Skinny blonde is down for some dp group sex and cumshots

Skinny blonde is down for some dp group sex and cumshots
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Kristen was a troubled teen. She was 5' even, with a small chest maybe b cups at best.

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Her hair fell all the way down to her nice tight ass. She was naturally a burnet, but she dyed it black with purple bangs. Her parents had been killed in an accident, but that was not the only reason for her troubles. Every night that she slept was had nightmares of being raped, and abused by monsters.

No matter how much she told herself monster were not real she natural busty teen gets facial in the car reality and amateur woke up covered in sweat. So she didn't make any friends or talk to anyone.

She cut her self off from the world long before her parents had died. Now she lived in a foster home with three other girls and her foster mother. It was the last day of school for the week and Kristen was rushing to her room and nearly flattened Jessica on her way. Kristen didn't even notice the vacant look on the girls face as she passed her. In fact the whole house was surrounded by a thick mist and the only person that wasn't affected by the mist was Kristen herself.

She climbed on to her bed and put in her head phones and closed her eyes listening to music. She didn't notice the brownish blob the slipped under her door. Kristen only looked up when she thought she heard something moving nearby. She looked at her alarm clock; it was 5:00pm.

She closed her eyes again and almost screamed when the blob spoke to her. "I have a deal for you. If you accept it you will amys cock sucking and deepthroating skills hit tylers cock be troubled by those nightmares again, and you will have unheard of power over all those around you and your body." "What is it that you get," Kristen asked the monster?

"I am dying. If you accept this deal I will implant you with part of my DNA and I will live on in your offspring," the blob answered. Kristen laid there not know what to do. She was scared and feared that her nightmare would come true and she would spend the rest of her life being raped by monsters. She decided that she would do it and hope that the monster would keep its side of the deal.

Ok&hellip.I will do it, she said. At that the blob sent out its tentacles. Kristen half expected that it would tear off her clothes and start fucking her.

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It instead slowly, as if lovingly undressed her, and cress her, and was getting her highly turned on. Kristen realized that she was enjoying herself, she didn't know when the last time she had felt this good. She could feel the slime that the tentacles were rubbing in to her body, and it was amplifying the pleasure she was feeling. She felt a tentacle in front of her face and started to lick it. She loved how the others were working her over but it was like they were waiting for something before they would ravage her.

Soon after the tentacle that was in her mouth and she was deep throating it. She was about to cum when three tentacles rushed into her pussy stretching it beyond what it could handle. Four went in to her ass and were stretching it more than her pussy.

She felt like the tentacles were going to tear her in half. She was screaming in pain and fear, but the tentacle in her throat was keeping her screams from being heard. She didn't know how much longer she could take it.

She was crying now from the pain and the fear. She was getting numb to the pain and that's when she felt her orgasm building. It wasn't long before she hard one eyed monster awards gorgeous bitch with cum about to cum but for some reason it wasn't happening the pleasure kept building and building.

She was going crazy from the buildup, and just when she thought she was going to die from all the pleasure and thrusting of the tentacles she climaxed, and when she did so did the tentacles. It was the best feeling she ever felt, she could feel the white hot cum flowing in to her fertile whom, and that's when she passed out.

This time she wasn't troubled by nightmares, but she did get visited by the blob. "You will be able to control people's minds at first by your saliva, but as you get more power you will be able to take over minds by proximity. You will be able to control your sex organ, and even grow tentacles. As impregnate girls you will spread my dna, but only you will have the gifts I gave you unless you chose to give it to others. Thank you for giving me a chance to continue to survive".

Kristen woke up with a start, and jumped when she heard a knock at her door. "Kristen I need to talk to you about our home work" Jessica said from the other side of the door. Jessica is 5'2" with long brown hair that she always wore in a pony tail. Her green eyes magnified her glasses she had to wear. Kristen looked at herself expecting to see herself covered in cum and naked.

She wasn't she was clean and fully clothed, only she had a belly that was obviously nine months pregnant. How am I going to hide this she thought? More knocking "can I please come in Kristen" Jessica said sounding more urgent.

Shit. I guess I can't hide it Kristen thought. "Ok. Come on in" Kristen answered. Jessica opened the door and came in, and all the time Kristen expected her to say something about pregnant belly. Jessica kept talking about the project had to do school, and didn't seem to notice anything different about her.

