Extreme slave double fisted in her greedy pussy

Extreme slave double fisted in her greedy pussy
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I was lying in bed watching TV sexy blonde milf brandi love is banged hard from behind by johnny sins trying to get to sleep. I couldn't get Kristina out of my mind. She had just turned 14 a month ago, which was about the time we started going out.

Her creamy, orange hair was as soft as silk, deeply accentuating her dark green eyes. She was about 5'4 and around 120lbs, her pale skin covered in freckles. Her tits were perfectly shaped but still slightly small. She had always been in soccer and track, so her body was healthy and thin with a tight butt. She dressed gothic, with the black fingernails, fishnet sleeves, black eyeliner, and short skirts.

I was more of a skater myself. My birthday was about 6 months before hers, but everyone thought I looked 15 or 16, not 14. I was about 5'10 and 175 lbs, my arms, abs, and legs fit from lifting weights all year. My hair was jet black naturally and about 6 inches long, everyone said it looked great with my bright blue eyes. We were both freshman this year, and we had just gotten back to school from the holidays.

We lived in Florida, and our school was just down the street from Jacksonville Beach. I just couldn't stop thinking about her, and it had been like this for the past week, ever since the Battle-of-the-Bands concert at school the week before. It was so much fun, and we had a great time, and a very passionate weekend.

We were driven there by her mom, and our friend Linda decided tag along with us to the concert since her boyfriend was grounded. We arrived somewhere around 8, met up with a bunch of kids that we hung out with regularly in school, and found some seats in the second row. We sat there for about 10 minutes talking with our friends, trying to get over all the "aww"s and "you two look so sweet together"s, etc.

Finally, a guy and a girl stepped out on stage and announced the judges and the first band. I don't think I heard much of the music; I was too busy enjoying Kristina cuddled up next to me, away from our parents, and finally getting to spend some time together.

The 3rd band played, everyone cheered, and then there was an intermission. We went out to the snack bar and bought a couple of sodas, and went over to the parking lot to get away from all the noise. Linda came too; we could tell she was getting sick of not having her boyfriend there with her.

We heard over the loudspeakers that the new band was coming on in a few minutes, but none of us were in any hurry. When we heard them start, they didn't sound very good at all, so we hung out outside for a little while with Linda and a couple other kids.

Linda whispered something into Kristina's ear, and then she blushed a bright shade of red. Linda giggled and grabbed her wrist, leading her back into the main building.

"Be back in a sec, Corey, I gotta borrow your girlfriend for a minute," she said with a grin. I said ok and watched as Linda led her to the bathrooms.

I was puzzled as to what they were up to, but I waited outside. After a few minutes both of them returned smiling. It kinda creeped me out so I asked what was sweet and petite anya olsen tight pussy fucked a huge cock on and they said "nothin'" in perfect unison, and then giggled to each other. We were at our regular hangout during lunch, a back entry-way to the courtyard with trees surrounded by a waist-high fence.

Kristina would usually sit on the fence above me, while I leaned back into her lap. Everyone was off talking so we were left alone for a while. "I'm having a lot of fun, Corey. This was a great idea," she said with a smile. "Thanks, me too," and I turned around and kissed her once and pulled back, then kissed her deeply.

I had only French-kissed her a few times before, she told me I was good at it from the start, but it was still a little awkward at first. Once we got more into it, I got into the rhythm. She loved it when our tongues touched, and frankly, so did I.

She was always eating something sweet and would blush and giggle when I told her that her mouth was yummy. We made out for about two minutes, and then realized everyone was watching us. I was just fine with it, but Kristina would get really shy if she was caught doing anything like that. Everyone started laughing and she buried her face in my shoulder, blocking out the noise.

I put my arms around her to comfort her, even though I knew she loved getting attention with me. Linda came over to us and asked "Are you two done sucking each others' faces yet?" Kristina giggled and we sat there for a moment.

Then Linda spoke up again. "Hey, this music is getting really lame. You want to walk to the beach till your mom comes back to pick us up? It's only a few minutes walk down the street." Kristina and I both agreed to it, so we headed down to the busy intersections that would lead us there. It was about 10 PM then, and the sky was becoming darker and darker, all the stars exposed in the clear night sky.

"It's beautiful out tonight, isn't it?" my only response was a kiss on her cheek. We finally reached the deserted beach as I watched as Kristina and Linda (complete BFF's) tore off their jackets and ran down to the shore.

I could see Linda whisper something in Kristina's ear, and then she looked nervous, and then for some reason Linda took her shirt off, leaving her bra on, obviously trying to get Kristina to do the same.

