Ideal teen stretches soft pussy and loses virginity deflowering hardcore

Ideal teen stretches soft pussy and loses virginity deflowering hardcore
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I walked into the computer lab at 5:30 to see Ms.

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Briggs grabbing her jacket and purse and get ready to leave. It was pretty late in the day to find a teacher still at school, in fact we were probably some of last people still in the building. I looked her up and down. Ms. Briggs taught computer class as well as being our gym teacher and as such she had some meat on her. She was in her mid thirties and was starting to develop that big teacher's ass but she had some serious muscle underneath. You could tell she was fighting it. She went on every long run the girls class had and she was pretty fit but her ass didn't stop getting bigger.

Her tits were about a C although it was hard to tell under the sports bra. Her hair was long, curly and covered in way too much hairspray. It was a style that probably popular when she was in college and was most likely the last remnant of when she red hot mohawk chick swallows big hard cock deepthroats young.

Still, she was pretty in a girl next door kind of way and full lips in her great smile. So between her cocksucker lips and her big ass and tits, she was probably a jerk off fantasy for a lot of guys at school. "Hi Sam," she said when she saw me. " How can I help you?" "Hi Ms. Briggs. I was wondering if I could ask you something." she put her stuff down and sat her ass on the edge of her desk.

"Sure. What's up?" "Are you wearing any underwear right now?" I asked with a smirk on my face. Ms. Briggs went rigid. "Excuse me? Her tight pussy gets fingered and fucked brunette latina is a completely inappropriate question!" "That's true. But it's still far more appropriate than what I saw you doing on your desk five minutes ago." I closed the door to the classroom behind me and let it sink in.

"What did you see?" she asked suspiciously. "I saw you getting fucked by Tyson Brakken right there on your desk. Your legs were spread wide and he was between them.

Take your shirt off." Her wide eyed Look of shock stopped now. She knew she had been caught fucking one of her students. She knew this could end her career and she wasn't excited or amused by it. Pulling her shirt over her her head her face went dead, complacent and she knew she had little to no choice in the matter.

She had gotten herself into a lot of trouble now. "Are you blackmailing me?" She dropped the t shirt to the floor. I honestly hadn't given it much thought. And now I was mentally confirming her bra size to be an ample C cup making it difficult to think of anything else.

It was a green and blue sports bra and it was surreal seeing her in it. My eyes drifted down her body. She had nice abs still barely visible through a soft layer around her middle that showed she was slowly losing a battle with chocolate.

I stopped at the waist band of her Adidas track pants. "Take your pants off." Hesitating for a brief moment, she then hooked her thumbs into the waist band and pulled them down to her ankles, stepping out of them unemotionally. Stepping forward a step she turned around so I could see that her matching panties were a thong riding high in her giant ass. As much fat as muscle, it was big and round and juicy. She spoke dryly asking, "Is this what you wanted?" Sitting her big butt back on the ledge of the desk, Ms.

Briggs just stared blankly at me.

balls deep with walrus penis and fisting ass It was clear she wasn't trying to seduce me.

She'd wait and let me make a move or give an order. It was a little frustrating but I didn't care. Her body was so fucking hot. She was big up top and bottom and she had a cute smile, not that she was showing it now. "Take off your." Before I even finished my sentence, she had pulled the bra over her head and her two perfect tits hung free.

Round and full they had nipples like the hard erasers at the end of pencils. My cock was so hard now, I dared myself to step forward. I reached out and put my hand on one of her tits, squeezing it.

She exhaled nervously but with some contempt and a tough defiance. "Is this your first time touching a naked girl?" I knew she was the more experienced person here, but I enjoyed having the upper hand so I moved my hands down from groping her tits and put one of them down the front of her panties. Pushing two fingers inside her, I got my first feel of warm pussy. She was still sloppy and wet from her fuck session with Tyson Brakken and her panties were gooey from his cum.

She parted her thighs to let me in better. I think this had established dominance. She was already in a place where she couldn't argue with me or she risked losing her job and now there were no uncertain terms as to what she was going to be doing whether she wanted to or not.

