Mandy muse brandi bae in hidden camera curves

Mandy muse brandi bae in hidden camera curves
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The air was filled with the smell of animal lust and raw sex and the alluring scents of his strong cologne and my delicate perfume mingled with it. I looked up to the ceiling where a little while ago, the dancing shadows of tree branches appeared as ominous hands, pinning me down into the mattress. Now those shadows just danced gracefully across the moonlit darkness, looking down on the exhausted young, sprawled out, naked girl.

The slight breeze outside was now the only sound reverberating around the room and through my ears. Growls, groans, moans and screams had drowned it out a little while ago. I lay on top of the cool satin sheets and watched as that same breeze, pushed the soft white lace curtains aside and slowly crept across the rooms moonlit, semi-darkness, then enveloped my entire nakedness.

I felt its first upskirt voyeur amazing ass tube porn on my still overheated pussy as the breeze stretched its fingers outward and caressed the tender folds of wet and sticky flesh. It blew gently over the wetness of trickling juices, which brought a shudder from deep within me and covered my skin with tiny goose bumps. I breathed in heavily and swallowed hard. Licking my full pouty lips I tasted the salty traces of semen that had escaped and dribbled down my chin.

My mystery lover had joined me on my bed. His knees straddled my rib cage. The slight hairs on his thighs, ass and heavy hanging cum-filled balls tickled my skin where it touched.

He adjusted his weight ever so slightly, pinning me onto the mattress below him. Through the black of the room I looked up into his unrecognizable darkened image. Just a shadow lurking above me. Suddenly I felt the silky smooth object of his desire rub across my lips.

My hand instinctively moved up to it. I met his ebony couple fuck 2 tube porn in front of my face as well as his ferociously swollen cock.

I recalled his deep voice as it echoed in my ears. "Open that sweet little mouth babydoll and suck my cock." I immediately shook my head and uttered the words "no, please no." He stated that it was not a request. "Suck my cock, now bitch." This time his voice was set at a different octave and revealed the traces of anger.

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He then reached down with one hand and grasped my hair and the back of my head. He pulled my head upward off the comfort of my pillow and pulled me toward his raging hard-on. I felt him shift his body again, driving his erection forward, the head bumped up against my pillowy, soft lips. After finding a closed mouth he clamped onto my hair tightly. Causing a slight scream was all he needed as he pushed the huge head of his cock into my now open mouth.

My mind envisioned a plum as the smooth glands entered my mouth. I had never had a penis in my mouth, although many boys had tried to verbally coerce me into trying it with them. I had always won those battles and remained quite innocent. This was one oral battle I was definitely not going to win. Again words echoed through the moonlit darkness.

"I will make you pay for all the times you have flirted with me. For the times you spoke to me and giggled with that absolutely gorgeous mouth.

For the times you smiled at me with lips that speak to my cock and beg to suck it." As he spoke, he inched his member into my mouth. "I will make you pay for the times you have teased me with that young, tight, firm body of yours, prancing around in skimpy clothing, clothing that shows your perfect little ass, firm flat stomach and full swelling young tits." His cock throbbed within my mouth as the spongy tip bumped up against the back of my mouth. I felt panic arise within me as I thought he would jam his flesh down my throat.

"I will make you pay for all the times those sweet seductive eyes have looked at me and visually screamed "fuck me please." I shook my head to erotic and explosive swinger parties striptease hardcore his accusations but to no avail.

"Well you sweet little doll, your wishes will be answered tonight. I will fuck you like you could never even imagine.

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I will pound your tight little snatch until you scream mercy. When I finally complete using you in every way possible and leave you alone in the dark, your body will continue to feel me. A reminder engraved within your body of all the times you used your beauty to fuck with me." Then silence filled the room as his unbelievably fat prong began its merciful invasion of my virgin mouth and throat.

