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Xnxxfiji matila waqanidrola fuck mega dick
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You wait for your daddy. It seems like an hours since He was with you. Your young teenage body shakes with both fear and desire. You wear only a slip, thin, soft, and the room is cool, causing your nipples to be stiff. Or is it the fear and hope that your Master will soon return after securing you to the cross bar in Our/our bedroom door?

The music, loud so you can't hear any movement around you, plays a sexual beat that seems to match the hammering of your heart.

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You feel the material of your slip being raised, the cool air as it flows over your naked ass. Then you feel the slap of a paddle against your ass cheeks. Not just once, but three quick times. The sound is louder than the music and causes you to cry out. Then you feel rough hands sliding over your stinging ass.

A finger starts at the top of your crack and slowly follows the path down, and then to your slit. You feel the finger touch your pussy lips. You spread your legs, allowing the finger to enter you if it wishes. But it is pulled away and again you feel the sting of the paddle. And then the finger, only this time it enters your cunt.

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The sudden invasion of your tunnel causes you to lean forward, but then you lean back, trying to get more into you. The finger wiggles inside your pussy, the walls of your velvet cunt send waves all through your body.

Then it leaves with a slurping sound you feel more than hear above the music. Now two hands come around you and cup your tits. Your nipples, already hard, stick out like little erasers.

The thumb and index finger of each hand pinches a nipple. Softly at first, then harder, till you began to feel pain over pleasure.

Just as you think pain is all you are going to be allowed, the nipples are released and the hands spread their fingers to cup and squeeze your breasts. You feel lips on the back of your neck and something warm, yet hard pressed against your back.

You know it is His cock.

You push back, wanting to feel it pressed harder against you. Your pussy is dripping juices and you can feel the sweet wet sticky honey of your cunt dripping down your legs. Again the lips kiss your neck and then suck hard on it.

You know He will be leaving a mark there, but it sends chills up and down your body. If only you were free. To grab His cock and kiss it and take it between your lips. The thought that your blow jobs always make Him cum hard and fills your mouth with cum only causes you to pull hard on the ropes that hold you. Too late you realize that this is a mistake. The hands leave your tits and a second later you feel the sting of the paddle again on your ass.

You don't know how or when, but you sense that He is no longer there. Your cunt is on fire. You need to feel Daddy's cock inside you. Then you realize that the music has stopped.

Again you feel His body close to you. Only this time His cock is free and the tip is pressing against the material of the slip that covers your ass. Hands on your hips, pull the soft material up and then you hear a tearing sound.

He shcool sex techar free dawonlode best storys com ripping the slip, tearing it and exposing your naked body from behind. His hands come around your hips and both slowly feel their way through the short hair that just lines your slit. Then they each touch your cunt lips and slowly pull them and a thumb of each hand slides up and down the inner parts of your pussy. You let out a moan, not caring if it causes you to be spanked.

But then you hear His voice, "Yesss, My cunt, let Me hear your soft moans. I feel how wet your are. Your nasty cunt needs to feel My cock. Tell Me." "Ohhh, yes. Yessss, i need it, i want Your cock. Fuck me. FUCK ME PLEASE DADDY!" You feel his hands leave your dripping slit and they reach up and undo the ropes holding you. "Bend over, your hands on your knees and wiggle this hot ass for Me." You do as your are told. You hear Him laugh at the sight of your submission.

You feel His hands on your hips and then the tip of His Cock against your hole. He pushes it in you slowly, teasing you with it.

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Oh, if only He would jam His stiff prick into your cunt. Fuck you and fuck you like the slut you are. "Ahhhhhh!" cries of passion, pain, lust, come from your lips as you feel Him drive it deep with one fast strong stroke. Now He grabs your hips, now He pushes and pulls it in and out of you. Faster, harder. Damn, you are dripping, your inner legs feel as if you just came out of a shower. More sounds escape your lips and now you hear Him. His grunts, His moans. The sounds of your two bodies, in heat, in lust, fucking fill the room.

The smell of sex comes to you. You can feel His body sweat as He drives His cock in and out of you. Like two animals, fucking, grunting, mating. Suddenly you shake, you climax. Hard, your breath escaping from your lungs. Again you feel the rush of cumming. You feel faint, yet He is still pounding you with that meat of His. Just as a third wave of wonderful shocking climax makes your whole body hot and shake, you hear Him shout that He is cumming. His scream as the built up cum escapes from his balls and rushes to the head of His cock and into you, "Ohhhhh, baby, I'm cummmmmming.

Damn bitch, ahhhh!!" His hands hold you tight, keeping it buried deep inside you. It seems like forever before you feel him start to withdraw.

You don't want it out, you cry and moan, tears fill your eyes. ' Plleasssse, please keep fucking me. Daddy I'm your fuck slave. Please." A loud wet slurping sound and His cock is free.

'What is He doing?' Then you realize that He is wiping the tip of His cock across your ass, wiping the cum, His and yours on your ass.

"Turn around slut." You obey, still bent over. "On your knees and lick Me clean." You hate Him for the way He treats you like a whore. Yet you love Him. You would and will do anything He asks, demands of you. You take His cock and lick it, tasting your own juices and His. You spend more time than needed, kissing and licking that slab of man meat clean.

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You feel it grow in your hands, your mouth. Soon His hips began to move with the same motion of your sucking. His hands grab your head and He begins to fuck your mouth.

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It takes some time before you feel Him explode one more time. This time in your mouth, down your throat. "Ohhh, My sweet cock sucker. You are so good with that mouth of yours. Suck it all baby, don't let a drop escape your lips." You smile to yourself, knowing He is as much a slave to your lips and pussy as you are to His Cock.