Bizarre fetish sissy gets dressed up tube porn

Bizarre fetish sissy gets dressed up tube porn
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I Love my Brother By Blueheatt &hellip.I looked thru the crack in the door, and I realized&hellip. that my brother, Jay, had my heart&hellip. I love my brother&hellip. Little did I know that it was 'me', he was thinking about&hellip.I drifted into my world &hellip.I got a feeling like no other…my imagination took over&hellip.I imagined&hellip.(.drift.) -------------- &hellip.he held tight…messaging…kissing… and holding me.

I dropped to my knees. I kissed his dick…I took the head and slowly inserted it in my mouth&hellip.and it jumped&hellip.filling it with pleasure…over and over again&hellip.till I felt his pubes on my lips&hellip.ooooo…OOOO…he spurted gobs of cream&hellip.

I felt his cream&hellip.all the way down my throat& felt wonderful& dream. Shannon woke slowly&hellip. &hellip.I lay back on my bed, rubbing my clit&hellip. It was alive with lust&hellip.I couldn't get enough. Finally I spread my legs wide, and inserted 2 fingers deep in my vagina. It felt so good…I closed my eyes and I felt a warm glow&hellip. when it peaked & vagina moved by itself&hellip.slowly wanting to shake with joy&hellip.ahhhh…it was temporary satisfied……but wanting more&hellip.

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lots more… &hellip.I watched from the closet several more times in the coming days…he played with his dick till it got so big…I could hardly stand it… I would get in the closet with no panties on, reach under my short skirt, and hope I said nothing&hellip.just a moan so quiet… &hellip.that's when he caught on. &hellip.I had my eyes closed, standing up in the closet, when I felt his hand cover my mouth&hellip.I gasp…not a word was spoken&hellip.then one hand over my vagina&hellip.

I felt his breath in my ear&hellip. oh my I'm caught… He pushed my fingers deep&hellip. between my legs. There was very little light as I next felt my fingers move forward to make room for&hellip.oh my&hellip. He pushed his penis in place of my fingers.

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The next thing I knew I heard the downstairs door close. Dad was home. &hellip.I scrambled out of the closet while… he kissed me quick&hellip. and made it out of the room. My heart was pounding, but oh.… it was worth it. For the first encounter, it was ultra exciting. It was tingles like never before. I stood behind my bedroom door and waited&hellip. &hellip. then he grabbed me from behind. He horny stepma is looking for fresh meat me back…I had no panties on and a short skirt.

("Shhhhhhh") he said&hellip. His penis found my slit and&hellip. it went in&hellip. I froze with pleasure&hellip.never had something captivate my body…he squeezed me tight. My legs went wide open…I enjoyed the deep thrusts…my eyes closed…I got weak&hellip.he speeded up and kissed my neck&hellip.we heard the door close&hellip.we were alone.

&hellip. He removed his penis my vagina ……I felt his butt cheeks&hellip.his fingers were wonderful as he eased me on to the bed&hellip.he raised my skirt&hellip.he looked at my eyes&hellip.he kissed me over and over& vagina was open &hellip. He took his dick and rubbed it on the entrance. I held him tight as he eased it in… This was our first encounter as lovers&hellip.

I felt the glow of his penis all hot and ready as he pumped my pussy deep&hellip.I held my hips high to meet his with every stroke& knees came up to his shoulders as his arms held me tight.

He started to pump faster…I put my legs around his back and held on tight&hellip.'it's beautiful'&hellip.I said. He kissed me …our tongues were on fire…he said: "I've waited & waited for this chance and now it's here." I told him I've waited too and how I've wanted him and I&hellip. the door down stairs door&hellip. We quick jumped up and he grabbed his clothes and ran in the bathroom&hellip.I put my skirt down and sat at the computer&hellip.dreaming of the time when we could be together.

Weeks went by, not a chance except for a hot kiss or sunny leone xxx sex stories sex story pussy rubbing hug&hellip.all to quick&hellip.then I thought of where to meet. The only place to meet was thru a locked door. I looked at it and it took an old fashion key. I bent a paper clip and…& opened.

I couldn't wait. I stopped him in the hall and told him the good news…he kissed me so soft and gentle&hellip.I reached over and fondled his huge hardon&hellip.he said tonight would be good. He fondled my breasts as I felt a hot flash go thru my body. That night about 1 am a heard the door slowly open& was him. He snuck over to my bed…at last &hellip.we hugged and kissed our hands were ramped with excitement&hellip.I was stark naked and he had on boxers.

We felt our body's over and over as I removed his boxers&hellip.he traveled down my breasts to my pubic hair. I was shaking as I felt his back&hellip.I brought my knees up and out and around his waist&hellip.he lowered his self to the start of my vagina…I squeezed his neck tightly as he put it in slowly&hellip.I felt it glide in.and…out as I kissed him ooooo it was heaven&hellip.I felt his butt and balls& our tongues intertwined.

I got on his ear a said&hellip.(…"I love you"…). He speeded up and groaned and he begin to slap our body's together. I held on tight…oo…oo…then he let out with a groan&hellip.I kissed him&hellip.

… and cum filled inside my vagina…and more and more&hellip. We laid there for an hour… it seemed like forever…his hardon never went down…then it seemed to come alive…and it started in on my vagina…slowly pressing it's way in&hellip.#2 was on it's way. The playing with my hair just added to the joy…I felt his body and pulled him tight.

I masseuse squirts as man licks her pussy shaking him oooo he gonna cum, wham wham went the bed and he went deep until&hellip. Oh my god ……I pushed till I got the shakes.

&hellip.a flood of cum came running out…and another…and another&hellip.and he collapsed… All that could be heard was our breathing&hellip. &hellip. and two hearts…