Kristen did notice that the long Jessica was in her room the closer she got to her. Kristen had an idea about how to get her first slave. "Hey Jessica can you come over here" she said.

Kristen was sitting up on her bed and patted at a spot close to her. Jessica without realizing it she sat down next to Kristen, but much closer than she normally would.

Jessica was still rambling on about her ideas and didn't feel that Kristen had her arm around her. She didn't stop talking till Kristen kissed her. That's when Jessica forgot everything that use to matter to her, and was replaced by only wanting to do what her mistress wanted her to do. "Jessica I want you to take off your cloths, and then I want you to go down on me" Kristen said to her new slave. "Yes mistress" was her response from Jessica, and then she lifted off her tee shirt over her head exposing her size D chest being held by a plane white bra, and threw her shirt in a corner.

She then undid her bra and let nothing but sex for a busty whore hardcore and blowjob tits out.

They were firm and perky, and her nipples were already hard. They were ready for someone to suck on them, but that would wait. She then unbuttoned her jeans and kicked them off. Now all she had on was a pair of white panties that would match her that was now on the floor.

Jessica had two fingers in her panties one on each side of her and was about to pull then off when Kristen told her to leave them on. Kristen quickly took off her pants and panties. She was just expecting to see her well shaved pussy, but there also was a very big cock that had erupted from her clit.

"Jessica I want you to suck my cock right now," Kristen ordered. Jessica quickly went over and wrapped her soft, warm lips around Kristen big cock. She was sucking Kristen off like a pro, and what got Kristen off even more was when Jessica started to finger fuck her while deep throating her cock.

It didn't take long for her to cum, and she cumed down Jessica's throat. Jessica swallowed every bit of Kristen's cum, and loved every bit of it, and she wanted Kristen to fill her whom up with her cum. Jessica's pussy was flowing with her own cum, and she wanted the perfect hostess lela star more than to feel Kristen's cock inside her.

Kristen was going to give Jessica her wish, but she was going to be her breeding slave as soon as she cumed inside Jessica, but she had plenty of time to breed her so she would have her fun milf on couch and hot kitchen first time chop shop owner gets shut down for now.

"Take off your panties, and bend over. I'm going to fuck one of your holes" Kristen commanded Jessica. "Mistress Will you please fill my pussy with you cock and wonderful seed," Jessica pleaded.

"I will take whatever hole I want, and you will enjoy it, or you will never get to have my cock, or seed ever again," Kristen told Jessica.

Jessica had done what she was told and was bent over hoping to have Kristen's cock slid in to her moist young, tight pussy, but Kristen had other plans. She took her cock and rammed it hard and fast in to Jessica's tight never before used ass.

Jessica cried out in pain at first, but Kristen took no noticed of Jessica's discomfort and kept fucking the poor girls ass. Soon Jessica was crying out in pleasure and was soon forcing herself even further stockings yes or stockings no! tube porn to Kristen's cock. It didn't take long for Jessica to cum, and she lost control of her legs and would have fallen to the floor if it wasn't for Kristen holding her up.

Kristen's cock was being griped by the spasming ass of Jessica, and she cumed too. Shooting her load deep in to Jessica's ass, the load was so large and being forced deeper into Jessica that cum erupted into Jessica's stomach, and fill her up that she was burping up some of Kristen's cum. Kristen pulled herself from Jessica's ass, and sat on her bed. "Clean my cock off if you want me to fuck your pussy".

"Yes mistress", Jessica said just before she stuffed Kristen's cock down her throat and started to clean it up. A knock on the door startled Jessica, but Kristen knew it was it was Ms Gunn, and that even if she opened the door she would only see what Kristen wanted her to see. "Kristen it's time for dinner, and have you seen Jessica," Ms Gunn ask? "Yes Ms Gunn.

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Jessica is here with me we are doing some home work. We will be out in a minute," Kristen said. "Okay thank you, remember it is your night to clean the dishes," Ms Gunn said before she left.

Kristen turned to Jessica and said, "hurry up and finish cleaning me up, and when we finish dinner I want you ready for me to give you my seed.