uses more strength and holds my mouth over his asshole, with my nose on his balls he moves his hips and I am disgusted but start to lick his pink hole.

pushing harder using my wet drooling tongue to massage his old hole for a good long while before yanking me back to his cock and immediately slamming it all into my mouth and down my throat. Surprised I almost throw up and have tons of flem pouring from around his dick as he continues to use my thorat. Then Pulling me back up towards him he holds me close and makes me sniff more poppers and he is ready to fuck my boy cunt.

WIth a light head and sore mouth he holds me to his chest as he uses both hands ot spread my cheeks. enjoying my bubble butt he gives me one spank before I feel his cold rough finger touch my tender asshole.

I am instantly hard but remain limp for him to use. He takes time getting a lot of lube on his fingers and starts to rub my hole again. In slow small circles he works the lube into my tight tight boy hole.

Gently sliding in one finger he moans then moves up behind me. Taking position he places the head of his cock on the entrance of my ass. I am breathing heavy as the tip of his cock starts to work in me.

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It hurts at first and I pull away two or thrre times before he takes a hold of my hips to stop my escape. His bare hot cock head finally presses past my resistance. The pain subsides as I feel the long hard shaft of this old mans cock slides all the way into my hole.

He pulls all theway andadds more lube before thrusting his cock balls deep into my tight wamr boyhole. Now that I'm stretched to him he doens't hold back and stats to pound into me repeatedly and gaining speed. He is leaning over my bodycontinues pounding my ass for ten minutes before I feel him spasm and hold me tight. He whispered in my ear to take his hot load of cum in my tight boy hole.

I never wanted him to cum in me but I wasunable to complain as his balls drained their contents deep in my bowels. My spasming sphincter massaging everydrop out as I clench down on his now limp cock slides out of me. Cum drips out of my hole.

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I hadn't gotten off yet, he hadn't let me and knew that if I did that I would leave and run out of there. SInce I still had full balls I was still his new complyent service boy. Laying on the bed he takes my head and makes me start licking and sucking his now sweaty balls.

I start to get annoyed but can't disobey. Then I hear the door and start to get scared. Trying to pull away and get my clothes this old man strong arms me back down.

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Holding my head tight he pushes his half hard coack back in my mouth all the way while rotating his hips. Humping my mouth with the cock he had just fucked my ass with. He tells me to calm down, I'm not done serving for the night. He had invited a few friends over to enjoy breaking in his new virgin boycunt.

I cna't turn my head to see the four new old me n that are standing around the bed stroking their cocks while I'm held nose deep on this bastard. THe first new guy comes on the bed and places my hand on his hot hard cock. it's thicker and longer than the hosts dick and feels good in my hand. I feel another guys fingers feeling my hips and then my ass is lifted by a third guy.

He spreads my cheeks exposing my cum dripping hole.

A nother guy his using my other hand to stroke his cock now.