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Panty pervert kendra lust nikki capone harley dean indigo august
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Breaking Sarah's will with my friends help It was a rainy day in November, I was sitting down in front of my computer jerking off to images of hot blonde women being hogtied and fucked thanks to my best friend john who sent them to me by e-mail, John and another friend Rowan were calling around to hang Out at my house, my parents were away for the weekend so the only ones at home were Sarah and me, Sarah was my 15-year-old sister 3 years younger than me and it was my job to "baby-sit" her for the weekend even though she was old enough to take care of herself, Sarah had always been a nuisance to me constantly telling on me when we were younger if I'd done something wrong not to mention she was always mummy and daddies good little girl but I knew better, suddenly the handle to my door started to turn, thank god I remembered to lock it "hey Damian open the door" I heard Sarah yell "I'm busy" I said "what do you want", "I want to use your computer to go on the internet", "I want to check my e-mail," she said, I put my dick back into my sweatpants and unlocked The door, standing there was Sarah wearing nothing but a towel tightly wrapped around her mofos sexy latina babe gets fucked in tent her Marilyn-Monroe type body, big meaty breasts, a slightly toned waist, Curvy hips, legs a touch on the fleshy side and a nicely shaped ass that I had always observed whenever she bent over to put a disk in the DVD player, she also had a very pretty face, large green catlike eyes, button nose, long blonde curls and a mouth you'd love to stuff with your cock, some would call her chubby but most would agree on ample or full sweetheart rides on a meaty hard schlong, "I'm just about to take a shower but I wanted to check my e-mail first" she started sniffing "what's that smell" she enquired "have you been eating tuna?" lost for words and feeling quite flushed I simply said yes "will you be on the internet long?" I asked the sight of her wearing nothing but that skimpy towel was making me seriously horny "just a minute" she said, she sat down at my desk and the split in her towel exposed her inner upper thigh I felt a heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach, I was nauseous with lust, "what's this" she said as she clicked on my porn folder images of busty blondes getting gang-banged whilst being tied up appeared in front of her, a horrified look fell over her face, "oh gross, Damian you fucking pervert, now I know what that fishy smell is you've been wanking off to this, wait 'till mom and dad hear about this!" she said sneering, "your not going to tell them are you?" I said sounding panicked and looking embarrassed "well…I don't have to not if you give £50 " she said Grinning, "fine" I said handing her the money any lustful feelings I had were now replaced with anger and rage, "thank you pervert" she said "I'll leave you to jerk off now" and she left my room to have her shower, my blood boiled I needed that money for going out with my friends, I cursed myself for letting myself opening the door in the first place, 'little bitch' I thought as I was sitting down, just then the door rang I ran downstairs to answer it there were my friends john and rowan "what's up Damian?" asked john as they stepped in, "my little sister found that porn you sent me and I just handed her £50 to keep quite about it" I said, John and Rowan made their way to my room "what's that noise?" Rowan asked, "that's her now taking a shower" I said, "really?

I've got an idea" said john.

He found my digital camera and walked down the hall to the bathroom "great she's forgotten to lock the door" john whispered, Rowan smiled he knew what john was thinking and he approved completely, "I don't know about this" I said, taking pictures of my sister in the shower and blackmailing her into giving me back my money seemed like a good idea, but my friends seeing my little sister naked?

leering at her? The looks they give her fully clothed are bad enough but smokin hot lady have fun with the driver in the backseat brunette and handjob " You want your money don't you?" said John "yes" I said, "good, now I'm going in I'll take a few snaps, get them to your computer and she'll have no choice but to give you your money back, unless she wants every man and boy in the village jerking off to her naked body" John laughed, Rowan was grinning too I knew they wanted to help me but I also knew they really wanted to see my sister naked more, something told me after all of this was done they were going to keep some copies for themselves I know I was, John opened the door and quietly snuck in he could hear the shower, there was steam everywhere, he saw the shower curtain and carefully slid it open making sure he was very quiet 'great' he thought she's got shampoo on her face and her eyes were closed, John waited for her to turn for a full frontal shot and click, click, click, Sarah froze "who's there?

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Damian is that you?" She screamed, John ran out of destiny girlfriend gets 7 creampies bathroom laughing threw me the camera I uploaded the images and brought them up in under a minute, Rowan locked the door to my bedroom, mission accomplished and then we feasted our eyes on my sisters hot naked body, I had to admit knowing my friends were getting wood off my sisters shots kind of turned me on, "dude I would love to ride that" said Rowan "me too" said john, Just then an idea formed in my mind "hey, why don't we?" I said, 2 minutes later Sarah showed up at the door, I unlocked it and there she stood she was wearing a bathrobe and her hair was wet, "Hears your £50" she said, already guessing the trade off "thank you, but I want something else instead" I grinned as I opened the door fully revealing John and Rowan sitting on my bed, "what are they doing here?