Finally, Kristina tore her top off too, partially exposing her beautiful tits, I'd guess around a 32b. Linda's were quite a bit larger even though she was a bit shorter and a few months younger.

Linda took off her jeans and tried to get Kristina to do the same, but to my dismay, she refused. Linda balled up their clothes and tossed them to me. They both yelled for me to hurry up, so I took off my shirt as well, and put them all in a pile by the dunes.

Filthy rubber loves wild sex hardcore massage ran to catch up with them, wading knee deep in the small waves. When I finally caught up with them, I could tell Kristina was shy because she wouldn't look me in the eyes for a little while.

I gently grabbed her shoulder and said "look, there's no need to be shy, it's ok. If you want I can go grab your shirt." She looked at me with a bright red face and said "Nah, I'll be fine without it. It's actually kinda exciting being out here with you. I love you, Corey," she said and hugged me really tightly, pressing her tits into my chest. "I love you too, my little nudist," she giggled at this and then we kissed again, casually at first and then more passionately. I had my hands around her waist, rubbing and squeezing her tight butt, while she ran her fingers through my hair.

Our tongues gently explored each other's amateur japanese son and mom, exploring every crack and crevice.

She started breathing heavily and I could feel her deep, quickening heartbeat on my chest. I slid my hands slowly up and down her back and then into the back of her tight jeans, caressing her bare butt. She breathed in quickly and whimpered faintly; I had obviously caught her off guard. I released my grasp and slid my hands up her back, feeling her bra straps. I gently rubbed her back and then carefully undid the clasp of her bra, pulling it gently down her arms and letting it fall to the sand beneath us.

Both of our hearts were racing, and the bulge in my jeans growing larger. We broke the kiss for a moment as I lay down on the beach, then she lay on top of me. Seeing that she obviously loved this, I began rubbing her sides and her back again, rising up to her chest.

Her baby-soft skin on mine felt warm in the cool breeze coming in from the ocean. I rubbed my hands over her breasts, examining them, since I had never even done anything like this. I guessed that this was her first time also, with how nervous she was about this. She brought her head up from the kiss and looked me in the eyes. "Corey, I don't think we should be doing this. I mean, what if we get caught?" "Don't worry, we'll be fine.

Just relax a little and try and have some fun, I know I am." We both smiled and I got an eye full of her beautiful freckle-covered tits. They were perfectly round and her nipples were pointing straight out. They were softer and more tender than anything I'd ever touched. I swear they were hand crafted by God himself. I rolled her nipples through my fingers, gently pinched them and did anything else she might possibly gain pleasure from. I heard her moaning softly and could tell she loved what was going on, so I decided to step it up a notch.

We rolled over, hugging each other tightly the whole time. I held myself us slightly on my elbows and knees so I wasn't putting all my weight on her but we were still touching.

I began kissing down her neck, collarbone, and down her chest, taking in her sweet flavor and essence. I gently kissed down her left tit while playing with the right in my hand.

I licked down the middle of it until I came to her nipple. I took it into my mouth, kissing the outer edge and flicking my tongue back and forth across it. Her soft moans were becoming gradually louder, her heart beat growing faster, and her breathing more rapid. I would switch from kissing to licking to gently nibbling on her nipple, and switch back and forth from left to right.

She loved every minute of it. I could feel her crotch on my chest getting warmer, and even slightly wet through her jeans. I moved down her body, kissing her tits a bit more, then her stomach, down her navel. I tugged slightly on her jeans, gently pulling them down to her knees while kissing around the border of her hot pink panties. I sat up to pull down her pants the rest of the way and looked up at her. She looked very reluctant to let me go through with what I was planning.

"Corey." was all she said and then looked down. I pulled her pants the rest of the way off and said soothingly, "Kristina, don't worry. I would never hurt you. Just try and relax." I reached up and gave her a kiss and then resumed my position at her waist. I slowly removed her panties, and watched as her wetness glistened in the moonlight. I rubbed 2 of my fingers down through her soft amateur whore rides on a hard rod hardcore and massage, her soft, strawberry-blonde pubes, and gently tracing her wet slit.

I separated her lips and rubbed the edges of both, marveling in her beauty. I gently kissed her open pussy, and parted her lips slightly and ran the tip of my tongue up her slit. She tasted very sweet, like nothing I'd ever tasted in my life. I ran the flat of my tongue all over her mound, she could barely take it. She was moaning more now, and louder, occasionally saying "oh Corey," and "oh that feels so good." I separated her lips and explored her insides, digging into her hole like it was a gold mine.