Maybe she was turned on by being demeaned like this or maybe she got off on young guys, I was really too young to know.

She reached out and started grabbing my cock through my jeans. I fingered her faster. She undid my pants and took out my cock, jacking me off.

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Removing my fingers from her slippery twat, I grabbed the crotch of her panties and pulled them aside. Ms. Briggs spread her legs open and used her stroking hand to guide me into her. My cock slid into her glistening mound easily thanks to the last guy's load of cum. She gripped the edge of the desk to steady herself while I started to fuck her hard and fast and I latched nozomi uehara gets a nice creampie asian her big fat tits again kneading them like pizza dough.

I wish I could say that I rocked her world, but the truth was she was just spreading her pussy and letting me fuck her. She had a bored and uninterested look on her face which suited me fine. I spent too many nights jerking off to her and thinking about fucking her and now my first time having sex was with her and she was going to let me do her any way I wanted to!

It didn't take long before I was ready to cum. She could tell I was close now so she pushed me back saying, " Let me finish you in my mouth." I don't know whether she just wasn't on any protection (it didn't seem to be a problem for Tyson) or if she enjoyed swallowing cum, but she sunk to her knees and showed me what an experienced cock sucked could do. She worked me over so expertly I was deep down her throat and coating her tonsils with my thick seed as she squeezed my balls, milking every last drop.

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masturbating on cam makes aubrey cum very hard masturbation stiptease Spent, I staggered backwards a step and watched as she wiped her mouth with her hand and stood up.

She put on her shirt and then pulled on her pants. I simply stared at her big ass as she squeezed it into the elastic of her track pants, rippling the cellulite as she did. I realized that this wasn't the end but the beginning of fucking my teacher. "I can't wait to fuck you again, Ms.

Briggs." I was already getting hard again just from looking at her big ass and knowing it was mine. She gave a slightly condescending smirk, glancing over her shoulder and said, "I've got big tits and I just swallowed your cum.

I'm sure you can't." She grabbed her bag and started throwing things into it. "Well let's face it," I said coming up from behind her and thrusting my hands under her shirt to grope her tits. "I can really do anything I want to you at anytime, can't I?" She sighed and tried to turn around but I held onto her chest and pressed against her back.

"Look, we'll do this again but not today. Is that clear?" She seemed to want to assert some kind of authority like she would in a class room, but that wasn't going to work out. "No, I don't think so." I pressed my arm down on the small of her back, forcing her to bend over the desk and then started pulling her pants down again with my other hand.

My cock was throbbing now. She struggled to get up but was held in place. "Get off me! What the fuck are you doing?" She exclaimed in a panic! I spit in my hand, rubbed my cock and tried viciously to stretch her ass open. She screamed and thrashed around, which made it both difficult and tiresome, so I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back up, whispering in her ear.

"You don't get it.

I can do japanese love story porm movie I want with you, including raping your fat ass if I want. Sure, you could tell people I raped you, but it when they find out you've been fucking another student, you'll be ruined. Is that clear?" She stopped struggling. I gently pushed her back down and she complied. "Good girl. Now spread your ass cheeks and try to enjoy this." She reached around and spread her ass.

I pushed myself into her unlubed hole and went to town. At first it seemed clear that she was in pain. Her fingers dug into her ass fat and I think I heard her sniffle at one point as though she was crying, but soon she was gripping the edge of the desk for support and rubbing herself vigorously to a climax. I came too, not being able to control myself. "Clean me." I told her and she obeyed, clearly not enjoying it.

I looked her over, impressed by her compliance. "Now when can we do this again?" I asked eagerly. "Whenever you want to." Came the reply. "That's right. So we'll start tomorrow. I want to spend a lot of time inside you, so you can teach how to be a good lover.

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Okay?" She was a little rattled but looked at me with a mix of fear and a hint of a smile. I can't imagine what was going through her head. Dread, anticipation, anger, shame and excitement all seemed to have their place, but in the end, she was still my teacher and she nodded and said, "Okay."