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Full sex stories xxx sexs sopar storys
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A Night With Summer This is a short story about one great night with one horny woman. I was working a fund raiser to fight cancer at a dinner-dance being held at a downtown hotel. I lived about a 30 minute drive from the hotel so had a room to sleep and whatever else in.

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I was hoping I would find a gal or a guy that was interested in a little after fund raiser fun. My job was to sell tickets to a 50/50 drawing where the winner won half the pot. Sales were going really well so at times I had a lot of money in my pocket. The gal I turned it over to was Summer, probably late 40's, single as I had learned in one of our chats and really well cared for. I would guess about 5'3", 105 pounds not beautiful face but nice and really big tits.

She was friendly but not overly and as the afternoon and early evening wore on she seemed to loosen up a bit. When dinner time came it just happened I was counting out some money to give her so I asked if we could sit together if she had no other plans. She replied that would be fine because she didn't know anyone here either, had been recruited by her boss.

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We chatted and I told her a little about me, that I had lost my wife to cancer two years ago and had sort of withdrew from life ever since.

I still worked but had no outside contact with anyone. She got very quiet as she told me about leaving her husband after 22 years of marriage because of his physical and mental abuse.

She too had no outside life, just work and home with her cat. I felt for this lady and was almost regretting the thoughts I had had about getting together later. It was about 8 o'clock and the drawing was at 8:30 so I thought I had better get to work. "I'm going to work the floor and see if I can sell some more tickets," I told Summer, "See you in a bit." The next 15 or 20 minutes I walked around the tables and sold probably 100 tickets.

I met Summer behind the stage and we counted the money finishing right on time. The speaker had auctioned of some items and was taking about the 50/50 just as we rolled the spinning tub out onto the stage beside him. A young lady was announced as the one who horny chick with big clit fucked hard draw the winning ticket. She did, the winner was announced, there were screams from the back, a lady came forward and was handed a wad of money, the drawing was over and Summer and I were done.

We rolled the tub off the stage, emptied it into and waste basket looked at each other with a smile and left. The band started playing and they were loud. We headed for our table but I decided I wasn't staying.

I tapped Summer on the shoulder and hollered at her that the music was to loud and I was leaving, would she like to join me for a drink. She smiled and nodded yes. The lounge was nicely quiet with background music and people talking the only noise. We took a booth and waited for the waitress. We chatted, the waitress took out order and brought our drinks and the music started.

It was fun just setting and talking. Summer told me a lot about her life, her three kids and 5 grandkids and how much she loved her job.

I gave a few details about devastating loss and how hard it has been since then. She reached over and put her hand on mine and gave me this really beautiful smile. I was beginning to really want this woman. The music started and I asked Summer if she would like to dance. She scooted out of the booth as my answer.

The music was slow and we held each other really tight. Our bodies rubbing, actually her tits rubbing made my friend down below begin to take notice. When the fast music started Summer stepped back horny lesbians turn workout into fucking teen anal headed for our booth. "I don't do well with fast music," she told me. We finished our drinks and just sort of looked at each other like What's next.

The waitress asked if we wanted another and I said, "No, I think we're good," while watching Summer for a reaction. She was all smiles as I suggested, "Why don't we go up to my room and I'll order a bottle of champagne." I stopped at the bar and placed my order.

The bartender said it would be there in about 15 minutes. We got in other wife fucking other man in other house elevator, the door closed and I got the surprise of my life. Summer's arms were around me, her breasts were pushing against me, her mouth was on mine and our tongues were dancing. She broke the kiss and asked, "Do you know what I want?" I sort of stammered so she answered for me, "I want you to fuck me." With that her hand was on my crotch rubbing my enlarged member as our lips met again.

"Which way?" she demanded as she grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the elevator. "Left and then another left," I replied. "Here we are," I said as we reached my room. Once inside Summer took great pleasure in dancing and getting out of her clothes. First the jacket, then her blouse and then her bra which released the most beautiful pair of boobs I had ever seen, even on a girl half her age.

Perfect mounds with nipples the size and color of acorns. As I reached for them and grasped them and caressed them I was sure they were all hers, nothing fake. She stepped back and undid the belt to her slacks and pushed them down and stepped out of them. Then her hand slipped down inside her panties and rubbed her pussy, Two fingers teased my nose before being slipped in between my lips. I love the taste of a woman, particularly one that has been working all day; love the taste of a little sweat, a little urine and maybe even a little sex.

As her panties were pushed down her thighs I got a view of a bushy pussy, and I love bushy pussy. I got the look from Summer that asked, What the fuck are you doing with all your cloths on so I pulled off shirt, dropped pants and shorts and exposed my 9 inch hard cock.

Summer's eyes were wide with surprise but not for long. She was immediately on her knees in front of me, both hands on shaft and mouth on head. She sucked my cock for a few minutes and then stood and pushed me back on the bed.

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This little quiet, reserved girl had become the Alpha Female going after what she wanted without hesitation. I decided I would just let her have her way. She was on her knees with my arms pinned to my sides with her pussy over my face, rubbing and fingering like a mad woman. She would soft perfect feet and legs are worshiped herself and then put her fingers in my mouth.

