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Ben 10 cartoon xxx full time
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Porno Tape Roast Story: #14 Copyright ©2005 Written: January 14 2005 A story By: KaosAngel Proofed By: PiasaBird2004 Please send any comments about this story to ([email protected]) ********************************************************************** For a long time I really hated my parent's, they were always away, it seemed that every weekend I can remember since I was a baby they were always out on some great far away weekend get away, get away from what?, that was always my question.

Get away from what? It occurred to me that they were getting away from me; they never took me along because I was what they wanted to forget. Well that's the thinking of every child when the parent's go away and your left with the baby sitter. Thing's went on like that for year's I would beg them not to go and they would go anyway leaving me behind yet again. Then one day after my 18th birthday after mom and dad left for yet another weekend get away, some kind of ocean cruise and I was left home alone, I made a startling discovery, to this day I don't know what made me do it, but on impulse, out of curiosity I guess, not knowing what I'd find and a little bored, I went into my parent's room and began looking through their dresser's and closet's.

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Way back in the corner of my father's closet under some old playboy's, I found 3 videotapes. I recognized them immediately as the tapes from my dad's video recorder, they were labeled "Mountain Vacation", "Golfing Weekend" and "Ski Trip", I thought back to the times I had been left with a sitter while my parent's went on those vacations. Now I was curious and anxious to watch the tapes.

I wanted to know what made them so secret they had to be hidden in the back of dad's closet. I took the tapes to my room, not for privacy but to be more comfortable while loading the first tape into the VCR, I found myself wondering if I was doing the right thing.

Something seemed to warn me not to do this but I was far too curious by then to turn back now. The first tape "Mountain Vacation" started innocently enough dad was helping mom get out of the family car in front of this cool looking cabin, while trying not to drop the camera, The video showed some nice scenery for awhile.

Then jumped to an indoor seen. From that point on I was in pure shock. Dad darkhair miss world enjoy sex for a cam set the camera onto a tripod and was standing in front of it naked while mom had just entered the room wearing nothing as well.

They joined together and kissed for several minutes then it got hot, while dad threw mom onto a couch and inserted himself into her pussy.

My eyes were glued to the screen it would be several minutes before I would realize that my own hands were inside my pussy working furiously for an organism of my own. After dad pulled himself out of mom a new voice could be heard as a young woman came out of the bedroom as naked as mom and dad, this beautiful girl couldn't have been more then 18 years. She knelt down beside the couch next to dad and began to clean off his cock with her mouth making sure to swallow all the left over cum.

When she was finished she then moved over to mom and made sure to clean her pussy up as well. The video jumped again this time to an outdoor scene it was day time now, the camera was a few feet away from the looks of it on a tripod.

It looked as though dad had set up some kind of odia actresss deepa sahu fucking story pit with a large roaring fire, the pit was huge my first thought was "What's he going to roast a whole cow?" and I have to admit I wasn't expecting what I saw next.

That same young girl who had cleaned them up the night before came out of the cabin wearing nothing while mom followed behind her with what looked like a giant steel pole.

Dad took the girl who he now called Susan and told her to place both arms behind her back, she did this with a giggle. Dad then took her wrist's and tied them tight behind her back, dad then had her kneel down to her knee's while he held her tightly by holding propping her chin on his own knee and holding onto one of her tits with his right hand while his left was on her back.

Mom then came up behind Susan and slathered some kind of grease onto the pole, similar grease could be seen dripping from Susan's pussy while mom inserted the tip of the sharp pole into her pussy until Susan began moaning.

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Then with one hard thrust mom buried half the pole into Susan's body. That was it I paused it there, couldn't watch anymore the whole thing really upset me and yet it excited me, I was a torn mix of emotion's not knowing what to think. "Were they really going to kill this young girl?" I would find that soon I would know alot more about my parent's then I wanted and feared the same about myself.

Trying to calm down and looking august ames strap on ariella myself, one hand still buried in my own pussy covered in cum I knew that what I was seeing was exciting me and that was scaring me, I was beginning to wish that I was Susan with that long pole inside me.

Now I knew why mom and dad never took me on these trip's. The tape resumed and I continued to watch as Susan screamed in pain, or was that pleasure?, I couldn't tell, as the sharp tip of the pole came from out of her mouth you could see it was covered in thick red blood.

I couldn't believe this was something she was enjoying. After it was done I heard dad call it a spit, I thought "so that's what they did to her that spit her like a piece of meat, so that fire pit is for her?" I continue to watch for the answer.

Dad had then pulled out a much smaller pole and attached it to the large one inside Susan sliding it up inside her anus with a small scream from Susan as dad then began tying her ankle's together and then tied them tight to the end of the pole. Dad look to Mom "She's ready" he said as they each lifted one end of the pole and placed her over the sizzling hot fire.

Susan could be seen twitching as the fire licked at her flesh, it almost looked as if she was using the little slack she had to fuck herself on the "Spit" if that is the right word for that pole she has inside her.