Have they seen the photos you took?" said Sarah with a lump in her throat "yep…" I said cheerfully "&hellip.and now they want to see more" Sarah looked at me with disbelief, "we want you to dance for us a strip show to be more precise" said John "no I won't" said Sarah "give me those photo's or I'll tell mom and dad" she said defiantly "I don't think so" I replied "I think you'll do as your told or everyone we know will see the photos of you all lathered up, Anyway the lads have already seen you naked doing it again won't make any difference would it?" she nodded yes still looking suspicious and pissed off at the way she was being treated by her older brother, in she stepped Rowan turned on my CD player on came 'I'm a slave for you' by Britney Spears "I'll do this and then ye'll give me the pictures, okay?" said Sarah (a tear running down her cheek) I nodded in agreement, she stepped forward and slipped off her robe and started to dance reluctantly she was wearing a black lace bra with matching knickers, the lads were thrilled I was too, I sat beside Rowan and watched as my little sister performed for us running her hands up and down her body from her thighs, up to her ass, her stomach, cupping her breasts and back down again, take off your bra!

yelled John delighted, slowly she unhooked, and revealed her perfect nipples pink and hard because it was cold in the room, they still glistened from the shower Sarah had took she caressed them, "and now the panties" Rowan Commanded " and bend over so we can see better" I added, Sarah looked at me with disgust I smiled, she turned her ass towards us and bent over and slowly pushed her fingers under the elastic in the lining and pushed her panties down unveiling and tight pink asshole and a carefully shaved pussy, We all reached out and began to feel her "damn she feels soft and her skins burning" said john "yeah burning with rage" I laughed Sarah looked back at me furiously tears streaming down her face, She marched over to the CD player and turned it off "now" she said "give me the photos" I smiled "no" I said "but we had a deal, I'm definitely telling mom and dad now" she said red in the face "not unless you want to everyone to see your strip show on the net" I said as john unveiled a hidden camcorder form underneath a stack of clothes, Sarah just wept, things were getting worse by the minute, "what do you want now?" she stammered "our dicks in every hole you've got" I said casually "fuck yeah!" exclaimed Rowan, Sarah was crying hard now snot was leaking from her nose, I almost felt for her but I chose to feel her instead " lay down on the bed, ass in the air" I commanded she did what she was told I grabbed her panties and tied her hands to the railing of my bed "just like you saw in my porn folder" I said smiling she looked up at me with a pitiful puppy dog look, her eyes red with tears her head shook as she wept, I opened my drawer and took out busty blonde bikini babe plays with her new glass dildo mouldy looking sock, I kissed my little sister, I shoved my tongue down her throat and then I stuffed the sock that I'd been using as a wank rag into her mouth in really far she gagged Her face winced with the flavor, "nasty" said john "but I like it" he laughed, "who's going to break her in" asked Rowan, I knew Sarah was a virgin so I said "whoever has the biggest cock" we whipped them out john and me were about the same but Rowans was huge and thick Sarah roared with fear at the sight of it," that's that then" I said "Rowan give her hell" said John, I decided to wait downstairs and get props for our fun filled evening "your not going to watch your sister getting broken in" said John "tape it for me" I said shes a freak masturbation session starring kiera winters sure thing" said John as I closed the door behind me I saw rowan standing behind my helpless sister, Rowan was tall and muscular he worked out he looked really intimidating, he had a belt in his hand two guesses what that was for 'that's going to hurt' I thought, He smiled "ok bitch no mercy" said Rowan poking his thumb in Sarah's asshole, Sarah looked at me I looked back, her expression begged me to stop this, I closed the door and went downstairs and into the kitchen I could hear everything, the belt cracking off her ass, her whimpering and screaming, the springs on my bed squeaking, Rowan grunting and John ordering her to squeal like a pig for the camera I began searching for props a banana, a rolling pin some clothes pegs olive oil and other things and marched back upstairs the night was young and so was my little sister……&hellip.

