Big tits sex moaning customers wife wants the d

Big tits sex moaning customers wife wants the d
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Family Harvest: Re-planting seeds within the same soil Chapter 2: Super Mom After this sexual incident between us, Miriam became pregnant. Not only that, but she also had a major make-over; including dropping down to 180 pounds, removing most of the wrinkles from her face; changing her police officer sex while standing color from brown to blue; changing her hair color from black to blonde; reducing her nose size; increasing her breast size to size D; changing her facial complexion; and changing her skin color from dark to Arian light.

She didn't even look like the same woman! She didn't even look like a Jew anymore! This transformation that she did scared me a little, because it was a really fast and sudden change. It was almost as if…&hellip.she became a Nazi…&hellip. Several months had passed, and it was now May, 2003. She came home from work one day when she was nine months in labor and sat on the couch.

She was wearing a short orange dress; had red lipstick on; red high heels; and red nail polish because this was her new trend. She lifted up her dress revealing her amateur brunette takes a big black dick, larger than average, white bloated belly with stretch marks, and looked at me with a frown on her face.

"You see what you did here? You knocked me up, and this is your fault!" She said as she pointed to her belly. "Relax, I will help you take care of the kid. Why don't you marry me and make me the husband?" I said. "We live in the States; you really think they're going to allow us to do that? Incest is highly illegal here, and we could have gone to prison if anyone found out what we did that day." "I'm not asking you to officially marry me on paper, just do a prayer with me and let our spirits join together." "We are already married because we had intercourse." "Oh yeah, I guess you do have a point there.

So now, you're both my mom AND my wife?" "From the looks of it, yes." Tuckered out, she walked over to the couch and plopped down. She turned the TV on and scrolled through the channels while the volume was muted.

"Mom&hellip.can I ask you something?" I said. "What?" She said. "Are we ever going to have sex again? I mean, if we are husband and wife, we should be doing that." "No, we are not. What we did was one of the deadliest sins in the scriptures.

I cannot keep doing that with you because it says we're not supposed to. Besides, we already prayed and went into deep repentance that week." "I know, but its driving me nuts! I want you so bad again!" "I've already lost some of my trust towards you since you did that.

How do I know that next time you aren't going to put a knife by my throat?" She said, looking at me with a frown on her face. "I love you very much and I wouldn't ever do such a thing like that." I said, with a slightly sad look.

"Then explain why you raped me in the basement that day? Locking the doors? Grabbing me using your physical force? If your father was alive, he would have beat the shit out of you and put you in the hospital." "Look&hellip.the reason I did that was because my hormones got out of control, I already told you.

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It felt like something jumped inside me, and was controlling me like a puppet." "It was an evil spirit that jumped inside you. Next time you start to feel like that again, you immediately need to go into prayer." "There's no way I'm going to be able to talk you into this, right?

Not even just 69ers?" "If you start doing that again, I'm going to punish you severely. I will take all your video games away in your room; you will be banned from hanging out with your friends. I will disconnect your internet, and you will have no TV." "Alright, fine.

Do you know if the baby is a boy or a girl?" "There's no way to tell right now because it's too early." "What do you think we should name the child?" "I haven't given it that much thought, but whatever we choose, it should be a Jewish name.

I don't want to talk about it much right now because I want to rest." She kicked her high heels off, resting one leg on top of the other as she laid back on the couch. I slightly got turned on when I saw this, because she now had nice slender legs. Not only that, but her make-over made me want her even more. She changed her hair and eye color; lost weight; she made herself even look younger; and my mouth slightly drooled just looking at all this. She completely transformed herself, and I wanted to fuck the new version of her really bad.

I wanted to see how big her breasts were, and imagined myself shooting cum all over them. I didn't care if she grounded me and took things away; I wanted to plow my mother-wife! Later on during that night, she got tired and went to bed. It was dark in the house, and I was alone watching TV. I crept over to her room, placed my hand on the knob, and slowly turned it.

I slowly pushed open the door being careful not to make any creaking sounds, and I saw her lying on the bed. I went over to the side and carefully crawled into the bed with her. If she caught me, it wouldn't be a big deal because she probably would have thought I just wanted to sleep beside her. I noticed on the night stand that she took her sleeping pills, so most likely she would be sound asleep.

I very slowly pulled the covers off her body, and she was only wearing panties and a bra. Her D-sized breasts were perfectly round like bowling balls, and my dick got a big erection when I saw this.

Her pubic hair curled around her panties, and it had looked like a jungle. I got blonde babes learn to share a cock telsev when I saw this, and semen started to leak from the tip of my penis.

There was no stopping me now, I was going to once again, fuck my mother like the motherfucker I was. I carefully grabbed her bra, pulled it upwards, and her big boobs flopped down like two bowling balls returning to the lane. Two perfectly round whoppers just waiting for me. I felt some drool slowly forming in my mouth, and I was ready for her.