The video jumped again to what I assume must have been several hours later, it was now night the fire pit had died down and Susan was gone, I fucked my stepmother cos she slept naked pretending nollyporn held the camera now and moved over to the table where Susan was lying on the picnic table untilled with the spit still inside her, she was dead and perfectly cooked.

Dad could be seen carving up her meat, while mom put down the camera and they began to eat Susan's meat. The tape ended with mom and dad looking toward the camera smiling with Susan's meat juice's dripping from their lips. Looking down at myself I could see my sticky fingers covered in juicy cum, I was so excited that the rubbing was starting to make my pussy sore. I stopped, but only long enough to load the next tape "Golfing Weekend".

My room smelled of sex and pussy, it was the sweetest smell I ever smelled. The next tape started the same as the first with dad skinny girl has fun with a friend mom out of the family car, needless to say there was no golf to be seen in this video, the scene jumped from the car to a kitchen where I could see another young girl much like Susan no more then 18 years old, she was lying on the counter.

Dad was holding the camera watching Mom was rubbing oils and seasoning's on to this girl who I heard Mom call Jennifer, dad moved closer to the counter toward Jennifer's head and fed his cock into her mouth while mom was rubbing her down.

When the season rub down was done mom moved a large bowel over to the counter and began forcing large handful's or what looked like turkey stuffing into Jennifer's pussy while she moaned around dad's cock.

When that was done she shoved a carrot up Jennifer's ass and then told her to sit inside a large roasting pan as she tied Jennifer's hands behind her back and had her in a kneeling position, legs folded under her. I thought "wow she looks ready for the oven" just as mom and dad began to lift her up in to the large oven behind them, slamming the door closed mom turned up the heat and set the timer for 5 hour's.

The video jumped again, to what looked like a traditional thanksgiving turkey lying on a large platter on a dinning room table on closer examination I could see it was no traditional turkey it was the young girl who was once Jennifer lying their waiting to be carved. With knife in hand dad began carving the lovely Jennifer turkey and the tape once again ended with smiling, meat juice dripping face's. I quickly got up to change tapes again not wanting to waste time cleaning myself up or sleeping, the last tape, "Ski Trip", started the same as the first two had, with dad helping mom out of the family car, there was no snow to be found anywhere it appeared to be the same cabin the first video was filmed in.

The video jumped indoor's to show a very pretty girl around 18 standing in the middle of the room naked, hand's tied tight behind her back standing on a stool with a rope around her neck it looked as if they were planning to hang this lovely girl before cooking her.

That's exactly what they did, with mom holding the camera dad pulled the chair out from under her feet and she fell quickly to hang just a few inches from the floor, just high enough for dad to fuck the swinging girl while she died.

She twitched and jerked as dad pounded into her almost lifeless body as dad shot his cum into her the last bit of life seemed to drain from her eye's as she died. I never did hear them mention her name she was just hanging meat to them, I guess.

Dad cut her dead meaty body down and brought her outside to a large tree stump where he placed her head on the stump, taking up an axe he quickly chopped off the head of the pretty young girl.

Taking a length of rope he threw it over the limb of the tree once over he tied one end to her ankle's and pulled her up to hand upside down. I guessed he did this to drain all of her blood out, I was right as the video jumped to an indoor scene the body of the girl could bee seen on the counter while mom and dad began to chop the girl into cuts of meat discarding her gut's and bone.

This too made me very excited; I couldn't wait for mom and dad to get home. After watching my mom and dad spit roast, oven roast, butcher and eat these beautiful young girl's, I had made a decision when they got home I would do what ever it takes to get them to roast me too, But how?, I had seen two different roastings, spit and oven. I was leaning toward the spit. On sunday night when mom and dad finally got home I was waiting for them wearing only my bathrobe, explaining that I had just gotten out of the shower.

I Lied! "So what did you two do all weekend?" I asked casually. "Where did you say you were going?" I asked again waiting for the answer. "We went on an ocean cruise" came the answer from my dad, not the one I was looking for but the one I had expected, "can we watch the tape?" I asked while picking up the camcorder. My dad looking white as a sheet, "NO!" mom yelled from fear.

"Why can't I see the tape mom?" I asked almost teasing, "Umm it didn't come out good dear, it's terrible" dad said taking the camera from me. That's ok ill setup the VCR in the living room and we can all watch povd stranded blonde fucked hard by rescuer together, since I didn't get to go I would love to see what I missed" I said as I started for the living room.

"Honey it really isn't that good I am not even going to keep the tape" dad said taking the tape from the recorder, "OHH daddy" I teased, snuggling up to my father, putting my arms around him. "I bet it came out as good as the tapes of your other vacations, didn't it?" I said innocently.

"WHAT!" daddy gasped, "well didn't you take video's of those vacation's too?" I asked "They came out alright didn't they? I never got to see those tapes either. Can we watch them too? I'd love to see them too and I never have. Ok dad?" My mom was still white as a sheet; dad looked just as panicked, so I decided to put them out of their misery.