He groaned loudly, almost beast like, as my saliva coated his rippling shaft. Already my jaws were aching from having to open them so wide to accommodate his girth. As he began to push harder, I grabbed his pumping cock with one hand to try to keep it out of my throat. My tiny fingers barely held the slippery flesh. He was so incredibly fat, I thought. He grunted as he began to pump more forcefully. Soon his fleshy tube was fucking my face with a fury.

I felt my head being pounded back into the pillow with each powerful thrust. He was now bellowing obscenities, "oh yesss you're a great little cock sucker, take all of me.suck my cock Princess, oh yeaaaaa.I knew you're kinky lesbian threesome with ravishing sex bombs creampie brunette were made for suckin' cock.swallow my flesh, doll.suck the cum outta my balls." He was in a sexual rage, out of control now.

He was pounding his cock in and out of my mouth so fast now, I was doing everything I could to prevent it from penetrating my throat. Never having orally taken a penis, I knew I would have gagged and probably worse. Suddenly without any warning at all, he screamed out "OH MY GOD, here it're gonna make me explode." No way I thought, I can't possibly have him cum in my mouth.

I panicked and tried to pull my head off his cock. He realized this and held my head on each side with both strong hands. I screamed a cock-muffled scream around his dick, terrified, as he continued to slide his penis in and out. He then, through heavy breathing, panted, "when I cum I want you to swallow it let any dribble outta that sexy mouth, I promise you you'll a good little girl and drink it all." During the sinful act, I tried like a "good little girl" to swallow it all as I was told, but there was just too much.

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He came so tremendously, it felt like a dam broke. The white-hot liquid shot out with such force it caught me by surprise. I never imagined a male orgasm could be that powerful. My tiny hand gripped the thick shaft and squeezed it trying to cut off the flow temporarily, as it pulsed and shot its massive load of baby making seed into my throat, my tongue, and onto my lips.

After he finished, withdrawing his now spent dick, he rubbed the head across my cheeks. I felt the wet trail of jism he left streaking across my skin. My punishment for not containing his entire orgasm, quickly followed.

My tiny arms were pulled upward and outwards, as were my legs. Cool satin ties attached to my ankles and wrists, restrained me in a vulnerable spread-eagle position.

I now knew I was helpless to girls sex with a girl school. My mystery lover laughed at me as he knew, I was all his to do what he pleased. My looks, innocent but promiscuous behavior and flirtatious personality had now possessed him with sexual hunger and I was his prey. My body trembled with both excitement and anxiety. I could, even now, feel the ties still wrapped around my wrists and ankles, even though they have long been untied.

Through the entire episode I tugged on the binds to no avail. It just excited him more. He walked around the bed after tying me down.

Every now and then, through the moonbeams, I saw his massive cock dangling downward now between his legs. Huge hairy testicles, which were bouncing against my chin just moments earlier and had pumped their contents into my stomach, now drooped down below the fat shaft, recuperating for yet another assault. Rippling veins encompassed the girth and glistened wetly from the mixture of my saliva and his cum.

He stopped briefly, his black silhouette captured with the window behind him, reached out and hastily ran his fingers up my clean- slit. Ever so briefly he inserted a finger between my lips and then firmly stated, "bald and extremely tight just how I wanted you to be." He then raised his hand to his face, licked his finger clean, and said, "mmmm japanese slut yui ayana got fucked on the sofa uncensored so sweet, so fresh.delicious." He then walked towards the window.

The creaking of the floor gave an eerie addition to the whole horrific scene. I watched him lean against the windows frame facing me. His entire body, enveloped by the moonlight, rippled with spectacular muscles.

He grabbed his flesh and quickly pumped it a few times. Then laughing a deep guttural laugh, he softly this time, spoke.

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"I'm gonna fuck you in a few minutes." He then stopped. I watched as he slowly began to masturbate. His hand slid up and down the length of his limp cock. Gradually however, I watched it come back to life under the touch of his hand. He continued stroking his slab of beef, slowly, all the way to the tip and back down to his sac; long full strokes.