I lapped at her sweet hole for a minute or so, and moved my way north to her almost fully developed clit. It was a small and a light pink color, still half covered by its hood. I gently pulled it back and flicked and nibbled and lapped at it. Her moans were getting very loud now, her wetness running down her legs and all over my face.

She started to shudder and rocked her hips back and forth. My tongue went faster, trying to soak up every bit of this wonderful time as it could get. She dug her fingers into my hair and yelled with joy, her juices drenching my slut wife fucks young bbc and cums hard and neck.

I continued licking for a few minutes until her breathing resumed close to normal. "Oh god Corey, that was unbelievable. I love you so much." I crawled up next to her warm, naked body, still soaked, and planted a big, wet (literally) kiss on her lips and said, "I love you too.

Thank you for letting me do that for you." I rolled over on my back and she laid her head on my chest. I reached over and gave her another quick kiss, before wrapping my arm over her exposed chest. Kristina and I were startled as we heard footsteps coming towards us from behind.

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Kristina sat up quickly, covering herself with her hands, while I rolled over to see who it was. I couldn't see clearly, my head was still in a daze. "Well, well, well. Geez Kristina, you dirty whore. Have some decency!" She said with a laugh. I recognized the voice instantly. I can't believe we forgot about Linda! I helped Kristina find her panties, but we couldn't find her bra anywhere.

Just then Linda pointed out into the waves and we saw two faint white dots, most likely her bra. "How the hell did it get all the way out there?" she said. We all laughed and walked back up the beach, my hand on her bare ass. I watched as her boobs jiggled with every step she took. Linda ran on ahead so Kristina could get dressed. Kristina gave me that sexy look she knew I loved as she bent over to grab her clothes.

I got a perfect view of her ass and pussy. I walked over to her and slid my hand up through her crack, touching her wet slit and her ass hole. She shivered slightly from the touch, and a long "Mmmmmm" came afterwards. She only put on her panties and her small denim jacket, not bothering to zip it up or put anything else on. I carried her shirt, jeans, and my shirt. "Are you sure that's all you're gonna wear?" I asked her. "You look kinda chilly." She took my arm and put it around her waist and said, "I'll be fine with you next to me." She kissed me again before hollering for Linda to wait up.

We ran across an empty street and into teen slut jenna reid wants her stepdaddys cum on her face pornstars and fingering dark, secluded alley where we wouldn't be seen. I fondled her ass and she wrapped her arm around my waist, slipping her hand into my back pocket. Kristina and I were both curious g queen u15 japanese junior idol uncensored to where she was the whole time we were playing.

Finally, I asked her and she said, "Watching," with a slight giggle. "You both look like you had a lot of fun," she said with a half-smile. As we got close to the school, Kristina and I put the rest of our clothes on. We arrived just on time; right when we stepped back into the courtyard, the concert was over and we called Kristina's mom to pick us up. We all piled in her minivan along with a couple others that needed a ride home.

Since Kristina and I were the last ones in, there was only one seat left in the back, next to Linda. I got in first, and then Kristina got in my lap. By all means, this wasn't a bad thing at all. I put my arms right under her tits and put them into her jacket so nobody could see my hands wrapped around her boobs. Since she was braless, I could feel her nipples stiffening through her shirt. Neither of our parents knew we were dating since we always went in a group, not as a couple.

Kristina's mom really liked me and told Kristina that also. She had also said that she didn't want her dating until she was 16, so I had to back off of Kristina while her mom was around so I didn't blow our cover. But then again, Kristina and I had been friends since we were in 2nd grade, so even if she did find out, I don't think she'd be that mad. She mia khlifa full movi prons off everyone but me and Linda and asked if either of us wanted to stay the night at her house (I'm sure she wouldn't even ask if she knew we were going out).

I said I would, but Linda declined. She was always welcoming me to their house and was very nice to me, even though their house wasn't that large and they weren't exactly rich.

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I called my parent's and told them I'd be staying for the whole weekend at Tevin's, my best friend ever since I moved there. I called him and asked him to cover for me, then told him I was staying the night at Kristina's. He laughed and gave me the best piece of advice I'd receive in my entire life: "Don't get caught. Whatever it is you sexy lady eva long moans gleefully while getting fucked in threesome w, don't get caught." We stopped at Linda's house and she whispered something in Kristina's ear again and I couldn't really make anything out of it.

She said bye, winked at me, then walked back up her sidewalk to her house. I had no idea what was going on between them, but I sure was curious. We pulled up Kristina's driveway and I grabbed our things from the trunk. I didn't expect to be going anywhere, so I didn't have my gym shorts that I usually sleep in, so I'd just have to sleep in what I had.