TO BE CONTINUED……………… Breaking Sarah's will with my friends help part 2 As I stood outside my bedroom door I could hear my friends raping my younger sister, the cracking noise of Rowans belt as he whipped Sarah's ass whilst breaking her hymen, Her whimpering and crying in pain, the loud fast thuds of my bed-board thumping off my wall, and my good friend John filming every moment for me to enjoy forever, I opened the door and stepped in the heat was stifling and so was the smell, body-odor and sex filled my lungs, I looked around and saw John smoking a cigarette with my camcorder pointing towards the action, he was naked and jerking off, there on my bed was Sarah 'my little sister' facing my head-board with her hands tied together to the railings, her hot body sweating as she jutted backwards and forwards making the bed thud and squeak, she looked traumatized and was still crying as her teeth gritted into the wank rag I had forced into her mouth, it was helping her to deal with the pain (what a thoughtful brother I am) trickles of sweat beading down her perfect (and now bruised) ass, her blonde curls bounced around on her reddened and sweaty face, her meaty breasts jostled around as her nostrils flared for air, she was being given quite a workout, and behind her with his massive cock wedged in her virgin pussy was Rowan, Rowan who had mounted my innocent and helpless little sister from behind, who had taken her flower and stomped on it and clearly he was loving every moment, his left hand on her ass as he had his left thumb shoved in her moist asshole, drilling her fast and hard, She squealed with every thrust, Rowan's right hand held his belt and every few seconds he would crack it off Sarah's ass and she would whimper, Rowan laughed, his face was just as red as Sarah's and sweat had started to bead from his face onto his muscular chest and hardened six pack, "that's it take it bitch, cry your pretty eyes out" he said gritting his Teeth, Rowan and John didn't like my sister, like me they found her annoying and bratty which is why they were enjoying punishing her so much, each cry in pain was another victory for them, I looked down at his cock going in and out, there was blood mixed with Wetness around Sarah's cunt, "how's it going" I asked, "she's tight, too tight at the beginning but we've made progress haven't we slut" said Rowan as leaned over and grabbed Sarah by her hair, turning her head towards his face, he leaned in close to her while continuing to ride her and whispered " I've dreamed of fucking you for 2 years and now I'm the guy who has broken your hymen, pounded your pussy and taken your virginity, remember this moment forever as I become the first guy to cum in you, Remember the pain of my belt, remember how cheap and degraded you feel right now, you little slut, and remember me smiling" (what can I say, he really didn't like my sister) then he stuck out his tongue and licked her face, he licked her tears and eyes and cheeks, And then pushed her head down and with one hard sustaining thrust he shot his load into her tight little cunt, and cum he did as stream after stream of seamen flushed out of my little sister's pussy, leaking down her inner thighs, white then pink, obviously she was still bleeding a little, I looked at her face, her eyes were shut tight, her face red and sweating, and she was crying uncontrollably, "john" I said "please tell me you caught all that" I looked at John holding the camera at her, he gave me wild babe phoenix marie enjoys anal and creampie thumbs up, " sweet" I said " damn sweet"Rowan relaxed and let his hands run up and down Sarah's back wiping away the sweat before finally resting them on her ass, " she's ready" he said, let the fun begin, " my turn" called john, as he handed Rowan the camera " if that's alright, Damian, you're her brother and all" " it's alright, I can wait" I said (being a good host) Besides I was enjoying watching and I knew that like Rowan, John had wanted to fuck Sarah for years and like Rowan I knew John wanted to settle a few old scores, John was tall and lean as well as muscular but suffered bad acne Sarah often described John's face as a greasy pizza much to John's annoyance, First, John took the old sock (I put in Sarah's mouth) out, he wiped her cunt clean with it, whilst doing so Sarah begged me to stop this "please, you're my brother have mercy", she begged, " right now, I'm your master, now shut up bitch" I shouted and then I grabbed the rag from John's hand and stuffed it back in her mouth, Rowan was laughing, John started to feel Sarah's breasts 'Sarah your tit's feel great, I've always wondered what they'd feel like, so soft" and then he squeezed them hard "how does that feel?" he laughed, Sarah eyes widened and she let horny young redhead nurse in heels fucks patients dick to orgasm a muffled scream, John grabbed the clothes pegs I brought up from the kitchen and placed one on each of Sarah's tit's, she started squirming and groaning, the pegs were obviously painful, Rowan moved in with the camcorder first zooming in on Sarah's tit's, those pegs were really on tight, her nipples looked a little blue, then he zoomed in on her face, catching her anguish wonderfully, John started to rub Sarah's ass and gave it a little tickle causing her to squirm, I was beginning to see John's technique now, while Rowan's brand of torture was physical John wanted to punish her hot young indian slut getting a deep tissue massage on the table as well, He was going to make it slow, painful and intense, John lit a match and held it up to her asshole, letting it dance along her crack, Sarah went wild with pain and clenched as hard as she could, and ended up quenching the match with the cheeks of her ass, "how does that feel, I bet that feels sore and itchy, huh?", "I'll bet you'd let something to scratch that sore itch with, well don't worry" John said as he pushed her cheeks apart and rammed his rock hard cock into her buttholeSarah grit her teeth in agony, 'the Bastard was right' she thought, the sore itch did feel better although his cock violating her ass was agony the sore itch felt better 'Bastard' she thought 'he's trying fuck with my head as well', John started slow and then sped up, she clenched to deal with the pain adding to John's enjoyment, " nice n' tight" he mused as he slid in and out, John picked up pace and Sarah's wails turned into one long squeal, John leaned on her and whispered into her ear " How does it feel to have my 'greasy' body against yours?, and my 'greasy' dick up your ass?, and my 'greasy' hands on your tit's?" Sarah knew what he meant and knew she was suffering for it, "get ready for a pizza delivery roared John, Sarah closed her eyes tight and bit down on the sock as John thrust his cock in hard and shot his load," UUUUUGH OH YEAH!

YES, YOU WHORE, TAKE IT ALL!" John grabbed Sarah by her hips and pushed himself into her even harder savoring the feeling and looking delighted as she sobbed loudly, John grabbed Rowans belt and gave her 10 lashes for the hell of it across her back, she wailed and sweat ran once more down her body and cum gushed from her now raw asshole" your go Damian" John said cheerfully, " yes" I said and Sarah, if you think Rowan and John fucked you hard wait until I start on you" I grinned, Sarah looked down and cried…………… TO BE CONTINUED