In the moonlight I could finally see what I had just sucked to orgasm. His cock was glorious, a trophy of man meat. It was long, maybe nine inches, and as fat as my wrist.

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I could see the veins again, rippling, streaking around its entire width and length. I was mesmerized by its looks.

As he continued to fist his dick in the moonlight, I felt the wetness between my legs. Whether I wanted to get excited or not, my body was betraying me. The longer I looked at my mystery lover, his cock, and his act of masturbation, the more excited I became. Soon my heavy breathing was apparent as my breasts heaved up and down with now, long and deep breaths.

He again spoke softly. "I know doll, that you want this" He held out his cock. "I've seen the way you've looked at me, even caught you checkin' out my crotch on occasion." I quickly denied these new allegations. He countered, "Yes you have and you need to be honest. Ya know ya want my dick, ya always have wanted it. You've wanted to suck on it, you've wanted it to fill your cunt, and probably your ass too.

You shake that lil' ass at me all the time." The whole time he spoke, he pumped his cock, slowly. After a few minutes of silence, he again said, "I'm gonna fuck you now.

Fuck you like you want me too; hard, fast and furiously. I'm gonna thrust my cock where you ain't ever been touched, so deep inside. Your screams of pain and pleasure will let me know that the words I speak are true." He then moved towards me, out of the light.

The floor again creaked to announce his arrival to the bedside. I squirmed against the ties that bound me. He walked to the end of the bed then climbed up on the mattress. Between my spread legs he sat momentarily. Then he bent slightly, lowering his head, and like wicked cuties penetrate the biggest belt dicks and spray spunk everywhere his sudden moves before, with no notice his tongue lashed out at my gash.

I immediately moaned loudly, as he practiced no teasing, but thrust his entire hot wet tongue inside me. He penetrated my tightness and wiggled his tongue around inside, licking the walls of my tight cunt. I was now gushing with liquid excitement. His hands gripped my lips and gently spread them apart as his face pushed harder, inserting his tongue even deeper.

He nibbled on my hard, excited clit and licked my pussy like I had never even sinfully dreamed. I was thrown into a realm of heavenly bliss under the talented tongue-lashing my pussy was receiving. In my young, inexperienced sexual life, I had never imagined anything to feel this incredible.

He spoke only briefly saying how he loved a hairless pussy to devour. Then stated again at how tight I was. "My tongue barely fits, hmmm just think what my cock will do to you. It's gonna tear you in two." His words scared me, but the reality of knowing I was going to find out what his cock would feel like, scared me even more. Thank God, I thought, that he used his tongue on me so well.

It had really gotten my juices flowing, and being so wet would surely help. "God damn you taste good, I could eat ya all night.sweetest pussy I have ever had.but I gotta feel it squeezing my dick." He sat up and as fast as the incredible gash lashing started it was done.

He quickly moved upward and positioned himself in preparation for the final assault. He was merciless, screaming out "brace your self doll", and that was it. My breath exited my body completely as his huge damn cock knocked the wind out of me as he thrust it balls deep into my virgin-tight tunnel of love.

I caught my breath just in time to scream out loudly sunny leone new sexy story from the pain I was feeling. "Arrrrggghhhhh." Searing pain, from the inside out, encased my entire being.

Pain that started at the source, my skewered pussy, and then traveled up every last nerve of my body. I pleaded with my mystery lover to stop "pleeeease stop I beg of you.take it out.its tooooooo biiiigggg.pleeease." He said he loved to hear that, the screams, the pleads, the begging. Holding my hips firmly, he thrust his massive monster in and out vigorously a few more times, to draw out more gut wrenching screams.

I could see my tummy flare out with each thrust he made. I could feel his cock head slide so deep inside me, as he promised, deeper than I had ever been touched. He then began a rhythmic movement and continued it relentlessly for what seemed like forever. His cock pounded and pounded and pounded, torturing my poor tight young pussy. I felt bruised inside as the head punched through the tight cavern and knocked on my wombs' door. The rough rippled shaft stretched sunny leone xxxstory with condom sex lips to the point of tearing and fucked in and out non-stop with long nine-inch strokes.

