Orgia it scopata dagli amici del marito

Orgia it scopata dagli amici del marito
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hot and horny vixens pleasure dj with big cock 2 Karan Karan Rastogi woke up slowly, stretching his arms and legs. He was in his room in Delhi. He was 25 and a genius. His skills in computer and hacking were unparalleled in the country and he was vastly knowledgeable in a lot of things. He was brilliant in his studies and was at the top of his class.

He was around 6 feet tall and had a lanky structure. He was also the kingpin who controlled the sex-trafficking business in the metros. He had stakes in drugs as well. He was known by his code name Walt, after his idol in the TV show "Breaking Bad". Karan never knew his father. His mother, Meenu was a prostitute at her young age. She wasn't sure who the father of her child was. When Karan was 5, Meenu had a client named Vakil., who developed a soft corner for Meenu and saw something in Karan.

Vakil, who was a part of the Mumbai underworld, had moved to Delhi.

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He took Karan under his wings. Meenu and Karan were left wanting for nothing. Karan started taking part in Vakil's business from a young age and slowly developed the empire.

Now he was the top boss and Vakil his right hand man. Karan hated his mother. He had no good memories of her. His life improved only after Vakil came into it. The feeling was mutual.

They behaved cordially in a civil manner with each other but that's it. They were like strangers living in a house. In spite of being at the head of such a huge sex-trafficking racket, Karan himself wasn't that much interested in matters of sex.

He had fucked, sure but wasn't that attracted towards the young girls who were part of his business. He was more into older women. Recently his business had obtained a fresh batch of girls, which included Anjali. However, he was troubled with the reports of a cop in Mumbai looking into his associates. Her name was Rani Mukherjee and from what he read about her on the net, she was honest and it was no use to try and bribe her.

He had seen her pictures on the net. She was voluptuous and elder to him, just as he liked. Looking at her eyes in the pictures, he felt that there was a hidden sexual volcano within this woman, waiting to erupt. It was time for the games to begin. Chapter 3 The Dreams Rani, in the meantime, has been investigating Anjali's abduction. Wwe c j perry lana porn story investigation was stuck at a person named Sunny Thakral, a businessman.

She was unable to proceed beyond him. They knew that Sunny was involved in sex-trafficking but had no proof. They kept watch at Sunny 24*7 but to no avail. All her investigation pointed samantha had never been slapped nor face fucked with the amount of aggression the fact that Anjali had become a victim of sex-trafficking.

Rani wanted to rescue her but the more she thought about it, the more she fantasized about it and couldn't stop herself from doing so. It was a large room. Anjali was at a corner. There was a group of men surrounding her. Her virginal Anjali was at their mercy. Anjali cried, begged but to no avail. The men's were naked, their cocks exposed obscenely.

One man ripped off her dress. Another mercilessly pulled her by her hair and inserted his cock in her mouth. "Suck it nicely, or we are going to break your teeth", he said. Anjali was scared, she was shivering. She didn't know what she had done to deserve this.

She was a virgin and had never seen a cock in real life. She had no option but to try to suck it. She was choked by its size but they showed no mercy. He inserted the cock as much as he could. After fucking her mouth for 20 buddha bang introducing the big booty originally diamond or so, he came all over her face. Another man held open her legs and pushed his thick hard cock into her cunt tearing apart her hymen. Anjali cried out loud.

Rani fingered her cunt hard. She was sitting in her toilet. She had started thinking about how to rescue Anjali but her thoughts were invariably moving towards Anjali's rape and degradation. She couldn't stop herself from imagining it. She thought about Anjali's sweet cunt and ass being torn apart and increased her speed. Two brutes now had doubly penetrated Anjali and now she was like a rag doll caught between the cocks. Rani's fingers moved with the rhythm of the brutes and all three came at the same time.

Rani opened her eyes, shocked beyond belief. What was happening to her? How come she had sunk to such depths?

Yes, she had fantasized about fucking other people, but never had she thought about being raped. This was like her niece, almost like her daughter and she was masturbating to the images of her brutal rape. She had been like this since the news of Anjali's abduction.

She had slowly started thinking like them in order to catch adultdailycare net japanese mom incest, and in doing so had made herself vulnerable to their base desires. She had come once but couldn't stop herself. She needed more release. She realized the power those rapists/captors had over Anjali. That power was becoming like an aphrodisiac for her. She started craving for it. More and more men were fucking Anjali … Rani's fingers were a blur … suddenly the face changed … it was Brazzers brazzers house full episodes in Anjali's place … that curly hair, that figure, those perky tits … the girl who Rani had known since birth was being brutally degraded … Rani wasn't able to stop … 2 burly men were holding Meera and there was a lady fucking her with a huge dildo … she was on top of Meera … Rani couldn't see her face … her long hair moved at her back … her hips were like a piston showing no mercy to the pathetic cries of the girl below her … Meera's cunt was being ripped apart … the other men in the room couldn't control themselves … they took out their cocks and started masturbating … they were maintaining a respectful distance from the lady … Meera's cries and sobs were like sweet music to the lady's ears … she kept on pounding hard … Rani tried to see who the lady was … she looked familiar … suddenly the lady looked back at Rani and smiled … Rani was stunned … it was her .

she was pounding the sweet cunt of her darling Meera … she was destroying her own niece … Rani came like never before .She opened her eyes and looked at herself at the mirror. Her face was flushed, hands sticky with her own cum. She realized that the amateur lisa massage turns erotic, which she had been trying to suppress for so long has finally come into the fore. There was no going back from this now. She accepted her fantasy.

She would have to dominate her niece at some point of time. She would fuck her. If she was willing, then Rani would be tender or else she would live the fantasy first hand. But first, she needed to find the abductors, not the cogs in the wheel but the top man himself. She wasn't sure what she would do with him, whether she would arrest him and throw him in jail or fuck his brains out.

But she knew that she had to find him. She licked her own juices from her fingers and smiled at her reflection in the mirror. She was almost over to the dark side.