"Its ok dad I don't have to watch the tapes" I said as mom and dad seemed relived "I been watching them all great latina tits and ass pradaxxx fucks blowjob bigtits, they were HOT!" I said still snuggling up to dad.

Mom and dad looked like I just threw up all over them. Mom was actually shaking, as I continued to hug dad I could see him begin to sweat. "What the HELL were you doing in our bedroom, Jessica" Mom yelled at me "What the HELL are you doing cooking and roasting young girls, Mother" I yelled back just as angrily. She began to shake badly and then cry, suddenly wanting to comfort, walking over to her, I took her in my arms and hugged her, "Don't worry mom, its ok, in fact the tapes made me so hot and horny, I've been masturbating all weekend" I said as she looked up into my eye's.

"Ohh god Jess" mom said, looking at me to see if I was really ok with all of this, "You must think busty pov slut cum spray pornstars big tits parent's are awful people" she said hugging me deeper. "NO, I think my parent's are great and the girls you're roasting in those videos are HOT!

Before and after they got to the fire" I answered her. "Damnit I never intended for you to see those tapes! Steve I told you to get rid of them!!" she said shooting a glance at dad. "Why?" I asked "I told you I think it's great. In fact Mother, if you will let me, I'd like to be your next spit roast, do you think this will qualify me daddy?" I asked, Opening my robe, turning toward my dad, letting him see my full naked breasts and shapely, meaty body.

"God, Jess your, your gorgeous" daddy said swallowing hard unable to take his eye's off my exposed tits and pussy, "Then why don't you do something about it, Daddy" I said walking slowly over to my father, standing directly in front of him as he practically drooled all over my tits.

I noticed a slight movement in his shorts and since neither of my parent's made a single move I slowly reached in and pulled out daddy's cock.

"Oh god" daddy moaned as I sank to my knees in front of him, then, still hearing no protest, I moaned, leaning forward taking it into my mouth. "Ohh god Steve, that's so hot" My mom yelled as I continued to suck daddy. Taking daddy out of my mouth I walked over to mom pulling daddy with me by his cock. "Mom, will you eat my pussy classy cougar fingering tight teen pussy stepmom and lesbian daddy fucks me" I asked while taking her hand and placing it on my freshly shaven pussy.

"Yes honey I will" she said dropping to her knees and burying her face in my exposed pussy. As she ate my pussy I felt my knees buckling, daddy was there holding me, keeping me from falling and fondling my tits.

I felt his cock pushing against my ass; I leaned forward slightly to allow his hot cock to slide deep into my pussy, from behind. "OHH god, Yes Steve fuck her FUCK HERRR!!" Mom yelled between swallows as she licked my clit.

"OHH honey iiimmm, I am going to cum" daddy said still pounding me from behind. Then it was over we all collapsed to the floor tired, I was just lying there on the floor now between my mother and father. Looking at my father "Now I want to spit roast me like to did to the girl Susan in the Mountain Vacation video" I said with his soft cock in my hand as I rubbed the tip of it.

"OK honey the spit is in the camper, you go get it while I dig the pit in the back yard, if we do it now, we can have you on to cook for dinner tonight" He said as I jumped up and ran outside to the camera still totally naked to get the spit. When I got back dad was gone, mom still spread eagle on the floor seemingly exhausted, I went out to the backyard to find my father still as naked as me with a shovel digging a large pit, A smile on my face, "He is really going to spit roast me, now I will get to find out if it really was pain or pleasure that girl Susan felt when she was roasting" I thought to myself.

An hour later the pit was dug, filled with charcoal and the spit brackets were set up, all that was left to do was drive that spit through me and get me over the fire, I walked over to my father holding a length of rope, handing it to him and taking the same position Susan had standing in front of him with my back to him, he took both of my arms and pulled them toward my back tieing both my wrist's together tight.

Looking over my shoulder toward him I asked "Is this going to hurt daddy?" looking into my eye's "I don't really know honey, I wont lie to you every girl we have done this to screamed in pain as the spit went in" he said as mom came out from the house "Steve are we really going to roast our only daughter?" she asked.

"If that is really what she wants, then yes" he replied, as I sank down to my knees and he picked up the spit in doxy receives rammed with joy smalltits and homemade hand's "Do you think you can stay still for me to push this through you?, or do you need me or mom to hold you steady?" he asked "I don't need to be held down dad" I said as he inserted the sharp tip into my pussy "OK its in honey, hold still I am going to push it through now" he said as he grasped the spit and shoved it in hard, forcing it half way through me.

"AHHHHHH" I screamed loud enough for all the neighbors to hear me and come running to our back yard. "Is everything alright here" Mr. Johnson from next door said as he ran into the yard and stopped a few feet away from us "What the hell is going on here?" he asked "We are having a suckling pig roast barbeque in a little while, but I forgot to buy a pig" Mom said as dad forced the last of the spit through me and it came out of my mouth, "So we decided to roast Jessica" Dad added.