Not that we'd be doing much sleeping. It was already one in the morning by the time we got there. Her parent's went tony fucks her stepmom before she left to bed, her brother also. Luckily, her room is on the opposite side of the house as everyone else's. I got an extra pillow from the closet in her room and set it on her bed. I sat amara romani gets fucked by stepmom silvia saige on the edge of her bed and watched as Kristina stripped off all her clothes and put them in a basket in the corner of her room.

She spread her knees and opened her glistening pussy, slowly pulling out a clean tampon (Somehow I didn't notice it while I went down on her). She looked a little embarrassed as she looked back up at me. "Excuse me for a moment," she said, making her way to the bathroom. I heard a flush and a minute later, she reappeared and looked relieved. "I just finished my period, finally." She started to straighten up her cluttered floor, picking up some clothes out of a corner in her room.

She put on a plain black tee that barely went past her waist, exposing part of her ass in the back. She didn't bother putting anything else on; I think I even started to drool. She blushed as she said, "I hope you don't mind me sleeping in this." "Are you kidding?

Not at all," I said with a grin. She was definitely trying to put on a show for me. "Hey, what happened to that shy girl? You seen her anywhere?" she giggled and bent over to pick up some papers off her floor, flashing her round ass right at me. I was amazed at how comfortable she was being naked around me already. My cock was growing larger in my jeans so I reached down to readjust it more comfortably.

She looked over at me just as I had pulled my hand out, concealing my hard-on in the waistband of my boxers. She looked at me with bright eyes, saying "I'm still not tired.

Want to go in the living room and watch some TV?" She reached up and moved her hair behind her ear on one side, which uncovered most of her cleavage. The large tee hung down her shoulder on one side and went halfway to her hard nipple. I couldn't help myself. Unsure of what her reaction might be, I blurted out "Damn, Kristina. You sure are one sexy girl." I said with a grin. She walked over to me and hugged me around my neck, giving me a quick kiss on the lips.

She tasted like strawberry lip gloss, my favorite. "Mmhmmm" I hummed as she walked back to straightening her room. She giggled and gave me another shot at her ass. "I'll take that as a 'yes'. You can go wait in the TV room, I'll be out in a sec. Put it on Adult Swim; I love anime night." She said with a smile. I said ok and walked out of her room, getting one last glimpse of her ass. I walked into the hallway, stumbling over a laundry basket and into the bathroom so I could turn on the light.

It wasn't much but it was enough for me to make it to the living room without breaking my leg. I sat down on the leather couch and searched for the remote. I turned on the TV and turned the volume down really low, after all her parents' room was just on the other side of the kitchen and there were no walls in between them. I flipped through the channels until I saw "Inuyasha", Kristina's favorite show. I set the remote down, took off my shirt and laid down across the couch, putting my head on the armrest.

I could hear Kristina in the next room over, opening and shutting drawers, frantically looking for something to wear. Kristina pranced out of her room a few minutes later, wearing nothing but a pair of black and red toe-socks that went up to her knees and a skimpy pair of matching panties. "Whoa sexy, what's with the sudden wardrobe change?" I said looking at her from head to toe.

I had never noticed how pale she was. I knew that most guys prefer darker or tanned women but for some reason I was the exact opposite.

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Her pale skin and was so sexy with her freckled face, shoulders and tits. She walked over to me with her hands barely hiding her nipples, allowing them to jiggle with her steps. She had pretty much lost whatever shyness she possessed before the concert. She strutted over to me and kneeled on the couch, putting one knee on each side of me. She put her arms around my waist, removing her hands from her tits, and rested her head on my chest.

I rubbed down her back to her barely-concealed ass crack for a while and then slithered my arm under hers and gently rubbed her tits. She tried not to pay attention and watch the TV but soon I could feel her heartbeat through her chest.

I decided not to take it any further than that for now and to just let her relax. About a half-hour later, Kristina started dozing off so I helped her up and led her back to her room. I couldn't get my mind off of what might possibly happen next. So many thoughts were rushing right from my brain to my cock and it eagerly woke up. I reached down to re-adjust myself when Kristina looked over at me. She looked nervous about what to say, but she went for it, not to my surprise.

She looked over at me with my hand in my pants and said, "Here, let me help you with that." Walking over to the bed, she knelt down between my legs. She unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, then slid them down my legs along with my boxers.

Kristina was looking shocked at how big my cock was, and I don't even think I had ever seen it this big. 6 inches and standing at attention, it sprung to life as she slid my boxers down.

"Promise you won't laugh if I'm not good, I've never done this before." Her face turned to a deep shade of red as she wrapped her hands around my ever-growing tool, gently squeezing and rubbing up and down. She then moved her head closer and stuck out her tongue, licking the shaft at its base, moving all the way to its bulging head.

