Milf olivia fox fingers pressley carters wet pussy masturbation fingering

Milf olivia fox fingers pressley carters wet pussy masturbation fingering
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I picked Peg up and carried her back to her bedroom. I told the girls turn down the bedding, so I could lay her down in her bed. I then went and got my clothes and took them back to her bedroom and put them on a chair there.

I went and took a shower, and came back into her room and climb into bed with her, and I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I am a early riser due to my army training, by 5 am Shcool sex techar free dawonlode best storys com was up to take a piss.

I was still tired from last nights activities, so I went back to bed, besides I was on R&R. Peg hardly moved an inch all night, and when I got back into bed she cuddles up next to me. I woke up at day break, feeling something strange going on. There was a warm wet mouth on my pecker.

I knew it was not Peg, she was still curled up next to me. My eyes got adjusted, and I looked down to see Wendy sucking on my cock, and Wanda playing with my balls. Wendy was having a hard time getting more than just my dick head into her mouth. "Hey," I nudge Peg "Hmm," She said "I did not know that this sex education class that we taught your girls last night, had a lab session." I told her.

"Uhhhh" She said sleepily. "Look down at the end of the bed," I directed her. She raised her head up and look down to where the girls were sucking on my cock. She flopped her head back down on the pillow. "Well," I said. Her reply was, "That is nice let them have their fun," as she buried herself in the covers. Well fuck I thought, I will just lay back and enjoy this. Those 2 girls took turns sucking and playing with my cock. Before long my nuts started to boil and I could feel my cum start to rise through my shaft.

It spurted into Wanda's mouth, catching her by surprise, and she jumped back, Wendy quickly grab my cock and put in her mouth and sucked me dry, just like her mother did. When they got done, I could hear them whispering to each other. "Well what do you think girls, did you have fun sucking my cock off?" I asked them, as they jumped at my voice. They did not say anything, just look up at me from the end of the bed. "Did you think I would not wake up when you started to suck on my cock?" I asked them.

Wendy the oldest said, "we were not sure, we have never done this before." "Did you enjoy sucking my cock?" I wanted to know.

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They looked at each other and smiled and shook their heads yes. "Did you like how my cum tasted?" I was curious to know Again they look at each other, and Wanda had a funny look on her face, but Wendy said, " it tasted a little salty, but it was ok." "Do you think that you would like to feel my cock inside of you?" I asked both of them.

Wanda quickly shook her head no, but Wendy's face lite right up, and she had a big smile on her face. "Have either one of you ever been fucked before?" I asked them.

They both shook their heads no. "Well I guess it is up to your mother, if she wants, then I can be your first fuck." I said, as I knew that Peg was listening to our conversation. Wendy crawled up to her mother and they were whispering back forth to each other.

Peg rolled over to me and said, "are you sure about this?" You are their mother it is your call, I just do not want to get anyone pregnant." I replied. "Well that should not happen, we are all on birth control pills." She responded.

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"Again she is your daughter, it is your call, I would be happy to be her first, and pop her cherry." I said with a reassuring smile. She looked over to Wendy and said, "well if you want Jack to make love to you, then we have to get you ready." Wendy jumped out of the bed with a huge smile on her face, and dashed to the bathroom to get ready, with Wanda right behind her. Peg got out of bed with a big groan said, "dam am I sore in my ass from you." As she walked around the bed stiff legged.

She got by me on the other side of the bed and she bent down to give me a kiss. I quickly fondle her breast as we kissed. "You know I was 16 when I was first fucked. It was by the guy I luna rival teen ass gets creampied by isiahs bbc up getting married to. He was the only man to make love to me, we got married as soon as I graduated from high school.

I was pregnant with Wendy at the time. I have been divorced for a couple of years, and you're the first man that I have slept with since the divorce." She told me as she gave me a quick rundown of her life. As she headed for the bathroom, she stopped in the doorway and looked back at me, and smiled as she said,"you know that was the best sex I ever had, I can never remember ever having so many orgasms, and be so sexually satisfied." She left for the bathroom with a smile on their face and a sexy shake of her beautiful ass, leaving me laying there on the bed with one huge hard on.

Pretty quick I could hear the shower turn off and voices talking in the bathroom.

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As I laid there stroking my cock, waiting to see just what was going to happen. Soon Wendy comes running into the bedroom naked, and jumps on me, and gives me a deep kiss with her tongue probing my mouth.

She ends the kiss and looks at me with her bright eyes, and says,"I am ready." "Whoa young lady, if we are going to do this, then we will do this right, so that you get the full enjoyment of your first love making session." I told her as I gently rub her small breast.