Then she moved down and rubbed her big tits in my face and pushed her nipples in my mouth. I pressed them together so I could suck both nipples at the same time. Then it was further south for her, taking my cock in her mouth, running her tongue around the head and trying to swallow the whole stick. Finally she rolled over on her back, spread her legs wide and hollered, "Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me!!" There was a knock at the door and we heard "Room Service." I couldn't believe how fast she was out of bed, had her cloths picked up and was in the bathroom.

I pulled on truck picks up gay hitch hiker robe, grabbed a twenty and opened the door. The Bellman pushed the tray inside and I handed him the money and told him I would take it from there.

He said thanks and closed the door. Summer opened the bathroom door a crack and asked if it was all clear. I motioned her out and handed her a glass of champagne. She was so beautiful, just standing there bare assed naked with a glass in her hand. She gave me a big smile, walked over to me and dropped to her knees. The champagne was very cold on my cock but her mouth was very warm.

I put my hand on her head and slowly fucked her face and asked, "What was it you wanted me to do to you?" "Put that big hard cock in my cunt and push hard," she said or "I'll go out in the hall and scream RAPE!" Summer stood up and drained her glass and laid back on the bed with wide spread legs.

I drained mine and move over to her. While I was above her, rubbing her cunny with my meat I looked down at her face. I have never seen a look like I was getting.

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Her eyes were bright, mia khlifa full movi prons skin was slightly red but the overall look was like what are you waiting for. She winced a little as the head enter between her pussy lips and she gave a startled yell when I pushed it all the way in her in one stroke. Then she wrapped her legs around me and was riding me as I pounded her with my hard cock. She was groaning, she was moaning she was whispering "yes, yes" and I was getting so fucking close to blowing my load I had to stop.

"What are you stopping for?" "Why aren't you fucking me?" "If I don't stop I'll shoot my load in you and I'm not ready to be done." "Don't you dare shoot your cum anywhere except in my mouth," she said, "And when you are done we'll rest and then I'll get you ready for another round.

I may even want to try you in my ass." With that Summer enveloped my hard cock into her hot pussy and began the ride. She was up and down and around a side to side like a bull rider. I knew better then to disobey her so slapped her back and told her I was going to cum. Almost as fast as she was going up and down on my cock with her pussy she was down taking it in her mouth.

I started shooting and she started swallowing taking every bit of my load down her throat. After sucking me dry she stretched out on me like I was her sleeping pad. I put my arms around Summer as she lay there whimpering. "You are the first man I have been with in over two years," she whispered, "Since my Kenneth died.

And you are the first man I wanted to be with." "It's been awhile for me too," I replied. We whispered back and forth like two teenagers making out in my bedroom and afraid my parents would hear. My adorable teen with tanlines rides on schlong was remembering the prior two hours but the main thing was how delicious her pussy juice was.

I rolled us over on our sides and slid down so we were face to face. My hand fumbled with her tits as I said, "Your are the Goddess of Sexuality about to be fucked by the evil Darson from the planet Kooger.

His cock is big and long and hard and is about to invade your wet cunt." Summer giggled as I slid down and began biting her nipples.

Then tongue found her navel and then the love hole that was its goal. Nose was filled with the aroma of hot sex tongue reveled in the taste. Her pussy lips were licked and nibbled as was her clit. Then Darson lifted his body to the proper position and penetrated the cunt that nose and tongue had discovered. The lady held her breath as the 9in meat was pushed completely in to her love canal.

Once again her legs were wrapped around me and we fucked and we fucked and we fucked. I could not remember a tighter pussy and she moaned about the size of my cock. It had been only an hour or so since I had filled her mouth but the feeling was beginning to tell me it wouldn't be long before I filled it again. We fucked missionary, we fucked doggy and then I pulled her over to the edge of the bed with her head over the edge. I started pushing my cock into her mouth.

She put her hands on my ass and pulled blonde teen fucked hard rough brutally and tutor bondage first time poor callie calypso in, taking my cock deep into her mouth and throat. It was only a few strokes before I gave her what she was looking for. When I was thru leaving my load and stepped back Summer moved up on the bed and curled up with her back towards me. I poured a glass of champagne and sat and watched her.

It didn't take long to realize she was sound asleep. I turned out the light and joined her, spooning our bodies and went to sleep. I awoke at my usual 6 AM, put on a pot of coffee, showered and put on a bathrobe. I sat with a cup of coffee and just watched my Goddess sleep. I could see her face and occasionally a smile would spread across like she was having a really nice dream.

Then her eyes opened and she looked around trying to remember where she was. When our eyes met she got a really big smile. My lover went by me to the bathroom without a good morning or anything. When she reappeared she came to me in my chair, planted herself on me in lap dance position and said, "Looks like we might be a little late this morning." "No," I replied, "We said we would be there at 8 and we will be.

We are both thru at 3 so have the rest of the afternoon and evening to play." She had a very disappointed look on her face but kissed my forehead and returned to the bathroom for a shower.

If you enjoyed my story please let me know.