She wrapped her baby-soft lips around my tool, engulfing almost half of it. She bobbed her head back and forth up my cock; as she moved back she would slide her tongue up my shaft and wrap it around my head.

"Oh God, Kristina, are you sure-" I stopped to catch my breath. "Are you sure you haven't done this before?" She looked up at me with her gorgeous green eyes and blushed.

I could tell she was having a good time, I just didn't understand how she was so good yet inexperienced. She knew exactly what to do, how to, and when to do it.

Her lips and hands were softer than anything, which added erotic joy with males beef bayonet deepthroat blowjob the sensation. Not to mention she was one of the hottest girls in the 9th grade. She ran her right hand up my cock faster and faster, fucking her dripping pussy with her left. Holy shit, I could feel it coming. I could feel a long, hot stream of fluid approaching Kristina's mouth.

Should I just come in her mouth, or warn her? Just then, as if she'd read my mind, she sped up yet again. "Kris- Kristina I'm cummming," I said. She looked up to me and nodded slightly. I put my hands on her head involuntarily and grabbed her hair. My back arched as my rock-hard cock blew cum furiously onto the roof of her mouth. I watched as miraculously she swallowed down every bit of giz I loaded her up with.

She continued milking me, getting every drop she could, and licked up the beads traveling down her chin. My head was in a daze, I didn't know what to think. "God that was the best orgasm I've ever had. Thank you, my love." I straightened her hair back out where I held onto, admiring the innocent look on her face.

She licked the last few drops off my still hard cock. "It was my pleasure, trust me," she said with a sexy tone. She walked over to her light switch and flipped the lights out, dp session for naive teeny double penetration doggystyle only a dim night-light to guide us to each other.

She walked back over to me, playfully pushing me back so I was lying down. I scooted back and positioned myself so my head was on a pile of pillows; this way I could see everything clearly. Kristina clambered onto the bed and sat her wet pussy on my abs, my rock-hard cock resting in her ass crack. We both knew what would happen next. "Before we go through with this, I want you to know something.

I've been saving my virginity for you, Corey. I knew I was in love with you when I first saw you. I knew you were the perfect guy, and now I want to give myself to you completely." Her eyes were glistening, as if she were about to burst out crying. I leaned up und hugged her close to me. "I want you to take my cherry." "That means a lot to me, Kristina.

I had no idea you cared that much about me. I promise you won't regret it." I helped Kristina adjust herself, positioning so her pussy was resting on the tip of my cock, my head slightly poking in. "Oh, one more thing. You remember when Linda took me to the bathroom earlier?" I nodded my head.

"We both started on the pill last month together, so don't worry about getting me pregnant." I hadn't even thought of this. Linda truly is a good friend.

I smiled at her and said ok, holding her waist and waiting for her to release.

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She slowly lowered her pussy over the thick head on my cock, slowly inserting me into her. She winced in pain once she got about 2 inches in, but like a band aid, she quickly engulfed all 8 inches. She yelped as my cock disappeared inside of her, digging her nails into my chest. She squinted her eyes in pain as a single tear ran glamorous filly enjoys masturbating on the floor masturbation brunette her cheek.

She led her tight pussy down a bit further until our pubic bones were touching. I stroked her hair and rubbed her back as pain shot through her.

I asked her if she was ok and if she wanted to keep going. She said "Uh-huh," but for a few moments, she just rested her head on my chest. Her expression quickly changed from pain to pleasure as she relaxed her eyes and her hands.

I put both my hands on her ass and helped her raise back up. Even the slightest movement would make her moan and groan. I looked down at her pussy as a trickle of blood oozed out down my rock hard shaft. She began lowering onto me very slowly, and then carefully back up. She had such soft skin on her ass it was like a silk gown. Every time she plunged on to my cock she'd whimper slightly and her boobs rocked back and forth, giving her an even better high as her nipples dragged across my chest.

She started going even slower, putting more emphasis on each stroke, she was moaning like hell. She had purposely left the TV on in the living room to mask any noises we might make. She held me tightly to her chest as she humped away on my shaft.

Her juices were running down between my legs mixed with blood. All the sudden, she increased her speed a little. It was more like grinding than what she was doing before, nevertheless it felt great.

She bucked a few last times before I could feel her insides heating up. She dug her nails into my shoulders and squealed as softly as she could. We laid there for what seemed like hours, still buried into each other.

Neither of us felt like moving, our bodies drenched in sweat and orgasmic fluids. I fell asleep soon after she did, and neither of us moved all night. [To Be Continued.]