Wendy is a petite girl and a little shorter than her mother, with almost the same looks, she has real cute bubble butt. Her breast are real small, with small areola'sbut with nice pointed nipples about pencil eraser size.

Her hair is more red than auburn. I will bet she does not weigh 90 pounds. I rolled her off me and start to french kiss her with my tongue deep inside her mouth. She responds back to my kiss with a lot of passion, and tongue action. As we kiss, my hand is gently massaging and teasing her erect nipples. I can feel her squirm as her excitement starts to build. Her soft little hands are stroking my stiff staff, and her hand feels so good on my cock.

I kiss my way down her neck towards her stiff little nipples, that are begging to be sucked on. My mouth gently sucks and nibbles on her tender nipples.

I could hear her gasp in pleasure. As my black teen friends watch exxxtra small casting call softly caress her nipples, my hand moves down to her virgin smooth pussy.

I lightly stroked her bare outer lips.

Her hips were start to move as her excitement increased. I gently slipped a finger inside her pussy, and I can feel her body tense up. Her pussy is wet with her fluids, as I slowly start to finger fuck her. I locate her clitoris, and start to rub her little erect nub into an aroused state.

Her whole body is starting to move with my fingers. I reach up and rub her sensitive G-spot, and her whole body raises off the bed in the first orgasm that a gave her. I could feel her cum leaking on to my hand. I looked up at her, she was breathing rapidly, her eyes were closed, her mouth was open, and her face was flush, as she started to come down from her orgasm. I moved down and started to lick her pussy and clit as fast and as deep as I could.

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All of a sudden she locks her legs around my head, bucks her hips in the air, lets out a scream, and cums right into my mouth, as a massive orgasm pulses through her body. I ride her out and let her settle back down, before moving back up beside her. In the background I could hear Peg tell Wanda that Wendy just had a massive orgasm, and it will take her a stephanie west has awesome sex experience minutes to recover from it.

They must be in the doorway watching the show. After a few minutes Wendy rolls over to me and gives me a deep kiss, tasting her juices on my lips. "I think I am ready now," She says with a smile on her face.

"Wait a minute," Peg says, as she comes over and lubes my cock up with some Vaseline. Wendy crawls on top of me and Peg holds my cock as Wendy rubs her pussy over the head of my cock to stretch layla london laying layla london lips and get use to my size.

Peg lets go of my cock as Wendy slowly sinks down on my pecker. I feel her hit her hymen, and she stops. She raises her self back up and slowly descends again down to her cherry.

She does this a few times as her breathing starts to become laborious. Finally her arousal takes over, and she impales herself fully on my cock. She lets out a scream, and collapsed down on my chest crying in pain. I hold her tightly to me, and softly stroke her hair. "It is ok, you will feel better in a minute or so, just go at your own pace." I try to comfort her. Pretty quick I can feel her start to fuck my cock with an up and down movement. Soon she picks up a rhythm, and thick n juicy ghetto carmel hood freak tube porn fucking me in earnest.

All of a sudden she give a soft cry and collapses into my arms again, with her whole body shaking from another orgasm. She lifts her self back up, and starts to ride my cock again.

I can feel her tight pussy walls start to contract on my cock. The heat that she is generating, starts my cum to boil. Soon it is all over, as I blow my wad deep into her young snatch, just as she has another orgasm. She collapses on to my chest and we both just lay there trying to recover from our orgasm.

Peg walks over and gives me a kiss and says, "thank you." I push Wendy off and she rolls over and goes right to sleep. Wanda comes over and looks at my cock, which is nasty looking with my cum mixed with Wendy's cum and blood from her ruptured hymen.

Peg comes in with a wet wash cloth and cleans the mess off my cock for me. Once my cock is clean Peg starts to suck it back to life. She is a very good at sucking my cock, and it is not long before it is stiff as a board. She mounts me and rides my cock, as Wanda stands there watching us fuck. Peg leans down to give me a kiss as her pussy walls grip a hold of my cock. She is still tight for a woman who had three kids. She rises back up and fucks my cock hard and fast, as I am pinching her stiff nipples.

I can believe how fast she can get me ready to cum again. "O baby I am so close, cum with me." She pants at me with her excitement mounting. "Get ready honey, you have me all charged up." I whispered to her close to exploding. She lets out a soft scream as her orgasm fills her body with pleasure, just as I pour my seed into her pussy, filling her up to the full sign.

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She collapses on top of me panting, and reaches up to give me a kiss, as I hold her tight to my chest.