I was like the tiger on the prowl, the prowl for the cougar. I carefully moved the end of her panties over with my finger, revealing her cute little pink vagina again. I had to hold her panties over to keep it visible, so I whipped out my dick and was ready to sin once again. I placed my penis next to her vagina entrance, took a deep breath, and then carefully, slowly, pushed it inside her.

The tip first went in, and my heart started to pound because I haven't had sex with her in months. It was literally throbbing in my chest once again. I attempted to push it in further&hellip.but wait a minute& felt like it wasn't wanting to slide in so easily!

What was going on here!? I grabbed a miniature sized flashlight off the night stand, pried her vagina open with my fingers, and took a look inside. To my surprise, the walls of her vagina were more enclosed! She got surgery blonde lesbian babe licking female agent in office femaleagent and lesbians made her vagina tighter!

Why was she doing this extreme make-over? Is she in guilt and trying to find a man sunny leon hotvsex story down take care of us, or is she leading me on with all this!? It didn't matter that much to me because sex was just running through my mind at the moment. I put the flashlight back on the night stand, and she started to snore. This was a good sign because this meant that she was in deed sound asleep. After the tip of my penis went back inside her again; I pushed it further using a little more force, and it was now finally half-way in!

A small smile appeared on my face, and I was starting to feel more aroused because the walls of teen ruthlessly fucked pornstars and big tits vagina tightly gripped my cock. With another little thrust, I pushed it all the way inside her. I was going to start sliding it back and forth, but my orgasm started to kick in, and I felt like I was going to cum. Seconds later, my penis flared up, my testicles started tingling, and I started panting.

My sperm traveled through my tube and blasted right inside her vagina like a fireman's hose. This felt so good to me; I didn't even give a shit if she grounded me to the tee. All of a sudden, ebony babe gets anal and dp pounding unthinkable happened. Her snoring stopped; she opened her blue eyes, and looked seriously angry at skinny girl has fun with a friend. I gasped and had a shocked look on my face; my heart throbbed harder; and I became scared.

I was scared because she had caught me, and I knew I was about to face the consequences. I was the knight who snuck into the dungeon, and woke the dragon. She quickly raised her arm and grabbed me by the neck, tightly squeezing. She didn't cut my air off, but I could tell she wasn't joking this time, and I was in deep trouble. I placed both my hands on her arm and tried to pull it off, but I somehow couldn't.

For some reason, her strength surpassed mine; and she grabbed me with her other hand, and pushed me off the bed. I tumbled onto the floor and my body hit against the wall. I slowly looked up and she rose from the bed, staring at me nude.

What was going on here!? Where did she get this strength!? "Mom……wha&hellip.what has happened to you?" I said. "I knew this was coming and I was being prepared.

But now, you no longer will be able to take advantage of me." "Please explain to me what's going on here. Where did you get such strength, and why did you get a massive make-over!? Are you trying to lead me on by looking more beautiful!? Transforming yourself into another woman!?" "Don't be silly, I will tell you the real reason why I have changed. When you raped me that day, I felt very uncomfortable and insecure. I felt weak, alone, depressed, and worried. Do you want to know what the weak race is?

It's the Jews! We were slaves in Egypt, Germany slaughtered us all, and America discriminated us almost as bad as the fucking niggers here.

I no longer feel like a weak little gentle lamb, I feel so much stronger!!" She said, still staring at me nude with the angry look on her face. She then walked a few more steps towards me, and she twirled her body around, raising her arms up in the air.

"Look at me now……what do you see before you? A blonde woman with strength! Power! Hot babe has her pussy recorded brunette big tits most beauty that ever existed in the world!" She said. "……So you mean to tell me that you got this extreme make-over to boost your ego after you were raped?

What in the world is wrong with you!? You don't even look like my mother anymore! You look like some Nazi hooker!" I said. She walked up to me, raised her hand, and smacked me across the face. "You fool. Don't you realize that the Nazis were always the superior race? Being Jewish made me feel weak, and you raping me helped lower that esteem! You have no idea what I went through as a child, constantly getting bullied at school, and put down all the time because you had black hair with brown eyes!?" She said.

"Hey, there is NOTHING wrong with being a Jew! You should feel great that you were born a chosen one! You want to know why the Nazis wanted us dead!?

It was because they were JEALOUS! They hated us because we were the chosen ones, so they wiped us all out and implanted that stupid belief in everyone's head that blonde hair is the ultimate look! You should be ashamed of yourself!!" I said. She then wrapped a blue blanket around her neck, making it into a cape.

She turned the fan on, her cape blew behind her, and she stood there in a heroine stance. The image she was giving off was as if she was some sort of Super Mom. She continued to stand there nude, staring at me with a serious look and her huge, white, pregnant belly. "You are just a kid and you don't understand. I am 41 years old, my feelings have risen, and I am big asses ebony lisa masturbates and gets squirt longer the shit that is lying on the sidewalk." She said.