My pussy soon began to burn with pain from literally being rubbed glamorous pornstar assfucked deeply pornstars and fetish. Despite the pain, there was also a pleasure mounting through it. How, I don't know. But it grew as fast as the cock was fucking me. I listened as the bed squeaked, the headboard rattled, and the squishing wet sounds of sex roamed freely through the dark.

I listened to his flesh slap against my skin, his balls slam against my ass, and his grunts echo with every thrust. Sweat dripped off his overworked body and face, and soon had me soaked.

Still he didn't let up his pace. He grasped my tits with both hands, squeezing them painfully, he continued screwing me. I was shocked he could go and go the way he was. I felt the pressure building in me and knew my orgasm, even through such a brutal, almost rape-like assault, was imminent.

He began thrusting more powerfully now. Pushing me up the bed, the ties on my ankles began to hurt as they were pulled tighter.

He screamed out as his cock swelled before its release, I screamed as I felt his cock swell. Suddenly, with the power of two planets colliding, we came. Over and over again I felt his cock jump as it blasted its hot sperm in me, coating my insides thoroughly and deeply. Like a tidal wave, my own orgasm let loose. My body stiffened, and a warm river of fluid rushed outward.

Reaching the huge flesh plug he had inserted, I felt the juices mix with his still throbbing exploding cock. He groaned as I squealed loudly. My body convulsed tremendously through a number of tremors, as small continuous orgasms raced through me.

I had heard of multiple orgasms, but had certainly never experienced them, until now. My mind blanked out after that to the point I thought I would black out.

From straining so hard, my muscles felt cramped and my head pounded. Finally, after about ten orgasmic minutes, they subsided. Settling down I still felt the cock embedded in my now totally worn out puss. It still filled me completely, even though I knew it was no longer erect. He then leaned forward and grasping both breasts firmly, pinching the nipples, he kissed my belly.

It was the first true affection he had shown me through the entire episode. After that kiss, he quickly withdrew his wet penis. The squishy suction sound as he left my dripping quim was incredible. I immediately felt relief and emptiness. I also felt the flood of cum mixed with my orgasmic juices pour out of my opening. It ran down the crack of my ass, puddling on the sheets. It felt like gallons. I lay silent, breathing hard, as he got up off the bed.

I heard the rustling of clothes as he apparently was getting dressed. After a few minutes, he walked towards me, bent slightly and kissed me on the lips, just once. Then, again I heard the floor creak, followed by the slow drawn out squeaks of the opening and then closing of the door.

The whole night ended with the click of the latch. I awoke to the sounds of birds singing their good morning songs. The curtains still flowed freely as the now morning breeze entered my room. Sunbeams, brightly entered with it.

The events of the night had all but faded. The scents remained no longer. The only reminder of the wild acts captivated within the dark, were now in my mind. But my body, inside and out, definitely held onto the memory completely. I slowly rolled my head to one side, glancing excited beautiful chicks have a fun having sex the time on the clock.

There, on the bedside table, sat a beautiful long stemmed red rose. I lifted my weary head up off the pillow and reached for it.

Taking the flower of beauty in my hand, I placed it to my nose, breathing in the incredible scent of love. I opened the card that was attached, and read: "Sweetheart, I do hope you thoroughly enjoyed your night, a night your fantasy came to life. I hope my role as your mystery lover was played with the perfection, that only your mind perceived it. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined, forcefully taking such an incredible lover, would be this fantastic.

As I long for yet another heated night of passion, I will think of only you and this night. Love always and forever, Dave." I smiled, then lay back and closed my eyes. I drifted off to sleep with the hopes that my dreams would take me back again through that incredible journey of last nights events.

Hugs and kisses, Lil-Brandi All comments, suggestions, advice, etc. is highly encouraged.