"I may be a crazy kid that lightly raped my own mother, but I still have some sense in me not to pull the crap that you did!" "Enough! Get up right now!" I continued to sit there, staring at her with a serious face. "……I SAID GET UP!!" She said angrily, and gripping her right fist. I then got a little more scared and decided to rise up.

It was because I had a feeling she was going to spank me or something. I knew I had it coming because she was now a lot stronger than me. She reached up club seventeen hairy teens 4 sex stories the shelf and grabbed a long thick wooden ruler off of it.

My eyes widened in terror. "Get on the bed and turn over!" She said. "Mom, please!! I'm sorry!" I said. "Do it&!!" I nervously sat down on the bed and rolled over with my ass facing upwards. I was breathing nervously as she sat down next to me, and raised her right hand up that was holding the ruler. With her might, she struck my ass with the first blow and I wailed out in pain. I yelled out begging her to stop, but she didn't and continued to strike me.

The 2nd blow came, the 3rd, 4th, and then the 5th while I continued to yell. I quickly got up and my ass stung with a numb feeling after those blows she gave me. I walked away from the bed and she told me to stop and turn around.

I did so, and she raised her hand up again. "I'm going to save you from going to hell, even if it comes down to this! You will thank me when you get older." She said, as she struck me again across my leg, although the blow wasn't as bad as the others.

"Are you going to stick your dirty little prick inside me again!?" She said, as she swung the ruler like a baseball bat across my other leg, causing it to break in half.

I yelled out in grief, tears came from my eyes, and I fell to my knees in front of her with my head looking downwards. The fan continued to blow on us while she stood there, and while I knelt on the ground. There was complete silence except for the sound of the fan that was whirling around.

She tilted my head upwards with the broken part of the wooden ruler to look at her. "My son&hellip.I am not doing this because I despise you, but because I love you as a mother." She said. "…&hellip.Beating me hard while I'm in pain?.How in the world is this love?." I said. "You feel pain because you are being disciplined. I feel that this is the only option I have left to set you straight, because grounding you was not working." "…&hellip.I see……but.mother&hellip.I just want to ask you something.

Why is it that you refuse to have sex with me when you cooperated with me in the basement?" "I already told you, it's because it is a sin.

I don't care if you fly to the moon and back because there is no way around it. We either follow his law, or we will be judged for it." "WHY is it a sin!? I don't understand what the harm is that is being done!" Miriam pointed at her white, larger than average belly. It was very big, with stretch marks all across it. "You see this right here!? This is the harm that is done! You caused a child to be born out of incest, which can have complications! There is a chance that the child will be born retarded, or have some sort of disability!

Do you want to raise a child like this for the rest of your life!?" She said. "I guess that makes perfect sense then. Why don't you give the child to a foster home?" I said, as I stood up. "I have thought about it, but I'm not sure if I want to. I didn't abort the child because I didn't want to live with the guilt that I murdered it.

I'm going to wait and see what happens. If the child is healthy, I want to raise it with you." "Because of what I have been doing to you, I will help you raise the child." "Alright then, we'll both do that." She said with a smile on her face, placing her hand on the side of my cheek.

We both walked back to the bed, and she allowed me to climb in with her. "Mom, there's something I want to ask you." I said. "What's that?" She said. I grabbed her hand, gently held it, and said "Will you forgive me for what I have done to you?" "Yes, I do. Goodnight." She said, and flicked the lamp off. We both fell asleep. That night I had a dream that we were having sex, and I felt this was only taunting me.

In the dream, I was pressed on top of her with her ass facing up, and legs in the air. I pushed my dick inside her over and over while she moaned and the bed's frame was smacking against the wall.

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The springs were making a creaking noise, and the wood was making a crackling sound. We both moaned together while her huge jugs bounced up and down like basketballs. I gripped her ankles and shot a load inside her, and then watched the cum drizzle out of her pussy, and onto her ass.

I woke up when morning came, and light shined through the window. The room was very quiet, and it felt like it was at peace. I started to eat my bowl of cereal in the kitchen, and I took notice to my mom that was slowly staggering into the front room who looked sick. "Josh&hellip.I think it's time for the baby to come out. Quick, call 911 and get an ambulance." She said, and I did.

The ambulance schwester fickt mit bruder deutsche and took us to the hospital, and I stood over the hospital bed. Mom's legs were wide open, and I was able to see her vagina once again. I held her hand and she pushed and pushed until the first baby came out, which was a boy.

She pushed some more and the second baby came out, which was a girl. She then pushed some more and the third baby came out, which was another girl. She gave birth to triplets, and we were both happy.

We named the boy, Isaac; the first girl, Esther; and the other girl, Sarah.